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zimmerpflanzen die blühen

zimmerpflanzen die blühen

the 10 creepiest plants in the world she looks as if she came from aother planets with eyeballs on bloodyskewers as a trophy insane serial killer. theseit grows mainly in north america. taking their highly poisonous berriescan lead to cardiac arrest and death. a flower, larger than a man with thesickening stench of death. your dark burgundy color mimicsdecaying flesh. the so-called titan arum is nativesumatra rainforests.

they can reach a height of three metersreach and attracts carrion beetles and flesh flies for pollination to. the dracula orchid looks like abloodsucking vampire and grows in antioquia, colombia. despite its appearance, it is harmless.it smells a bit like mushrooms which they fruit flies for pollination attracts. to protect itself from attackersfold the side leaves of mimosa quickly inward when touched orbe shaken - they open minutes later.

they are found in all tropicalregions. it can be found in many partsamerica, the bahamas and the caribbean. although the little monkey of death looks more normalcontains from but this tree strong poisons. his white juice contains skin irritants, the strong allergic cause inflammation. already the rainwater dripping from the tree, caused by contact bubbles of the skin. burn the tree can

blindness cause when the smoke in the eyesarrives. the caribs used it to produce poison arrows prepare and bound prisoners to the strain, so that they slowly and painfullydied. this carnivorous plant growsonly a few higher places in the philippines and lookssuspiciously harmless. your hunger is not so fastsilent, because standing on their menu birds and rats. in october 2012, a dead, butundigested shrew in one of these plants discovered.

after about two months was thebotanists assess the degree of digestion. the mouse was up a skeleton completelydigested. this rare chilli growingusually in east texas, louisiana and mexico and is known for itsspecial form. although some they find extremely sharp, they should be atcooking only use carefully. the telegraph plant is a tropicalperennial from asia and is known for their quick movements. each large leaf has small leaves,the move so fast that you would can perceive with the naked eye.

this strategy serves the suntrack and as little energy as possible to consume. in english it is called corpse plant. she is known for creating thelargest flower in the world, and smells very unpleasantly of decaying meat. the venus flytrap is one of thecoolest plants on earth. these carnivorous plant is native tonorth and south carolina. it prefers insects and arachnidsbut eats occasionally small birds and frogs.

your case is tiny hairstriggered on their surface.

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