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lampen für schräge hohe decken

lampen für schräge hohe decken

item #: scp-610 object class: keter special containment procedures: due to thevast area of 'infection' scp-610 covers, containment is impossible. isolation of the area has provedfar more effective and permission has been granted by the russian government to establisha perimeter to keep people out of these areas under the guise of military operations. should any organism displaying traits consistentwith scp-610 be sighted near this perimeter then the established protocol requires itbe engaged at range with small arms until immobile then dispatched using incendiaryweapons and munitions from as great a distance

as possible. any living thing coming in physicalcontact with an organism infected with scp-610 is considered expendable and is to be immediatelyterminated and incinerated. any persons coming within three meters of scp-610 infected lifeare to immediately withdraw from the area, be isolated from the rest of their team, andsubjected to medical examination using only remote techniques to determine if infectionhas occurred and appropriate steps taken based on that determination. at present the known infection vectors forscp-610's spread seem to be focused on physical contact. drone movements within heavily infectedareas have returned air samples containing minute particulate which when exposed to organiccompounds will result in an scp-610 spread.

the results of these particular tests havegiven most require several days to manifest if at all with the exception of direct contactwith exposed lung and liver tissue. these particular tests show a rapid rate of growthwhich requires incineration of the testing environment no less than twenty-four hoursafter initial exposure with even a two hour mishap risking a compromised facility event.given that this kind of rapid growth only occurs in organic material existing outsidethe human body this form of infection is at current considered a minor concern. these peculiarities have given rise to a seriesof questions regarding the possible origin of the infection in conjunction with the failed[data expunged]. containment protocol remains

at a scorched earth policy at this time andno concern for transmission via water or air at infection parameters exists barring situationalchanges in the field. description: initial reports of scp-610 camedirect from the russian government through undisclosable channels. these reports consistedprimarily of disappearances of farmers in the region and were not considered until thelocal police, followed by the regional police, and finally a government dispatched agentall failed to report in within a 72 hour period. a small military contingent was dispatchedto the area and quickly withdrew at which point the foundation was contacted to investigate. the area scp-610 affects is close to lakebaikal in southern siberia. areas of known

infection are marked on a map provided tous here. containment perimeters are marked in blue surrounding these infection areasand as of present no further locations have been identified. incursions into the perimetermust be reported prior to conducting, confirmed during exploration, and debriefed on immediatelyfollowing return. scp-610 appears to be a contagious skin diseaseat first with symptoms including rash, itching, and increased skin sensitivity. within 3 hoursthe disease will cause blemishes resembling heavy scar tissue to form in the chest andarm areas, spreading to the legs and back within an additional hour, consuming the victimcompletely within five hours. exposure to higher temperatures vastly decreases the timefor the contagion to spread and complete infections

have been recorded occurring in as littleas five minutes. after the completion of the infection occursthe victim's life functions will cease for approximately 3 minutes after which time theywill restart at 2-3 times the activity rate of a normal human. following this, the scartissue on the victims will start to move of its own accord and grow at a rapid rate. normalhuman features start to disappear at this point under the infection and the path ofmutation appears to be largely random. subjects observed in this stage of infection have beenrecorded as growing three or more limbs of a type such as arms or legs, the head maybecome misshapen and elongate or widen out, and parts of the subject may split open fromwhich additional branches of flesh will grow.

the duration of this stage of infection isunknown and not all subjects appear to progress to the later stages. under unknown conditions an infected individualwill cease moving and place itself in a location it deems suitable where it roots itself. thefleshy growth on the victim will then begin to spread itself across all surrounding objectsand consume them. such objects do not spread the infection as living creatures do, however,and the effect of prolonged contact with these objects is recorded later in this document.it is assumed that this behavior is to create an area hospitable to continued growth ofthe other infected. observation of life infected by scp-610 bystaff is impossible. those infected with the

disease immediately seek out aid as naturalhuman impulse resulting in unintended infections. those infected past the scar tissue phaseactively and aggressively attempt to infect anyone approaching them within an undefinedarea. it has been established that should an infected be capable of sight and observean uninfected, it will proceed toward them. if the infected has lost the ability of sight,a range of approximately 30 meters is considered safe. observation of scp-610 infected settlementshas been established using artificial methods such as remote robots. the data returned fromthese observations coupled with the openly aggressive nature of the infected to attemptto spread scp-610 has resulted in the keter

