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fertighaus bungalow bis 80000

fertighaus bungalow bis 80000

mother. mother, drinka little holy water. now, you'll recover completely,mother. i wonder why parvatihasn't turned up yet. kamla. kamla. i hurriedlytook the first bus here.. soon i received your telegram. how are you feeling now? god has called meto heaven, parvati. i won't survive now. don't say such things, kamla.

you are mychildhood friend, parvati. that's the reason you arewith during my final moments. i don't have anyone inthis world except you. i'm handing overmy son to you today. please adopt him, sister. don't let him become anorphan after my death, sister. what are you saying, kamla?be courageous. yes, mother. aunt is'll recover completely. today onwards, she is notyour aunt but mother, son.

now, you will shareher joys and sorrows. never separatefrom her in your life. never separate from her.never.. - kamla? kamla?- mother? kamla.- mother. mother. oh, aunt, my mother. aunt,mother is dead. "the cuckoo sang melodiously.come on, friend, come to me." enough. stop here. get down, son.

mother has arrived. mother is here.- mother is here. hello, mother.- hello, dear. mother, why did you take so long?- i'll tell you right now. how much is the fare?- rs.2, madam. here. come, billu. mother, why did youtake so long to return? i had some important work, dear. mother, i missed you everyday.- i see. yes, mother. i swear by goddess.

i've returned now, right? tell me, did you quarrelwith each other? - no, mother. we behaved affectionately. mother, who is he? do you remember aunt kamlafrom the village? - yes. he is her son. he isyour brother billu. i see. when he came herelast time, he was so small. right, mother?- shut up, naughty girl. children, he is yourelder brother billu.

billu, he is youryounger brother ravi.. she is your youngersister jyoti and she is.. she is my elder sister pinky. billu, she is asha,mr. ghanshyam's daughter. she is my jyoti's best friend. jyoti.- yes, mother? you all are still playing?did you cook the dinner? what could i have cooked, mother?- why? there was a little flour in thehouse, i made bread out of it.

i asked money fromfather but he didn't give. yes, why should he botherwhether my children live or die? he should have liquor to his fill. come on, give me wine.- first, pay me. i'll pay you later. brother deva.- tell me, uncle. bring the country liquor of, 'lalpari' brand. - yes, i'll bring it. bring it soon.- i'll bring it right now. he shouldn't escape.

look, boss. there is wretched kalua. if i don't chop him topieces and flow them in ganges.. ..don't call me than-than tiwari. you fool, you daresto stand before me? than-than tiwari talksless and thrashes more. what do you mean? i mean when i abductedthat oldie pannalal's wife.. ..why did you object to it?why did you revolt against it? first, leave my collar, than-than.

really? here. i've left your collar. now, tell me. why did yougo to the police inspector? tell me. if i hadn't accompaniedthat good man to complain.. ..about yourmisdeeds to that inspector.. ..would i've gone to the sweeper? you think you are a choudhary? what harm could thatinspector do to me? and what relation do youhave with that chameli?

your wife? your sister?your mother? tell me. speak up. tell me, idiot. than-than.- what is it? you are harassing the weakones without any reason. why do you needlesslycome to spoil our mood? why did you be aspoil sport at our party? don't speak, shankar. - youdon't interfere too, than-than. a man can't lead his life fromillegal earnings and hooliganism. to hell with you.

than-than, if somerespectable man tolerates.. ..your misbehaviour silently,it doesn't mean.. ..that no one can give astern reply to your hooliganism. wretched shankar, you'll pay aheavy price for today's drama. because than-than tiwari alwayssettles his score with everyone. he puts his hand in his stomach.. ..and pulls out his intestines. if i don't pull it out,don't call me a legitimate child. dear billu.- yes, father?

why are you washing clothes? it's 9am. don't youhave to go to school? master has refused. i don'thave to go to school, father. you don't have to go to school?come here, son. ravi's mother. i had gone to school with him. but the headmaster said hisadmission is not possible this year. but why? it's been six months sincethe school has started. - yes.

half of the studies arealready taught. - right. now, the admission ispossible in next july. master is right. so,i'll do one thing. i'll let billu join me atbrother sultan's cycle shop. what's wrong in earning a living? yes, mother, father is right. whatwill i do by sitting idle at home? yes, very good. father, shall i say something?will you get angry? why will i get angry? tell me.

mother, shall i say?- say it. father.- yes? you are the best fatherduring the day. - that's true. but when you return at night,all the children get scared. but i'm not afraid.- what did you say? no, it is not so. i'm scared too. mother told me that todayis your birthday. - really? father, so please giveup drinking from today. yes, father. brother billu is right.

give up drinking from today. what sort of a father are you?why don't you say yes? all right. the children'sdecision is my decision. i'll start a new life from today. i'll never drink liquor from today. our father, live long.- father, live long. father, live long.- our father, live long. enough. enough. you aregetting late for your school. come on, run. run.- come on.

that's it. father, goodbye. mummy, goodbye.- goodbye. goodbye, brother. son, you get ready've to come with me. okay, father.- yes. the children don't haveproper clothes to wear. - yes. and diwali (festival) is due too. so, never mind. brothersultan will give my salary today. i'll borrow some money in advance.

i'll bring everything for everyone. we'll celebrate diwali with a bang. yes, son, tighten it more.- okay, father. very good, son. that's it. enough. father, i've tightened it. though this wheel breaks,but the nut tightened.. me will never budgefrom it's place, father. - yes. wow. praise thy allah. praisethy allah. praise thy allah. your son is more talented than you.- thanks, uncle.

shankar.- yes? you were saying in themorning that you've to leave early.. ..and do some shopping.- yes. i have broughtmoney for you. take it. yes, uncle, father has given updrinking from today. - really? and today is his birthday, uncle. what? it's his birthday today? this is too much. you didn'ttell me it's your birthday today? happy birthday. manyhappy returns of the day.

take rs.200 extra for it. take rs.200, go andcelebrate your birthday.. ..celebrate diwaliand start a new life. mother, i want sweets.- no, pinky, keep it. give me one, mother. no. it's yourfather's birthday today. let him return. we'llcelebrate his birthday together.. ..and eat a lot of sweets. dear billu.- yes?

we've brought everything, right?- yes, father. now, we'll celebratediwali with a bang. who are you all? what's wrong? i see. what's wrong? i've killed that kalua andthrown him in jamuna (river).. i've come here to givean answer to your open drama. than-than, we bothwere drunk that night. now, forget about that night. no, the night isover but not the matter.

hit him. hit him hard. leave my father. leave him.leave my father. you rogue.- leave him. no, please don't kill my father.don't stab him. - get aside. than-than. oh, father. father. all right. you'll survive till i fulfil allmy responsibilities, than-than tiwari. your funeral pyrewill burn after that.

i'm sorry, sister, ican't you anymore loan. my children are hungrysince last night, lala. there is no food at home. give me some ration just for today.i'll be thankful to you. sister, i'm an ordinary shopkeeper. if i'll lend stuff toeveryone like this.. ..i'll have to shutdown my shop one day. sister, don't embarrass me more. don't embarrass me more, sister.

mother. mother. mother.- mother. mother. mother. mother. mother. mother,please give us something to eat. we are starved, mother. giveus something to eat, mother. we are starved. mother. mother, we'redying out of starvation. give us a piece of bread, mother. mother, won't yougive us food today too? give us something,mother. we're starved. mother. mother, we haven'teaten any food since last night.

give us something,mother. i'm starved, mother. give us something to eat,mother. we're starved. oh, god, which sin areyou punishing me for? what sort of justice is this? the children arestarving before a mother.. they are deprivedof a piece of bread. what should i do,god? what should i do? if you can't give foodto my hungry children.. ..then give me death, god.

give me death. give me death. mother. don't cry, mother.don't cry. we are not hungry, mother.we're not hungry, mother. we don't want food, mother. god, make me growbigger quickly so that.. ..i earn so much that my motherand siblings always live happily. mother, we are not hungry. and i should never see thetears of sorrow in their eyes. i should never see.

dear billu.- mother. dear billu. gandhi helped us getfreedom from the british. billu.- asha, you are still awake? yes. i don't getsleep until you come. you are crazy, asha. all right. tell me one thing, billu. don't you get tired ofworking round-the-clock? no. i love to work.- and i like to talk with you.

all right. go to sleep's quite late. okay, i'm going.- all right. billu, take your money.very good. well done. well done, son. i'mvery pleased with you. take rs.200 as your salary.- thanks, uncle. "there is no house andcourtyard like this anywhere else." "my siblings areworth worshipping.." " mother is like a goddess." "this house and courtyard."

