Sabtu, 21 April 2018

minecraft kleine moderne häuser

minecraft kleine moderne häuser

*helicopter sound* - gã¼nther come over here. we’re going for a walk - ohh have you been waiting for long?- yeeaahahaha *sheep sound* - alright *burps* *ping* *elevator music* - gã¼nther look up there, it's a skydiver - ahhh *scream* - ouch

- oh gã¼nther, what have you found there? - is that a magic lamp? - they say, if you lick it, a genie appears - oh my god, it’s actually true - do i… do i have three wishes now? - my name is marvin - oh, mighty marvin - will you fulfill my wishes? - my name is marvin.

- yes, you said that before. - do i get my three wishes now or what? - you’re starting to get on my nerves. - don’t you dare say it one more time. *bird sounds* - ahhh go and (beep) yourself. *bird sound* - my name is ma…*music*

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