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sims 3 moderne villa bauen

sims 3 moderne villa bauen

hey guys and thank you so much for checking out this video today i am doing another speed build in the sims 4 this time i am doing a much larger build, this is a split level modern mansion this is going to be the first part of two parts, i am doing the exterior and interior in two separate videos this time around because i felt that the exterior was taking me a crazy amount of time to do as opposed to the smaller houses that i've done in the past so this is part one

the exterior only, i did the landscaping and all of the building and the second part will be the entire interior i did a little bit of the split leveling in this part but hardly any to make it at all noticeable, so that will all be in the next video which i will post within the next couple of days i'd assume and yeah, if you'd prefer to just watch that one you could skip by this one i'll miss you but i understand i personally like to watch the interiors myself but

to each their own and i hope you like this one, i did a lot of different things this time i had like most of the entire house up on a top level. 'cause i saw a photo of this house with a pool which had a staircase down right beside it it was an infinity pool, so it had like windows on the side and you could just see into the actual pool rather than the stupid foundation in the sims 4, i tried really hard to try and put windows but it just wouldn't work thanks sims, thanks for ruining dreams

i'm just kidding sims i love you, i love you sims i'm just kidding so as you guys probably know, dine out also came out this week, this week? was it last week? last week... wow i'm terrible with time anyway, dine out came out recently i haven't picked it up yet, i'm still kind of hesitant about it, i don't know i don't know whether or not i will

i mean, uh, i don't know if you guys have any thoughts about it let me know in the comments below i've been hesitant to get it because it seems very, very similiar to uhm.. get to work, my god i was gonna call it open for business again but it's very similar to get to work in the sense that the restaurants are similarly run as the businesses in get to work were and i didn't really find myself drawn to that aspect of the game, really like i didn't, compared to open for business in the sims 2, i thought that one was kind of

meh like sims 2, the one was just rockin' i played that one a ton when i was younger but the one in sims 4, get to work, the businesses it was just like ehhh... and the fact that you couldn't have the business on your actual resident lot made me kind of mad that's what i liked about the sims 2, you could have like a business on your home lot can you do that in the sims 4? i could never figure it out but i didn't really like that too much, so,

dine out seems very similar the way that the restaurants are run, compared to the businesses in get to work so, i don't know, i don't know i might pick it up just because i want to use the restaurants in actual gameplay rather than running them, but i might try that too let me know what you think so e3 is actually happening, if you guys are keeping track i haven't really been watching too much but, are you excited for any of the games? i saw the skyrim: special edition which seems pretty cool not for pc it's for xbox one and ps4 i believe

uhm which i don't have either of those and i have skyrim on pc which i love but it already looks beautiful on pc so i guess they don't have to redo it at all, or re-release it rather but if you've if you've seen anything uhm with e3 coverage that you want to share with me, i'd love to see it i saw a few trailers but nothing comes to mind right off the bat about something i'm excited for i did see a digital norman reedus bum

which was pretty exciting as if we hadn't seen actual real-life nor- nor-ba derban reeder-ders norman reedus bum in real life is fine but virtual norman reedus bum is also pretty a-okay as well uhm,

so yeah anyway, uhm as you can see i've done the majority of the outside already, i'm just trying to play around with different architectural little dooby-da dooby-doo dad dooby doos just to make the outside more interesting, i got a little sick of my my go-to flat roofing so i wanted to play around with some other types of roofing i did the

what, the like slanty roof it's not the peaked roof it's like a half-slanty roof i used those twice on this one and i also did the half walls and i did have some more flat roofs, sorry i did i put some flat roofs, but not all over the place so don't worry as you can see i don't have the my graphics in my game aren't high enough for the new lighting engine

that came with the latest patch, which was unreal, which is a great patch if my graphics settings could be higher on my laptop they would be but, unfortunately they can't at the moment hopefully soon there will be an increase in quality in my videos besides the point, what i was trying to say was the new lighting engine does not show up in this build because my graphics settings are too low

but it does look stunning and i did some cool things with the roof with some sky lights, i did air quotes again, guys, air quotes are my thing i should like animate a little thing for my videos when i'm doing air quotes when i'm talking cause i seem to do it a lot but if you download this house, which it will be on the gallery once the second video of the interior is posted because i have yet to actually furnish the inside of the house at this point in time once that is done i will post this on the gallery and you'll be able to download it, and i'm sure the lighting engine will make it look stunning stunning dah-ling it will look so stunning