"my mother's love is the mostsacred, the shade of our house." "i've got the worldsince i've got my mother." "everyone's life should swaywith joys by smiling and singing." "i should get all thethorns in the path." "i should get them." "our darling brother billu.- our darling brother billu." "brother billu is the best of all." "you are my brother.i'm your sister." "i'll always listen to you."

"there is no house andcourtyard like this elsewhere." "brother billu is ourshyam (lord krishna)." "brother billu is our shyam.our mother is like goddess." "we'll always share ourjoys and sorrow together." "everyone's path,destination and dreams are one." "not only one birth. we'llbe together for many births." "we should always havelove for each other." "in our hearts." "brother billu is our shyam."

ready, uncle.- very good, son. son, watch it. ride's very crowded. there is a lot of traffic.we get perplexed, son. be careful. okay? - don't worry,uncle. see you in the evening. by the will of allah. come on. don't worry, uncle. why did you stop the way, brother? shaitan singh doesn'tstop a beggar like you..

..but a rich customer likehim and relieves his burden. no mother has given birth tosuch a devil in this city.. ..who can touch billu's customers. oh, really? if you care for your life, thenget lost with your flatterers. scram. i'll show you the broad path. what are you doing? leave it. please leave him. leave it.

what are you doing? sir, take care of your belonging. billu, you've not onlysaved our lives today.. ..but also our daughter'sdreams from being shattered. yes, brother, tomorrow isour daughter's wedding.. ..we've to gift allthis as her dowry. billu, i'll be neverable to repay you.. ..for the favouryou've done to us today. accept this small gift from us.

you need this money more than me. spend it in your daughter's wedding. the kings in history havedone bloodshed and robberies. and you have stoppedbloodshed and robbery today. you've risked yourlife and saved our lives. in the sight of humanity, you arenot billu, the rickshaw driver.. are billu badshah. accept this small giftfrom me, mr. tiwari. what a shame. no, mr. gosangi.

don't entrap me inthis trap of money. i don't want it. take it away. you've got me the landworth millions at a cheap rate. i got it for you? of course. if we hadn't burntthe slum area of prem nagar.. he wouldn't have got theland to make a five star hotel. its credit goes to mr. tiwari. yes, brother ramchabile.- yes, brother? take half of the money anddistribute it among the poor.

all right, brother.- what? you'll distribute somuch money among the poor? mr. gosani, this is calledpotilics. - politics, brother. yes, it's the same. tell the thief to steal andthe money lender to keep awake. right? this is called politics. mr. than-than tiwari.- live long. the supporter of poor.- than-than tiwari. you may go. the public isstanding before me. - all right.

how should be the leader of poor?- like than-than tiwari. calm down. calm down. dear brothers and sisters,when i heard that some traitors,.. ..our enemies haveburnt the houses of my poor people. i went to the chief ministerimmediately and told him.. "chief minister, what hooliganismis going on in your rule?" "the rich people of this cityhave made the poor homeless." brothers, hearingyour tale of sorrow.. ..the chief ministerburst into tears like a kid.

then he didn't think anythingelse and called his secretary. "secretary, come here." when the secretarycame he tell him.. transfer the entireland in the name of poor.. and he transferredthe land in your name. clap your hands for this good news. but after getting land too,brothers, i couldn't sleep at night. i thought, than-than,they have got the land.. ..but your poor brothers,these helpless sisters.. will they build their houses? so, i decided before thedawn that, than-than.. ..let the poor people prosper. so, brothers, i sold off thelast memory of my ancestors.. mansion, land,property and everything.. ..and i'm here before you. mr. than-than tiwari.- live long. live long. brother ramchabile.- yes, brother? what are you waiting for?chant god's name and begin.

i'll do this good work just now,brother. - go ahead, brother. come on, phulwari.- let's go. hello, priest.- hello. stop the rickshaw, brother. stop it. i'm little late, priest.- please come. 'no.' give me your blessings, priest. you've not touched myfeet yet. touch them first. till when will you escapefrom me, than-than tiwari.

take rs.1100. i've soldone carriage of food grains. why did you sell thefood grains again, son? mother, though weeat insufficient food.. ..but we provide everythingfor the studies of children. right, mother? brother, take it. jyoti, how are you faring inyour studies? - excellent, brother. she always comes first in college. but she repeats onething day and night.

"i'll do bed andbecome a teacher like asha." mother, let her become ateacher or anything else.. ..we should get hermarried as soon as possible. brother. - listen. idon't understand something. i'm sitting here since longand where is that naughty pinky? what should i tell you?i'm fed up with this girl. she has gone to mamta'shouse to watch tv since the noon. this tv has spoiledthe studies of children. to hell with such tv.

why should it go to hell? if you don't want to watch it,it's your wish, but i'll watch it. look how she isretorting before you. pinky, very bad. don't retort. brother.- yes? please bring a colour tv. what's this,pinky? let brother rest. you've started asking favoursfrom him as soon he has arrived. never mind, jyoti. never mind.

i can't afford thecolour tv right now. but let your brother ravibecome the collector first. after that not only acolour tv but there will be.. ..a shining car at our house. look, ravi is here. when did you return from thevillage? - i've just arrived. first, tell me, how are yourstudies going on? - first class. i also want you to studyand become a collector soon. yes, brother, i'lldefinitely become.

but let me pass m.a. first. after that, i'll givethe ias competition exams.. ..and then become the collector. yes. you are right. but after you become the collector..'ll have to do a favour to us. you'll have to bring a colour tvand a shining car for our pinky. you wish is my command, brother. i'll bringeverything for our family.

i'll grow old by the timebrother will bring these things. you freshen up andget ready quickly. go. i'll bring tea for everyone.- yes. "the love is youthful." "where is the beauty?" "give me her address." "please tell me." "when will i meet her?let me meet her once." "let me meet my lover girl."- "bring my beloved."

"the night and theheart is full of youth.." "..the ambience is pleasant." "where is my belovedin such a situation?" "where is my beloved?where is my sweetheart?" "where is my darling whomy heart is searching for?" "where is my darlingwhom my heart is searching?" "the day our glances met." "how can i be in senses?i've lost my senses." "our glances met.i've lost my senses."

"the entire world isswaying in bliss." "the beauty is here." "i'll meet her now." "i'll meet her tomy heart's content." "the buds of heart willbloom in the swaying spring." "the flowers will bloom." "the flowers will bloom."- "the flowers will bloom." please come. come. let me take you to the spring,the beautiful scenery..

..and privacy. hey?- enough. i can't take a step more. really? - i swear by legs are paining. if i've your permission,may i press your fair feet? shall i get rid of yourdelicate body with my strong hands? vijay, don't touch my body. i shouldn't touch you? then? yes? tell me. speak up. vijay, i'm serious right now.

it means we both areequally desperate. come to me.- leave me. run as far you can. no, vijay. no, vijay, let me go. i didn't know you are so cheap. i'm cheap? you mean down-to-earth?i am. rape.- you mean rape? that too before raja? yes, buddy. this handsome boywants to enjoy with this girl alone.

no, jyoti, you don'thave to commit suicide. i'll rape you and throwyou from this mountain. - no. let me go. leave me. i was acting as a villain.- leave me. where have thesereal villains come from? leave me. help. hey.- let me go. where are you takingyour sister? stop. wait. brother-in-laws.- leave me. let me go.

i'll show you ourrelationship right now. brother-in-laws,where are you running? no. no. jyoti. jyoti..- no. i was just joking. can areal hero ever become a villain? what?- yes. oh, vijay. let's go behind the bushes.- you are very bad, vijay. i love you.

take it, munna, guru. tell us, when should webegin the election preparation? who will dare to be electedas the college president.. ..before than-thantiwari's son munna? you are right, boss. munna tiwari takesadvantage of the right opportunity. oh, she is so beautiful.- tunna, speak further. what should i say, guru? look there. hi, munna.- hi, pinky.

my stars are really lucky. wonderful. you'relooking very beautiful today. on whom do you wish tostrike the lightning? as if you don't know what today is. which day? it is friday.friday means friday. i observe goddesssantoshi's fast on every friday. for which fool?- for you. who else? i'm impressed, darling. if you wish, we can romance here.

oh. a diamond ring? very beautiful. you like it?- yes. then why did you say earlier? i'd have given thisdiamond ring to you right then. here. happy?- yes. how long will i've to wait? can't you wait forawhile for the girl.. ..who has waited for years for you? why don't you tryto understand, asha?

why should i do the workyou're supposed to do, billu? tell me, asha. what should i thinkabout myself in such circumstances? sit here. yes, asha. i've to educateravi and make him a collector. i've to get jyoti and pinky married. i wonder how much time it will take. it's possible it maytake my entire life. how long will you wait for me?- till i breathe my last. just once. please say yes once.

