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twist off gläser

twist off gläser

- hello my sweet friends, and welcome to 30 days of yoga camp. it's day eight, and we're gonna do theopposite of titillate. we're gonna chillax. (laughing) the mantra today is "i choose." so get into something comfy, grab a pillow, and let's get started.

(lively, uplifting piano music) so, today we're going to beginin a nice, comfortable seat of your choice, so you can be on the knees, you can be in sukhasan herewith the ankles crossed. find a position that youcan sit up nice and tall in. and once you've made a choice, and lengthened up throughthe crown of the head, go ahead an close your eyes,

and give yourself permissionto start today off by simply just being. just sit. we slowly begin to invite the mind to focus in on the present moment. we invite the breath to slowly deepen, elongate. and we give ourselfpermission to just let go, not do anything.

(exhaling) but just to simply be. here, present, now. (breathing) and if you're the type ofperson who's always on the go, this could be a littlebit challenging for you. but that's why we're here. that's what day eight is all about. then nice and slow, dropthe chin to the chest

wherever you are. chin to chest. then nice and slow, rightear over right shoulder. drop the chin to the chest. left ear over left shoulder. and dropping through to center, chin to chest. slowly carve a line with your nose. lift your chin up.

big inhale in here. exhale, drop the chinparallel to the earth. then we'll bring thepalms to either the knees or to the tops of the thighs. so this should work in anycomfortable seat that you chose. inhale, loop the shoulders. begin to grow tall and longthrough the front body. so you open up through the chest. and exhale, rounding through the spine,

inhale, lengthen, lift. open. (inahling) and exhale, rounding. this is your spinal flex today. your warm-up, so let it grow. and let it inspire other movements so if you find a catch, youmight rock there a little bit. if you find you want to move in a circle,

you know that coffeegrinder move that i love. give that a try. if you find you just want tosway a little back and forth like an awesome person that you are, please do. so linger in the placesthat feel good to linger in a little bit, and then findanother place to explore. then slowly we'll come back to center, and stack head over heart,

heart over pelvis. ok, left palm can stay wherever it is on the knee or the thigh, and we're gonna send theright fingertips out. and once again, dropthe chin to the chest. and then take your right earover your right shoulder. anchor down through your left elbow. make sure you're not finding any tension in the right shoulder.

and then slowly we're gonnaflip the right palm up, and bring it all the wayup just to rest gently on the side of the left head here, maybe on the ear. no need to do anything here. just be. just let natural weight of your hand rest here, and we breathe. breathe, breathe, breathe.

great, gently release. slowly we'll come back. lift all the way up to center, chin parallel to the earth. and then we'll switch to the other side. right hand comes to rest. left fingertips reach down. then chin to chest. breathe into the back of the neck here.

nice stretch. and then left ear over left shoulder. so keep that right shouldergrounding down, elbow down. and when you're ready, flip the left palm, bring it up and over torest on the right ear or right temple. try to soften through your sensory organs so if you know you're likeprone to clenching the jaw or the forehead or something,

let's keep that nice and soft today. use today's practice as an opportunity to soften in those areas. (deep breathing) take one more breath here. and then gently release. head comes back to center. awesome. close your eyes for a second,

and lengthen throughthe crown of the head. good, then draw the palmstogether at the heart, anjali mudra. so the palms are together in prayer. we gently bow the head to the heart, the mind intelligence tothe body intelligence. and the affirmation or the mantra today, i think it's awesome. "i choose."

so take a second here to finish that sentence. i choose. i choose to be at peace. i choose to find ease. i choose to finish this whole video and take some time for myself. whatever it is, maybe it'sreally intricate for you today. and maybe it's just simple.

but take a second to find it for you, whatever it is today. good, then repeat it to yourself. confirm it. consider it already done. feel. notice what it feels like toconsider that already done. whatever you have chosen, it already is, it's already done.