okay, moving right along uh here i am doing the roof now as you can see the half slanty roof as i called it i am putting that in now and just messing around with the rest of the roofing that i had up nothing too exciting, hmm,yes alright so i was also wondering, uhm i'm posting videos pretty sparatically lately, this one is

hasn't been what am i trying to say? i haven't posted in a week since my last video, until this video so i'm wondering if you guys would prefer like a schedule where i post on a - a set time frame or if you just like the sparat-sparatackisness- sparataceese? spara-sparatiss oh my god if you prefer the videos to be posted more sparatically

uhm let me know what you prefer i could get into the habit of doing it on a schedule but in my opinion it probably would be better if i just posted them once i come up with an idea rather than just putting out content which may or may not reflect my, my best efforts also, i still do want to post videos of overwatch, so if you do want to see that, let me know uhm i don't really know what, i could do like highlights and stuff, cause i'm kind of awful most of the time sometimes i'm pretty good, but other times i'm just dreadful so, if you want to make fun of me i can post that. you can have a laugh

we'll laugh together, it doesn't have to be laughing directly towards me, we'll laugh as a group because i know, i know sometimes i'm pretty bad and it's pretty funny so but other times i impress myself so, i don't know maybe i had an idea where i would do this like, blah, blah deaths in a certain amount of time, just have me dying in hilarious ways over and over again not actually in real life me dying, dying in overwatch that was pretty morbid but,

i might be posting that in the near future i just have to get a nice little compilation of hilarious deaths first let me know if you would be interested in seeing that, and also my first video that i posted, however embarrassing the commentary and how awkward i am in that video it has recently surpassed i think 1.8k views which is

crazy, i never expected to get that many views, especially in such a short amount of time posting on my channel i'm really, really embarrassing and that video is really, really embarrassing so thank you guys so much for watching it but also, god, like, have mercy on me, cause that was that video is going to be in the archives of most embarrassing things i've ever done

but i'm glad you guys are liking it, even if you're just watching it to make fun of how stupid i am and thank you so much for subscribing it's i am blown away by how many i have so far so thank you so much 60 people watching my videos is kind of crazy, i never expected that many either so thank you for sticking around, thank you so much for the support i really, really appreciate it and yea, honestly i never expected that response so thank you i just wanted to post these videos for fun, cause i've been playing the sims for so long and i love video games in general, i just love youtube in general and i love to make filmmaking content

that is what i do so i i'm just blown away, and over the moon about it, so thank you so much and i hope that i keep releasing content that you guys are enjoying and hope that i improve with time and that, that those improvements show and that you guys

want to stick around even longer so thank you uhm, so yea, now i'm putting in the windows window timmmee! these were driving me, i need new windows like i want just full like oh, you know what would be so cool? if we had windows you could customize to the size of the walls so you could like stretch the windows the same way you stretch the walls oh man, that would be neat sims hire me, i have some ideas sims call your girl i want i want to, i want to

wow someone just started a motorcycle outside that really distracted me sims, hire me! that was really aggressive i'm sorry sims, if you really want to hire me i'll send you over my resume so yea, this is where i started the interior i was like wait i'm not even done the outside, i haven't put in any trees or anything this will be gone, yup uhm, just putting in lights oh i hope i remember to take those out cause that was a lot of lights i think i thought that when i was putting them in too, i was like i'm not gonna remember to take these out once i

but i will this is my little memo to myself i'm going to remember to remove those lights so i did the landscaping more on the on the uhm, raised level than around the house cause most of the lot is actually raised so i used that grass terrain that i discovered in my first video

i love that that's so cool so i used that and put some plants on there i think you have to use move objects on for that but i'm not entirely certain, i think you might be able to put plants directly on i don't know, i'm contradicting myself now i don't know okay guys if you're really if you really want to know i could find out for you but im sure you could do it much more quickly if you if you just checked yourself

chances are people don't care i was originally going to i was originally going to uhm build a completely different house than this one when i first started recording what am i doing?! build a different home and did start to build a different home uhm, a more vintage kind of c-i don't know, colonial kind of but not really, it was a colonial-ish house and i