daddy. good evening, dad. daddy.- good evening, uncle. say good morning. it's 2am.- sorry, daddy. where were you till so late?tell me the truth. actually, uncle..- yes? we had the college annualfunction today. - really? yes, uncle, we activelyparticipated in the function. - yes. i see.- just don't ask, uncle.

we were the centre ofattraction there. speak up. yes, daddy. by god. the people were exhilaratedby watching our programme. she is telling the truth, uncle.- yes. shut up. do you think i'm a fool? though i've married once, buti've attended many weddings. you are misunderstanding us, uncle. ravi, you can't fool me anymore. enough of your drama.

during the early days of yourcourtship, you would come at 8pm. tikamdas, let it be. then you came at 10pm. i thought, tikamdas, let them come. when your love became intense,you came at 12pm. i became alert. and before marriage,you've arrived at 2am today. if i get you bothmarried by mistake.. won't come at home at all.

no, uncle, how is it possible? why is it impossible?don't lie to me. you both can do everything now. that's why, ravi, tell me.when will you marry my daughter? that's it. come on, tell me. actually, uncle, i've notcompleted my studies yet. then why are youcarrying on a love affair? if you don't want to marry her,then no drama of love. understood, baby?- yes, daddy.

then why are you standing here?go to your room. go. lacchu, go and leave thisstudious boy at the junk market. get lost.- good night. yes. good night, uncle.- shut up. huh. good night? by the way,the boy seems good. he says good night too. it is locked?where has mother gone? fantastic. new clothes, newshoes and a new auto rickshaw?

what's the matter? haveyou won a lottery? - no. where have you stolen it from then? stolen it? what doyou mean? this is mine. don't lie to me. if it is a lie, give me thepunishment a thief deserves. swear by me. i swear by you. at leastbelieve me now, madam. you've joined your handsbefore me for the first time.. ..that's why i believe you,because you're my dear one.

will you take me for a ridein this every sunday? - sure. i'll decorate it nicely. after being decorated, itwill seem like our little house. a lovely house. a beautiful house. come in. wait here. may you live in peace. ramchabile, who is this lady?- she is gangadevi, brother. what a pious name.

she is the wife of ourmunna's late professor. - i see. yes, priest, i'm a widow and thehelpless mother of two little kids. yes, priest. poor ladyis in real distress. you do the needful immediately.we're going. goodbye.- see you. what can i do for you, madam? you request the managing committee.. i'll get the moneyof his provident fund. i'll be able tobring up my little kids.

they will bless youfor lifetime, priest. then think you'll definitely getthe money tomorrow at the function. but what will i get? what are you doing, priest?i'm a widow. have pity on me. never mind. whomeverthan-than tiwari touches once.. ..she becomes amarried lady forever. no. no. leave me. let me go, priest. here comes priest. come, priest. hello, priest. hello.- hello, priest. - hello.

hello. i'm sorry. i got latewhile offering the veneration. please be seated. be seated. how are you, brother?- thanks to you, priest. ramchabile.- yes, brother? is there anything missing in thearrangement of the charity feast? brother, don't worry. brother abdul is arrangingfor the feast wholeheartedly. no one can return hungry fromyour doorstep. - i know that. be seated. please be seated.- be seated.

friends, ask me questions. i'll give an answer. interview. yes, i'll give an interview.i mean answer. ask me. mr. pandit, why do you organise.. ..a free lunch on lastmonday of every month? my religion, my character. don't you understand?- i don't. - i'll explain. it is the duty of everyideal honourable person..

..that women and especially.. widows. yes. to sympathiseand help the widows. i mean to serve thepoor women in the society. this is what i'm doing. - applause. that's why i organisefree food every month. don't look here. look there. rice, please. bread, please.

water, please.- mr. ghasita, the food is over. mohan hasn't arrived yet. people are waiting hungrily. serve it here. will you please help me carry it? long live.- mr. tiwari. very well, mr. tiwari. how brutally you hadkilled my father.. ..i've not forgotten it,than-than tiwari.

and i'll never forget it. but let the right time come. very good, daddy. what a choice! this girl's facematches perfectly well.. ..with the heroine offilm 'sherni' sreedevi. good. after a year,finally you liked this girl. why do you make somuch hurry regarding the marriage? you are at it again.

yes, daddy. first i'llfinish my education. after that i'll finish my life. have you heard him? he hasbegun his drama once again. if he doesn't want to marry,why have you made.. life difficultsince last one year. only because you want tobecome a mother-in-law. why are you so angry? there were so manyproposals from rich families. but he refused all of them.

i have to live in this society. i can't spoil my image insociety for the sake of your son. if he doesn't want toget married, what can i do? nothing. but don't mentionhis marriage to me ever again. please listen. tell your sonwhatever you want to say. vijay, your daddy is not your enemy. but today you've hurt is not good. please don't behavelike this with him again.

my daddy is forcing me to marry. mummy too. if they fix mymarriage with somebody else.. ..three lives will be ruined. that girl's, yours and mine. jyoti, this is notthe time to think. this is the time to decide. no rich man would everbetray his wealth and marry poverty. and i'll also never behavein such a foolish manner.

what do you want to say? tell me, what pricedo you want to free.. son vijay from this love trap? i've come to form arelationship with you, sir. who is refusing you?make a deal with me. unfortunately i've notmet a father but a trader. a meeting with a traderis always beneficial.. billu, auto-rickshaw driver. tell me, how much you want?one million. two million?

five million? tell me. the person who istrading his son's love.. ..can be a good traderbut not a good father. but i'm not amongthose fallen brothers.. ..who will trade his sister'slove with these pieces of paper. very good. you drivea rickshaw but you.. ..make good arguments. the amount can be raised, mr. billu. but roshanlal will never accepta poor girl as a family member.

stop it, sir. don't challenge my goodness,and my pride. billu is not anybody's slave. i do everything as per my wishes.i'm the emperor of my heart. billu has never pleadedbefore any rich man before. but i'm pleadingbefore you only because.. are vijay's father,mr. roshanlal. not because you are a millionaire. billu is givingrespect to the boy's family.. a girl's family member. don't give aspeech like the leaders. you still have the time.nothing went wrong. be sensible and take this money. really? - yes. money iseverything in the world. money gives a status to a person. but you can't understandthe importance of money. because you are poor yourself. shake hands with me. befriends with money and not enemies.

it is very powerful. everything in the worldcan be bought and sold. and with money one can turnevery impossible into possible. then order your money toturn the darkness into light. order it to stop sun from rising. and order it to bringlife into a dead man. money can surely changethe conduct of the society.. ..but it can't change the destiny.- billu. yes, sir. life, marriage anddeath are as per god's wish.

not as per human desire. a human being shoulddo a human being's work. not of the god.- stop talking nonsense. sir, the day you realisethat my view is correct.. may call me, i'llpresent myself before you. you've not done a good thingby insulting that good person. don't try to teach me whatis good and what is bad. why are you talkingin this manner today? i'm talking sensibly.

roshanlal will never allowthe sister of for poor.. rickshaw driverto enter this house. daddy, you talk wrongand also you think wrong. what did you say?- i said it right. in which scriptures itis written then a person.. ..who earns moneywith hard work is poor? and his sister cannotbe your daughter-in-law? shut up, vijay. shut up. i'm still alive. andi'll decide your future.

i'll not let you do anythingwhich will bring dishonour to me. everybody in this cityrespects me as a rich man. a person is rich by his views,actions, character and his heart. vijay. the person who eats on silverplatters is not a rich person. a person travelling inair-conditioned car is not rich. a person staying inmarble house is not rich. stop your nonsense. the person whohelps helpless is rich.

he is rich who makesthe crying people laugh. not the murderer, butthe saviour is rich. vijay's mother, now i'll have tolearn about life from your son. all right, daddy.. if you are adamant aboutyour stand, then go ahead. because god has givenyou too much money.. ..but he was miserlywhen giving you kindness. vijay, please listen to me. what should i listen to, mummy?

this house where i don'thave a personal identity.. ..where i don't have thefreedom to express my views.. ..what's the use if i stay here? yes, but now, i'll definitelybring daddy onto a right path. even if i've to die for it,but don't forget what i'm saying. to love is abirthright of every son. my son, vijay. please listen, vijay. "the boy is ready." "the girl is ready."

"the father is anobstacle between them." "someone whom i've given my heart." "she has the right over it, father." "the boy is ready.the girl is ready." "there is a wall between them." "she has the right over it." "to love is thebirthright of every son." "long live.- love." "long live- romeo juliet."

"heer ranjha. -long live.- all the lovers." "long live. long live." "girls adore me."- "girls adore me." "girls love me."- "girls love me." "romeos are our saints." "our saints. our saints." "we learn from the lovers." "we learn." "we are related to lovers."

