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haus interior designer

haus interior designer

space planning would be the very first partof an interior designers job and probably the most crucial part because that segregates different areas for different requirements within a home as in you know, the living area, thebedrooms how many bedrooms would you like in this housebecause of how many children they have. as we go along, we develop ideas onspecific areas for example, the kitchen we then look into the specificrequirement of the client in the kitchen, for

example and then we move on to the next area, perhaps the bathroom and then to the master bedroom. as you go along, you have to think about materials, you think about finishes and that all happens concurrently, it doesn't happen separately. so there's a lot of aspect to the planning itself.

and you have to think about electrical, you know, wiring, lighting, power requirements, power points requirements in every roomand space. and finally, when you're done all thatthen you come up with a visual which reflects the ideas that you've created for the environment for your client and then from there, there's the execution bit of the work of an interior designer. now most interior designers

work on a turn-key basis means theystart the process from space planning to material development and colour selection and then they go onto the visuals and eventually, the execution part whichinvolves the construction and an interior designer is very involved in theconstruction in most cases whereby they have to see todetails onsite. they have to do frequent site visits to make sure things goright and eventually to the end of the project when

it's about to be handover. he has to make sure that everything is in accordance to the specifications of his drawings and details.

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