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wohnzimmer in braun

wohnzimmer in braun

alexa... your mother. nope, your mother. and you'll call her now. *laughs* oh, you're here, too. well... hi again! err, i just wanted to say, this time this was lying underneath the christmas tree: it's called amazon echo. you were able to sign up, to get these things somehow...

in, like, a waiting list you were able to get these earlier, you're able to already test 'em. i was lucky, i got into the waiting list. i signed in a totally official way. so, it's not sponsored or anything, it's just totally real and... err... i thought we'd unbox it together. err...

for those who don't know it: amazon echo has a system called, like, alexa. and that's, err.. that's a hot thing, yeah.. and you can actually talk to her, you can bear your whole heart to her. there'ya can totally, err... do what the others did with google bot, etc. this we will do today with alexa.

and look, she comes in a hot plastic costume. it's, like, transparent, i totally love it. it also has a hot form, very palpable. and i'd say, we open the plastic costume a bit now. for that, i got this hot scissor here.. (scary music) i'll do it, because, you know, it's almost as hot (sharp means the same as hot) as alexa.. but we'll test it now. i'll start here, i'll start here carefully... and then...

hold on, i'll do it very very gently... oh yeah, we'll do it very gently. sometimes i'm bit wild. *grins* well, anyway, this is amazon echo, it still has a sticker on the top, i've gotta look... it's all glued together very safely, right. one second, let's see what comes out now... starts very well. it's got a lot of haptic. and there's a candle. oh! well, anyway, this now... the candle's off. *laughs*

now i gotta.. *laughs* well, in here is a black... a black box, yes. and then we look in here very quickly... *laughs* man, how stuffy she is, it's so disgusting. *laughs* that's technology like from a shoe box. yeah, there are no shoes in there. but... what we got in there.. that will especially please the women. it's amazon echo. well, err... the thing is wrapped in snother time.

here everywhere so nice... nope, i'll maybe get it closer to the camera if i manage to do that somehow.. or, maybe, the camera can zoom in. i don't know... it's an interactive camera. look, i got the camera, it's from amazon echo as well. zoom in on this thing briefly! yeah, this is what it looks like, (erotic music) it's beautiful. it's white and round and long..

and... very very palpable, too. and a bit nubby over here, as well.. it's gorgeous. and up here, i don't know... you can twist it here. and i'll look further now.. well... here we have another little thingy. of course the plug, like with amazon fire tv here a half round plug as well. the plugs from the amazon devices are very beautiful. i don't know... well..

alexa is an artificial intelligence. that's what it is. which somehow saves orders and stuff like it in the cloud, it's able to learn... and it extends with the ai to, like, skynet. the thing totally spies on you. and... err... delivers all the data to the nsa. no, no... i have no clue, to be honest. err... doesn't matter anyway.

if amazon memorizes my music wished, then thats okay with me. my music wishes aren't that exotic. if you say now something like.. er... alexa, please play gitte and horst for me now. or "what do i have on my grocery list?". these aren't like my big secrets were one can like... i don't know. i don't think this is good. here it's got a black plug.

although, on the other hand.. that's of course a bit... nope, actually i think it's fine, because... err... why always the same plugs it's a bit... whereas i gotta say, the black plug is a bit shorter. is this plug racism, yet? is this plug racism? i don't know. political correct would be... of course, if the black plug... if the cable was a bit longer... but there isn't even one. yeah... merely hardware-technically of course.

i don't know what you're interpreting into it, you dirty fool. there's a manual, too. a manual, and with it some echodot instruction, etc. err and down here.. the cable, there it is. the cable was just hidden. it disappeared in the pants' leg... can always happen. well, i'll plug in the cable now. i'll do it now. it can be this fast.

i'd say we'll connect this fine piece and try it! i'm outta here. see ya! well, we got power now. here's the plug and i thought, i'd plug it in now, live.. i don't know, if you can see it... err... i'll put it in... there is were it belongs virtually. now it glows here a bit. and here it glow very much. this looks good already. i don't exactly what happens.

i think she's initializing right now. alexa awakes. i don't know yet what i'm supposed to do. i'll press this here.. right now it's booting, we'll wait.. alexa. alexa! alexa... please... hello, your amazon can be set up now.

just attend the instructions of your alexa app. whut... what app? i don't have any app! *laughs* see you soon! here we are again! err... the app didn't work properly on the iphone. it's still being downloaded since, like, an hour. er... however, i tried it on the ipad and it instantly downloaded the app.

but i didn't dare to start the app yet. and... err... it should be here now.. i'll open it... amazon alexa, there it's being opened.. and now i just gotta login with my amazon data. and that's totally awesome if you have some cryptic password you don't know by heart. *laughs* see you soon *laughs* well... now, finally, we are logged in. that's not so exciting now. welcome erik range. i can look here very briefly.

erm... christmas songs with alexa, sing the most beautiful christmas songs with me. just say: alexa, sing a christmas song. christmas song!! ok, press fraction key for five seconds.. one.. two.. three.. four.. five..

wifi isn't set up on your echo. head to the alexa app for help. ok, we just connected echo. it worked indeed and i can do several different installations here. there weren't saved any wifi-networks. ok, i think can set up wifi on my own th.. you gotta input the wifi password. oh... god. we get the wifi password.

personalize alex.. starts glowing. alexa... play some christmas songs. alexa... sing a christmas song. your echo unfortunately isn't connected anymore. by the way an important fact.. right... if you bought alexa, i mean if you bought amazon echo.. it's really great. erm..

