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vögel nistkästen

vögel nistkästen

hello, i’m kai. and i’m inke. today we’re going to show you how to build this beautiful birdhouse. it’s the ideal gift for families with children for their garden or balcony. you can stand it up or hang it up. we’ve already had all the parts cut to size. at a diy store. and these are our tools: this is our ... ... ixo, that’s for me! yes, that’s yours.

that’s my cordless drill/driver ... and our jigsaw. the set square and compass are important. we’ll need them later to mark and saw out the round entrance holes. let’s go! we’ve already transferred the front design onto this piece of wood, and now all we have to do is cut it out. and now we’ll use this here as a template for the rear wall. hold it steady. and now we’ll saw this out too. you can smooth the edge using the multi-sander to make it nice and clean.

really easy. now it’s nice and smooth. next we’re going to drill four holes. we’ll drill the three small ones with the 10-mm wood drill bit and the large one with the holesaw. wait, we’ll put two pieces of wood under here ... good idea. and we should fix it to the table as well. and the third. now to drill the large entrance hole with the holesaw. done!

to connect the front and back to the side walls, we’ll pre-drill holes with the 4-mm drill bit. i’ll drill the last one now, and then they’ll all be finished. wait, i’ll hold it in place. can you stand that up ... ... so that it’s ready when we need it in a minute. i’ll just change the drill bit to the 3-mm one ... you hold that steady. wait! have you? apply some pressure. and now we can drive the screws!

i’ll do that with the ixo. i’ll hold it. nearly done. i still have to countersink the screws properly. i know, you want to use that. yes, i want to work with that tool as well. and now it’s nearly ready for the birds, if only we had a floor … we have! that’s the floor plate. here are cutouts for the bird feed.

and what do we do now? we put the house on top and mark the outline of the house … … on the bottom. right, because we want to fix it from below. very good. now we can see where we have to fit the screws on the floor plate from below. perfect. the floor has been fitted. now for the border. the fence. we’ve already pre-drilled the holes, so that we can attach this here.

it fits. can you hold it? great. the patio is finished. brilliant! it looks great. now we just need a roof. then it’ll be ready for the birds. and we need the bird feed as well. these are the two roof components that we’re now going to screw together. we’ve already pre-drilled small holes for this here. the large ones are for the roof hanger, but i’ll explain that later.

now we’ll screw them together first. do you have it? on goes the roof, perfect! what about the hanger? we’ll do that now. we’ve already drilled holes here at the front, so that we can hang up the house. i’ll pull two cords through there. i’ll show you why in a minute. now we have to go back here again. right, inke. now you can hold this up for me. now we put a cord through here.

we do that same at the back, and then the house would hang like that. the landing pole is missing. that can be fitted with a drop of glue. voilã¡! the birdhouse is finished. we still need to paint it! yes, you can choose the paint. the birdhouse can be creatively painted by children with their grandparents or with their parents. this is the purple-white version. maybe the green-white version. there are thousands of possibilities.820:5:26,399

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