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tapeten die den raum größer wirken lassen

tapeten die den raum größer wirken lassen

[instrumental music] ♪ ♪ - gavin's doing homework. algebra. boring homework. you earn $15 for mowing blank lawns. how much do you earnmowing one lawn? that's all the informationit gives you? this is hard!

i hate when i don't understandmy sixth grader's homework! hold on.that's--listen. there's--that's--story problems, i think-- here's a hypothesison story problems. to me, a vloggeris a storyteller. you're experiencing what i'm experiencing, and i'll just hold youin my hand. let me just seehow that tastes. and that's what i dofor a living,

and 2.5 million peoplea day watch those videos. thank you for this, by the way.were you making this for me? - no. both: what up, peeps? - hello, everyone. - so here i am in a video! - hello, this is glozell. is you okay?is you good? 'cause i want to know.- hello, my homies!

for today's show and tell,i brought this! - dippy dip.i never dipped a vanilla one. - i would say pretty muchanybody can be a youtuber. - this is my 'tatoes. - got to the dmv early. - i was yesterday at a doctor. - now we can talk abouthow potty training went. - you can just be yourself and talk to the cameraabout literally anything.

- i sweat so much. - it's very narcissisticif you really think about it. - i'm sweating all the time. - ah, good day, everyone! - so i know i look tired. - my mama gonna watch thisand straight-up kill me. - 60 years from now, when i look back, and i'll say,"i did some awesome stuff." - [yells]

[yells] - if life is worth living,then it's worth recording. - oh, my god.- [laughs] - it comes from a placethat's honest and real. [all yelling] - dad, i'm--i'm gay. we just wanted to, like,call and tell you. - we hit 8 million subscribers! - every day you're walking around,

and you seethe strangest things. - [exclaims] - [laughs] - we saw this tremendous potential that youtube hadas a community-building tool. - 150 ka-billion peoplehave been asking me to do the cinnamon challenge. [coughing] [exclaims]

- don't make it weird. - people become invested inthe content and in the creator. - i left my rainbow sandalson the bus. - and they watchyoutube videos every single day. - it's not just the future of entertainment, it's the presentof entertainment. - and it's kind of, like, fun. it's actually-- - zeke, where's your plate,dude?

you want some?he's like, "oh, yeah, "is anybody else donewith their food, huh? anybody else want to puttheir food in my bowl?" - so i have a familyvlogging channel. you might call it a reality showon youtube that i shoot and edit and upload all by myself. is that good? tickle, tickle, tickle, tickle. - hey, i'm vlogging here!

- i declare this land the land of the shaytards. - we're on a nature hike in the forest. - [laughing] - what are you laughing at? is that your nature hiking dress? babytard! [laughs] - dad, can we go out to the river now? - yeah, we're gonna go down to the river and either baptize or drown you.

you riding malachi? the name of my channel is "the shaytards," and i always say it is notmy best marketing decision. it is truethat my very first video is me dancing in oneof my wife's old unitards. - okay, this is our shay,and he's giving us his lovely dance routine. - at the time, we had this little digital camera that just took pictures, but it also had a video mode.

so she turned--if you think about it, i've never thoughtabout it until now. like, colette reallystarted us into youtube because she thoughtto turn the video mode on and was videoing medancing through the room. that was the very first video that we had on this digital camera, so when i found outabout youtube, and i was like, "oh, you can put videoson this site."

i was, like,what video do i have? i don't have any videos. i'm like, "oh, i have that video "of colette filming medancing around in the unitard. i'm just gonna put it on the internet." do you want to addressthe audience that thinks thatyou're pregnant, that we're havingyet another kid? - i'm not pregnant!i'm just fat!

- no, you're not.- thank you. - do you guys knowyour mommy's pregnant? - dad!- what do you guys think? we're oftentimes credited as youtube's first family. we were the first familythat's like, "we're a family, and we makevideos of our lives every day." do you guys remember the movie"jurassic park" with the dinosaurs? - yeah.- i'm gonna be the velociraptor,

and you guysare gonna be the people that are running for your lives. [mimics velociraptor] - i think the shaytards' audience are other families. i think it's peoplewho care about family. i think it's peoplewho care about kids. my name is michael humphrey. i'm a contributor at "forbes." youtube commands pretty much all of the journalism i do.

- i'm the velociraptor. a lot of peopleare looking at us right now. - there is something very special about what shay carl is doing. - [mimics velociraptor] - you don't like goofiness?you're not gonna like him. but if you do, and you appreciate that that goofiness comes from a genuine place-- - the sprayer of death!- why wouldn't you love it?

- people click on it, and then they start watching, and they're like, "whoa, this is, like, a real family. they're, like, hanging out, and they, like--kinda funny." what are you doing there? "and that wife's really cute." and then, all of a sudden, they're hooked, and they don't knowwhy they're hooked. they don't knowwhy they're watching. it's hard when you know there'sa camera on not to be like,

"hey, wow! oh, look, we're always havinga good time!" so at the timewe very first started youtube, i had just ventured out and started my own granite countertop business. so then i was trying to,you know, juggle the granite businessand doing youtube, and then i got my first checkfrom youtube which was for 300 bucks,

and i was like, "i got real moneyfrom making a youtube video." the second that i gotthat first 300 bucks and i could buy groceries, my immediate thought was,"i can make this grow." here we go. - when we first started making videos, it was just kind of, like, a hobby. it was fun. we were doing skits.

in my mind, i'm thinking,"a couple minutes a day. just throw it up real quick." and it became much more than that. [laughs]it became a diary of our lives. whoo!- ow. - come on, girl. come on. i met shay carl in 2007. - [laughing]- oh!

- oh, don't[speaks indistinctly]. - i guess it was 2009. he started doing these daily videos. throughout that whole process, we were alwaystalking back and forth. he's like, "dude, charles,you got to do this. "you got to do this, got to do this. "i saw everyoneloving this thing. it's a really great idea."

and he kind of justpushed me into it. good morning, internet. the name of my channelis "ctfxc, charles trippy friend core." [static] i'm not really sure how to do these vlog things. i'm sure i'll get better as i progress. basically, i'm gonna be doing one of these things every single day for at least a year;

365 days. i don't think anyoneon the internet could tell you legitwhat they were doing when they started doingyoutube videos other than giving youthe answer, "i was doing it for fun." the only part about travelingis rest stops. i always feel likei'm gonna get murdered by a guy named bubbaeating beef jerky.

- almost all of the vloggers that became famous got on youtube primarilyto connect and communicate. they didn't think of themselvesas being entertainers, per se. they were connecting to each other, and there was a greatdeal of energy behind that. - so we just got to the's pretty cool. i didn't know there was a park.i'm just recording. the first one, i rememberthere was a cat skull. - it looks like a cat.- it's a cat head or something.

and i was dating alli speed.- get that out of here. - and i did have to convince her a little bit because it's weird. it's like, you know, okay,we just started dating. i'm gonna film everythingwe do now. - [laughs] both: one, two, three. - that was awesome. - how'd you sleep?

