Kamis, 26 April 2018

moderne häuser bauen kosten

moderne häuser bauen kosten

welcome to the video documentation of our tiny house-building! we will make a few short videos so you can see a few things better. here you can see now the trailer as a whole, with the shaft at the front and on the trailer is the beginning of the skeleton. in each corner is an angle bar, to stabilize the frame, to keep the right angle.

the frame is still jacked up on wood, that we could insert the intermediate layers. here is the green underseal and on the inside you can see the gray vapor barrier, so that the soil is breathable. the two tissues were fixed to the outside with roofing felt-nails. can be seen here, the silver buttons. the wooden frame is lying on the trailer on hard rubber pads. here you can see one, here in the corner another. the trailer is jacked up at the moment to crank supports, you can see one here. the tires are thus relieved and are almost in the air.

the tissue should be as taut as possible and wrinkle-free. we did reasonably well with that.

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