in cases of emergency you even can crack nuts with it. you gotta be kidding me, man. *laughs* i just want to play a fucking christmas song! alexa... play a christmas song. *epic music* here is a radio stationfor christmas music... hit song christmas. noooooo! why? no!

man. *hit song christmas music* jerking off... (wichsen and vixen are homophones) man, i'd rather like doing that right now, too. *laughs* alexa... fuck off! there, there... that's not very nice of you. how did the universe emerge? religous explanations for the emergence of the universe are numerous and very diverse.

science considers the view, that the universe emerged approx. 13.7 billion years ago as an extremly hot and dense point, which expanded quickly. what. the matter cooled down, reacted and grew stronger to create atoms which later formed groups to form stars and planets. oh, i see. how does one reproduce? unfortunately i don't know that. i'll show it to you sooner or later. *grins*

are you single? i don't have such kinds of relations. alexa... are you a lonely girl? sorry, i don't know... but let's stay friends. wow man... being rejected by an aluminium roll like this one. what's going on, man...? fuck my life, man. *laughs* alexa.. who's gronkh?

gronkh is a german web video producer, computer- and videogame journalist, computer game developer, voice actor, musician and business man. she know more than i do! play a track by gronkh. sorry, i can't find any songs by rahmschnitzel feat. gronkh. *laughs* if she doesn't find any, why then does she know about. man, what's up with you, girl? do less drugs. *laughs* play a track by gottlieb wendehals. random tracks by gottlieb wendehals.

and this you're able to find? this is what you have saved? stop! twerp. alexa! *angry* recommend me a song! here's a radio station you might enjoy.. boy. what? "here is a radio station you might enjoy..."

"boi." wann were you born? i exist since november 6th, 2014. wow... really that old? alexa... what's the root of 327? the root of 327 is 18.08314132. that's correct... i just calculated it too... wow. tell me waa.. i don't know what you mean.

i don't, either *laughs* what time is it? it's 3:41 am. oh, reall.. wow.. 3:41 am already. we gotta go to bed. i want to buy a remedy against itch at amazon. should i order itch? yes. the top search result for itch is ã–tztanakoral anti-nacrotic tea tree soap foot- and shower lotion against acne, smell, bacteria,

nail fungus, athlete's foot, ringworm. and timea-korie's best moisture care for dry, itching and irritated skin. that's 13.95€. do you want to buy the article now? no! *laughs* i also have some washing powder addition against... no no no, i don't want this! no! i don't want it, alexa!

no. alright... you find other options in the alexa app. did i buy it now? *laughs* i don't anything against ringworm, man. *laughs* what's the meaning of life? 42, but don't forget your towel. ohhhhhh, ohhh, how nice, oh that was a nice reference, i really like this. who's your father? i have been developed by an international team of developers at amazon.

i'm your father. no... that's not true... that's not true... never. alexa.. use the force. sorry, but my midichlorian value is too low whaaat? do you know glados? after all what happened we don't talk with each other anymore. wha.. why does she know an answer to everything?

what does the fox say? ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding. alexa... what does the fox say? joff-tchoff-tchoffo-tchoffo-tchoff. wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow. tell me a joke. the best christmas present of all time? a broken drum... unbeatable... ohhhhh..

alexa .. tell another joke. should i slice your pizza into 6 or 8 pieces? 6 please, i can't do 8. why are ghosts the better politicians? because they disappear if someone looks enough at them. tell me another joke. where had mr and mrs snowman their first date? at a snowmall. (actually snow "prom", makes more sense in german)

wow, god, wow.. another joke please. what's brown, tough and flies around? shit. a leather mouse. (bat, only works in german) alexa... another joke please. what's black and white and additionally red? a skunk with rash. alexa... tell another joke..

what's a dog in french? la bellã³. (only works in german as well :( ) what's a referee's perfect size? 25 cm, always on ball height. alexa... another joke. the waiter poursthe guest some coffee and tries doing small talk. "looks like rain, right?" "yeah, but it could be coffee, too." what's red and fights itslef through salad?

a rambodish. mr doctor, i always feel so redundant. the doctor answers:"next one, please." wow, damn, i like the jokes, not all of 'em bad. your mother. nope, your mother. and you'll call her now. wow, how awesome is that? your mother used to be a hamster. and your father stinks like elderberries.

and now go, or i'll mock ya a second time. woooow man. yodel. yodeldidadodeldaudidadodeldodeldum. so crazy, man *laughs* well, this is it. i think it's enough for now. i think it's been enough questions for now. i think there are over 1000 more you can ask. i think there are... er.... over 100 know easter eggs already.

and people encounter more and more and even more. this was amazon echo. i'll put it somewhere in my place. erm... to be honest, the thing is still a bit expensive. i think it costs around 180 bucks at amazon. and right now it's not released, which means you gotta sign in to order it.. etc. like i said, i just came into this.. i just signed in this and so on. right know it's a bit green... she doesn't know that much yet. and many of the english easter eggs aren't included in german yet.

so, there still has to be done something, but know we finished another unboxing. i hope you liked it. with this girlie here which spies on us all the time.. er... *laughs* and if you enjoyed err... maybe you wanna.. maybe you got some own suggestions about what to test next time. maybe an akasha pillar for 5,000€. please not actually this one. err... but maybe you got some ideas. write if you got some own stuff, some crazy, funny or new stuff.

something one should unbox, something one should test, wirte it into the comments. i'd be glad to try it out for you. and now, missy alexa comes with me, gonna play some songs. and then we keep looking how she fits into the apartment. thank you very very much for watching, i hope you had as much fun as i did trying it out. it really was... amazing. and, err, yeah with this i wanna say goodbye. good night. sweet dreams.


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