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kleine häuser mit grundriss

kleine häuser mit grundriss

hello there, welcome back to my channel, i'm nessa and today i'll address a question concerning tiny homes i have so far only addressed in the comments, but since it's so popular i'll make a video about it: why have wheels on your tiny house when you don't plan to move it a lot? reason no. 1 is the height of the house. tiny house trailers are extra low so it's about

45 to 50 centimeters trailer height, all else is for the house since in germany you're only allowed up to 4 m on the streets. there's special permits but in general there's this 4 m limit, so the lower the trailer, the more space is left for the house. if i don't build on a tiny house trailer but transport it

on a truck later, the trailer is higher, even a flat bed isn't down at 45 cm so my house is smaller in order to stay below 4m. that's bad because for the same floor space i have to build longer, so to speak. looking at a standard tiny house of 7.2 x 2.55 m, the whole thing is already quite

a tube, and if i'm building even longer i'll end up with something like a container which doesn't look like a house either. why does that matter? i care about when i ask towns whether i can live there, that i can show them something they can approve of, and if it looks like a house the permit might come easier

than for something with the look of a container so the length and proportions are crucial. now, you could say it's not hard to get a special permit, it's valid for three years and is only 200 bucks for three meters excess width, for example, if i build 3m instead of 2.55 m so that wouldn't be a problem. it will be approved most of the time,

but i have to check, where do i want to go with my house and do i get there with that width. roads are made so that vehicles with 4 m maximum height and 2.55 maximum width can pass through, the length of the trailer is already quite problematic because - 7.20 m is the length of the house but the trailer itself is around 8 m,

so you have quite a large radius that you need to consider when doing turns. you have to keep that in mind. if building over 4 m i need to check which bridges i can still fit under and do i even get around turns in every town i want to get to.

those are things to consider and that told me that i'd rather build standard size and know that i'll get everywhere than driving it with a truck, which has another downside: the next point is transport. a tiny house trailer with up to 3.5 t can be moved with a normal car, for example a pick up, and a driver's

licence of be. that's feasible and even if you don't have it, it's just another test and costs a few hundred bucks. i'm not even sure i will do it because i have enough friends and family who have that licence and who can do it for me. besides, they have more experience with a large trailer so i'd prefer that.

in any case, there would be no extra costs when doing so. now, if i load it onto a truck i need to call a truck company. i don't have a truck licence and no one i know either. also, does it make sense to get a licence for a truck for several thousand bucks just to move my tiny house once in three years. so i'd rather call a company and then

there's extra costs you need to consider. you also have to consider the weight of the vehicle. with a 3.5 t trailer plus a car i can get pretty much everywhere, whereas with a truck which is a few tons more it's not necessarily like that. you always need to check if a truck is allowed, not all bridges are truck approved etc. so that needs to be taken into account

when moving the house and which you don't have to consider when building on a normal trailer. reason no. 3 is the fundament. a tiny house trailer is expensive, around three thousand for a house of 7.20 m, but the advantage is that i already have a fundament i can attach walls, subfloor and floor to. if i had to build the whole

thing by myself, from steel, i couldn't do it. i would have to pay someone to do it, so that wouldn't be cheaper. i need something as a solid and even ground with which i can ship it later or move it onto a truck or build the rest of the house on, so the trailer is actually the foundation,

only with wheels. the things i mentioned don't argue against building a tiny house without wheels in general, it's in regard to my situation. if you have a property and want to build right there, just a small house, you can do it without a trailer for sure. there's good reasons for that anyway. then you don't need a trailer. but i'm not sure about the location yet,

for now or for the future, so a trailer is sometimes a good idea. for the benefits of a trailer i accomodate with two downsides to it, one of which is the gap between the trailer and the ground where i park my home. there is a loss in energy in winter and i need to make sure the pipes

are insulated so it doesn't freeze in the winter or bursts even. that's provisions i need to make and wouldn't have to if the house was on the ground and pipes ran through the ground into the house. but you can for example cover the space between subfloor and the trailer

in a way to reduce loss of energy plus you can cover up pipes with bigger pipes filled with sand, and if that's not enough there's heat tape but of course, it's a downside. downside no. 2 is not a downside to me but can be to others is optics. if i've got a trailer

attached to my house it will always look a bit like a trailer, with tires, even if i cover them up. the drawbar is hard to cover, you will see it no matter what. which leads me back to permits, i don't know how the council will react if i tell them my house is permanently on wheels. no idea. might be a disadvantage, might not be.

in any case it's something that makes it look different. but still i think, for me, it's not such a big thing, you can cover it at least partly. what you should do when parking it is to relieve the wheels and to jack it up, there's ugly wood and stone involved but you could build over it a bit,

add some plants so it doesn't show that much. then your house can look lovely with wheels as well. that's it for today, hope you liked it, if you have any experience with a tiny house do leave a comment. i'd love to hear what i might have missed on the pros and cons. if i was unclear, ask away!

i hope you stay tuned for my tiny house journey, i'm excited for what's coming. have a nice day, see you next time, ciao!

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