[laughs] you hammering that board? - hell yeah.ow. - it's a wishing wellsort of fountain. ready?you first. what'd you wish for? and then, 2009,i asked her to marry me, and because we were filmingevery day, that went online. - yes.

- you could never understand a vlogger through one video. you really have to followsomebody's arc, and that arc goes over years. it goes over many videos, and that's what makes it special is following somebody's arc from beginning to now. - told you it was gonna bea beautiful day, you guys. - we got engaged nine monthsinto our relationship and four monthsinto the vlog,

and the immediate responsewas really positive from a lot of peopleand, you know, we were--we weresuper excited about it. love you. - love you too. when we started, we got, like, 4,000 views, 5,000 views, whatever. it was small, and it just skyrocketed. 3 1/2 million people watched us get engaged.

so it's been crazy 'cause wheni thought--started doing youtube videos,youtube was so small. it was cat videos. and now, the community has grown bigger than i could ever imagine. - we were kind of just blogging here and there for fun. - and then it just turned intowe were doing it every day, and our audience loved it. they wanted moreand more and more.

- yeah, yeah. "when youstarting daily vlogs? when you start"--in every comment, i'm like, "they really want usto do it every day." - why do all these people watch me every single day? like, i'm just living my life. - i was like, "oh, wow. this is gettingsome traction here." - then i started talking aboutmy personal aspects of my life. i'm gonna talk aboutmy first kiss.

and that video went nuts. i got, like, 600,000 viewsback in 2006, which was a really big deal. - i had a video get500,000 views in, like, a week, and that was a big deal. - i think what makes itso interesting is that it's relatable. - the realness of it waswhat made a community grow. - this is that real person.

this is them,and that's probably one of the most common thingsthat people say when they meet me is, like,"you're a real person!" it's like, yeah. - [laughter] - so hollywood, shay.- no. what have i turned into?- okay, do it one more time. - we started maker studioswith danny diamond, lisanova,

ben donovan, kassem g, philip defranco, dave days, whatadayderek. shane dawson was there at the beginning. me, you know,we had a bunch of youtubers that just came together and we started making videos together, and we startedgetting collab deals. - all right, guys,i think we're in business. are we all in?

- danny diamond, lisanova, they were revolutionary people in this space. - they were all major youtube,like, people at the time, and i was just kindof this small, kind of, like, comedy dude that wasn'tnecessarily there yet. - meet my less attractivefriend, jasmine. she's super ugly,but don't hold it against her. - lisanova's channel wasthe biggest channel on youtube for about six months.

i always said it was like the "saturday night live"of youtube. it was, like,all of these known creators that had way different styles. the cops came, and they thought that we were doinga porno shoot here. and we're like, "no, it'sa zombie video for youtube." when we started maker, there was no business plan for that specific type

of youtube productionmedia company. we're all figuring it outat the same time. - i'm not saying we were thebest in the game at the time. we were just the only peoplein the game. - through the last five years, it just slowly evolved. advertisers started seeingthe benefit of it. we got investors.maker studios was flourishing, and our family was really able to pay off some debts that we had.

okay.we're gonna film this. oh, we're super nervous. hey, dave.what's going on? - gonna make it, brother. how are you? - i am better than i deserve. i've been waiting to saythat to you for four years. - i do a talk radio show. it's about money and about life. we teach peopleto get out of debt.

- i have four kids and no debt. we've paid off about $195,000. - so what do you do and how much are you making now? - well, it's pretty unique,what i do. i'm basicallya social media expert. i'm, for lack of a better word,a youtuber. - youtube?you make money on youtube? how do you make moneyon youtube? - so there are threeprimary ways

that a youtuber makes money. the classic and the firstkind is adsense. - this is whereyour ice cream comes from. - adsense are the videosthat play before your video, but if people have ad blocker or if they skip the ad, then you're not making money. someone doesn't playthe full ad, you'll get, like, half a pennyrather than a full penny.

whoo.- the second kind of revenue that started to followwas brand placement. - look at this, you guys. - so i used this. - i recently got a tonof awesome ikea furniture. - they could either work it into their videos somehow by either using a product or talking about a product, and just a like a rock band,you would find youtubers

who are selling shirts and hats and other kinds of merchandise. - we are launchinga brand-new merch shop, you guys, with the maker shop,and we're really excited. brand-new shirts,backpacks, posters! we have 500 posters here. - say, "ollie." - it would be a mistaketo think these vloggers are only in it for the money.

in fact, far from it. this started off firstas a hobby, as a desperate needto reach out and communicate with peoplewho share their values. and then, over time,it became a career. - we have some reallyexciting news, and we wanted to tell you guysat the beginning of the video. as a lot of you guys know, we'vebeen friends with the band we the kingsfor a very long time.

i've known them forever. they approached me and asked meif i would like to play bass. so surprise? [crowd screaming] i literally told to ctfxc, i was like, "hey, guys. "i'm gonna be going on tour a lot. "nothing's gonna change. i'm gonna filmevery single day still." going to japan.go figure, it's raining.

london.we're now in canada. we've been very, very fortunate, very successful album releases with the help of the internet as well. [upbeat rock music] - today i am goingto a we the kings concert. - we met we the kings. [laughs]like, ah! - we are gonna see we the kings!- hey, i got somebody's camera.

what's your name?- william. - i took william's camera. - hello, we the kings. we the kings.- hello, idaho. - we're just killing some timebefore the concert, and we're actually just gonnawalk around downtown a little bitand see if we can run into charles trippy and the band. update, guys. i was just drivingaround to see charles trippy,

and i actually see him onthe side of the road over here. there are--there are fire trucks. paramedics are just rolling up. i don't know what is going on. [dramatic music] doesn't look good. - we were in boise, idaho, on tour. i was just, like, walking down the street, and apparently, i had a seizure.

i've never had a seizure in my entire life. they rushed me to the hospital. they did a cat scan, mri,and the doctor finally came in. he was like,"there's a tumor in your head." "we have to do an operation." and he goes, "all right, well, here's the deal. you're gonna be awake." - you know, we hadthe conversation. do we want to share this? it wasa really serious conversation.

- i was like,"i have to continue vlogging." i didn't want peopleto be disappointed that something they investedtheir life watching goes away because i stopped. - that was it. that was the decision. there was nothing elseto be discussed. we had a responsibilityto those people to be honestand to work together.

we had a responsibilityto these people who had become our family... even though we had nevermet before. - this is the crucial thing.- yes. - just a little reminder.- yep. - tumor's on this side.- [laughs] - idea is to keep you awakeand alert because what they need to dois they have to get as much of it as possible

before they make yougo brain-dead. - ♪ steady on the oars ♪ ♪ you're far from shore ♪ - really scary, and that's whyi really wanted to film it was becausei didn't want to be scared, and that was a pretty crazymoment in my life because at that moment, you don't knowif you're gonna die or not. - to share such a personal,scary, intimate,

vulnerable moment... like, is it healthy to show this? like, dude, you need to rest. but at the same time, that'swhat was giving him purpose. - say hi to your fans here.i'm recording for you, okay? - what's up, internet? - the reason why i asked him about the filming was because it was my wayof diluting the fear. - looks like they'regetting ready

to take it out,charles, okay? - bringing that camera with you is kind of like bringingall these friends with you. they're rooting you on. they're supporting you. - there it is right there.special delivery. - so to tell him to not vlog was almost like telling himto get rid of the only thing that was giving him strengthto have the courage to get his head cut open,you know?

