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dach möbel

dach möbel

someone asked me how to make a roof insweet home 3d so this is how you do it this is a model i made and this is aroof and the how i did that i'll show how up in the search here if i type inthe word roof i get a couple of objects so i can use and on my model i've usedto blue slate roof up there you probably don't have that in your collection howto get that you need to download it through some of the models that sweethome 3d provides and more specifically this zip file here 3dmodels contributions and when you download that you can unzip andinstall it and be like this furniture import furniture library and i've gotit here my documents contributions

sh3f and just open thatand the furniture library already exists you want to replace it yet let's replaceand actually in my latest version i get next to roof i can use flat roof skypolygonal roof red slate roof and blue slate roof i'm just going to keep withthe blue slate roof because this is what i've got to add there to add that roofto show you how i did it first i'm just going to delete what i've got so up onlevel two i've got two roofs to slate roofs i'm just going to delete themanother don't exist in order to add it no ladders red slate roof get that dragit in and we can see it exists on my model down there and it doesn't quitesit the way i want it to so i need to

rotate it so angle gonna hold down theshift-key site snaps to 270 as that down there that looks very good stir this tomake that a little bigger move it around a little bitmove that around a little bit like so go to the edges of the building probablyshould have done that first now if we look at it it's too high and the angleswrong that's easy that icon there we'll lower it down to the correct place whichis actually the bottom so put this sideways a little bit and to make it andwe can see that it doesn't quite have the right height at the top to make thathigher and use that icon we're almost there i think i need to make it a littlebit longer okay and it's a roof on one

side now for the other side i will makeit blue slate drag that across the angle is wrong so that's rotated holding shiftkey let's resize it to the correct height and width but we should have knowit first that's sighs let's move it out about there move that across okay nowlet's find the right height go all the way to the bottom there and on that sidego up high enough excellent and that's a roof one side blue one sites red and seehow i can go i can go that high what no i'm not going to go that high anyway that'show to make a roof for your model thanks for watching like comment and subscribe

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