"we appreciate the beauties." "we appreciate the beauties.we appreciate the beauties." "love is a pilgrimage for us." "love is the whole world." "long live.- all the lovers." "heer ranjha." "long live." "how can you ban marriages?" "no, no, no."

"we disregard this ban." "yes. yes, yes." "we have loved. we'll love." "we'll never bowdown before atrocities." "we'll never bow down.we'll never bow down.." "don't weigh love with money." "open the love's lock with a heart." "open the love's lock with a heart."open the love's lock with a heart." "daddy, tell me, doyou accept jyoti?"

"do you accept jyoti?do you accept jyoti?" i refuse. really? is that so? i'm ready for any eventuality. "long live.- fasts and strikes." "as long as the sun and moon exist." "my love will be remembered." what happened? what happened?- what happened? what happened?- what happened?

please see. dear, please see whathas happened to my son. please, let's go. vijay, what happened?- what happened? is daddy looking here? yes.- yes.. go on with the crying drama. otherwise i'll askfor my money back. let's go. let's go.

what has happened to my son? nothing is wrong with me. i'm alive. yes. daddy has gone weak. you also cry loudly so thathe will break down completely. come on, everybody. "only god is eternal." "only god is eternal." - my son.where are you taking my son? how far has daddy reached? he has come to the veranda.

now, don't think much. keep upyour act. become unconscious. give him a scare, all of you. my dear son. what has happened?how could this happen? sumitra. control yourself. vijay. my son.what's wrong with you? sumitra. you bothcan't leave me alone. you just can't. the money had made me a blind man.

if i had agreed to vijay, theni'd not have lost everything. uncle. let me see. there is still some lifeleft in aunt. - she's alive? please, say yes quickly. the matter will improve. yes.- yes.. okay, i've no objection. i agree to everything. i agree to every condition. daddy. thank you.

"long live.- mummy-daddy." "long live.- uncle-aunt." but billu, ifyou sell your fertile land.. will mean your relationshipwith this village will end. how can this happen? i'm selling just the house is still here. if house ishere.. i'll keep coming here. the farms aresource of your earnings. please don't sell it, billu.

please, try tounderstand my situation. i need money very urgently now. my sister is going to marryinto a rich family in the city. why just the land, i'll sellmyself for the sake of my sister. but i'll marry off mysister with much fanfare. greetings, prabhu dayal. greetings. the true servant of people. chairman of daridranarayan party,than-than tiwari.. is that your true face?

but i'm the leader of the people. big leader. lies. if you put onhandloom clothes.. doesn't make you thelover of the nation, than-than. there is no place in thisworld for a saint like you. that's why i've decidedthat i'll send you to god. no. give him a ticket tothe heavens, please. as you wish, sir.

no, than-than. oh, lord, give prabhudayal a place at your feet. if it is there. ladies and gentlemen,as all of you know.. ..the contestant from our party,saviour of poor people.. ..the sympathiser of the workerand the saviour of the people.. than-thantiwari is with us today. i request him on behalf of allof you and on behalf of myself.. ..that he should show us the wayto defeat the apposition party.

hail.- than-than tiwari. hail. - than-than tiwari.- hail. - than-than tiwari. enough, my friends. ladies and gentlemen, youask me to contest the election. and i'm standing here. if you ask me to sit, i'll sit here. i'm convincing the people. why are you sitting? get up. is this wrong?

completely wrong. get up. so, i'm standing here once again. please begin. where to begin?- please continue. don't disturb me.i'll forget everything. many great leaderswere born in our area. like our departed chief minister,mr. sitaram. "no." i'll arrange cheap food for you.

i'll give you rice costingrs.20 per kg for only rs.2. i'll ensure good governance for you. i'll kill you. have faith in me. let's go to garden.- i get bored. that's why we miss his lecture. let's go.- let's go to jubilee garden. this is a good idea. thestars aren't favouring. come on, let's go.

we'll have fun.- right said. come on. we've even convincedmunna to join us today. it is not right to lose yourpatience for trivial issues. you think of familyhonour as a trivial issue? tell me, should pinkypay attention to studies.. ..or should she roamaround with wayward students? pinky is still so young. you consider her a child. but now, she is not a child anymore.

she is young woman.she studies in college. boys and girls going outtogether is commonplace nowadays. you too have studied in college. why didn't you roam with any boy? the day all the fivefingers look alike.. ..every girl will beknown as a dull girl like me. don't worry. i'll find outfrom pinky who that boy is. every brother thinks thathis sister is trustworthy. but your..- you idiot.

first, go and reform your sister. only then catch theshirt of a gentleman. asha, you don't interfere. this stupid girl hasgone completely crazy. ask her. does she goto college to study.. ..or to have fun with wayward boys? why do you hesitate?beat her black and blue. break her legs.. sheshouldn't move out from now on. stop it. don't talk toomuch in your old age, mother.

otherwise you'll get a throat pain. shut up, pinky. you dare make fun ofmother in front of me? you dare argue. i'll kill you. no. please let go of her. she will not do this again. i'll convince her nicely. am i right, pinky? don't talk of convincing me nicely.

you understand it yourself first. only then talk to me. pinky. she asked me about munna. she has incited brother against me. and now she is enacting afalse drama to shield me. please don't mindwhat she said, asha. she has lost her mindafter going to college. don't dare abuseasha in front of me.

i'll say it. i'll sayit thousands of times. why should i be afraid of her? shameless. you should have takena poison before you said this. why should i consume poison? let her consume it if she wants. i'll not stop her. i just talked witha boy in college.. ..if i travel with him,what's wrong in it? i've not done anything new.

jyoti had fallen in loveand she got married too. silly girl. don'tcompare vijay with munna. they are verydifferent from each other. vijay came to me himselfto ask jyoti in marriage. on the other hand i had goneto munna with your proposal.. do you know what he told meabout you in front of everybody? what did he say? he said it to me infront of many boys. why do you think yoursister is a chaste girl?

why just me, even a beggarwould not marry such a girl. better than yoursister are those who.. i'd prefer if you die. why should i die? why don't you die? i'll die but onlyafter i beat you up. no, mother.. don't beat up pinky.. why do you stop her? you hadstarted beating me up first. there is a limit to bear it, mother. i've remained quiet until now.

but i'll not let them get awaywho point a finger against me. i'll reveal their secrets. who you are pointing against? whose secret youare going to reveal? ask bother, mother. ask bother. ask asha. why do they both eyeeach other all the time? why does bother holdthe roses given by asha.. ..always close to his heart? why?

only because theyare elders in home? their love is is the sacred love. while i'm younger andso my love is a sin. stop talking nonsense. asha. asha. shameless girl. what have you done? she had said it for your own good. don't shout at me, mother. i don't care about her.

i'm not a child anymore.i know what is right.. ..and what is wrong. i'll go wherever i want to go.i'll do anything i want to do. who is he to stop me? what is his relationship with me? i've no blood relationship with him. he is not my real brother. i'll not listen to anything he says. never. never.

"billu is my lovely brother." "billu is my special brother." "you are my brother.i am your sister." "there is no home like ours." "there is no home like it." "billu brother isour ideal brother." "our mother is like a goddess." "this is our home." mother, do you remember?

when we had come inthis house 16 years back.. ..pinky was very young. a child. your love and theirsmile made me forget my past. and i forgot thatnow they are grown up. she has grown up so muchthat now i can't stop her.. ..from going on the wrong path. and there is a truthin what pinky has said.. i'm expressing my right on her. but i'm not related to her, mother.

i'm not related to her. i'm an outsider to her. i'm a stranger to her, mother. mother, i'm an outsider to her.i'm an outsider to her. no, son. please don't say that. if she has becomeoutsider to you, let her be. but don't think of meas an outsider, son. i'm not a stranger. i'm your mother, my son.

i'm your mother. i'm your mother. i give you an oath. touch this glass to your lovelylips and just taste it. please. munna. don't takeadvantage of our friendship. behave respectably with me. to love beauty is payingrespect to it, darling. munna. your intensiondoesn't seem to be good. where can you run away? the door is closedfrom both the sides.

and the tiger issitting guard on it. betrayer. if you move evena step ahead, i'll shout. if you want so muchto hurt your throat.. ..i've no objection to it. you know very well that thishotel belongs to munna tiwari.. ..the son of the mosthonourable person in this city.. than-than tiwari. every worker here is my servant. time is my servant and you are too.

no. leave me. no. leave me. there is too much luggage. will you help me totake it to my room? sir, why not? you arethe guest in our city. i'll certainly help you. come on. nobody will come here. save me. brother.

brother. pinky.- oh, god. before trying to molest my sister.. ..didn't you think of yourdeath even once, you idiot? it is going to be your death. get lost. the hand with which youtried to molest my sister.. ..i have cut that hand so thatyou'd never be able to do it again. let's go, pinky. you've inviteddisaster by beating me up.

than-than tiwari'sson always clears.. ..his accounts with everybody. your sister is married now. your exams are over too. now what do you want to do? uncle, my brother wishes thati should appear for ias exam.. ..and become a collector. i want to know about your wish. not your pauper autorickshaw driver's wish.

he has been driving aroundthe city since 15 years. no, uncle. please don't say that. brother has educated me, andraised me as a good person. what nonsense are you talking about? your brother raisedyou as a good person. have i raised mydaughter as a bad person? i'm not saying that, uncle. you misunderstand me. i understand you perfectly well.

what's the value of acollector in today's world? government doesn't pay himmore than rs.3000 as salary. while i pay rs.5000 to my manager. i must ask my brotherbefore i take any step. shut up. when you enticed my daughter.. ..when you had fun with her,had you asked your brother? ravi, i've not raisedmy daughter so that.. ..she should getmarried to a person with..

