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kleine moderne minecraft häuser

kleine moderne minecraft häuser

a get ready for a minecraft windows 10 mod review! hi friend, you want to check it out to check out the mod review guess not hey everybody welcome back to kisource ole dad here, i'm in the kidsource testing facility and i think dr. redstone have something for today let's go check it out dr. redstone you got something for us

well hello just we have an add-on today for minecraft windows 10 it's called jimbo's modern weapons that on there's a link in the description if anyone would like to check it out and i've left your equipment in the chest at the firing range are at thanks dr. redstone let's go to the firing range and take a look

all right everybody we're here at the kidssource firing range and today we're testing the minecraft windows 10 mod or add-on jimbo's modern weapons you want to check it out there's a link in the description so dr. redstone said he left the stuff in the chest over here now let's see what we got here alright this is the rocket launcher here

this is the raffle or shot good these are the rockets for the rocket launcher these are grenades and these are bombs and we're going to go ahead and grab these extra things alright everybody we've got a lot of cool stuff in this minecraft windows 10 mod let's go ahead and get started

this is the shotgun it looks like a shotgun to me and it works very well especially against mobs it has a very long range so you can be look how far away i am and i'm just clobber in these creepers 2 shown and they're going excuse me do you have a problem creeper oh ok i've got the solution it's awesome

shotgun from jimbo's modern weapons that on two shots and your history and what is so often is how far away you can be and still damaged these mobs look at how far the spider is away from me and i've killed him with two little shot or two big shots such a cynic this thing is awesome it's a lot of fun and it's great for

destroying miles alright the next thing on here takes the place of a snowball in the inventory and it is a small tall cup too so it makes it's like a little bomb that makes five so it makes a small explosion but then as you can see it also creates fire after it explodes which can then damage a pretty good bit of stuff you see the

fire spreading their so we'll throw it in the couple of these trees and i'll show you just how much damage these things can do luckily we've got a bit of rain here so we put the fire out but you can see the fire can spread pretty quickly and do a lot of damage alright next i want to try out these

grenades these things take the place of eggs in your inventory and they are absolutely incredible they make a gigantic explosion let me just show you on the small target in the water here and go down to little closer to make sure we hit this grenade doesn't have an exact aim it's just kind of a throne object so

we'll see what we can do here oh i missed it going to go down a little bit closer and aim a little this way oh and we're not getting it somehow we get closer well okay there we go and as you can see target is eliminated in short order maybe you can see a little bit better

how it affects things if we try it out on this little house here and bombs away boom we just blew up almost an entire how look all the walls are going everything with one of these grenades let's go drop it in the creep in and you'll really see how much damage these things can do i hate creepers you having fun down there and how much you like

explosions so proud this grenade and one more will probably kill them all oh yeah look at that killed most of them so as you can see these things just make a crater in the earth and they are absolutely incredible the grenades check mental alright and now we get to what i consider probably the diamond of jimbo's modern weapons and on and that is this

rocket launcher this thing's it works like a bow so make sure you have your arrows which are like a rocket and you're going to want to hold it back for a minute to get the full power check this thing out in ames really well just like about works just like about it do you see that big target over there

across the water is now you see it boom now you don't look at this but it is absolutely probably the most powerful weapon and i have encountered an add-on so far when it comes to minecraft windows 10 model action you have got to check out this rocket launcher look at this thing it even cause it's even called in damage down below the target

let's just let me just show you the devastation that they can bring boom boom we're just scorching the earth this thing look at this oh you got 30 zombie pigman that are bothering you three shots from this guy's they're all gone they're all history sure we took out half your village as well but at

least there's no zombie pigman left rest this hotel zombie pigmen down here a little closer and boom oh they are gone now just to have a little fun show you the power of the when you're looking at a little village like this and you're thinking i need to destroy that whole village and nothing is going to take the place of that

feeling get a rocket launcher spend just a few seconds launching rockets and that village is going to be history look at this thing has taken out entire building entire houses and one shot i mean you can take out small islands with this look at trees disintegrated that we can take out the hole into the silence here let's just meet me at the

truth there boom look at that island gone and we might as well go ahead and blow up the old kids or hitquarters while we're at it nothing can stop this rocket launcher absolute devastation every where you aim so if you don't try another minecraft windows 10 mod or add on, as they like to call them, try jimbo's modern weapons and

try this rocket launcher look at this thing is the most fun you're gonna have blowing stuff up on minecraft and we had an absolute blast testing out this one, we are building a map right now to include this add-on and some type of adventure because it is so cool alright so that's all the time we have

for this minecraft windows 10 mod review the review has been jimbo's modern weapons and we give it two thumbs the two big thumbs up especially the rocket launcher you guys have got to go tried out all of the link in the description and hey if you liked the video be sure to smash that like button and if you're not already subscribed to kidsource go

over subscribe so you won't miss any of our cool videos you can also follow us on twitter and facebook links to those things are in the description so thanks for watching and if you have any ideas for our next minecraft windows 10 mod review, leave them in the comments and we'll check it out

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