- can i film you?- of course. look, it's attached. - it's attached.what's attached? - my head. - [chuckles] - shay came out... and he helped with the editing, and he put it online. - aww.

- i was completely blown away by the support and the love. [light instrumental music] - charles and alli trippy. they are a powerhouseof a couple. what charles has been going through this past week with his brain surgery is insane. - with a little bit of luck, i'll be seeing youin may in manchester, so kick its ass,

and then i'm gonna come shake your hand. - tell 'em the good news. what happened today?what happened-- - 1 million subscribers.- 1 million! high five! - i'm going to eat my cake too.- so awesome! - i was, like, blown away. it was just--this is amazing. - the surgery went well.

everything's fine. - nice. - ♪ over sheets of paper ♪ okay.[speaking indistinctly] doesn't even count.i can't get it. nice. - seeing him like this...[exhales sharply] i need to breathe. how am i getting so emotional

over two peoplethat i watch on the internet? i just want himto get better soon. - are you talking to me?are you talking to me? - i can move this now. - this is insane. more people.- love you guys! - i feel like people find comfort in other people's livesthat maybe they relate to. better.everything's better.

- when i saw that charles was one of the people, i was so excited because i've wantedto meet him for years. - with a youtuber, like, mostly daily vloggers, they feel like they're partof people's families. catching up with an old friend, that's what it feels like when you're watching youtube. - television screensare further. movie screens are further,

but you watch uson your computer or your phone, so we are intimatelyand visibly closer to our fans. oh, my goodness. you knewi was gonna wear a scarf. - [speaking indistinctly] i just--you're just amazing. - i think that for the vlogger,the most important thing they can createis the sense of real friendship. - let's take a picture. - not a friendship that's based

on me being greatly higher than you, but a friendship wheremaybe you admire me, and maybe you want to follow me because of that,but we're connected. [upbeat music] [crowd cheering] - oh, my god! ah!i love it. now that i have youtube, i feel like this is my outlet

to let people know the things that i went through and, hey, you might begoing through this too but, you know, life gets better. okay, let's do it. are you? - i just can't help but feellike i have their back and, like,they have my back type thing. to have thatwith 60,000 people--

- it's's really just like magic. - i've never seenanything like this. i mean, i get emails every day from people. everything from, you know,"i love your videos. they helped me pass biology," to, "i love your videos. they made me not kill myself." and, like, that fills you uplike nothing else. - if i can save one person,mission accomplished.

- they're not just viewers. they're people who just want to be heard. they want to feel included, and if you can make themfeel included, they will love you for life. - people draw pictures of us.- yeah. - and people, like-- - i never thought someonewould draw a picture of me. like, who would everwant to put pencil to paper--

- for that man?- and draw this face? - i don't must be hard. - yeah.- to each other, and that's-- - the ability for these online content creators to seem to reach throughthe screen and engage with their audiences and present this kind of mediated intimacy so that they feel likethey're their friends, and they're livinginside their bedroom.

in many ways, it's no different than a teenager hanging out with their friends. they just happento do so online. - hi. so today's videois a little bit different. i wanted to do somethingfor someone that has really, really changed my life,charles trippy. this over here is my favorite. this is my ctfxc poster. 'cause this was takenat a show that i was at,

so it's fun to knowthat somewhere in that sea of hands is mine. this door and all the pictureson it are really special to me 'cause it has all of my favoriteyoutubers like philip defranco, who i watched for a long timeand alejandro from boyce avenue. here, i got to meet colettefrom the shaytards. and i got ctfxc shirts. i've got this onefrom "internet killed tv." for a lot of people,the internet did kill television

because for a lot of us,especially in my age group, it's the majorityof what i watch. i watch maybe 90% youtubeand 10% television. youtube in general, butspecifically charles's videos were making my everyday lifea lot better. about five years ago, i started having a lot of health problems, and it's really exhausting to go to doctors and go through lots of,

like, painful testingor surgeries. seeing what he's gone through and how he's handled it and the positivity that he's kept has been very inspiring for me. - yo! how many people does it taketo put together a grill? - think about the day that you got your webcam, and you turned it onand you just start talking. - i was gonna play drums.don't worry about it.

we're good. - if you think aboutthe very singular, probably alone experiencethat's happening, nobody could've possibly predicted what was about to come because they couldn't predict the need on the other side of the camera. - the family you're about tomeet was living on food stamps when they postedtheir first video on youtube.

now they're millionaires.- i like this story. it shows you anythingis possible. we recently brought you a story about a local youtuberthat started maker studios that was thenjust purchased by disney to the tuneof $550 million. - no, i don't have$500 million! i mean i don't get--i get,like, a fraction of that. like, $498 million.

the walt disney companyis buying maker studios. - does that mean we can goto disneyland for free? - yeah, i want to goto disneyland! - the sale of maker studios to disney was certainly a bit of a shock and sent out a kind of a rippleout there to the entertainment industrywho, quite truthfully, had no ideamaker studios existed. - that was the pointin the history

of youtube wheneverybody said, "holy cow. "disney bought a studio of vloggers and youtubers for a $1/2 billion." either there were mergersor acquisitions for basically everybody in the industryafter disney bought maker. - all of these traditional, particularly televisioncompanies, understand that there's somethingnew operating here,

and it starts with the ability to harness a massive global audience of prime, premium, advertiser-friendlyyoung people. [electronic music] - hi, buddy. how are you?- hey. - how you doing?- good. good to see you.hey. - good to see you as always.- what's up?

- i have been with maker studios pretty much since, like, week twoof my youtube channel. our team's pretty big, and it's growing as we speak. i have pia. she is a huge partof what my channel is. - it's the beginningof a new year, so i thought it would be perfectto just all get together and discuss the goalsfor the year. - i have andrew graham,who is my manager.

- obviously, mikey's teamnow is at ca. it's broader, right?- right, right. - and one of the thingsthat is a passion point for this yearis directing, right? - okay, right. - so mikey's passionsare as equally strong in front of the cameraas behind the camera. - well, i do thinkthat there's definitely room for doing more directing here.

i think one ofour biggest things that we've seen a lotof growth in is doing, you know,branded opportunities. you're really killing it. like, you've gotthe audience down. - i'm about to drop this newvideo like a mixtape. anyway-- - i feel like mikeyis sort of our treasure when it comesto that young teenage vlogger. - the super-cool peopleat amazon have given me

a $50 amazon gift card that i am willingto give to you guys. i started my channel thati'm currently on in 2013. i--what do i do?why? okay, listen. there's literally nothingi can do about this. really wanted to act, and ireally wanted to be on camera, and in new jersey,there was no place to do that. so why not just do itin my bedroom on a camera that i got for christmas?

