Kamis, 20 September 2018

lösungen für dachschrägen

lösungen für dachschrägen

fire damaged roof structure welcome to the first video of our series. we hope to provide you with regular insights of flexijet, its advantages and how it supports our customers in daily use. in this example, we show you a fire damaged roof structure of a historical building in hamburg. after the fire, the insurance company commissioned an architect for the complete reconstruction of all roof structural components as per the original.

the architect contracted one of our service providers, kai beck to measure the roof structure. instead of the estimated 40 hours, kai beck required only seven hours to complete the whole measurement, and was able to deliver a cad draft. you are probably wondering, how is it possible to get such a result when compared to the architect’s estimated 40 hours? the difference is that kai beck used the flexijet 3d which measures and simultaneously produces a cad drawing on your laptop with millimeter accuracy. this means you can see all beams, all deformations and differences in height

of the fire damaged roof structure. the ideal starting point for the roof’s reconstruction. would you like to see more practical examples? please subscribe to youtube, follow us on facebook or visit our website. you can find the related links in the video description.

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