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moderne bauhaus architektur einfamilienhaus

moderne bauhaus architektur einfamilienhaus

how could you produce great artat reasonable prices on a broad basis,away from the elites? art for allin vienna around 1900. art for allthe color woodcut in vienna around 1900 44 43 preparing an exhibitionis a varied task. you need people with a keen eye to supervise where to hang exhibits.

is the climate right?what about the light? are we within the limits?and the content needs to work. it's very muchlike a theatre production. everything needs to be readyfor the opening when the curtain risesand the people flood in. the color woodcut is an old medium.its heyday was the time of great artistslike cranach and albrecht dã¼rer. we want to show that viennese colourwoodcut was important around 1900. and we need to address the questionof why it emerged at all.

here is a beautiful set by emil orlik. it consists of three color woodcuts.we're happy to be able to show them. there's a master artistwho produces the drawing. the drawing must be transferredonto the woodblock. a third person produces the print. these three tasks,done as separate processes, are typical of the japanesecolor woodcut as depicted here. in the vienna of 1900all this is done by just one person. what's cut out of the wood is gone.

you can't erase or undo anything.it's irreversible. that's one of the problems but it alsoobviously excited artists around 1900. the range of motifs in vienneseart nouveau is extremely broad. it includes classical themes such asimages of nudes and landscapes. but also modern subjects,in the sense of art theory, around the turn of the 20th century. and there is evennaturalism and realism, things like a local train: "tramway". we have many depictions of animals,

which always includesomething almost grotesque. they are animalswhich aren't just nice to look at. mixed in are anthropomorphicor anthropocentric aspects, something caricature-like,as well as esoteric and dark elements. this gives them some hidden meaning. this is a good example. the title is "circus"or "travelling artists in town". i'll bring it more into the light. the subject is the depiction...

some people may be reminded of bauhaus. the dancer with her angular limbs. it's a typical creationof the vienna workshops. the tiger's head. where is the tiger's head? the tiger?over there, with the technicians. please point it out to usotherwise i'll be alone! when you come out of the hall you look acrossand the tiger looks right at you.

- but there's something missing.- yes, the three woodblocks go there. the yellow one, the greyish one... - the three colors of the print.- i see. great, how he pouncesout of the corner. very lively. an advantage of woodcuts isthat they can be reproduced. which meansi can produce copies of an artwork. people always say: art is for everybody. but when you look closelythen it is very often associated with elites in society.

"art for all" is an attempt to solve this issue of legitimacy.

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