classification, however so long as nothingis allowed to enter or leave the infected areas it is considered a neutralized threat.of concern are the cavernous areas beneath the infected settlements that were discoveredduring the exploration and attempts to get research personnel into these areas are underway. field logs:scp-610-l1 - a small remote controlled rover is sent to site a to locate missing personnel.scp-610-l2 - an infected class-d personnel is sent into site c with video equipment.scp-610-l3 - initial discovery of the tunnel entrances at site a.scp-610-l4 - unmanned exploration of the site a tunnels.scp-610-l5 - manned exploration of the site

a tunnels.the following field report is for class-a or higher personnel only. unauthorized viewingof this file is strictly prohibited and will be considered a violation of foundation contractsand a breach of international law. scp-610-l6 - exploration records of operation'source point'. after establishing the containment perimeterfor scp-610 the russian government approved our requests toresearch and investigate the area. for the first such exploration a small camera mountedunit known as 'herbie' was dispatched at a safe distance and directed toward site a.herbie has a battery life of twelve hours and a control range far wider than that requiredfor this dispatch.

herbie is able to enter site a without incident.the landscape around site a shows early stages of assimilation by singular scp-610 infectedwho have fallen at largely random intervals around what remains of the village. many ofthe homes appear to have suffered fire damage long since put out; however a fair amountremain intact. aerial reconnaissance of site a combined with thermal imaging has put itat an estimated population of 79 infected. immobile infected are included in this numberhowever it is difficult to ascertain an exact percentage of mobile versus immobile. varying degrees of physical mutation due toscp-610 are present in site a and it is assumed that all the inhabitants are in advanced stagesof infection. herbie observed the exterior

of the village for two hours, during whichtime all infected behaved with what appeared to be a loose sense of social structure. becauseherbie remained stationary during this observation period it is unknown precisely what each individualinfected person was doing however the central plaza experienced occasional bursts of activityand downtime. requiring more information, herbie was directed to follow an infectedas it entered a home. there is bumpy camera feed as herbie scootsover the gravel behind the quickly shambling infected person. the interior of this homeis the same as that attached to the primary file for scp-610. the infected being tailedis the one sitting at the table. after entering the home herbie's camera was raised slowlyas to not draw attention. this action was

either unnoticed or ignored. the infectedperson is watched from the doorway as it hobbles around the home and stops at each of the othervisible infected organisms. however it appears to ignore the one under the table which, whilenot immobile, does not leave that area. what this creature was before infection is unclear. after lapping the table and repeating thisprocedure three times the primary infected person, known as 'alpha' henceforward, stopsat the bedridden infected, known as 'beta', and proceeds to assault it with furious punches.beta is unable to leave the bed for unknown reasons but is not completely immobile asit flails its arms in response to the beatings delivered by alpha. after several sustainedminutes of this beating a piercing sound explodes

from the area around beta who then proceedsto project a cloud of unknown matter into the air from its chest cavity. alpha lingersin the cloud as it floats in the air around it, slowly descending to the ground. the unknownlife form on the table aside beta begins to twitch in an apparent seizure and alpha thenlaps the room twice more, stopping again at each infected organism but still ignoringthe one under the table as well as beta now. after these two laps alpha seats itself atthe table and reaches out to position the three plates atop it as if setting a dinnerset. after the plates are positioned the facial tendrils extending from alpha wiggle up andstart to coil on one of the plates before tearing apart and separating. this is repeatedat each plate and the image attached to scp-610's

primary file is a still image of this occurrence. after each plate is filled with alpha's fleshit leaves the table and approaches herbie which is moved from alpha's path. alpha leavesthe home but herbie's camera remains focused on the table. after several minutes a groupcomprised of six to seven infected enter the room from outside, still ignoring herbie.each infected shambles as if movement is difficult, jerking in large steps or squirming in smallones. these infected all surround the table and each takes turns grabbing handfuls ofthe flesh substance left behind by alpha, pressing it into whatever orifices on themselvesthat they can; some into mouths, some into the chest, some behind their backs, some underthe arms. when all the plates are empty this

group leaves. herbie remains here for severalmore minutes before retracting its camera and leaving when it seems no further activitywill occur here. immediately after leaving the home herbiecollides with an object. panning the camera around the obstruction appears to be alphawhose facial tendrils are intermingling with another infected having similar mutations.the impact is ignored and the two infected part ways after several minutes. herbie isthen directed to explore more areas of the village. the remains of what appears to have been astore show signs of severe fire damage as well as activity inside the building, whichherbie moves to investigate. the door is slightly

