Kamis, 30 November 2017

zweifamilienhaus bauen

zweifamilienhaus bauen

upper lusatia, in german "oberlausitz" is a region between czech republic, poland and germany it is known for its nature and the people who have a slang that sounds like german with american accent the city of ebersbach-neugersdorf, where my wife and me are living ... is the place where river spree is born the spree has 3 sources in total two of them are in my home town the region is also known for a special form of houses called umgebindehaus

it is a combination of a log cabin in the ground level and a half timbering on top these wooden arces carry the truss so the wooden log cabin does not have to carry the whole weight of the building this type of house is a combination of medieval truss buildings and the finnish and slavic log house it is both warm and easy to build so it is the perfect environment-friendly building we are currently living in a flat but we want back to nature this is the house we want to buy. it is cheap but there is a lot to do

we want to keep as much as we can from the 200 year old wood but we also want to bring everything to modern standard if you like old houses, then support us help us keeping this form of house alive if you already know me from my raspberry pi videos then be prepared that if i can buy this house, i will do a lot of stuff e.g. home automation with raspberry pi zero and lot more. so be prepared.

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