built it for the sole reason of using those vines that you can put on the side of the wall that came with uhm, get together and for the life of me could not find them when i was building this, so i completely scrapped the build after googling for a good half an hour where these vines were in the game stupid me didn't just check because i found them but that was after i had bulldozed that already, so, i digress. anyway this build did turn out much, much better than that one so i'm pretty happy that

i had a big ol' derpy fail moment and found them way too late but i think they look nice on this house, it compliments it well, it's really modern but it also has a nice touch of green greenery which i like, in my builds i normally don't use the flowers because i don't like the pops of colour too much outside

i usually keep that to the walls so, i usually just use the shrubs and the plants rather than the flower options but sometimes i do, in some of my other builds you can see them and yeah so i'm just putting some weird i think those were clothing hooks i don't know what they were from spa day, clothing hooks? i think they have lights that are that same shape too i've used those before

but i think those ones are clothing hooks just to decorate the outside of the house, i don't know how i feel about those square things i might take those off when this in the interior part of this but let me know if you like those weird little square things at the front of the house there and now i'm moving onto the furniture so in that picture that i saw with the down area beside the pool it did have those couches right beside the stairs which i really liked it didn't have the hot tub, but i also really liked that

i wish we could build hot tubs the same way you build the pool like a jacuzzi rather than just having like the big weird separate entity hot tub if you could like build them into pools and make these awesome pools probably am the only one on earth who would benefit from something like that but, hey, maybe not, maybe you guys would like that too let sims know. let's tweet them i hardly use twitter, i'd share with you my twitter but honestly it's not worth it my twitter is so boring i haven't tweeted since probably last september, so yea twitter is not my thing

twitter is not my thing, i don't use instagram too much either i have little icons on my uhm previous video thing at the end i'll eventually maybe use twitter if you guys want me to, but eh twitter, instagram, mleh i don't do anything that exciting other than like play video games so what could i take pictures of and tweet about hey guys, i'm sitting at my desk playing a video game today hey guys, it's the next day, i'm still sitting at my desk playing a video game

or, hey guys i'm at school so, not the most exciting oh, here i'm putting a floating column because it was oh, like, uh, why couldn't i put the column, or why couldn't i put like a wall into the pool? why? just why? i feel like that should be a thing but it just wouldn't let me so i have floating column to hold up the roof

you can just take that out if it's bothering you but i thought it looked better than no, nothing at all, having the floating balcony that would probably collapse if you walked on it you just drown in your pool after collapsing from your balcony things got dark i'm sorry we're going to move past this now so i'm just decorating the outside area here, putting the nice outdoor kitchen, one of my favourite things to put in my sims houses i don't know if i'm just living vicariously through them or not but i would love to have a kitchen like that even though i don't know how to really work a barbecue nor would i ever really know what i'd want to cook on a barbecue

so i put a little fire pit here, i feel like if this was an actual house this would be really, really against fire code it's not real so we can do whatever the heck we want, so fire pit right on your porch nearly directly beside your house they live danger, they live danger they are the danger oh man, breaking bad, i miss that show that was a great show i also haven't watched better call saul but if you guys like it maybe i will. my friend really likes it

so i put more of those clothing hooks there, i like the design they look on the wall it's pretty mod pretty contemporary is that different things? i don't know and i put a fountain over top of it because i thought it looked pretty jazzy and these rich people that own this sims house, i feel like they would be rich people and i used uhm what do you call those? those little

chair things that aren't chairs, the long stool chair thing oh my god, is it called an ottoman? i don't know but i used those to make like a fake sun tanning chairs cause they don't have any in the game or do we? i didn't look but i like them with the little thing attached, i think you could still sit on the longer part of the chair just not on the actual chair well not you, i mean your sims but so there i was trying to add a little sun light thing, i don't like that dancefloor, it has the glow i would use it as a sun light if it didn't have that stupid colourful glow around it, it just looks obscure

so i used the little fencing and cut out parts like that, thought that looked better, more flush with the roof and i think this is coming to a close actually i only have two screenshots at the end here but yea, i hope you enjoyed this build, the second part will be posted very soon so please subscribe to keep updated and thank you very much for watching. byee!!!

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