Mommy Guilt


I’m not much of a prankster, I don’t hide in dark corners and pop out at someone scaring the bejezus out of them, I don’t tell tall stories just to end it with Bazinga…I’m normally the one who is on the receiving end of these little pranks, until now.

While trolling through Pinterest I saw a April Fools joke that I thought was brilliant, mean…but brilliant. I simply had to do it, but wasn’t quite sure who would be the lucky recipient of this April Fools joke. I thought on it for over a month, never “pinning” it on Pinterest because I didn’t want my little plan to somehow lose its silliness.

It wasn’t until I spoke to my daughter Ann, I had mentioned that I was going to make her brother some brownies while he was visiting. “Awww I want some brownies, make me some….PLEEEAASEEE” she said.  PERFECT, I couldn’t ask for a better set up;  plus she has a good sense of humor and wouldn’t get upset at my little joke. “OK, I will make you some brownies and send them out soon”.   I let my son in on the little joke, “she’s going to cry” he said laughing. “Noooo she won’t cry, she may be a little pissed at first but she won’t cry” I told him.

I spent the following evening cutting E’s out of brown construction paper, I placed them in a Tupperware bowl, covered them with tissue paper and placed a little card inside that read,

“April Fools, I hope you like your BROWN E’s , I love you … Mom”. 

My prank arrived a couple of days early, last Friday to be exact. This was the first time that I wished “snail mail” would have kept to its true name because my daughter had come down with the flu and was in no mood for jokes.

I got your package….funny. I was really excited when it came all I wanted was to have some of your brownies but then I cried when I saw it was a joke

“You cried?” I felt like shit.

Yeah, I called you a bitch while hugging the toilet” she said….I felt like pond scum, I’m the worse mom ever!!

“Ohhh Nooo, it was supposed to be a joke….I will make you some real brownies!”  seriously this is the last joke I will ever pull!!  “she cried” I mouthed to my son.

I don’t think you are a bitch now, I got the joke but I wasn’t feeling good” my daughter said.

Needless to say, this joke was good in theory but maybe I should have done it to my co-workers or even my husband, but now the mommy guilt has set in and I will be sending my daughter a care package full of brownies, cough medicine and maybe some homemade chicken noodle soup.




  1. ann says

    Haha you caught me on the worst day of my life hahaha … but It was funny! Probably not at the moment. .. but it was still a good one! I love you mommy! :) (even though you broke my tiny sickly heart;) hahahahaaha)

  2. says

    Oh, Jolene, April Fool’s pranks are the worst. I know you weren’t trying to be mean, but … I hate April Fool’s pranks all around, I guess. I bet your daughter loves loves loves the real life goodwill package, though.

  3. says

    Nothing like Mommy Guilt. It’s not nearly as bad as those pretend winning Lotto tickets, though. People are all “Yay, now I can pay for Grandma’s Cancer surgery!” Oh . . . uh . . . just kiddin’! Yeah, hard not to look like a jerk there!

  4. says

    My son’s first grade teacher played the same trick on his class. He LOVED it. And brought home his “Brown-E” and proceeded to trick his brothers. And his dad. And me. Your intentions were good. And sending anything via snail mail is commendable. Funny!

  5. says

    Awww, see this is why I can’t’ do pranks, I feel so bad afterward. Send me her mailing address and I’ll mail off a brownie package too!!! ;)

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