ajar, and with firm movements of herbie itis pushed open. no notice is taken of this action or it is ignored. inside the store are several infected persons,most of whom are standing around, however one is on the ground rolling back and forthover the space of approximately 0.3 meters (1 foot), and is ignored by the others. herbierolls under the divider separating the cashier area from the customer area and pans aroundbehind the counter. the upper half of a person is protruding from a cellar door behind thecounter, this person does not appear to be suffering from advanced infection and wearsthe garb of a russian soldier. herbie zooms the camera in to confirm identification andit is noticed the eyes of this person are

in constant movement, often focusing on herbie.the rest of the soldier does not move. herbie is directed to leave this area andproceeds to the back room. in this storage area a large pile of bodies are stacked together,some pieces of clothing are visible and appear to contain both military garb and every dayclothing. no facial features are discernible on any of the bodies due to the way they arestacked. atop the bodies an infected sits, appearing to have its lower parts fused tothe pile and with its upper half in a wild state of flailing and seizure. approximatelyevery ten seconds a burst of spores flies out the top of this infected which lingerin the air. herbie is directed to leave the building.

after leaving this building herbie passesby the village well, surrounding which are a series of immobile infected all facing thewell. the arms of each of these infected persons are stretched out, one in contact with thenext, forming a perfect chain, save for one whose arms are down at its sides. herbie passesby this last infected to approach what appears to have been a town hall or mayor's buildingwhen the infected becomes mobile and snatches the rover up. video feed from herbie focuses on the faceof the infected which is strangely in perfect shape given the condition of the rest of itsbody which is horribly bloated. this infected was once a young girl from appearance, ageestimated ten to twelve. herbie is rolled

side to side in its grip as its face staresmotionless at the rover. the infected's face suddenly balloons in size and explodes outwardinto a series of fleshy flaps that grip herbie and draw it inside. herbie's video feed terminateshere. herbie was considered lost at this point.however, no one at control remembered to turn off the video feed, assuming it cut. fivehours later herbie's video feed resumed, stationary and at a raised level pointing at the upperrim of the village well. the video feed contains some blur due to what appears to be a slimyfilm which often oozes across the lens but when not obscured provides perfect qualityrecording. herbie does not respond to any remote commands, but its video jerks backand forth from target to target, zooming in

and out of its own accord. video feed is cutmanually and all connections to herbie's unit are ordered erased. proceed to next document, scp-610-l2 during construction of the perimeter surroundingscp-610's containment area several class-d personnel were infected due to assaults frominfected villagers or animals roaming the area in addition to a number of infectionsas a result of escape attempts and careless behavior. most of these infected personnelwere immediately destroyed with flamethrowers. however, a small collection of infected werecontained in cold storage units which prolonged the inevitable progression of scp-610's mutativeproperties. the decision was made to utilize

some of these infected personnel as videorelays and dispatch them into nearby sites. due to the concern over loss of equipmentas evidenced in scp-610-l1 all three subjects that were used in this manner were sent inwith a single video system to site c. additional equipment issued for this dispatch include: a one (1) gallon container of gasoline.three (3) emergency flares. three (3) 9mm pistols with three magazinesof ammo each. three (3) single serving food rations the infected personnel were instructed toobserve and avoid interaction with the infected villagers as long as possible but should asituation arise where they are met with aggression

or feel they are losing themselves to scp-610'sinfluence they are free to kill as many infected villagers as they so choose and do as muchdamage to infected objects and property as possible while maintaining video feed. theintent of this order was to provide data of scp-610 infected communities in a raid situationso a plan of eradication could be better established. at the time of this expedition site c wassuspected to be a possible origin point for scp-610, having far fewer mobile infectedthan other sites as well as structures which appear to have been layered over several timeswith the terraforming effects of the immobile infected. dispatched class-d personnel, knownhence-forth as di1, di2, and di3, were directed to pay particular attention to anything thatcould be considered an origin point for scp-610.