..a salary of a few thousand rupees. so that she would spend herlifetime in small dim room. where you are thinkingof spending your lifetime. ravi, please think a littleabout what daddy has said. he wants to make you theowner of property worth millions. dear, i want totransform him from zero to hero. but this fool is thinkingof becoming a double zero. ravi, today, you musttake the final decision. on the one hand isyour poverty. your hunger.

your pauperauto-rickshaw driver brother. and your colony wherepeople are born like insects.. ..and die like insects. i mean your dream. and on the other hand i'm there. my honour. and my daughter. my property worth millions. it means hundred percent facts. ravi, dear, i've broughtall the books for you.

all the books to makehim a collector, mother. you can check itwith the list, ravi. what's the matter?why are you quiet? what is disturbing you, tell me. listen. you should notremain disappointed.. long as thisbrother of yours is with you. tell me what the matter is. why are you asking him? ask me. he says he don'twant to be a collector.

what? is this true? yes, brother. now, ineed not become a collector. because i've got a manager'sjob in a renowned company. and i'll get rs.10000 as salary. tell me, brother, what isthe value of a collector.. ..who earns a couple ofthousand rupees as salary. what respect does he get? i agree that acollector gets less salary. but as a government officer, he isimmensely respected in the society.

no, brother. in today's world,he who has money gets the respect. so, don't hinder me onmy path to prosperity. because you are notin tune with the time. you are lagging far behind. and i want to movefar ahead of time. if this was not so, you'd nothave been driving a rickshaw.. ..since the last fifteen years. shut up. shut up. don't disrespect your brotherwho has made you what you are.

if he was selfish like you.. if he had thought only of himself.. then you'd not havegone to college but.. ..would have been cleaningutensils in a small hotel. or you could have beenpolishing the shoes.. ..of people on the footpath. and you'd have beenblaming your bad fate. stop it, mother. don't try to convince me aboutfalse dreams of becoming a collector.

i've taken a decision thatfrom tomorrow i'll join the job. perhaps you are not aware,but other than rs.10000.. ..i'll get amagnificent bungalow to live.. and many servants. tell me, brother. should imiss such a big opportunity? i'm not forbidding you. if you want to takeup the job, go ahead. but don't leave thehouse and go to the bungalow. let him go. why do you stop him?

selfish boy. how can youlive in this simple house now? go. now this house doesn't need you. no, mother. it needs him. i need my brother.he'll not go anywhere. why are you pleading toa heartless man, billu? rama doesn't get a brotherlike lakshman in every era. everybody has hisown destiny, mother. ravi, since your childhood,we have been living together.. this house sharingevery happiness and sorrow.

so, why can't we staytogether till our lifetime? you misunderstand me, brother. i'm not saying that. but he who is buildingbright future for me.. ..doesn't want me to stay here. who is he to stop you? i'm going to marryhis only daughter. marriage? your marriage? when is it fixed?

on the 28th of this month. so soon? mother. we have to invitethe neighbours and relatives. we have to make somany preparations. but don't you worry. dear, i'll get youmarried with much fanfare. there will not beany guests, brother. i'll not getmarried in a small place. my marriage will takeplace in a five star hotel.

and the poor people thatyou are talking about.. they have thestatus to attend my wedding? your brother is also a poor man. does it mean he toocan't attend your wedding? no, mother. i didn'ttalk about brother. if he attends the weddingand if anybody recognises him.. ..that my brother isa rickshaw driver.. ..i'll be dishonoured, mother. ravi. you.

mother, what are you doing? please calm down, mother. what are you doing, mother? if he calls me correctlyas a rickshaw driver.. ..what's wrong in it? have faith in yourrickshaw driver brother. he'll not let you get dishonoured. forget his honour. and forget him. this is what he has done.

it is my fault. i should have killedhim when he was born. mother, what have you done? we have fallen short in our duty. we are at fault, mother. we must have made some mistake. otherwise everythingwould not have fallen apart. it wouldn't havefallen apart, mother. she is your mother. don't feel bad.

forget everything that has happened. but please accept my last wish. i plead to you. brother, daughter-in-lawis the honour of the family. so it is necessarythat she stays here.. ..for seven days after the marriage. otherwise we'll facedisgrace in the colony. but brother..- no buts. i know that she isfrom a rich family.

but you don't worry about anything. i'll not let her face anyinconvenience in this home. i promise you, my brother. 'billu, what areyou thinking about?' 'the promise thatyou've made to ravi..' ''ll have tohonour it all by yourself.' 'yes, billu. daughter-in-law isfrom a rich family.' 'you must arrangefor all her luxuries.' 'and you need lot of money for it.'

'think of it. you'vefought alone all your life.' 'you have won. so, are yougoing to lose this time?' no. i'll not lose. i'll fulfil thepromise made to ravi. i'll sell this house. but i'll not give a chance todaughter-in-law to complain. beat him. billu. leave me, idiot. - today,i'll not spare you.

leave her. - get lost. i'll deal with you. billu, why were thosegoons beating you up? what enmity do you have with them? nothing, mother. this is not thetime to talk about it. daughter-in-law iscoming in the morning. we must arrange everything for her.come on. please come, mother. sister-in-law,please have this hot food.

take it away. i don't eat oily food. please don't say that, nisha. how can the person who canarrange all these luxuries for you.. ..arrange oily food for you? it is not made with oil. itis made of clarified butter. ms. asha, you need notinterfere between us. don't talk. behave like ateacher that you are, okay? ravi.- i'm coming, darling. please come quickly.

nisha, what are you doing? who can eat so much?- i've put only three items as yet. all this is ordered for you. who will eat this? try this. boneless chicken. simply tasty. just taste it. it's wonderful. don't you enjoy it? dear, please come. please eat.

today, i've preparedthis dish for you. no, mother.- eat as much as you want. today, i don't feel like eating. ravi.- tell me. your elder brotherdoesn't want to eat that dish. we have so muchchinese food left with us. let's give this food to him. he'll eat it andhe'll like the taste. what are you saying?you should feel ashamed.

will you servetasted food to brother? i didn't know that youare so narrow-minded. how mean you are. after all, food is food. how can the food eaten withspoons be the tasted food? it certainly is. perhaps in your home theelder brother eats tasted food. my foot. don't tryto teach me manners. you know very wellwhich family i belong to.

don't dare insult me again. okay. nobody is insulting you. i'm trying to make you understand. please sit down and eat. i'll not eat at all. please don't say that. i'masking you, please eat it. why do you have fightfor such small matters? please sit down. - i've told you,i'll not eat. i'll not eat. ravi.

yes, brother. what's the matter? whyare you upsetting her? no, brother. this is not so. how can you say so? she has come in ourhouse for the first time. tell me what she wants.i'll arrange for it. but you must be nice to her. let it be. nobodyshould worry about me. your daughter-in-law isfrom a wealthy family.

she doesn't lack anything. you are showing falsesympathy towards me. as if you have brought yourdaughter-in-law to a palace. tv, refrigerator,double-bed, dining table.. ..all this in a single room? come and see it yourself. not a room, rather thislooks like a bird's cage. i feel suffocated here. a person will die here.

i don't know how i'll be ableto spend my rest of days here. please come. mummy, why haveyou come to kitchen.. ..though i've forbidden you? but dear.. no buts. you've worked a lot when youcame here as the daughter-in-law. now, let me do the work. in any case there areenough servants in this house.

no, dear. but you were goingto go to your mother's place? so, why are you in the kitchen? your clothes will get dirty. let it be, mummy. you'll not do any work inthe house when i'm here. okay, i'll not do it. but i've a condition. which condition? make me a grandma soon.

oh, mummy. my dear daughter-in-law. mother. mother. jyoti, how are you? is everybody fine in your family? whose clothes areyou washing, mother? because pinky is preparing food.. don't try to hide the truth. these are sister-in-law's clothes.

