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welcher rasenmäher ist der richtige

welcher rasenmäher ist der richtige

there where a lot of response to the last video about the wood stove (see upper right corner) to lighten up a fire the modern way. what is the right way to light up a fire? you should light the fire from above and not from the bottom (as we used to do it) just like a candle which is burning from the top to the bottom - you do the same with your pile of wood in the stove. when you lighten the fire from the bottom the flames and the fumes has to go through the stack of wood and there will be much more smoke in your chimney so i'll give it a trial, put the wood in my stove an lighten it up from above. usually it not possible with my kind of wood stove ...because there is enough glowing embers left from the other day which inflames the new wood by itself - but only from the bottom

but in most normal fireplaces or wood stoves it'll work very well. that's what i'll do now put the larger and bigger logs below and the smaller ones on the top. attention: do not put to much wood in normal wood stoves - see manual for the right filling quantity. begin with bigger logs, then smaller ones and use kindling at the very top the kindling is burning and i'm closing the stove door and i open the vent for full air supply the fire is burned down completely and i close the vent. and there will be glowing embers for houres.

if you have a wood stove you should inflame your fire from above which gives you a much cleaner smoke. in my kind of oven (masonry heater) this is not always possible because of the long holding glownig embers. thanks for watching and bye bye yours self sufficient florian rigotti if you do not have a wood stove at home, enjoy this fire for a few moments.

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