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moderne kleine häuser minecraft

moderne kleine häuser minecraft

hey, this is theblackbeltpanda. in thistutorial video we're gonna be making this small modern house; very easy, withan aesthetic subsurface entrance. we're going to start with a stone slabsidewalk, three blocks long and two blocks wide, like so, and we're going tostart moving that down until we reach a depth of two blocks; half a slab at atime. and when you're done it should look likethis. all right and next we're gonna start in the entrance here breaking oneblock in and then one block to the left and two blocks to the right and thenwe're going to extend this three blocks in that direction and then we're goingto break all the blocks in between these

corners here. and now it should look like this. nextwe're going to use dark oak planks and we're going to fill in the corners herealong the bottom here all the way to this corner here. now we're going tobring that up a second block here and over in this corner here and then we'regonna fill in on the second layer here with dark oak stairs and then we'regonna put in a couple more stairs here. now we're gonna fill the floor and withmore planks. next we're gonna bring the corner hereup two blocks and then on the other side and connect them at the top. we're goingto bring the back corner up by two

blocks and we're gonna connect these twocorners with upside down stairs. now we're going to bring this corner up bytwo blocks as well and place upside down stairs at the top here. next we're going to use black stainedglass panes to fill in this gap here. now we're going to go on the inside andplace dark oak doors facing that direction and then we're gonna start on the whiteconcrete so bring your wall out four blocks and then five blocks in the otherdirection like so. skip a block, place a corner, skip another block, place twoblocks, skip one more block, place another

corner and continue that towards thewooden entrance until you have a two block gap like so. extend out by twoblocks on either side and it should look like that. now we're going to bring the walls upstarting with this corner three blocks up and then over here as well and thenbring the rest of the walls three blocks up. all right now we're going to connectthe tops starting with this corner here and then in each gap here that wecreated as well and don't forget this side. now that that's done we can fill in therest of the roof.

all right and that's the roof filled in. next we're gonna extend the roof out byone block in this direction and now we're gonna make the roof for theentrance so place a block there and another one there and then connect themin between and now extend that out by six blocks and bring that down to theground like so do the same on the other side and now fill in betweenalong the top and along the side that's what it should look like from the frontand from the back next we'll fill in the windows with black stained glass panes

and don't forget the back one all right now back to the back we'regonna extend the roof out by five blocks on this side and three blocks on thisside ignore the extra two i placed now fill in the gap in between along the top okay and that's what it should look like now back to the front we're gonna placein the gray concrete accent along the front here up to the top over the roofand then down the back move over two blocks and do the samething going to the front alright that looks pretty good back tothe front

we're gonna head on inside and we'regoing to finish it off here with two planks and two upside down stairs andthen we're going to replace the floor with light gray concrete don't forget toget under the windows all right looks pretty good niceinterior now back to the front again we're going to frame the sidewalk withstone bricks just like so don't forget the bottom of the wall and repeat on theother side and now we're gonna make the othersidewalk that wraps around the house here so create a path two blocks wideall the way to the back of the house line it up on the back with the edge ofthe gray concrete accent just like so

and bring that all the way to the endand then fill with stone slabs and now we're going to place stone bricks alongthe outside edge of that sidewalk wrap it around and take it all the wayto the end don't forget in between the accents here for the interior side of the sidewalkwe're going to break this entire area right here and then take that straightback to the end and fill in with stone brick when you'refinished they should look like this all right back to the front once morethis time we're going to be lining the

outside edge of the sidewalk with leafblocks to create a sort of hedge so wrap that all the way around the sidewalkhere and then on the interior side of the sidewalk we're gonna take it fromthis wall right to the end there from here to the front of the house and thenfrom here back to the sidewalk and wrap it around all right very nice now we'regonna place in some flowerpots on either side of the entrance and you can putanything you'd like in these saplings flowers even cacti then we're going tobonemeal the front here and i like to break some of the extra grass just so itdoesn't look quite as cluttered all right that's it i hope you enjoyedthis tutorial if you did please leave a

like subscribe if you haven't done sothis is theblackbeltpanda thanks for watching i'll see you in the next videobye

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