so, why are you washing it? dear. pinky was washing it. but i thought i should not sit idle. so, i decided to wash the clothes. it means since the lastfour days you and pinky.. ..have been washingsister-in-law's clothes? so what? if pinky or i washdaughter-in-law's clothes.. after all, she is our guest.

no, mother. she is not a guest. she is thedaughter-in-law of this family. no daughter-in-law can makeher mother-in-law a servant. why are you shouting? i'm here. what do you want?- don't act innocent. tell me, sister-in-law. why don't youwash your clothes yourself? you should feel ashamed. come on, wash yourclothes right now. my foot! i'm not usedto do such trivial jobs.

then form a habit. the household work you havenot done in your father's home.. do it in your husband's home. the values you've notlearnt in your father's home.. learn it here. and follow them. what right do you haveto preach to me, jyoti? as a sister-in-law. to stopyou from behaving wrongly. as a daughter-in-law i want toteach a daughter-in-law like.. what is good and what is bad.

and as the daughter in this family. demonstrate your right onyour brothers and sisters. not on me, jyoti. i'll not wash myclothes myself at any cost.. you'll have to washyour clothes yourself. don't shout. i'm not hereto take orders from anybody. i'm the only daughter ofmy millionaire father. yes, i know allabout it. don't shout. if you are the onlydaughter pf a millionaire..

..i am the only daughter-in-lawof my billionaire father-in-law. but i don't make mymother-in-law wash the clothes. i don't make her my servant. i don't insult her. jyoti. jyoti. brother.- what's wrong? why are you screaming?- i'm not screaming, brother. tell me, why should motherwash sister-in-law's clothes? this isn't right. - fine,pinky will wash them, all right.

pinky, come on. wait, pinky. no, brother. jyotiis absolutely right. this is wrong. nisha, what's going on? i went out withbrother for a short while.. ..and you created anuproar in the house. couldn't you stayquiet for a few hours? why did you makemother wash your clothes?

you've said enough, mr. ravi. actually, i wasn't readyto come to this house. you persuaded me, begged me. you said, "nisha darling, comestay in my house for a week." "otherwise we'll be defamed." "everyone will showerlove on you, respect you." this is how yoursister has respected me. now, i can't stay anotherminute in your disgusting house. nisha.- daughter-in-law.

wait, daughter-in-law. listen, sister-in-law. take your clothes along as well. jyoti, what are you saying? daughter-in-law, i'mlike your elder brother. if you leave this house.. ..i won't be able to face anyone. we'll be defamed, daughter-in-law. wow. you act really well.

didn't you think aboutyour respect and honour.. ..when your dearsister was yelling at me? why were you allquiet then? tell me. you're lying, sister-in-law. i didn't insult you. instead you've insulted mother. you committed the mistakeand you're blaming me instead. heard that? did you hear that?- what have they heard? be quiet, jyoti. be quiet.

you don't have tointerfere in our family affairs. we got you married.., you shouldn'tinterfere in our family affairs. go look after your family. and we'll look after ours. go. you're right,'re absolutely right. i made a mistake. i forgot that thisfamily has given me away. and no one in thisworld ever respects..

..something that's given away. it has no rights, brother. it has no rights. wait, jyoti. where are you going? back to my kin, mother. are you satisfied now by disruptingthe serenity of this house? lower your voice, mister. don't try to slander me any further. i 'm leaving this home right now.

if you know what's goodfor you then come with me. my brother, you've along road ahead of you. don't ruin your married life for us. listen, go and lookafter your married life. shower daughter-in-law withall the love that you can. go. billu. try to understand. that's the story of every family. there're qualms andquarrels in every family.

let's forget the past. it's futile to think about it. those who stagger from their path.. ..destiny always showsthem the right path. come with me.- where? out of the house. you'll feel better withthe change in environment. no, asha. i don't feellike going anywhere. why not? look, i'm not that ugly..

..that people might laugh at you. come on.- asha, listen to me. how long will this continue, anil?- have faith in me. it's just a matter of few days. as soon as the banksanctions my loan for 25 lakh.. ..for starting my factory,i'll come and ask your brother.. ..for your hand in marriage. you can start your factoryany time but first marry me. that's the problem,pinky, you don't understand.

you don't know my mummy-papa. they're very greedy about dowry. but.. but, how willbrother give them dowry? darling, i've asolution to every problem. what do you think ofyour anil after all? what do you mean?- i mean, pinky.. you know that i've a small business. and in the last three years.. ..i've saved uprs.70,000-rs.80,000 in the bank.

i'll give that moneyto your brother billu. and your brother will givethat money to my parents as dowry. drama fit. and we'll getmarried without any hassles. are you happy now?- no, anil.. brother will neveraccept money from you. come here. i feel that boy is very sensible. pinky will lead a happymarried life with him. that's fine, but thisboy can't get married.. long as hedoesn't start his factory. that's not a problem. this is an easy task foryour millionaire brother-in-law. he's a very influential man. he can get anil a loanfrom any bank easily. fine, i'll talk to vijay today. jyoti.- what is it? why are you screaming?- where are you? here i am.

where did you go leaving me alone? i went to see off mummy-daddy. they've gone to delhi.- what? mummy-daddy gone, very good. have some shame, shameless. those who hesitate are doomed. you know, darling, there's nocensor between husband and wife. understand, darling?- yes, i get it. you always go in thebathroom without the towel.

you've developed a very bad habit. why do you act somischievously with me? my sweet darling, ihaven't done any mischief yet. that was just a trailer. i mean, example. first, the audiencewill be shown the title. then the fist scene. later, romance betweenthe hero and heroine. dialogues. then interval.

and after that, in the climax.. ..a close intense fightbetween the two of us. really?- what after that? you don't know. let me tell you. after that, happyending with a crying sound. crying sound?- yes, crying sound. here's your towel. these days you blabber a lot.

it's not useless blabber,they're sweet nothings. it's my love. "my sweet darling.." what's going on? what should be happening, darling? you've drenched me. this is a 19 reel film, darling. watch what happens next. "we'll romance."

"we'll do it right now." "we'll do it here." "we'll do it there." "i'll romance with my darling." "get lost. i'm not in the mood. "get in the mood." "come to your senses." "move your body." "sing and dance."

"i'll romance with my..jyoti darling." "love. love. love. love." "love. love. love." "first take me out.. for a drive.- okay." "get a buggy, show me the taj.- okay." "treat me tochaubey's tasty snacks." "treat me to pande's betel leaf.- done." "and then.." "and then i mightgive it a thought."

"until then, don'tcome any closer to me." "make me happy andthen reap the rewards." "and then i'll do as you say." "i'll do as you say." "i treated you snacks,and betel leaf." "i took you for adrive the entire day." "i handpicked the flowersand scattered them around." "yet my wife didn'tcome close to me." "lord, save me. lord, save me."

"have pity on me." "i'll romance with my.. sweetheart." "i'll romance with my sweetheart." "we'll romance."- "we'll romance." "we'll do it right now.- "we'll do it right now." "we'll do it here."- "we'll do it here." "we'll do it there."- "we'll do it there." brother, you.- vijay. greetings, brother.- hello.

i was on my way to see you. thankfully i met you on the way. i needed to talk to you urgently. yes, tell me. jyoti.. why is she sittingquietly in the car? jyoti, brother is standing here. you haven't greeted him yet. what's this suspense going on?

i don't understand anything. i'll explain you. actually, i rebuked jyotiand ask her to leave the house. and that's why she'sstill angry with me. jyoti, won't you everforgive your elder brother? no, brother, don't say that. finally, there's a happy ending. now, brother, tell me what is it. i was thinking ofgetting pinky married.

that's wonderful, brother. but who's the boy?- he's a very nice boy, i like him. but there's a problem. he wants to take a loan fromthe bank for his new factory. done. that's an easy task for me. i'll have to make just one call.. ..and the bank willsanction his loan. come on, brother. let'sgo this very evening..

..and talk to the boy's parents. vijay, any sensiblefamily in this city.. ..will never reject aproposal brought by you. consider that, now anil is yours.. ..and pinky is our daughter-in-law.- you're very grateful. thank you, aunt. with your permissioncan i go see the priest.. ..and find an auspiciousdate for the marriage. wait, wait.

first our son shouldbe capable enough.. look after his family. isn't it, dear?- yes. he should start earning. becomes capable. only then will heenjoy his married life. aunt, we've understood your gesture. i'll discuss withanil about his factory. and he'll get a loanfrom the government. he will.

aunt, consider that he'llsurely setup his factory. anything else, i meanwe'll discuss whatever else.. ..we need to. these days, even an ordinary man.. ..can give 20-25 kilos of gold. you will give that. and colour television,fridge, sofa-set, etcetera. every girl gets that. you'll give her that as well.

isn't it? brother, i feel thesetwo are very greedy. we'll accept it nowand think of a way later. we won't give you anyopportunity to complain. we agree to all your terms. look, we husband and wife,are very ordinary people. but our neighboursare very despicable. very despicable.- yes. if your sister getsanything less in dowry..

