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moderne wohnzimmer beispiele

moderne wohnzimmer beispiele

tell me a little bit about what made you want to be a designer i'd have to go way back until i was about fifteen years old actually my mother was an artist my father was an engineer i loved making models and drawing and sketching i was very good in math and sciences, just kind of making a list of items at that moment of my life i decided, well, what combines all that, that i can continue to study right now and work towards towards college. as it turns out there's a lot of other platt

architects in the family, and so it started back then would you say you have kind of developed an architectural hero i was a big fan of frank lloyd wright, i think that he, and in some ways hopefully like me emulate a kind of design which has a natural base a kind of tectonic quality and is rooted both in nature and high design, and try to connect the two. he's famous for his usonian houses

which were a direct connection to nature and bring nature and i think every modernest house, every glass and steelbox comes from that kind of idea luxury for me is really not so much about product and the design of it, but more about creating quality of space and time for the clients that we work with and so for me, luxury is time and time to be able to enjoy it

we start day one with working on the architecture at the same moment that we work on the interiors and so at the end of the day there's been a series of long conversations internally and with the client on all aspects of the project and it's not just about locating electrical outlets where a lamp is going to be, it runs through the materiality, the volume, the sense of light and scale everything down to the china or artwork we might be buying for the client

i've had a number of clients over the years, that have seen something published in the architectural digest and say "i want that" and i say, well, you know that might be a half million dollars a room to get what you want, between the wood, and stone, and steel-- the custom furniture, lighting and everything i'm very careful at the beginning of the project with the client when we talk about that and i show them a lot of images of our work, other people's work, trying to put together what we call a look book and in that process, we're also

very clear about the budget i think the days of the decorator without a budget are gone pretty much it's not about the price of things, it's about the style and design that comes to them the end result of all that we do as architects and desigers, is, we're building for a client, we're building for an end user that's not us, right? and you always have to keep that in mind, there's a lot of ego in our business on the architecture and interior side, and you need to let go of that ego, because you're not going to live in that space and the more you connect with the client, and i think when you look through the work that

we've done over the years it's very different, you know, from one house to the next that could be some historical renovation, it could be some modern high-rise they're showing the ritz carlton project that we were working on and in each case i'm listening very closely to the client because as an end user what you're trying to do is create this beautiful oasis, whether it's commercial or residential, an oasis, a place for people to have a sense of peace

and calm, and to the extent that they payed for it they should get exactly what they want

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