(inhaling) and then we'll add a little breath to it. just for a little support. just in case. (exhaling and inhaling) then we'll slowly release. sit up nice and tall. inhale, squeeze theshoulders up to the ears. and exhale, gliding the shoulder blades

down the back body. two more times like that. inhale, squeeze and lift. mmmm. rinse it all away. exhale. i'm feelin' it today obviously. inhale, reach, squeeze. and exhale, let it go.

good. we're gonna send the legs out long. go ahead and grab your pillow. your pilla'. my first grade teacher usedto say po-em and pilla'. she probably said potata too. ain't nothin' wrong with that. just, ok. sharing my life with you.

ok, so take your pillow. if it's like a flimsy pillow like mine, you might even double up here, so we're wanting to reallyhug it up to the belly into the hip creases. ooh, i love day eight. ok, if you want to add a littleextra lift in the hips here, you can. but hug that little babyright up to your belly,

and right up to your hip creases. and then a littlebrightness through the feet, so yogi's choice, you can point the toes or keep 'em flexed. i'm giving myself some space today so rather than zipping up, i'm bringing my heels inline with my hip points. ready, let's go. inhale, lift your heart, your chest.

exhale, crawl your fingertips, your palms all the way out. so you should have anice little support here to round over eventually. maybe you grab the feet, maybe not. inhale, extend. look forward. and then exhale, melt it down. take a couple quiet, deep breaths here

and enjoy. so make sure you're breathing here, deep. if there's anything that'sbeen stressing you out or worrying you, making you fret, choose to let it go. stay calm. give your thinking mind a rest. tuck the chin into the chest. one more breath here.

and then nice and easy, we'll slowly begin to unravel. softening through the feet. and then check it out, we're gonna slowly, slowly, slowly take the pillow, which is right here, and bring it behind, our onecore check-in of the day. so it's gonna obviouslyvary on your pillow, but try not to be toometiculous about this.

just have a little fun with it. as you slowly bring the heels together, and slowly lower it down. whoo-ahh, ahhh yeah. and then me, your humble yoga guide, makes a quick adjustment. ok, great. and then, we come to flat back. ah, nice.

so get comfy here. we're just gonna be here for a little bit so don't get too comfy. and, just take a second to close your eyes and notice how you feel. let the weight of your bodysink deep into the earth, and bring the hands to the belly. so it might seem likethis is not productive, because you're not doing chaturangas,

you're not doing core work, but we need to find balancein our practice too. we need to remember that it's not always the fastest thing or the loudest thing or the hardest thingthat makes a difference. this can be intense too, just laying here and beingpresent with your feelings. and then you might take this second now to again, repeat the mantra, "i choose."

whatever you've chosen today, repeat it to yourself. and slowly we'll bring the heels together. and inhale, reach thearms up and overhead. so today we're doingmountain pose reclined. so, pressing into the heels, strong. firming through thetops of the thighbones, reaching the fingertips back, and then finding a littlesensation in the pelvis

that feels connected. so if you're just kind of blah there, you might just play. i don't want to say what to do because it'll be a littledifferent for everyone here. i've come to realize that. as my body changes. so when you feel like you have it, close your eyes and pressyour feet into imaginary wall

or an imaginary earth. again, reclined tadasana here. spread the fingertips super wide. draw your shoulder blades in together. your shoulders down into socket. one more deep breath here, inhale. then exhale, slowly bringing the kneesup in towards the heart, and wrapping the arms around the shins.

take your time. so what if we were to be here for the rest of our practice today? could you find what feels good here? massaging through the sacrum and the hips, and lower back body, the coccyx. you might draw circles. you might just rock gently left to right. you might just find stillness here.

and breathe. feel supported by the earth. take one more breath. and then hold onto the right knee. and send the left left out long. go ahead and release theleft heel to the earth, head to knee pose. inhale in, loop the shoulders. exhale, bring your noseup towards your knee.

so they seriously callthis wind relieving pose. that's all. he he. try to eskimo kiss your knee. it's ok if you come nowhere close. just, that's the action. firm in the left leg. you know that. big breath in.

then exhale, release head to pillow. yeah, that's what's up. and then we switch. (blowing air, breathing) loop the shoulders. take a big breath in. when you're ready, exhale. peel the head, the neck, the shoulders up. nose to knee.

so you do want to do thisstarting with the right side for maximum effect, to find out why, you can checkout the foundations video here on youtube, but it's always great in terms of your internal organs to start on the right, end with the left, one more breath. and then exhale, release. great.