[cheery music] sup, girl?how you doing today? my neighbors are having a party,and i wasn't invited, and so... [spits] peace out, love you,and good-bye. okay, i hope you enjoyed the video. thank you guys so muchfor 100,000 subscribers. this.i need this. and i need this.

the shoe broke on my microphone, so i now am inthe lucky position of having to buildlittle rubber band rigs. i genuinely am directing,filming, editing, writing, starring in my own content. hey, guys. send me some stuffyou need advice on. make sure you throwin a challenge for me to do while answering. okay, and then tweet.

- how soon do you get responses? - so i'll startto get responses now. - like, already?- yeah. "how to manage anxietywhile being upside down." with the audiencethat i have currently, it's a very young,teenage audience, and since i ama 17-year-old kid, relating to themis not very hard. they want to know about the people that they watch.

they know that i havebeen bullied, so they like to knowhow i dealt with it. they know that i have anxiety, so they want to know how i dealt with it. "what's your favorite movie?answer while singing." the audience likes to have aninteraction with the youtuber. they like to knowmore about them, and they like to also bethe ones involved in asking what's going on.

it's kind of a cool connection that kind ofgot created in youtube. heidi wants to knowhow to deal with anxiety while being upside down. is this technically upside down? if you focus on the thingsthat make you happy, most likely, you will be ableto keep a smile on your face, and you won't feel the anxiety. corgi troy asked meto give advice on life

while eating a banana. you know, even just tweeting,"hey, guys, send me some stuff you need advice on." i'm now alerting themthat there is another video that will come out soon. the banana broke.and if you tweeted toward it, there is a chance thatyour tweet will be in the video. so now everyone has saw thistweet that even tweeted back to it will now immediately watchthe video when it goes up.

as my dad always says, "without ups--without downs, there will not be ups." so, you know, just ridethose downs and ride those ups. we are headed to grace helbig's. we're gonna be shootinga collab today. it's gonna be cool. - collaboration really is key. like, that was oneof the first things

that i did to build my audience. [grunts] if you have 1,000 subscribers, and then you found a different channel that had 1,000 subscribers, and then you two made a video together-- [baby cries]- what are you doing? - and you push toeach other's links, all of a sudden, you might havethis guy's 1,000 subscribers.

- hello, everybody.- hey, guys, what's up? - good day, everyone. - today i am joiningone of my favorite people. - and i'm here with jennxpenn. - here with my girlfriend. - and it's not easyto get an audience. you got to make some stuff. like, it's tough. - i currently have 620,000 subscribers.

i really genuinely do want to hit 1 million subscribers this year, and grace helbig isa youtube personality that's been aroundsince really early on. - mikey!- hey. - hi!- what's up? - welcome!- how are you? - i'm good. how are you?- i'm good. - thanks for being here.- no problem.

- you look very hip and cooland young and fresh. - thanks.- [laughs] - she's someone that i completely enjoy watching. i love her videos. i love what she does,and i love her business. hey, what's up? so today i am with grace. you're so unprepared. - no!i was gonna answer you.

so what's up? - so basically, she's gonnaask me a trivia question, and if i get it wrong,she's gonna wax my legs. - that's an incredible amountof hair on your legs. - disclaimer:i have very hairy legs. - ready? in which countrywas lego invented? - china. - that's incorrect.okay, ready?

- oh, my god.i'm not ready. i'm not ready at all.- [laughs] - do it long ways.yeah, it's got to-- - this way?- okay, go. - are you sure?- yes. do it! - ready?- just do it. just do it. - [yells, laughs] it's stuck to my finger! okay, how many more of theseare we doing for you?

- let's do five more questions.- five more questions? - i need content. - these young people fully appreciate the fact that they haveto pay the rent. they've got to makea living with this. - just go.just go. [groans] - although that wasn't necessarily their original intention.

- youtube.- youtube. ever wonder whyit's taking over the world? because of content like...both: this. - we are changing the game! - i think the numbersactually have driven a lot of this storyabout youtubers. that person makes $100,000 a year making videosfrom their home? - and everyone wants to knowhow much money?

how much money? - i make more moneythan i ever thought i would. - i make more thani've ever made at any other job. - be honest.- no. i don't want--we can't, and i don't wantto say that, so-- - why? - we are able to havea very comfortable life. - like, i bought a condo.i bought a car. i make six figures off me

talking to a camera,you know what i'm saying? like, what are you doingwith your life, bro? you know?like... - we don't have to givea number. we can say that there isa large group of youtubers making six figures. - i don't feel it's relevant. - if you would've told me backin 2005 that you'll have a condoin l.a.,

da-da-da-da-da, and more moneythan you can spend, i'd be like,"ha, you're an idiot." - part of the game is, like,how do you appear as a everyman? [coin clinking]- oh, hi. - versus this guy who's makingmillions of dollars. - we're trying out their new,mint, first-class situation. this is the first timei've ever flown on this jetblue. it's really nice. - we want to be loyal tothe audience that we have,

and we want peopleto get what they expect because now it is a brand. it's our lives, but it's also our business. it's our brand,and so we have to secure that, and we have to present a product that people expect. i feel like this is beingreally-- people are gonna get madat this, i feel like. - there are quite a few peoplemaking over $1 million

on youtube right now. according to "forbes" in 2015, the top earneron youtube is pewdiepie who makes $12.5 millionfor his let's play videos. - how's it going?my name is pewdiepie. let's talk about moneyfor a little bit. money is the topic thati have purposely tried to avoid for the five yearsthat i've been making videos because i just--i just feel likeit's not important.

i just want to makeentertaining videos. don't get me wrong, though.i don't hate money. - okay, here's the problem. i've worn everything. hello, channel. this is no fun gaby dunn. do you see this bullshit? you want to be on camera? i wrote an article called "get rich or die vlogging" because i was frustrated with the perceptionof youtubers as wealthy.

and the article went crazy viral. like, viewers of youtube, from reading that article,their minds were blown. people think that because you're on youtube and because you're visible,you have money. but visibilitydoesn't equal money. hello, and welcometo the vlog! we're trying different things,different lighting setups, different ways of filming.

we're doing our best, you guys. i am.i am doing my best. is my best awful?who can say? i'll make vlogs for, like,16-year-old me. i am gaby. i am a writer, a comedian,a youtuber, a journalist. i am sex-positive.i am feminist. i am pansexual queer,and i am polyamorous, and it's nothingto feel bad about

because i used to spenda lot of time feeling bad. i also have a sketch comedychannel with my best friend, allison raskin,called "just between us." you're a girl. - is this somesort of trick question that ends with you yelling at meabout the gender binary? - not this time.- oh, well, then i am a girl. - it's not a vlog inthe traditional sense of, like, we don't have you follow usthroughout our day.

