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hausbau preise

hausbau preise

hello we the people were yesterday when geyer that there is a german network even the so here put up a business has many years ago and it is quite successful and i thought it might be funny if i you with level and a bit of movies and you also a few prices show the meaning me very crazy expensive

so the imported all possible things and i will show you then now times and today i show you load quasi german tante emma the season it is therefore not from the inside as so an aunt-emma-laden here we have nice difficulty as never heard people that

and here weihnachtsmã¤nner in america at themselves there groups and all and here is why we are actually come dumplings i want dumplings for christmas have and indeed are so tasty and what want just look at the price 37 you you're crazy

crazy can you can not show have 730 there is also somehow a aldi fake just look here it all looks like a fake is the most cost 8 79 and roman malina the i want to see from down here there spaetzle we take the cheap which can you probably buy

for a € 99 or so are the calorie content 200 grams and is here also 200 so we stay with the program potato country because eight dollar something and then come there also control yet it also comes texas still on it no we have eaten here before i can remember so 217 is not available not so much in 1 2 is good so far

is the load not what you is the you have to make myself as i am now immediately as cheese spaetzle oh something there yes at public spot in are here to get yes 7 he dollar seats are the prices of we could show people something that are so cost america laugh about it here dead guglhupf 8 afford 93 dollars

that is of course true rat just look here hunting sausage i'm not eh drauf but me so wurst 459 cheese cream but pie does not need i think that is sure to come in 50 cent so germany cheesecake here help four dollar so cheap that's not just look here wendelin sugar there not so if you give me a favor

want to do then bought me this 50 cent at aldi as a package because here each 90 can make sure it takes me so but not to send 10 90 ok summer ago so that's just the i think in general does not exist in

germany because the americans think that's the best chocolate i think that from belgium just look here jacobs coronation i drink now cuban cafe dallmayr prodomo was sometimes look what cost i know just once all on the floor 15 99 about costs a little

little expensive i buy he prefers the cuban coffee for two dollar 50 but here are always tasty, the salad coronation berlin spring 499 spices honey everything's just damn expensive 12 49 just look here, a black to jam

639 i have no idea what the costs at all so in germany he could give me so happy times purely down to write that was animal always my favorite red as fruit groats and i can also the publics to buy it costs the 14:50 morning who would buy the

spekulatius 469 that does not look to me as a day of the is indeed a knife a german butcher the salade here belongs makes then also meat and great and so everything himself ago berlin here and sometimes cost nothing 15 29 that's all expensive expensive

with he makes halt everything myself is it is these spã¤tzle also too expensive 649 very crazy that is me all too expensive are also said yes fake mini so can be good to from switzerland cost 12 dollars or is 789 but looks good

he does depends here there are bread and i experience here unfortunately anyway often because everything is too expensive it just one here or sport all possible varieties 299 that goes but he somewhat already ran i think i now a bit crass but this is my favorite varietal

yogurt no room look below whether as a of the bottom always very below 2016 june 2016 would now be my favorite been i believe that it is actually in easter not for christmas or it is full also invite each and also here large bakery

and here even gives cosmetics corner of german politics but everything will be super expensive 999 naturally loose a huge bottle 18 49 module 889 all crazy prices 739 everything anyway not cool the free i buy only cruelty yes fried the hand cream down there which i used always it does not cost 699 can i

of course everything was villiger american products are was the credits slaughter beer as beer i am not, but if he is here a huge selection and 9 here has since also cake baked vienna engraving chocolate cake discounts

road yes i hope that was interesting for to see you how expensive some things are peep are times here because i bought so dumplings three times and a of course i already chocolates has begun and that has everything so together over 25 cost dollar

which is not cheap for us also just a aldi opened and if you interest you that i sometimes go shopping go to aldi and shows up what so sell then me but shares the with or give me a saturday, i do not know what ie in german i must go nachgucken

in any case if you humor me then subscribe main canal i try every week something funny to show you or interesting or crazy or whatever as it really is that here in america to live, we live here for eleven years okay people do it well and i wish

you merry christmas bye

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