go ahead and bring thesole of the left foot to the ground here, andthen bring the right knee up to meet the left, supta baddha konasana, and just five breaths here to allow gravity to dance with the body. bring the base of your palmsto the hip creases here or your thumbs, and just give it a little push down. that feels good.

should feel really greatafter all the hard work you've been doing. we are now through one week of yoga camp. can you believe it? it's so amazing. way to show up for yourself. i think there's nothing more beautiful than showin' up for yourself, and cultivating a home yoga practice

is a great way to do that so really nice work everyone. maybe find a little stillness. and then we'll slowly peel the knees up and bring them together. and then you're justgonna turn onto your side, any side. hike the knees up towards your heart. a little bit of a spinalflex, even here in fetal pose.

mmmm, if feels so good. (laughing, breathing) and close your eyes andconnect to your breath. this is yoga too. uniting with your breath. connecting with thesensations of your body. super mindful of everything here. and don't forget to enjoy. then nice and easy,

we'll make our way up to seated. take your time getting there. leave thy pillow there for later. and we'll come to a nicecross-legged position. left hand to the right knee. right fingertips behind. just a gentle twist here. as you inhale, lift up and over. exhale, journey into your twist.

i don't why i said over. sorry, inhale, lift up. and exhale, twist. then keep the left palmwhere it is my friends. ground down throughthe tops of the thighs. and nice and soft and easy, we're gonna reach the right fingertips up, and then bring them over towards the left. so we're grounding down here,

kind of anchoring down with the left palm and the right knee, and then reaching, really reaching with the right fingertips. close your eyes, plug your shoulders in, just like you did inthat reclined tadasana. then on an exhale, bring the right hand to the left kneecap, round the spine. and then inhale, blossom.

let everything open. then we do the samething on the other side. right hand to left kneecap. left fingertips behind. inhale, lift and lengthen. close your eyes here andvisualize your spine. such a wonderful thingto tend to the spine in this way, especially for 30 days. wowie zowie, game changer.

and then we'll keep theright hand where it is, and release the left fingertips, bringing them all the way up and over. side body stretch. so you may not go as faras you normally do here, and that's because we're playing with a little resistancehere, a little balance. so grounding down through the left thigh, and reaching, reaching.

shoulders relaxed. take a deep breath in. lean back into it. and then exhale. left palm to right knee. we round forward, chin to chest. and then on your next breath, let it blossom. reach everything.

big, you know, good morning stretch here, whether you're doing itin the morning or not. just nice stretch here. fingertips come to your sides. and long breath out. we're gonna send one leg out. let's do the right leg. left heel in. one leg out.

and we're gonna take the right hand to the top of the left thigh or to the top of the hip crease here. point or flex, yogi'schoice with your right toes. we'll sweep the leftfingertips all the way up and over. find that same resistancethat you just had, and cross-legged here, just play. drawing shoulders away.

trying to keep the heart open. so there's a lot going on. firming down through the right thighbone. inhale in. exhale, counter-twist. we look past the left shoulder. great, gently release to center. bring the right foot in to meet the left, cobbler's pose.

grab the ankles here. press into the earthwith your sitting bones, and grow up nice andtall through the spine. anchor down, quads heavy here as you ground down throughthe tops of the thighs. and then maybe youinterlace the fingertips around the toes here. maybe you open the feet like a book. whatcha readin'?

i love it when peopleask me what i'm reading 'cause i'm always embarrassed. i'm like, "uhhh." i'm either reading likeanthony bourdain's book or, it's not a yoga book. or is it? that's for us to discover. what? k. great, now there aregonna be a million comments

about anthony bourdain, which is fine with me. i like him. i dig. ok, here we go. one more breath in baddha konäsana. and then we'll release. right heel comes in. left leg goes out long.

take the left hand this time. bring it to the top of the right thigh or the top of the hip crease. we'll reach the right fingertips all the way up and over. now, turtle shell wants to come out here so open up, pull the right shoulder in. lift your heart. lengthen through the crown.

so this day is so greatif you work at a desk. so nice. so good. and it's good for everyone. great, then we'll gently release. sole of the left footcomes in to meet the right. again, baddha konäsana. this time with a forward fold so take your time getting there.