the trek from our perimeter camp to site cwas uneventful; there is no evidence of any native animal life in the area. as site cis approached there is a noticeable rise in the temperature within the last 30 metersof the trip that necessitates removal of the heavy cold-based coverings that were provided.the temperature rises again sharply at the entrance to site c proper which requires afurther shedding of garments for fear of heat stroke. temperatures within site c are describedas being heavily humid and around 32â°c (89â°f). one of the first immediately noticed traitsabout site c is an array of immobile 'pylons' which encircle what is believed to be theentirety of the site. separated by an apparent distance of 5 to 6 meters, each pylon appearsto be two to four infected persons fused together

in one spot. on some of these pylons featuressuch as faces or anuses are still visible in addition to several other holes which donot naturally occur, all appearing to act as heat vents. where the heat is generatedis unknown. current belief is that this is an advanced stage of scp-610 terraformingits environment to facilitate spread of itself. di2, who was furthest along in progressionof scp-610 of the three by a number of hours, begins to seizure after only a few minutesin site c during examination of the pylons. the progression to the scar tissue phase ofscp-610 infection is observed in full course as di2 spasms on the ground, his entire bodybeing overtaken by the sickly tan flesh almost entirely after 45 seconds. di2 is terminatedby a gunshot from di1 and his equipment left

where it is. the spread of scp-610 over di2continues even after death of the body until all movement ceases. as perimeter control is relaying new instructionsto di1 and di3 regarding this situation there is a shift in the ground covering in sitec where di2's body is. video feed shows the flesh-like growth splitting open beneath hisbody and a series of ropey tendrils coming from within the gap to pull his corpse inside.this opening closes up quickly, total time elapsed, three seconds. as di1 and di3 decide to act quickly in thesehotter temperatures fearing the same fate, they proceed to the village center and encounteranother previously unknown phenomenon. in

the precise center of town rising above whatwas the community well is a sphere suspended by angled supports comprised of scp-610 flesh.this ball is riddled with the features of humans in early stages of scp-610 infectionas well as a good number assumed to be in later stages. a number of specimens of non-humanlife forms such as deer and bears are also visible within the mass. the entire sphereof flesh pulses at roughly a five second interval and with each pulse emits a ring of spore-likematerial from its equator. this material floats to the ground and appears to be absorbed intothe converted environment. di3 begins to douse the sphere with the providedgasoline and when questioned by a panicking di1 explains this looks like as good a thingto burn as any. at this point perimeter control

has ceased giving commands due to the rapiddeterioration of events. there is no reaction from anything within site c to any of thisactivity until the precise moment at which a lit emergency flare is applied to the sphericalmass, which immediately goes up in flames. the remote feed plays back a noise from anunknown location that seems to come from a location far outside of site c but was reportedas being heard even at perimeter control by both sites c and a. this noise is describedas both explosive ("as if multiple high yield charges were detonated on a mountain side")and alive ("like a large feral creature roaring"). within fifteen seconds following this sound'sdissipation site a reported that a series of explosions had occurred within the village.five seconds after this report, the spherical

mass in the middle of site c explodes. di1 and di3 are thrown by the blast. di3 isconfirmed deceased by di1 after regaining his footing, having suffered injury from stoneshrapnel from the well. di1 is able to report he has bruises and ringing ears but asidefrom the rapidly spreading scp-610 infection he suffered no blast damage. during this recordingof footage di1 had his video equipment removed and was looking into it. due to the angleof recording it is unknown precisely what occurred in site c but something draws di1'sattention back to the center of town where he stares for several moments then is pulledin the opposite direction, the video equipment falling to the ground and recording in a skywarddirection. the last moments of footage from

di1's video unit display a humanoid figuremoving through the air followed by the sound of an impact in the same direction. withinthree seconds of this event an unknown creature steps upon the recording video equipment anddestroys it. perimeter control remained on high alert fora full 24 hours at all locations without any incident following this event. proceed to next document, scp-610-l3 the destruction caused by the rapid collapseof the site c exploration attempt during scp-610-l2 resulted in a series of unexpected eventsin site a. as the strange spherical formation in site c was burned and destroyed, the scp-610infected inhabiting site a were recorded by

aerial drones going into seizures and convulsions.the immobile scp-610 infected rapidly shriveled and died along with all of the flesh materialspread across inanimate objects within the village. the mobile scp-610 infected who wereable to regain their footing all proceeded to what appears to have formerly been an upperclass residence and entered the building. as the infected entered this dwelling, itsuffered a foundational collapse revealing the presence of a sink hole beneath it. thesize of the hole in relation to the structure above it posed an impossibility for an entirebuilding to collapse suggesting something within the hole applied force directly tothe structure with the intent to pull it inside and expose the hole.

