Selasa, 17 April 2018

regal an schräge wand

regal an schräge wand

hi guys! i like to show a update about my french cleat wall here behind me today. i build it about one and half year ago and in this time some things changed here. there not just coming new one into, also some i have improved. because some things wasn't good enough. the function of french cleat is quite simple all holders got a border with a 45 degree miter at the backside. they just lay on the border at the wall wich is even cut 45 degree miter.

the advantage of this system is, that you can personalize it. you can redesign , reposition or move it how ever you like too. also, i would like to build in this episode a new holder for my chisels which i like to integrate also here. but before i start, i show you what has changed. if you like, you can watch it now. at first i build a cover in front of the power point so that the cables and chargers are hidden behind.

over it the holder from the hot melt station gets a framework so the charger became a better stand. down here now is the glubot at the right side a toolholder for the mft-clamping elements from festool they are just plugged in to a 20mm hole this charger is known from the beginning here comes a second for the 1860 cv charger so i can charge my 18 volt batteries over that a shelf for lights and batteries.

i revised my pen-box. so it looks completely admittedly, the wholes wich drilled with the forstner bit are drilled cleaner but i haven't a drill with the right diameter so i have to do this with the hole saw. but i think i drilled carefully and the result is for that good enough. so, this was the update about my french cleat wall here in my shop i hope you like it!

if it, a thump up would make me happy! also when you subscribe my youtube channel if you haven't already done. i say thank's for watching and i would be happy when you are here next time. bye for now!

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