you might experiment bringing the palms, excuse me, the thumbs tothe arches of the feet, and just giving yourselfa little massage there. and opening the feet like a book here. and then when you're ready, we'll inhale, loop the shoulders, open the chest, the heart. and exhale, send it forward. breathe here.

try to keep length in thespine here my friends. we're gonna round itover in just a second. so if you're already down there, maybe come up for a couple breaths. just staying connected to that line from the crown to the tail. you might use the elbows. this isn't for everyone, but you might use the elbows

to press gently on the inner thighs. tap into the breath here. and then we'll round it over, letting the weight of the head go. and then slowly we'llrelease, nice and easy. swim the fingertips behind. bring the knees together, soles of the feet come to the mat. a little windshield wiper here,

so you're gonna lean backand then just take the knees over to one side. should feel good. breathing into the frontof that right hip crease or whatever, dependswhich side you went on. tryin' to keep it easybreezy today, you know? let the brain take a rest and just... find what feels good here in the body. for a little deeper stretch,

you might cross the left ankle over the top of the right. you can also come onto the elbows here, but you need to be reallymindful my friends. nice and easy. be really mindful there. ok, and then through center. but just in case, sometimessome people will come here and they won't feel that stretch here.

so when you don't feel that stretch, you can maybe cross the ankle or lower onto the forearms. be nice and mindful though. great, and then afteryou've done both sides, when you come back to seated, we're gonna take theleft heel in, once again. and this time, we're coming togomukhasan legs or cow legs, so we're taking the right foot over.

so get that far first. and you might just stay here. or, you might bring the right heel back and ultimately we're tryingto get the knees together, but this takes time. you can grab your pillowand smoosh it underneath your buttocks for a little support. and then we'll take the handsto the soles of the feet. inhale, big breath in.

exhale, big breath out. inhale. close your eyes for this last breath. nothing fancy today. just a nice, slow release. be nice and gentle. and we'll do the samething on the other side. i get a little zenned outwhen i start to breathe deeply like that.

it works. get that pranayama high. so, this side's gonna be different. so just check it out. and just notice if you'renew to the practice, and you're like, "whaah, what's that?" just explore, use your pillow. lift it up. it could just be here.

fingertips at your sides. your palms on the soles of the feet. here we go. three solid breaths. and exhale. breathing into the sensations. (inhaling and exhaling) after three breaths, slowly unravel. doesn't matter which side you're facing,

we're gonna slowly flip onto our bellies just for one little locust variation here. so this should feel reallygood as you melt back onto your belly. melt back down to the earth. press in the tops of the feet. chin comes to your yoga mat. fingertips reach towards the back edge. keep your palms on the earth at first.

press to the tops of the feet. anchor pubic bone to the earth, and inhale, slowly beginning to grow. lifting the head, theheart, the shoulders. shoulder blades reach together. now if you're looking forwardor looking at the video, gather your bearingsand then draw your chin into your chest. press in your foundation strong.

lift the kneecaps. exhale, lift the arms ifyou're feeling adventurous. lift, a little higher. and then big breath out torelease everything down. palms come underneath the shoulders. we curl our toes under. and we press up, and back to all fours. cross the ankles. slide through.

and end up on your pillow. flat back. so that was a nice little, gentle vinyasa. so go ahead and get supercomfy on your pillow. pull that sucker up. if you have a blanket, youmight get your blankie out here. we're gonna end with some pranayama. so go ahead and extend the legs out long. and bring left hand to the heart.

and the right hand to the lower belly. snuggle the shouldersunderneath your heart space if you need to here to find space. find what feels good. and then close your eyes. we're not gonna be here long. you can be here longer if you want if you're really feeling it. and just taking this momentto peace out a little bit,

to balance the body. allow the nutrients of your practice and of your experiencethus far with yoga camp, to just settle in, seep into you. into your body. when you're ready, begin. if you're familiar withthe three parts breath, you might consider that here.

inhaling. feeling the chest. then the lungs, the ribs expand. then the belly, the right handreally rises with the breath. and then falls. if that's too much for you, just breathe deep. so good for the body. so excellent for the mind.

make sure you do at leastfive nice, conscious breaths. stay here longer if you like. if time allows. when you're ready, you mighttake the hands at your side for a shavasan. i wish you the best. i wish you peace, and thank you for sharingyour practice with me. take good care.


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