the revealed hole is approximately large enoughto accommodate three grown men standing shoulder to shoulder. light sources applied by remotedrones fail to penetrate further than 4m depth into the hole. objects dropped into the holedo not produce an impact sound suggesting a bottom potentially more than 1000m down. research of the exterior of the site a holewas only able to be carried out for two hours time. samples of the atmosphere in site a indicateda complete death of scp-610 related materials. all infectious life that did not evacuateinto the hole died above ground and quickly became shriveled husks. manned explorationof site a was approved and commenced immediately.

in the span of 30 minutes a total of threeresearch teams consisting of two to three research staff and four to five armed escorteach were dispatched and setting up stations within the remains of the village. samplesof deceased scp-610 infected and converted matter were sent back to perimeter hq forprocessing and transport. one team was able to recover a small sample of still livingscp-610 tissue substance from a building and pack it for research. within the second hourof exploration of site a series of echo-reverberation units were set up surrounding the hole withthe intent of getting an accurate mapping of the hole and possible branch tunnels. at the end of this second hour before theecho units could be activated, seismic activity

began to occur within site a. two teams ofthe original three remained on site, the third en route back to perimeter hq with samples.the third team was instructed to proceed back to perimeter hq when seismic activity began,and was told that site a should not be returned to for assistance. seismic activity at site a capped at a 2.3richter level before petering off. immediately following the seismic event a torrent of scp-610spores erupted from the hole and layered the area around it for a span of 50m. as all staffon site were in level a hazardous materials suits, this spore burst was startling butdid not lead to any infections. as the eruption was being reported both teams at site a cameunder attack from aerial life forms infected

with scp-610. these organisms were capturedby the remote drone video equipment and showed extremely advanced stages of infection; itis impossible to tell what they mutated from to this present state. many of the avian creaturesattacked by splitting their heads in half and clamping them against research members,pulling them into the air and dropping them into the hole when possible. these avian infectedproved vulnerable to small arms fire. in dispatching them a total of two research staff were lostto the hole and one injured due to crossfire. the injured staff was put down immediatelyupon showing signs of infection due to his suit breach. before video and radio contact was lost withthe remaining teams inside site a, a second

seismic event began to occur starting outat in the 1 to 1.5 range in scale. attention was directed at the hole to prepare for asecond assault. a second spore burst erupted from the hole during the rising seismic activity.at the point where scales registered a 3 to 3.5 in force a new unseen scp-610 entity beganto emerge from the hole. the only footage captured of this creature depicts an engorgedhuman head approximately twenty times larger than normal pressing itself out of the holewith no discernible body. video and radio contact were lost as seismic forces increasedto seven on the scale for two seconds duration then abruptly ceased. further aerial surveillanceof the site a hole and area depict zero activity and no traces of the research teams or theirever having been there. all personnel and

equipment are considered lost. proceed to next document, scp-610-l4 events regarding the discovery, research,and handling of scp-610 rapidly degraded to a point where 'fail safe' options were beingconsidered. for over one hour nothing further had happened at site a following the lossof the research teams during the seismic events in scp-610-l3 and subsequent contact withpreviously unseen scp-610 life forms. with the absence of activity at site a a remotedrone dispatch was authorized in two parts. the first part would drop a remote relay deviceat the entrance to the site a sinkhole and the second part would dispatch a drone intothe hole directly to relay its data to the

remote relay for transmission back to hq.drones on site were powered by solar energy with a battery maintaining a four-hour charge. attached is the video log recovered from thesite a sinkhole drone before its loss. video feed activates.researcher's face is seen looking into camera, applying a polishing cloth to lens. "this is explorative drone rscp610-1 comingonline. systems check out. video confirmed. feed is good to relay station. we are testingrotors now and deploying if successful." the sound of a helicopter blade starts upas video feed begins to lift in the air. camera tilts left and right to test pan featuresthen directs itself toward the site a sinkhole.

"video feed is go, engines are go, links aregreen. alright, sending drone down now." audio from the outside world fades away ascamera angles itself down and peers into the darkness within the sinkhole. after approximatelytwo minutes of descent lights on the drone activate and illuminate a roughly dug shaft.initially it is unclear what could have created the hole, but at a glance it would appearthe shaft was created by a single event rather than dug over time. at ~15m descent there are traces of scp-610material attached to the dirt and stuck to rocks. the material is dormant but retainsits texture and appearance, unlike samples from above ground level, which shrivel anddry rapidly. there is a possible connection