we don't tell youwhat's going on with us really. it's messy. the lines of what's real andwhat's not real is very blurred. like, people--we don'tactually live together, and people were furiousto find that out. so furious.they've gotten over it, but they were, like,still, like, so mad thatwe're not actually roommates. - yeah, and it's--honestly,

it's a comedy channel,and then on thursdays, it's, like,a completely original sketch. - oh, i don't mean to interruptbut "allison's bachelorette" hit 1 million. - hey! that's now we have how many? we've had four videosthat have hit 1 million. - correct.- which is not a lot. i think in terms of money,

subscribers are sort ofmore important to get us a branded deal, but we also have edgy content,so a lot of brands don't want to associatewith that. - very funny that theyconsider edgy to be, like, cursing and also, like, that we talk about sex. - okay, but what elsewould it mean? like, just showing sex?- like, murder.

like, showing murder or,like, actual pornography. - like, violence.- violence. i don't's, like, very weird to me. there's entire companiesthat have $50 million to do what we're doingas a-- as a two- to three-personendeavor with zero dollars. - marvin is here.- i'm here. - hey.- sorry i'm so late. - that's okay.- i'm so unprofessional.

- this is the wider shot?- this is the wide shot, yeah. two seconds. see, this is the problemwith being a one-man band. - the hardest part about being ayoutuber is having a new outfit to wear every [bleep] video. - yeah.that's true. we just had a whole thingabout if we've worn this before. i give up.i've worn this shirt. - i'm not making enough money tohave a new outfit twice a week.

- i know another youtuber thatwould just come in all the time, and i would see the tagswhen i was mic-ing her. [both gasp] so she would buy new clothesall the time and then return it. - nobody you think is successful actually feels as successful as you think they are. if you're famous,you must have money. that's what fame means.fame means being rich. and maybe it used to mean that,

but it doesn't meanthat anymore. i have no money. i did the red carpet for the "paper towns" tour, and i had $80 to my name. i'm constantly trying to, like, make money or figure outhow to make money. you know, pay for stuff, pay rent. so i do a courier servicewhich is an app that people hire youto go do stuff for them.

we have received a job request, and my job request isto go get a burrito for this person from chipotle. and they give you a timer, so if you don't finish it in 50 minutes, you're in trouble. i also freelance write. if i have a freelancewriting gig, i won't need to do postmates. it's, like, it's this. it's freelance writing.

it's freelance acting. a lot of artists do this kind of thing. the only difference is gettingrecognized and stopped when you're on a, you know,you're on the clock. so there's, like, occupational hazard. you're not gonna be ableto be like, "i'm sorry. "i was gettingstopped for pictures which is why your burritois five minutes late." wanted to order a burrito.

- what? - i'm from youtube, yeah. - oh, my gosh. did you guys hear that?hi. - sure.yeah. like, i'm not making this up. it's very weird. - i watch her videos a lot,and i think she's hilarious. thank you.- no problem. okay. and now we have 18 minutes to deliver a burrito.

in a job that requires,one, being in public, and two, getting placeswithout interruption on time, not ideal to be stopped. and also, you know,just humiliating. it's fine. did you tell himwhat i was doing? - yeah. - you said i wasdelivering for-- - oh, no, no. i said--i saidyou're in a documentary.

- you didn't say i was doing--i had a job? - no.- okay. is that weird that i'm, like, embarrassed that youwould've told him? - no, i didn't makechit-chat with him. i just asked him, you know,how he knew you. - no,, i know. but, like, the ideaof being, like, "oh, my god. "i stopped her when, you know,

she was working"is embarrassing. i feel like i've never-- i've never had as much moneyas i've been successful. and then, you log into youtube, and there's people in the comments being like, "you're wealthy," and they could not have been more wrong. like, whenever you post a branded video where they would go,

"oh, got to get thatyoutube money. "you guys are sellouts. "like, ugh.a sponsored video? like, [bleep] you." and i'd be like,"no, [bleep] you!" okay.i'll be right back. 7222 [speaks indistinctly]. you have to seem likeyou've struggled in the past, but you can't currentlybe struggling.

and then you don't want to,like, bum people out. success!$6! that guy, by the way,that i delivered to, could not have cared lesswho i was. - good morning,'s wedding day. - i'm getting married today! whoo! [laughing] - i feel a vlogis whatever you want to make it.

if you want it to bea highlight reel of your life or relationship,then that's your vlog. - my last name's gonna be alli trippy. i'm gonna be alli trippyin, like, three hours. - so that's a decision i made,and i still stick by it. - you may kiss each other. [cheers and applause] - we filmed getting married,you know, 'cause that'sa huge part of your life.

- okay, big day. charles and alli wedding. - last night,i crowned myself prematurely, the king of the dance floor. - it's ridiculous. every single person had a camera, and a lot of peoplethere were daily vloggers or just wanted to make a vlogfor the wedding. - we're at the wedding now.- today, i'm hanging out with gina!yeah!

from "prankvsprank,"and we're here at the wedding, and we're about to get started. - we were excited to see, you know, kind of the crossover traffic. everybody loved to have people share and have people goto each other's channels, and i feel like that wasa really good opportunity to sort of rekindle that, like, community feelingof this really big event.

- mr. and mrs. charles! - i don't know if it was big to a lot of other people, but it was big to me. - ♪ the dreams you've dreamed ♪ ♪ all come true ♪ ♪ but whoa, oh, oh ♪ ♪ whoa, oh, oh ♪ ♪ they go ♪ ♪ you want to give up ♪

♪ the love ♪ you know, there's high points. there's low points every--in everyone's life. but we kind of made the mistakeof not including real life. over the course of years, i think a lot of people lost perspective of vlogs because they're literally only watching 10 to 15 minutes of my lifethat day. there's 24 hours in a day.

you're seeing 10 to 15 minutes. how much are you missing? - there were times when we wanted to absolutely kill each other. we were both just, like,balls-to-the-wall crazy. and then we need to vlog. vlogging, in the beginning,was sort of in our control. and now i sort of feellike it almost controls us. - [singing "jaws" theme]

- go away! - people think that vlogging is personal and honest because it's just you staring into a camera, but you're editing it, so it's not actually just mestaring into a camera. it's me staring into a camera and choosingwhat i'm going to say, and then choosinghow i'm going to say it. - the question, "is youtube real life?

is vlogging real life?" it depends on the vlogger. you see exactlywhat we want you to see. nothing more, nothing less. - can you be a brand and have the internet audiencesee your worst? because your worst happens. you're lying if you're notputting your worst out there. - i think people want you to be,you know, as real as you'd beto a friend, you know?

[dramatic electronic music] - hey, guys. so we kind of needto have a little conversation. i don't really knowhow to do this or say this. so basically, what's going on is that over the past couplemonths, actually, few months, alli and i have just not beengetting along. we just haven't been happy.been arguing a lot more. so we both decided that itwas unfair for both of us to keep moving this direction

if we're both unhappyand stressed, so we decidedthat we will be separating. - okay. all the ctfxc peoplethat watch my vlogs also, what the hell is going on? charles and alliare getting a divorce. what? - ugh.i'm really, really depressed. - it is a real shock,to be real honest with you.