..then they'll taunther and compel here.. sprinklekerosene on herself and.. ..burn herself to death.- yes. and the people will saythat the mother-in-law.. ..burnt her daughter-in-lawfor the sake of dowry. isn't it, dear?- yes. we'll never let thatsituation arise, aunt. we'll gift pinky a gas burner. there won't be anyneed for kerosene.

nor will she set herself ablaze. isn't it, brother? whether you get themengaged today or tomorrow.. ..but anil will get marriedonly when he starts his factory. even though it maytake two-three years. absolutely right. we'll take your leave now. we'll find theauspicious date and inform you. 'three years passed by.'

'the date for pinky'smarriage drew closer.' 'but i still couldn't makearrangements for the marriage.' 'i'll have toarrange for the money.' 'i'll have to do it at any cost.' 'but how do i arrange for it?' 'yes, there's one option.' it's the question ofmy sister's marriage.. ..and the honour of my family. i don't have any otheroption other than selling you.

i'm helpless. forgive me. sit down. ramchabile.- yes, brother. have you written the speechthat i've to go and recite there? yes, brother, i'veasked gupta to write it. isn't it, abdul?- he has written really well. hello.- hello. i hope you've used easy language.- very easy.

otherwise i will have a lotof trouble while saying it. hi, dad.- come, son. congratulations,dad. congratulations. congratulations for what? dad, i've.. i didn't understand. i've started my own business.- own business? what is that?- selling brown sugar, dad. i'll get 30 lakh for goodsworth 10 lakh. - 30 lakh.

bless you, son. i'm so pleased hearing that. now, i'm thinking ofgetting you married. no, dad. what's the hurry? i'm in a hurry, son. it's my heartfelt desire.. get rid of thesolitude in this house. to bring adaughter-in-law in this house. and after that youmake me a grandpa.

and then i can diehapping seeing this sight. look, the phone rang on that note. hello. this isthan-than tiwari speaking. who is this speaking?speak up quickly. what's the hurry, than-than? listen to what i have to say. why? am i your servant? who are you? no, you're my father's murderer.

i've called you twice before. this is my last call to you. after today, i'll killyou anywhere, anytime. hello. hello. who was it, father? the same one thatcalled twice before. he says that he'll kill me. don't worry, father. his stars must be in a bad phase.

he must be crazy.- no, no, he isn't crazy. i could sense the feelingof revenge in his voice. something's wrong. ramchabile.- yes. meeting cancelled, i won't go. why won't you go? we've spent lakhs of rupees. people are waiting for you. do you want me to lay down mylife for the sake of the people?

sir, the entirepublic is waiting for you. whatever it is but i won't go. you're than-thantiwari and you're scared. what if someone shotthan-than tiwari dead? don't worry, dad. i'll give you a vest, i meanbullet-proof jacket this long. then you can give yourspeech without any worries. no one can shoot at you. and what if someone shoots me here?

i've a solution forthat as well, dad. you must have seen.. ..phantom's movie on television.- so? so, i'll give you a steelmask to wear on your face. then how will i see? - dad,we'll keep space for you to see. and what if someoneshoots in my eyes.. ..and makes me, i won't go. brother, what are you doing? dad.

i won't listen to anyof your excuses today. listen to me, marry asha assoon as possible and settle down. keeping silent won't work, billu. take me to the newsettlement in your rickshaw. i'll ask priest gopalfor the auspicious date.. ..of the marriage in your presence. quick engagementfollowed by the wedding. what's the hurry, mother? we'll go after a few days.

until then, my rickshawwill get repaired as well. brother is lying, mother. yes, mother, brother hasalready sold the rickshaw.. ..which he's talking about. what?- that's true, mother. brother sold his rickshaw.. give anil a motorcycleas dowry in pinky's marriage. that's not all, mother. he sold his land in thevillage for my marriage.

and yes, when sister-in-lawnisha was here for seven days.. sold off hishouse in the village.. get the television, fridge,sofa set and other luxury items. why did you endure allthe problems alone.. ..and shower happiness on us, son? what will i tellyour mother after i die? tell me, what will i say to her?- nothing, mother. you don't have to sayanything to someone that's no more. but it's my duty tokeep my mother happy.

and billu will neverfalter in doing his duty. nisha, you getnervous too soon, dear. you're in the ninth month. you'll have to endure some pain. after all, you're pregnant. but aunt..- yes, dear, tell me. i feel really scaredstaying at home all alone. don't worry i'll talk toyour daddy right away. take it easy.- yes.

she's here. doctor, how is my daughter?- how is nisha? she's fine. everything is normal. but it's very importantfor an elder of the house.. be present with nishaduring her delivery, mr. tikamdas. listen. an idea. ravi, there can't be amore sensible lady.. ..than your mother.- yes, ravi.

get your mother here.- actually, daddy.. i don't want to hear anything. go right now. and bring yourmother here with due respect. fine, daddy.. i'll bring mother. i won't go to yourin-law's house with you, ravi. no matter how much you persuade me. don't say that, mother. destiny cannot be averted, mother. let's forget the past now.

it's not ravi's fault.- it's completely fault. he chose to be a henpeckedhusband and forgot all about us. and now, he camehere looking for me.. ..because he needs me. if he cares onlyabout his happiness.. ..then why should we helphim in his pain and sorrows? listen to me andforgive daughter-in-law. and go along with your son. yes, mother. please come along.

but how can i leave you alone? what about your meals?- mother, i'm all by myself. i can eat anywhere. why are you worried? you go. - fine, then i'llexplain asha everything. i brought you here sothat i can tell you.. ..what i couldn't tell you at home. what is it? i spent most of mychildhood in your house.

but people never said anything. but these days people are..- i understand what you want to say. that mother has beengone for five months. and even your parentsare angry with you.. ..that you visit myhouse so frequently. and the neighbours havestarted slandering you. listen to me, asha. stop coming to my houseuntil my mother doesn't return. i don't like it ifsomeone slanders you.

if you don't like allthis then why don't you.. ..give me my right and stoppeople from slandering me. i've a very important taskleft to do for many years. let me complete it. after that you won't give youany opportunity to complain. you kept coughing the entire night. at least sleep now, mother. i try my best tocontrol it, daughter-in-law. but i can't.

your sickness hasreally made my life hell. if my presence is disturbingyour life, then i'll leave. and go to my billu. yes, go to your favourite son. he's your only kin. my husband means no one to you. daughter-in-law..- don't scream. he's sleeping at the moment. you can meet him in themorning and then leave.

dear, who are you asking to leave? look, daddy, she alwayskeeps threatening me.. ..that "i'll leave, i'll leave." no one's stopping her. she can leave today. in fact, she can leave right now.- shut up. quiet.- but daddy.. hell with daddy. how dare you talk rudely withyour mother-in-law in front of me?

but..- just a minute. a mother-in-law is far morerespectable than the mother. so, never talk rudely with her. look after her. take her blessings. forget it.- how can i forget it? i know, that anindian mother-in-law.. the bestmother-in-law in the world. she can never do anything wrong.

she can never say anything wrong. the daughter-in-law'sare wrong all the time. i apologise to you for mydaughter's misbehaviour. don't embarrass me. there's bound to be qualmsand quarrels between people. thank you, thank you very much. foolish girl, you'redefaming me in my own house. don't you have any sense? let's go.

let your mother-in-law rest. why are you trying touse your brains, dear? but i haven't done anything, daddy. try to understand what i'm saying. you might find a goodmaid for rs.500-rs.1000. but any maid won't work asmuch as this old woman does. that's true, daddy. she cleans up afteryour child as well. so, she doesn't do any favour.

every grandma does that. but if she leaves this bungalow.. ..and returns to that house,then how will i sell it? but daddy, why do youwant to sell that house? because that idiot billu.. ..has illegally seized that house. you're absolutely right, daddy. now, you're talking sense, dear. that property must beworth at least two lakh.

but daddy, ravi won'tagree to sell that house. he loves his brother a lot.- leave that to me. keep this old womanhappy for a few days. i know how to convince a person. tikamdas kundandas mirchandani.. ..never misses his target. he always hits the bulls-eye. come, daughter-in-law. how are you?- i'm fine.

you didn't bring munna, along.- no. he's with mummy. what to do he doesn'tleave his grandma alone? what a coincidence! i was going to yourhouse to bring back mother. and you two came here yourself. how is mother?- she's fine. absolutely. she's livinglike a queen in our house. that's wonderful. my happiness lies in my mother.

truly, you're very sensible. actually, we came here for her. tell him, ravi. actually, brother,for the factory i.. say it, why did you stop? actually, he's indire need of some money. i don't have money at the moment,daughter-in-law. but that's okay,i'll arrange for it. how much..- no, no.

this house is needlessly vacant. you don't have to take the trouble. we can sell this and startwork on our new factory. what did you say? you will sell this house.- it's nothing wrong. we'll easily get two and halflakh to three lakh for this house. and it'll also solve youryounger brother's problems. no, ravi. no, nisha, don't do this. don't sell our ancestral heritage.

this house is our last memorabilia,daughter-in-law. don't do this. no, brother, i didn't mean.. why are harpingabout the same thing? at the moment we need only money. your brother is all alone. he can live anywhere. "together, we shareour joys and sorrows." "one path, one destination."

