Rabu, 18 April 2018

winterharte blumen für balkonkasten

winterharte blumen für balkonkasten

garden gate sunpatiens - beautiful blossom in any season it's the end of october and nature is slowly retreating. there are leaves everywhere and most of the summer flowers in the parks and gardens have withered. but there's one that stands out. it's the sunpatiens, a new variety. it blossoms beautifully in spring, summer and autumn. i'll show it to you, you will be surprised.

here they are. isn't that amazing? such magnificent blossoms even at the end of october. you can see it here in a gorgeous combination with grasses, palms and bushes. with this patch you can see that they can be planted everywhere, be it in full-sun, medium-shade or shade. with this flower you can plant every area in a garden or park. and it looks marvelous in front of big trees. the sunpatiens is a low-maintenance plant.

not only can it cope with any location, the withered blossoms clean themselves out to put forth buds again. once planted onto compost enriched soil, you don't have to give it any care - just water. and for you to see the creative possibilities and how beautiful it looks i just made a photo album for you. see you soon! don't forget to subscribe. plant your spring.subscribe now for free.

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