Kamis, 26 April 2018

schräg regal

schräg regal

i'm going to see lukas. did you finish your math homework? yeah! see you later. wait, let me check that before you leave! a cyclist rides 20 kilometers in one hour. how many kilometers will he manage in two and a half hours? 50 kilometers. that's what i wrote down. you can't just write that down like whosh, whosh...

first you have to examine the situation carefully! you have to read such tasks several times and concentrate on all relevant facts. this one is all about a cyclist who rides 20 kilometers in one hour. your level really has been raised... lukas, i'm sorry, florian won't make it today. we are still doing his math homework. but you'll see each other tomorrow.

i'll do that! bye! best regards! oh, come on! homework first! so... did you understand this task at all? i'll read it again: a cyclist... that's not easy! ok.. here we got 20 cups

representing the 20 kilometers ridden in the first hour. and here we've got 20 plates for the second hour. now we count them up, to get to know, who many kilometers are ridden in two hours. one, two, three four, five....... now i lost count... that's just not possible they're torturing you with this kind of tasks! enough! what's your teachers number?

she's not answering... she's not answering! hey! what are you doing here? leave your coat on! why? what happened? we've got to see florians math teacher. our poor boy wanted to go play outside. but we were dealing with his math homework all day long which is almost unsolvable! it's just not possible that she's stealing him all his spare time! come on let's go!

and when we're coming back i'll take a look on geography...

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