with this material and the events last recordedduring scp-610-l3. descent continues. at ~100m in depth branch tunnels become visiblein the walls of the sink hole. panning of the camera reveals small tunnels branchingout at apparently random intervals but which are not restricted to any one side of thehole. these tunnels are considered too small for any useful exploration to occur. descentcontinues. increase in density of scp-610 materials on walls is noted as depth increases. at ~250m the bottom of the sinkhole becomesvisible and the tunnel slopes sharply suggesting unnatural formation, which was already suspected.drone video shifts to illuminate this tunnel and drone proceeds forward through the area.scp-610 coats entirety of the tunnel now and

care is taken to keep the drone from comingin contact with any surface. movement is detected ~5m ahead. lights on the drone are dimmedand weapons come on line. the rscp610 drone is equipped with a 5.56mmmachine gun containing 50 rounds of ammo. this is meant to be used to deter wildlifeaway from the drone and defend against aggression when possible rather than to dispatch a target,although it is fully capable of handling human aggressors in small groups. camera focus turns to the moving mass of fleshahead at ~3m. after focus clears the movement appears to be coming from what appears tobe a deer, uninfected, wriggling in the grips of tendrils composed of scp-610 material.the deer is being suspended above the ground

with unclear intent. the drone is moved pastthe trapped deer while holding it in view of the camera until safely away. nothing occurswith the deer and the drone proceeds past undisturbed. the previously fairly level ground of thetunnel displays large humps in apparently random placement ~5m ahead of the drone, ~30mpast the encountered deer. upon approach these lumps turn out to be similar to the infectedvillagers who escaped from site a into the sinkhole after the destruction of site c.the sound of rushing water is now detected and the drone is pushed forward. ~100m further into the tunnel the sound ofrunning water is now deafening. drone lights

reveal a running stream of water potentiallyfrom one of the adjacent rivers in the area. a sample vial is placed in the water, allowedto collect, and then released with an active tracking beacon. later recovery of this sample indicates noscp-610 contamination of ground water. the tunnel splits in two at this point. onetunnel leads around the river and then seems to slope downward, while the other is directlyabove a light source in the ceiling. this second one is selected to facilitate recoveryof the drone. during adjustment of the drone's flight path, it comes in contact with a portionof the tunnel wall coated in scp-610, causing a deep gash from the propeller of the dronewhich is already healing over when the camera

focuses on the impact point. the drone proceedsupwards. ~300m of upwards travel, taking approximately45 minutes, results in the drone emerging into a windy section of mountain where itis directed to stay low. camera panning of the area reveals what may have once been avillage, long since abandoned. the precise location is unclear but it is assumed to bein the vicinity of site b judging from estimates in travel by the drone. the buildings hereare coated in deceased layers of scp-610 and unlike other buildings in site a and sitec which were coated in scp-610, these buildings appear to be constructed directly from thetissue substance. after a cursory scan of site b it is determinedthere is no life here either natural or scp-610

related so the drone is directed back intothe tunnel, as the winds around the area make aerial recovery impossible. upon descent intothe tunnel a deep, roaring sound fills the audio and video feed becomes choppy as somethingblocks the signal. during the periods in which connection to the drone is clearest its cameraand weapon are angled downward and propellers slow in speed to allow a faster drop. video feed becomes entirely clear for thefinal two minutes before feed is lost. rushing up toward the drone from the area below iswhat appears to be a large human face stretched to twenty times its proportions with no featuressave those created by the scp-610 material. there are eye sockets but no eyes, a mouthbut no teeth. the drone fires upon this rushing

mass of scp-610 but the bullets do not deterit, impact points remaining visible for several seconds before closing over themselves. thereis no room in the tunnel for the drone to take evasive action and it is swallowed bythe mass. rscp610 is considered lost until three hourslater when feed inexplicably returns. video feed from the drone appears to showa series of structures, illuminated by one of the two lights on the drone. the camerapans around without instructions from the remote relays or hq, capturing a vast numberof shambling entities within the area. scp-610 material moves over the lens of the droneand video feed is permanently severed. manned exploration was approved. results arein document scp-610-l5

approval from central hq was granted for amanned assault excursion into the tunnels beneath site a to try and ascertain the extentof the scp-610 infection. the destruction of site a and site c have established scp-610can be contained and destroyed, making the source of the infection top priority. theinitial descent into the tunnels consists of five teams, two research and three assault,along with enough equipment to establish an underground base of operations. descent into the tunnels was established usingpulley systems and a lift to move equipment. assault teams were the first to descend, armedwith flame units to clean scp-610 out of the area. all teams were able to descend withoutincident and flame units took point providing