- this one--this one broke my heart. - it's very hard for me.- i'm so bummed. - they were, like,my role models, and i never thought thatthey would be the kind of people to get a divorce. - damn. of course it's somethingto be sad about. - i don't really know what to dowith myself right now. i don't even knowwhy i care so much.

- we're not disappointed in you. we're disappointedin the situation. - it doesn't seem real. - all of us, not just brands,not just entertainers, but all of us have to figure outa way to be a self online if we want to be online. how do i pull backthe parts of myself that i don't want to share? this is a life question,

this is a business question anybody who wants to be in this digital space is gonna have to answer for themselves. - hi. so today in front of me,i have an easy-bake oven. - celebratory seven out of ten. [speaking backwards] celebratory seven out of ten. no. six out of ten. wait, i have to try another bite.

what were we expecting? - something better. what would you-- - what were you expecting? - something better. - what were you expecting? - something better. - well, that was fun. oh, my computer gonna crash? okay.just crashed. why is it doing this?

after i edit something, the last thing i want to do is do it again which is one of the biggestthings that i hate about, like, doing cuts for brands and stuff'cause you have to, like, send over a cut,and if they don't like it, you have to touch it upand fix something. so you're just editingthe same video again, and it's just, like, a pain.

this is honestly-- i think this is-- this is the baneof my existence. if you have a good understandingof what this world is, if you understandthat the digital space is much likethe traditional space, it's a business. and you have to have to market. you have to do it all yourself. and then i'm justhoping that it saved.

and that's, like,really cool because there's not many 17 year olds that can say that they'refull-time employed and they're self-employed. i am my own boss. so i uploaded this one an hour ago. it's at, like, 25k-ish views. the entire idea of views is based on what your titleand what your thumbnail.

this site tracksthings like here. these are my dips. because the summer,you go through this thing where you're, like, at the max because everyone's offfrom school. everyone's watchingyoutube until september when everyonegoes back to school. it's just really analytics. - if you can read analytics in a sophisticated way,

it can help you figure outthose little things that you can be choosingto change to make yourselfa better vlogger. things like how far into thevideo are these users getting? maybe i need to speed up the way i talk or maybe i need to talkwith a little bit more volume or--you know,little things like that are the things that you can change so that that endgamegets bigger and bigger.

- i've been watchingmy live subscribers for the past few minutes, and every time i gain a few,i just lose a bunch. this is a live subscriber count, so it kind of just trackshow many subscribers you gain, whatever you lose. it's updated every two seconds. it's interesting to watchwhen you upload a new video because you'll loseor gain a few.

it's, like,a scary thing to look at, so i try not to look at that. it's kind of a sad, sad thing 'cause you can't reallymake videos that you want, like, where i can really show what i can do. check out what was leftat our house. i'm hovering. i could spend one day making a video doing girl products, and chances are the video will do four times better

than the short film. it's kind of a sad thingthat we have to deal with, but this is all a business. so i took the pregnancy testand, surprisingly, not pregnant. whoo.okay. i think we allexpected that, right? well, this is a video. - trixin is the name of our clothing company. we like to say that we're,

you know, clothing madeby creators for creators. we see ourselves as, like,the clothing company of youtube. hey, everybody. all right!let's get this thing started! - yeah!- let's hear it! yeah! all right, so welcometo trixin clothing. so a lot of people would say it was not wiseto open our first brick-and-mortar store in a mall.

let's do this. all right.wait. hold on. social media break! but that mall iswhere my grandpa started his clothing company, and what a better way to say,"thanks, grandpa"? cut it!yeah! - the line startsright over there, okay? nice and easy, guys.nice and easy.

- i see shay's videosevery day. - every day?he'll be happy to hear that. - thank you.- thanks, guys. thanks for coming.- can you sign here? - meeting shay, it was kind of surreal. i mean, you know,you kind of think about it's just another person, but it's somebodythat you watch, like, every day. - well, they are true to their beliefs.

they love their families, and i think it's easy to forget how important familyis in this world. - i'm gonna bite your faceoff now. - they're kind of likemy own family and, like, my husband and him have pretty similarsense of humor, so... - daxton, we're cutting you off,dude. put the bottle down.

- but it's fun to see thatand be like, "yeah. you guys could be good friends."[laughs] - i don't think there's a lotof good family orientation on, like, tvs nowadays, and so that's why we likewatching the shaytards and everythingbecause they promote family. - what's going on?what's your name? - josie.- hi. do you watch our videos? - yes.- we watch your videos a lot.

- you do?give me five. you're awesome.- a lot. - thank you.[laughs] - she's crying, so i was like, "you can sign the boardif you don't cry." - and then we took that picture.- here you go. how long have you beenwatching our videos for? - so long.- really? - like, years.

- i'm exhausted. like, if i just stand here, i'll just meet peopleall night long. it's hard for meto not be shay carl. hi.remember me? thanks for comingto the trixin store. and not know-- have the grand-- my first and only program director.

very excited. hello. dude, where are you even pointing the camera? it's hard to vlog every day. like, just getting the footageand being, you know, energetic and, you know, trying to keep people's attention, it's very--it's very tough. we're exhausted. - in z-103.

- i'm just seeing what camera you're using. - you're gonna steal my-- so i just got this emailfrom smosh. they are celebrating theirten-year anniversary on youtube. they've been making videoson youtube for a decade, and so they're havinga bunch of our friends, youtubers, be in cameos, like, for all of, like,their most popular videos. so one of the videosthey've made that's done well

is this charactercalled boxman. so i'm just gonna shoota quick clip to send to them, and i'm gonna go dancewith my kids. hey, will you guys help me shoota video real quick? get some of these boxes.what's in this box? - can i have that one?- yeah. here, put that on your head. okay, here. - we definitely get criticizedfor "exploiting" our children.

