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architekt moderne einfamilienhäuser

architekt moderne einfamilienhäuser

building automation is probably a different thing for everyone. for me it's the modern electric installation, which makes my life easier. it's the feeling of comfort, sense of security, local and remote security system, registration of events. it's the modern installation, which, in my opinion, will be the standard soon. it takes about one month to make complete home automation installation with programming, installation and configuration.

the best thing is that you can then make additional changes at any time. you should start thinking about your installation at the design stage. it's great to cooperate with architect and investor at the same time. the last moment to think about automation is the time before putting plaster in your home. the sooner the better, as it is possible to plan it interesting and optimally. there are wireless systems on the market, without cables. as an experienced automation specialist i think it's the option of last resort, only to be considered when there's no other possibility for example when your home is already plastered and done. or when you simply want to control just a few devices, it's then a cheap option.

as the silicon-tech company, since long time we are creating automation installations based on lcn system. this system is very flexible and functional for us. it also has great price to function ratio. we checked many other systems on the market and we choose lcn and we had never been disappointed. the domiq products complements the lcn system in programming and additional functions. this enables us to create interesting user's interfaces for our investors, which makes the home control easier and brings more value.

for example we can create scenarios for events and generate different algorithms and procedures. it's great when we can think something extra for the customer, for example to involve his hobbies and make it part of the system. in my case, i use the system to control lights and pumps in my home pond. by turning on or off different pumps water changes direction and the fish are swimming in the same way. the result is very nice and funny. the other thing is the pumps are making water reflections. the light directed to water waves is reflected on the ceiling.

this is used if different lighting scenes, so if you are watching tv, reflections are very dim and when it is the party or you just have the guests, reflections are bright, intensive and it looks great. for me and investors one of the most important things is system visualization, especially on my iphone. it let me look, for example, what actually happens in my home with the camera. with one move i can see all of my home and garden. the state of ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, i can enable or disable devices. nowadays homes are more and better equipped.

everyday i see a lot of different systems. irrigation systems, blind control, advanced alarm systems working with external barriers, flaps, doors gates, heating systems, shutters. now, all of that required control the other option for intelligent installation could be a lot of different types of plastic panels. each of them to separately control each device and system. in this situation your walls would be decorated by a lot of unmatched control elements.

with domiq system you can control everything by iphone, ipad or by your computer if it's needed. as the silicon-tech company we make the projects, installations and programming of the home automation systems. usually we do it for the single-family houses and residences, but we are also make big installations for the multiapartment's buildings and estates. home automation installations are not very expensive, but they are neither very cheap but it gives you satisfaction during using it. as my good friend said - this is fun for grown men

- i think it's never ending fun, when i can see every day how things happen automatically in my home, according to predefined rules and schedules, or you location and movement. the shutters and blinds are opening, the pond, fountain, stream are turning on in a situation when someone passes in a given place. i can see that time spend on configuration is well returned in everyday life. every installation is different. it's good to know about habits and hobbies of the customer. it's really nice for us, when we can see the customer, who is using the installation

and he is happy like a child because of some functions that we made specially for him. it's very satisfying. it's a kind of extra gratification for our work.

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