"everyone has similar dreams." "in every life timewe'll all stay together." "may we always havelove for each other." "this house.. is one in a million." "brother billu is like lord ram." "and mother is like goddess." look, look, look here. look at mummy. smile. dear.- yes, daddy.

you're clicking mygrandson's photograph. get your photos taken. have fun. dear, but have youbrought the key to that house? yes, daddy. i have.- bravo. very good, very did a very nice thing. now, i will sell offthat house for a good price. i'll get rid of theproblem from its root. but daddy, nowthat we have the key.. ..then what's the hurryto sell off the house?

there is, dear, there is. why don't you understand? just like you can't trust life.. ..similarly youcan't trust poor people. you're absolutely right, daddy. that's why, dear, i'vetransferred this bungalow.. wealth and all myproperty in your name, dear. i know, daddy. look, dear, i'm alive.

if i pass away tomorrow morning.. ..then your husbandwill surely deceive you.. ..take your wealth andgo back to his brother. and after that yourplight will be such that.. one will give you refuge. why are you staring at me? give me the keys to thathouse before ravi returns. i'll sell off thathouse tonight itself. if that's the case, daddy, theni'll give you the key right away.

wow. well done, dear. well done. give it.- here.. this key belongs to meand it'll stay with me. whether i keep the key or you,it's one and the same. no, mr. tikamdas mirchandani. no. it can't be the same thing. how is that? do i have the key to your bungalow? am i the owner of your wealth,factories and mills?

and similarly, idon't have any evidence.. ..proving that yourdaughter is my wife. what are you blabbering? i'm talking sense, mr. mirchandani. ravi, the pious man that sacrificedall this comforts for you. he spent all his youthin fulfilling your dreams. he forsake his desiresjust to see you smile. he raised you with his blood.. ..and spent all hislife just for you.

why did you betraysuch a generous man? why did you betray your benefactor? tell me, ravi. you cheap teacher. who are you to preach to my husband? tell me, what's your stature? stature. ask us what her stature is. nisha, you should know your andyour cunning father's stature..

..before askingthat to sister-in-law. sister-in-law asha is a liveexample of an indian woman.. ..who has ruined herlife for a generous man. mr. vijay.- don't shout. you're nothing compared tothis great woman, sister-in-law. jyoti. don't try to insultme in my own house. get that. only respected peoplefeel disrespected, nisha. and you're despicable woman.. ..that instigated an innocent man..

..and didn't even let himattend his sister's marriage. you threw brotherbillu out of his house.. ..and ruined all his sacrifices. you ruined a happyfamily with your cunningness. just because you lovemoney and not humans. fine. take this cheque book.. ..and fill in anyamount that you want. and in return we wantthe key to that house. right now.

mr. vijay, this is our bungalow. and don't try todefame us in our own house. it's best that you leaveright now. get out of here. insolent woman, how dare you?- ravi. ravi, what are you doing?- i did the right thing. i can't stay a moment longer here. nor can i allow my son to stayhere. - no, ravi, don't say that. i will. - i don't want tofill my son with hatred. so that when he grows up..

..he betrays theone that raised him. no, no.- ravi. no, leave him.- ravi, what's wrong with you? no, let me atone for my sins today. ravi, stop your charadeand come to your senses. you better stop your charade.. ..and come to your senses,mr. tikamdas. bravo, ravi. for the first timeyou've acted like a man.

today, i can proudly saythat you're my brother-in-law. stop this 'brother-in-law' nonsense. are you in your senses? come to your senses. daddy, you bettercome to your senses. and don't you daretry to interfere.. ..between us husband and wife. you.. you'reresponsible for my plight. i ruined my life by listeningto your foolish suggestions.

but..- enough. don't say another word. be quiet. ravi. forgive me, ravi. and return my son to me. return your son? forgive you? forgive a woman like you? did you spare my sister? did you spare my mother?

did you spare my innocent brother.. ..that i should spare you? i can never forgivea sister like you. never. ravi, she has realised her mistake.- ravi. let me go. listen to me.- return my son. move away. ravi.- ravi, please.

move back, let me go. have you gone mad?- yes, i've gone mad. this woman has made me go crazy. ravi, try to understand. better late than never,forgive her. - i won't. ravi, i would'vedone the same thing.. ..if i would've been in your place. still i say that you forgive her.- no, never. look, ravi, she hasrealised her mistake.

and she's sincerelyapologising to you. if you don't forgive her now,then it'll be your mistake. what's going on here? ravi.- no. vijay, i've enduredeverything until now.. - ravi.. mummy, he'ssnatching my son from me. mummy, please. don't separate amother from his son. here.

i know how a mother suffers.. ..after she separates from her son. you opened thisdisgusting man's eyes.. teaching himsuch a valuable lesson. now, i'll retire from worldlyaffairs and seek refuge in haridwar. but why? what happened? i'll tell you, mother. brother ravi and sister-in-law.. ..took the keys of ourhouse from brother billu..

..and threw him out of the house.- what? yes, mother. daughter-in-law. mother, you don't worry. i will find brother billu. you don't worry. come on, ravi. come on. let's go, vijay. god, where can my billu be?

welcome, welcome.- how are you, abdul? i'm fine.- happy birthday. thank you very much. it's such a coincidence.- what? it's your 50th birthday today. i mean to say, today weearned a profit of 50 lakh.. our brown sugar business.- really? yes.- that's good news. but you shouldn't saythis in front of everyone..

..that today's my 50th birthday. not at all. but isn't thisgood news? - yes, it is. so, let's celebrate. give it here. let me have a sip ofthis devilish water. heartiest congratulationsfor your death day, than-than. anger is the seed of sins. who are you?- i'm your angel of death. i warned you for the last timeon the phone before coming here.

oh, so, he's the brave man.. ..who would warn meeveryday on the phone. so, that's you?- yes, than-than, that's me. many brave men likeyou have come here alive. but none of them returned alive. then we'll decide that today. you can't escape now, than-than. i feel suffocated, son, let me go. otherwise, i'll really die.

how can i let you go now? did you spare my father,than-than tiwari.. ..that i shall spare you? who was your father?- shankar lal. who you murdered cruellyin front of everyone's eyes. i haven't forgotten thatdreadful scene yet, than-than. stop this charade. come, my son.- let my dad go. otherwise i'll blowyour sister's brain out.

what are you staring at? leave him. hold him. really, son, you'vearrived at the right time. otherwise hewould've surely killed me. don't worry,, we'll kill him. so, dad, how manybullets shall i fire at him? wait, son, wait. forsake your anger. like this.

let the brother and sister meet. yes, right. pinky, how did you come here? brother, these peoplewounded anil in the cinema hall.. ..and brought me here forcibly. i've to settle anold score with you. you broke my hand, didn't you? today, i'll tarnish yoursister's honour with this hand. you rogue.

kick as much as you want. i'm a rogue. i will surely tarnishyour sister's honour today. i'll teach you a lesson now. you punched me. punched me. punched me. punched me. tried to strangle me, didn't you. strangle me. strangle me.

brother. brother. if you dare touch pinky.. you fool. watch. get up. where are you tryingto run, you idiot? when you didn't let myfather celebrate his birthday.. can i let you celebrate yours? today, you'llcelebrate your death day..

..and not your birthday. look, than-than. this is the same knife.. ..that you used tomurder my father 18 years ago. and you left it at thescene of the crime and fled. that was the first andlast mistake of your life. son, look someone's waiting for you. come. "this house.. "

just a minute. all of you wait here. friends, like the endof all gemini's films.. ..the end of billubadshah is wonderful as well. it has gathered everyonein this house once again. so, on this joyous occasion.. ..i'm going to takea family photograph. so, all of you stayquiet for a second. excuse me, be quiet.i'm talking to you.

sit down, please. move aside. brother-in-law. yes, smile. i've switched it on. move aside,brother-in-law. besides my wife.

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