- hold still, boxman. - i don't feel like we are, and it's one thing that-- it's been a family adventurefor all of us. - okay, on the count of three,everybody together. one, two, three. now watch me weave. now watch me nay-nay. i've used the examplein the past that, you know, if your dad is a cow farmer,

you got to get up and milkthe cows in the morning. boxman! that kid didn't get a choice whether he could milkthe cows or not, so you're shay carl's kid. get in front of the cameraand be cute. the kids are dancing! boxman!okay. i'm gonna go edit that to video.

we'll see what we got. talk to me for a minute. they do want to do videos. they definitely are youtubersat heart just from watching us, but i want themto ease into it, right? i want them to make surethey're making a wise decision, so i'm gonna make 'em waittill they're 13. it's tough. it really is. like, i don't think people understand

how difficult it isto open yourself on camera knowing that anybodyin the world could critique the idea that you're just aboutto bring forth. like, that's a scary propositionto be like, "tell me something that's deepor an idea that you have, "and then let's let the entireworld rip it apart. go." - it's a lot more workthan you think.

it takes a lot of talentto understand when the camera comes onand when it doesn't, and figuring outwhat is your life and what part of your life belongs to your audience, it's a whole life question because it turns out you're neverjust deciding for yourself. you're decidingfor all the people who are close to youin your life as well. - ♪ i had a daydream of you ♪

♪ i found a diamond in the mud ♪ ♪ i found a house built for two ♪ - did you bring two gopros or one? - one.- i think one's fine. - it never hurtsto have more than-- - then grab--you wantto grab another one? you don't have to bringthe stick, though, for it, char. - no?- no, i don't think so. - ♪ do, do, do, do, do ♪

- when charles and i first started dating, i did not want to be in the vlogs. i was a private person. i liked keeping my life private. honestly, i was just a girlwho met a boy, and we liked each other, and i thought we were just gonnabe dating like a normal couple. i honestly didn't even knowthat he did youtube. - good morning, guys.

ventura, california,and look who's here. we got squiggles, aka allie. she's here for her first show,this first time in the videos. - yes.- say hi. - hi. - it was a shit storm. everyone's calling hera home-wrecking whore, a slut. rumors after rumors about cheating and lying, and it wasn't true.

it was, like, it was terrible. some people thinkthat this is the reason why the separationand the divorce is happening is because of cheating, and i just want to make surethat that is 100% not the reason at all, and i just want everyoneto be respectful and kind of cease this little witch hunt,you know what i mean?

because i feel it's kind ofgotten out of hand. during that situation, the ctfxc took a huge hit. people felt it was necessary to unsubscribe. it was betrayal. i felt really betrayed. it was, like, one of thesesituations to where you, like, gave everythingfor six years of your life, every year, two brain surgeries, deaths in the family,everything. you filmed everything,

and then all of a sudden,you're the enemy. - when i came in,things started to change, so i feltlike it was my fault why. there was all the negative now, you know? negative came when i came, so... [chuckles] - so we're on our way to go ridesome ponies or horses, i guess. things are slowly getting backto where it's normal,

and it didn't need to be a situation to where it needed to explode. - you ready? - do it one more time.i wasn't ready for you. all right, let's see if i canget a better idea over here. - sometimes i get scared thatwe're gonna forget to live in the moment,not behind a screen. come here.[smooching] ooh, yes.ready?

- hold on. wait.hold on. - char, i don't wantto tease the horse. - i know, but i got to--the whole point is, like-- - oh.[laughs] no more. it might bea little bit hard filming. - i'll figure it out.- i'm talking about me. - [sighs] i really do. i really wishi could take some days off because it's a lot of work.

- it's all right, gypsy. - can you shorten that at all? - yes, i can.- go ahead and shorten that 'cause she's not gonna likethat coming up between her ears. - all right, horse.we're gonna be friends. - charles,i can't do this with a camera. this is not gonna work for me. - this is gonna be the mostchallenging vlog i think i've ever done.- i'm a little bit nervous.

i'll be really honest. - all right. we ready to go?- yeah. gypsy's the shit. just follow her. - oh, she's pooping! - ugh, that's's literally the shit. - charles trippy became a victimof the very thing he had built, and then he survived it. that's the partthat's really interesting. he just kept going.

- he kept telling his story just like he didwhen he had his tumors. he kept working through that, and that's what'sso special about him. - go.go, go, go, go. oh, no. - ♪ we cross the state lines ♪ ♪ we cross them fast ♪ ♪ i know just what i left behind ♪

- there's moments where the camera becomes intrusive in the moment. me and colette will be like,"you know what? let's just havethis moment for ourselves." you know, when daxton'sdoing something cute or saying something cute,we're like, "oh, where's the camera?we should get the camera." but sometimes we forceourselves to not film it. - ♪ i was right the first time ♪

♪ i was right the last ♪ - i ask myself, like, how long cani keep filming my family? and that isthe ultimate question, like, well,you've done it for seven years. how long are you gonna do it? and our audience is like,"never stop." like, they want to watchthe kids get married. and i just--i don't knowthe answer to that.

i don't know. i think about it18 times a day though. okay, guys.happy valentine's day. we're here with my mom and dad,and we got strawberries. to me, what i always have to protect is family. i'm a husband very first. and i'm a dad and, to me, keeping that familyis the most important thing. all talk to me.

who has official valentines? - oh, i want to hearhow their day went. - and why are you raising yourhand so quickly, young lady? do you think you'll marry him? - moving back to idaho, it was almost kind of like, you know, coming back victorious, you know? like, we moved to l.a.,everybody called me crazy. "what are you doing?"

okay, so the ladiesare filming here from the mountains of idaho now. to, like, i sold my company,and i moved back. it did feel gratifying. [cow moos] come on into vlog entertainment. this is the studio. we've just finished remodeling. we got all these lights put in.

this is gonna be a set, so what they're shootingdown there at "the mom's view," eventually they're gonna shootup here once we build the set. i want to have the same capacityor the same, you know, ability to shoot whatever we need herein the mountains of idaho that we might need to goto a studio somewhere in l.a. to shoot. to be able to put into wordswhat vlogging and what

youtube has done for my life, for my family tree for generations to come, it's all different. everything has changedbecause of youtube. - i've been doing this for three years, and i'm getting to a point where talking once a week about a productor talking once a week about something that issuper planned sometimes

isn't what i want to do. i'm gonna to try to do something that i've never done before. and hopefullyyou guys enjoy it. i want to be able to talkabout things that are personal. and i have my friend, liam,from out of town. and, of course, luke. so we'regoing up to runyon canyon. - ♪ something's not right ♪ ♪ things are alive ♪

♪ and run around ♪ - me doing girl productsand at the end, going, "by the way, guys,i had this problem this week. i didn't feel great."it doesn't make sense. i want to be able to tryto do vlogs like shay and ctfxc and like that because, one,i can be more creative with, and two, i can talk aboutwhatever i want to talk about. so now we're at the top, but i don't thinkwe can even see anything.

