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von haus interior design studio

von haus interior design studio

i think this is an extraordinary room the idea of being ableto move the walls around and radically --well, you'll see because you can radically changethe ambience in here just by changing the paintings but it's a very functionaland meditative kind of space i think when people make art it is of its timeand then it defines its time and everything that they do

has to speak to everything that's been made before and after also this is a drawing from 1988that david bought called "le banane buona" "the banana is good" it's like a mouse in a maze he's going to figure outwhere he can and cannot go the myth of sisyphus i think architecturehad a huge effect on my paintings

if we look at those pictures from the '70s i think i was looking at wallsin galveston, texas walls in a port,they way people treat walls that's really beautiful let's get like tarkovsky a bit you know what i mean?just shoot the water for a while i guess it's a huge question:how do you put architecture in nature? and how do you want to live? i lived in a housethat was very, very ordinary

and very generic there wasn't one piece of furniture or one object in the house, probably that really was unique or spoke of somethingthat had some soul it's not that my parentsdidn't have any soul they just weren't awarethat that existed in objects when i sit around in here i see philip dealing with a rectangle

dealing with a straight edge,how that butts up against nature in between those two thingsa human being can kind of navigate what their needs are every day building that bunker to look at art and having those things it's like we need poetryand music so he's got that all kind of figured out to what a human beingmight need to live and i guess that'swhat this whole place is about

what his concerns were

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