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bauhaus interior design

bauhaus interior design

do you love modern furniture? me too. letme show you some really cool rooms and i'll show you how you can do it in your own this video i'm going to show you all about modern design and i'm going to show you howyou can do it in your own house. we are going to look at some really beautiful rooms. someof them have both antiques and modern style put together which is fun. and then some arestrictly modern rooms. all right is this not the coolest looking room ever? i love thisroom. the bright yellow modern piece with the modern lamp. the touches of black. thewhite. and then you have the fire with the wood floor. and anytime you have fire withwood, metal, fabric all going together it looks awesome. modern furniture it's justcool. it's just kinda sexy ya know? kinda

hot. this is a lovely room. this is so calmingand beautiful isn't it? you have the mirror on the wall. you've got some clean lined cupboards,cabinets over here along with the clean round table. and then you have all of these beautifulchairs that are really modern with a lovely blue fabric bringing the blue fabric intothe other room on the sofa as well as the rug. and it just ties it all in together reallybeautifully. modern doesn't really go out of style either because the lines are so clean.ya know it just lasts forever. it looks great forever. in this room you have this nice whitechair which just pops and stands out and makes the red stand out even more behind it. youcan see it's such a contrast between white and red. the beautiful lovely feminine cleanlines on the chair and then it also connects

to the light which the light is kind of flirty,has some curves and just makes it a really inviting space. you can have it all neutralwith these pops of color. like bam on the wall, bam on the artwork. love that. thisspace is lovely. you have basically three tones of color with the white, cream, yellow,and purple background. the reason this works is it's not cold. sometimes modern furniturein rooms can look very cold and uninviting. the reason this is inviting is you have therug on the floor, which brings in nature into the room. it brings more soft fabric have the fire. fire always brings in warmth into a room. then you have the metal behindit on the ledge. you have nature in the room with flowers. it makes a huge difference ina space. and don't you just want to hang out

here? it's just awesome. now this media roomis really beautiful with all the windows behind it bringing nature into the space. and thesered chairs are very modern styled with the modern lamps. the reason it works so welland looks so inviting is you have brick in the room. brick is a natural material of coursealong with the wood which is natural. when you bring the natural in; the rug, the brick,the wood into these leather chairs which is also a natural material it looks warm andinviting and beautiful. clean, simple, just a wonderful space. now in this kitchen....isthis not cool? it kinda looks like a "jetson's kitchen" doesn't it? but it's fun. it's's clean. it's beautiful and it's unique. the reason this works is because in part thewood ceiling. where you have a lot of wood

tying all the modern pieces together and warmingit all up. then you have the awesome light above the counter which is feminine and's really cool and interesting. and then you have great lighting under the counterwith all of this lovely lovely white. you've got the modern style bar chairs right therethat are beautiful with their long tapered legs. and then some modern lamps. so you canmix it up. you can bring different things into a space. but the reason modern worksis when you add the natural materials to it, it makes everything else pop and become reallyreally inviting. so enjoy checking out the modern furniture. see if you can bring somepieces of modern style into your house. i think you would absolutely love them especiallyif you find them comfortable and beautiful.

just look amazing.

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