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moderne architektur einfamilienhaus satteldach

moderne architektur einfamilienhaus satteldach

we are in st. michael's church in viernheim, which was completely renovated last year. electrical installation was nearly 60 years old. originally we planned to replace only electrics, but it turned out that the entire roof needed total restoration. dieter bugert's engineering office has designed a new roof and proposed ceiling embellishment in the shape of an angel, which is visually highlighted by rgb lamps.

we also mounted lights in the ceiling to illuminate the altar. after the change from halogen lighting to dmx led and fluorescent dali lamps, we needed new control system, which would integrate all used systems with lcn. domiq module base in combination with display touch panel is used to control entire installation. eight halogen headlamps can illuminate independently different individual location. the colour led lamps illuminate the rear wall. system can be controlled from any place with 16 keys lcn high power ir remote, which can recall at any time one of 10 programmed light scenes.

the church bells can be turned on the same way, as they are also integrated with lcn system.2100:02:19 ,000 --> 00:02:23,000the touch panel can display many pages. on this page you can see the visualization of the whole church. here you can see all the lights that are turned on. here we have the nave of the church, and in front the altar area. as next you can see the "scenes page". additionally, there is the possibility to control the four bells. i will present an example:

in this setting, the fourth bell is turning on as first, when it will resound, the third bell joins after 10 seconds and the last one is second bell. colored lighting has its own separate page. each lamp can be individually selected, then one of the preset colors is selected. there are two different ramps speeds. the light beam can be directed on the jesus mosaic narrower or wider. all the lights can be switched on together,

but each lamp can also be controlled separately. here is the whole lighting control system. domiq system allows us to integrate dmx, dali and lcn using the best functions that those systems have to offer. because of that we were able to create extensive system in very approachable price.

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