an undisturbed journey toward the water sourcewhere the rscp610 drone was lost. base camp for underground scp-610 operationsresides at the bottom of a three-way junction, four if the water flow is included. the firstpathway is that which led from site a to cavern hq. the second is the pathway to the ruinedvillage residing in the mountains above where rscp610 was destroyed by a large unknown scp-610entity. the third pathway heads west and seems to follow the flow of water for an unknowndistance. the cavern area here is quite large and is supported by a number of rock formationsthat are coated with decayed scp-610 material. the state of this material suggests greatage and appears to reinforce the structural supports. whether or not this is intentionalor coincidental is unknown.

the two research teams split activities betweenbuilding cavern hq and collecting samples of scp-610 in various states. no contagiousmaterials were detected within this area and the creature recorded by unmanned drones didnot appear at any point to the cavern staff. of the four research teams, three were orderedto proceed down the unexplored pathway while an aerial drone was prepped for a second reconof the vertical shaft. scp-610 infection did not appear in the thirdpathway until approximately 3km and serious infection did not appear until 16km in. evenafter the lengths travelled by the assault teams no scp-610 infectious life-forms wereencountered and the fleshy material coating the cavern walls posed no threat to the team.the most significant reports at this time

were the increasing thickness of material,suggesting a source, and the complete lack of scp-610 contamination in the water. asa test, a sample of scp-610 was cut away from the cavern wall and placed in the flow ofwater. it exhibited no unusual reactions, but was quickly swept away by the current. at 20km in, the leader of the assault teamsrequested a transport buggy be dispatched to them. one was available at the above groundhq. however, it would take time to move it to cavern hq and then remote-drive it to theteams. rations provided to the assault teams were sufficient, so a camp was establishedwhile the buggy was moved and readied. during this time an aerial drone was alsosent to explore the vertical shaft. the results

of this exploration were placed on hold withthe arrival of the buggy at cavern hq and ultimately concluded in document [data expunged]. the buggy was navigated to the assault teamencampment with no events en route, however, upon arrival and preparation to continue theexploration, the assault teams came under attack by a number of large scp-610 infectedlife-forms that emerged from the area ahead of them. video recovered from the assaultteam cameras show them caught off guard as the scp-610 infected made no sound and wereundetectable. on one film, for one to two seconds it appears that some of the creaturesare coming out of the scp-610 materials on the wall, not emerging from them so much asbeing created by the material and then breaking

away to act independently. during this assault, in an attempt to protectthe buggy, ██ members were lost to the water currents and contact with them was lost.contact was regained however and is recorded in scp-610-l6. the remainder of the assaultteam now consisted of three members, armed with a single flame unit. use of this unitto repel the assault proved vital as standard firearms did minimal damage to the infectedcreatures. these infected creatures show minimal traits to associate them with any known formof life in the region, giving rise to the belief they may have been spawned by the scp-610infection itself as a form of defense. no further casualties were suffered duringthe raid and the remaining members managed

to eliminate all attacking infected, allowingthem to continue with exploration with added orders to attempt to locate lost team members.a further 20km into the tunnel, the river separated from the tunnel pathway and theteam was instructed to abandon the recovery order, given the inability to navigate thewaters safely. a total time of ██:██:██ passedbefore the remaining assault team reached an end in the tunnel. at the perimeter ofthe area now known as site b, the team came under assault again from a smaller numberof scp-610 that were much larger in size. these infected appeared in the tunnel as ifthey were lying in wait for the approaching team. these creatures were dispatched usingthe flame unit, although all fuel for the

unit was expended in this act. the assaultteam was now limited to standard weapons and short range personal flame units. a time lapse of five minutes is allowed topass before the team proceeds further into site b, cautious of further assaults by scp-610infected. the tunnel widens out into what appears to have once been a village of indeterminateage. the construction of the buildings in this area are primitive compared to the settlementsat site a and site c, and are of clearly human construction. many buildings rest at anglesor slants, suggesting they were disturbed by a cave-in. of interest is a building thatappears to be a church with a working clock tower. this building is built atop the remainsof two older buildings that have fallen completely,