- i want to change. i want to evolve on my channel.i want things to be different. it just--it's healthier. luke. - yeah?- how do you like the view? - a good, solid8 1/2 out of 10. - people that i watched from the very beginning are the peoplethat are inspiring my little walk backwards

into taking my camera and just being a human being and just capturing momentsof being a human being. you guys ready to head back? - yeah, let's do it.- let's go. - are you doing? - good. really, really good.- yeah? - [laughs]that's awesome. - thank you for that'cause it's been, like,

such a huge thing in my life that has really helped mekeep going. - i am so happy to hear that.happy you're doing really well. - yeah, me too.- bring it in. i hope you enjoy the show too. - oh, always. - ♪ when heaven seemsso far away ♪ ♪ and dreams are just a memory ♪ ♪ without the darkthe light won't show ♪

♪ remember thatyou're not alone ♪ ♪ when you watch the worldjust turn away ♪ ♪ and break the promisesit made ♪ ♪ when love is all too hardto hold ♪ ♪ just take a breathand let it go ♪ - damn!this is a good show! - ♪ whoa, oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪ ♪ whoa, oh, whoa, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh ♪ ♪ whoa, oh, whoa, oh, oh ♪

♪ just keep breathing ♪ - hello, everyoneand welcome to today's vlog. guess where i am. - what's so great aboutyoutube is that it's a place where you can watcha ridiculous cat video that was filmed on someone's,like, nokia flip phone. you can watch shay's babybeing born. [all speaking at once] life-changing things.

and there's roomfor all of that. - the reason youtube works, and thisis so counter-intuitive, is because it's not hollywood. - you can't understand it from the outside. you have to get an have to be part of it. - and i love youtube. you get to hear all these different narratives from people, and everyone's able to showthat they actually exist.

i enjoy having sex.people enjoy knitting. like, everybody's got hobbies. and you can find peoplelike you. - this wand chose me. - you won't believe how happyi am right now. - we have mexico. we have france. we have germany. we have russia. i mean the world is so big, and we have all these people

all at once sharing each other's experiences. that is awesome, and it's literally changedeverything to do with my life. so today's gonna be the day iask my best friend to marry me. - i couldn't have scripted this. i could not have sat downand said, "what would bethe very best life?" and, like, imagined this. we're in the white house.

the white house. george bush's dogwas in this house. - are you nervous?are you excited? stop licking me in the face. - ♪ just keep breathing ♪ - [spits] was that an intelligent wayto end that? - bye.- thumb up the video. subscribe if you're new.

- thank you guysso much for watching. - i love you and moosh.- bye. - have a great day.- just keep it real. - see you soon.- stay gorgeous. - and finally,take risks. don't be afraid to fail.not when you're driving. not driving.that has nothing to do with it. - [scoffs] - all right. that was a blast!we had a good time.

- bye.- over and out. - we will see you guystomorrow as always. - see you guys next week. hi. so today i've spent the dayfilming with "vlogumentary" which is an entire documentarybased on vloggers. this is our director, matthew.- hi, guys. - so everyone keeps askingabout "vlogumentary." this is--this is perfect 'causewe got the guys right here. - hey.- right here.

- i got colette onthe phone too. babe-- - hey, colette.- hold on. colette, say hito morgan spurlock. - hello? - what? - what? what?what? - youtube, hey. it's me, bob. i'm doing a project on vloggingand i've never vlogged. - shay is withthe "vlogumentary" crew

doing some shotsfor the documentary. i hear peopleare waiting outside. hi! - this is for the movie. do youguys want to be in the movie? movie time. - oh, hey, friends.this is my first vlog. i'm not really surehow to do this. do i look--do i look over there? - happy valentine's day,everybody.

oh, look, there's a documentarycamera crew here. movie's coming out soon,everybody. keep your eyes peeled.i'm so excited! - this is vasco, our awesome dp.- hi, everybody. - he's way taller than me,so i can't do this quite in a two-shot. - okay, great.can i-- hello?[car horn honks] why are you honking?

- insert the ticket barcode up.- but i did. - time for a vlogging meeting.- vlog meeting. vlog're late, young man. - last one in, first one out.- having fun there, nerd? just ignore all the cameras. - i always think it's,like, awkward, like, filmingwhen you're eating. this is, like, so's like-- - this is the first time i'vebeen mic-ed up while eating.

- all the sound guys hear is-- - part of me wants to be,like, really obnoxious about it, but the gentleman that'slistening [speaks indistinctly]. - oh, my god.i have so much work to do. working, working, working. i work so much that sometimes, like, i think i'm becoming the characters i work on. what is this? - what is this?- okay, okay.

i'm losing my mind. - yum, yum, yum, yum,yum, yum, yum, yum, yum! bob's vlogs! - or am i?- "please insert your"-- like, put this in again?[car horn honks] don't honk at me.i don't know what i'm doing. this is getting--okay, great.i have no idea. it's not letting me out,and i paid, so i don't know.i got to back up.

- all right, wait.put your butt up, and then on three, fall down. that means you.[laughs] - oh, what?- ready? one, two, three, go. - hi! i've partnered upwith selfiemark, a new app that i don't even knowwhat i'm talking about. i have offic--i have officially partnered up.

okay, shut up, mikey. - all right, the crew is here, and they're directingand setting up everything. trying to figure outwhat's going on, and i figured i'd, you know,do some vlogging right now since they're herefor "vlogumentary." so you guys figuring outthe shots? right there?[all speaking at once] - we have no shade.

- documentary crew iscoming today. they're gonna filmus a little bit. - i do?- do some interviews and stuff. - yeah. we're getting close.- bye. - we'll be done by april.- bye. no.we're not saying bye yet. we're saying hi. - yeah. oh, i just paidand did the whole thing. i have my receipt right here,and it didn't move.

nope.didn't move. - did you press the help button?- yup. - okay, just don't hitthe camera please. - one of these times,he's gonna forget to say that, and we're all gonna get-- - okay.- don't hit ted, either. - yeah. don't hit ted either.- are you ready? - okay, who's callingthe sequencing? - let's just say, "fire."

one, two, three, fire. [thudding] - take that,old business trailer! my hands are cold. - yeah.- can you see me? - yeah.- hey, guys. - you're, like, right inmy neck like a disease. i'm blurred out enoughwhere it's okay. - i have, like, eternal--- huh?

- i'm blurred out enoughwhere it's okay. - you're just a personin the background. - no, it'll be, like,a subliminal message. - what, "subscribe to luke"?- yeah. - so the last couple of vlogshave been pretty interesting. obviously, we have to bedoing daily videos and just the whole,like, documenting. it's kind of, like, super vlog-ceptionbecause as you can see,

there's a cameraman filmingfor the movie, and yeah. so it's kind of one of thosethings usually when people, you know, film for movies,you can't really, you know, film as they're filming,but you can't really do that when you do, like,the daily video. you can't really exclude that. - jose, we're vlogging.- vlogging? hey.i'm not late. - last day, right?- yeah. last day.

- last day.usc campus. - professor vlogat your service. - hey, morgan.- are you done? - no.- you need to get back in there. - oh, okay. - that was actuallysurprisingly easy. - all right, bodhi, i'm about to be finishedwith editing "vlogumentary." what do you think about it?

[dog howls] - hi, i paid.this is my receipt. it didn't open. it's not--i paid for it. i did everything correctly,and it's not letting us out. - that's a wrapon mikey murphy, everybody. - whoo-hoo! - we did it. - exciting that "vlogumentary"

is getting moreand more and more done. - yeah. it's so awesome.- yeah. the camerasare just getting bigger. - i know. we were just talking about how,like, the camera that char got for mefor christmas was big. nope.a lot bigger. a lot bigger than ours.- this is good. it's not like i have 20 minutesto deliver this burrito, so...

ooh, 19 minutes. thank you! - beautiful sunset, everybody. - oh! - i feel like i'm onthe top of the world.

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