and has a visibly stable foundation. surrounding all structures in this area isa depression in the ground filled with a substance resembling a liquefied form of scp-610 fleshymaterials. the pool moves as if acted upon by minute and unseen forces, rippling outwardfrom invisible contact points and rolling in waves from unfelt winds. the team avoidsthis pool at all times and proceeds through the ruins slowly on stable foundations wherepossible, making the church their target area. within the church are pews, as would be expected.however, there are only four, one of them shattered, when the building could accommodateas many as twenty. the three intact pews are arranged in a two-one formation facing a pulpit.there is no trace of dust on any surface,

the entire area appearing to be immaculatelyclean, given the location and believed age. behind the pulpit is a hole in the floor exposingan area of the scp-610 'pool' beneath the the church and ruins appear to be uninhabited,and exploration of the church proper is uneventful until the clock tower bell tolls. this tollingtriggers a shudder in the building followed by human screams from the ceiling. lightsshone upon the ceiling reveal a large mass of scp-610 from which descend a series ofsix wooden circles. strapped to each circle is a living human coated entirely from neckto toe in scp-610, but having an exposed head which appears uninfected. these human captivesscream as the bell continues to toll and the circles move to the ground. the team beginsto move toward one to investigate, when an

unknown creature cries from outside the building,prompting them to take cover in shadows near the pulpit. light sources are extinguished,pitching the entire area into darkness. night vision is left off to avoid revealing theteam's location. sounds continue to emit from the outside ofthe church, drawing closer but lower than the frantic screams of the captive humans.at least one noticed the team, as the captive humans often call out to be saved. from theentrance to the church, a candle lights on the side of the doorway, then one on the otherside. a figure is seen holding a small torch and moving back and forth between a seriesof candles to light the doorway. the flame is then applied to a rope coated in scp-610which quickly ignites and spreads up to a

peculiar chandelier system at the church entrance.the light from this system illuminates most of the crosses but does not reach the team'shiding place. those captives who appear in the light do not show standard signs of thebeige colored scp-610 infection but instead are wrapped in a red variant of it which showssigns of constant motion, rippling across itself in waves. from outside the church a flood of scp-610infected shamble quickly into the area, ignoring the man who lit the candles and stands inthe middle of the room. they proceed to the captives on the wooden circles and begin topull at the red scp-610 masses resulting in further screams and cries. from what can begathered from the returned video feed, the

red scp-610 seems to be connected to the captivesand is using them as a source of sustenance that it then uses to grow and feed the normalscp-610 infected. overly zealous infected tear at the red mass too hard which resultsin pulling skin and tissue from the human captive beneath. this exposed area is quicklycovered over by the red mass which then grows in size. feeding like this continues for approximatelysix minutes, at which time the candle bearing figure sounds a gong and all infected entitiesmove to the pews. there are several more creatures than seats but none move past the front mostpews. the figure who sounded the gong does not move,spontaneously collapsing as if made from hollow clay. from the pulpit area, activity is noticedas a pillar of scp-610 flesh rises through

the hole and extends, directing itself towardthe gathered creatures. no sound is heard, and no motion is recorded once the pillarstops moving. this silent period persists for ten minutes without even the human captivesmaking a sound, having fallen silent at an unknown point. the pillar of scp-610 retractsback into the hole it emerged from without any warning, prompting the departure of theinfected from the building. the candles remain lit and the team emerges after all infectedappear to leave the area. the descended captives remain at ground level as well, all screamingseeming to have ceased but still showing signs of life with heavy breathing and movement. upon departure from the church camera feedsfrom all three members became erratic. camera

1 ceases transmitting completely, camera 2shoots straight up into the air for several meters, and camera 3 captures the member withcamera 2 being flung by a tendril that emerges out of the ground itself, swinging them outof sight onto the other side of the ruins. camera 1's feed is restored and displays camera3's owner running briefly in the direction of the lost team member only to turn and runback as scp-610 infected pour from between buildings. combat ensues between the two members andthe onrushing infected using assault rifles and personal flame units, successfully drivingback enough of the horde to make an escape toward the buggy. passing by a building, camera1's owner is ambushed by a figure resembling

the figure who was in the church lightingcandles, wielding a large crop scythe. camera 3's owner continues without pause toward thebuggy location, however the buggy is found half-absorbed by the scp-610 mass coveringthe floor. while turning to find another way of escape, camera 3's owner turns to findthe same figure with the scythe approaching, weapon raised. two shots are fired and camerafeed ends. five hours later, while final decisions wereunderway to decide how to contain or eradicate the scp-610 threat, time delayed video feedfrom the lost team members who fell into the underground river currents was establishedand has been filed in scp-610-l6.

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