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möbel dachgeschoss

möbel dachgeschoss

it is necessary in some chest put! where's my chest! again it is necessary in the attic go! it got already! well?

i have to go! i lay down we must all this! and get a new! attic somewhere here with me. there are two floors. and, no, three floors!

two floors and another plus loft! mouse! fly mouse! bat! (sing) sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh-sh ... one, two! (sing crickets) so!

now here add up that's all! the clock i need! so, this is not necessary! and it is not necessary! it is also not necessary! it is too!

pas a pas memory ... (sing) something there? that breaks ?! (the sound of breaking bones) i can not go outside! why does this happen? (birdsong) birch fence.

here we put. (the sound of sea waves) hey, creeper! are you walking near the house? what are you walking? it is something conceived bad! exactly!

how do i these bones? enough, i think! rain is coming! nothing - my house already protected! it has a roof! all the rain stopped! all break!

again the rain came! i ran out of the rain! (sounds of the rain) the rain had stopped! again i went! what have i done! i am a fool! well, fool! that's the same!

it's dark and damp! especially i need to sleep! get some sleep! why am i broke? (yawns) and, it's morning? hooray!

the weather is sunny! the rain is over! well here i'm all the time about it! it is necessary to make the gate! because this will not work! urgently! for wicket

i need something! must a rock! it is necessary to lay stone walkway! usually it is done cement and i am from stone her to do!

it will be much better! it is so? yes! now we have to do furniture! i want to make... all! stairs! we do like this!

and higher! higher! higher! higher! so... and there is a window! first thing we do here no curtains, but it is. this.

and now we decorate the window! it is necessary to make it all so that could close and open the curtains! now let yet open! i forget these

curtains are called! what are their names? they can be close and open, shorter. they pull the rope and they are opened and closed. that's their plate!

in short, i can not remember! we went down! and there will continue do the rest! in the attic we finished! yes! and below, we will hang curtains usual!

still hanging lamps, put the chairs. and what is this: hood? we will put tables. and this is what? i do not understand it it? here it will be put. and this.

and it is not i know why ... and yet, something else this would be ... i have something, i think, forgot! i forgot something..., but i do not remember what!

oh, i forgot that's it !!! i forgot fireplace deliver! yes, i do remember! but why i keep forgetting! so where is a fireplace, in short? let it be...

that's what i need, to jump! and here it is! a and more ... aquarium! yes, but even here something was interesting! here - a chest of drawers!

i need a chest of drawers! i really need chest of drawers! and i need table! and i also need to some decoration whether. and, as another call !!!

similarly, i need up! well, you probably know why there is a call? and still need bed. because bed- it is most the main thing!

here in these the scenery is written, here decorative blocks. these decorative blocks have bed, yes. this is exactly what

i need! went down. (think) once, not so, i believe it! m-th-th-th-th-th-th ... why i did such a large window?

chopped! who was that?! tv put here here! on it show news! see what we've got! there's nothing here!

and what is it ?! this news ?! let anything more! (switches tv programs) what is it?! what a game ?!

and why tv it does not go off ?! and what of it show something? switch off !!!! who is going to explode, i think! or not?! good!

if this game! it game! it's funny! i had already picked up the cup, fool !!!! this is what a game? ah-ah-ah-ah-ah ... spit! so, where we have

curtains did not hang? and here is another do you need! so, i it remains to be done here it table! uh-uh! must more table!

here is! now the chair! could not normal put a chair ?! this is a chair? !!! and in that chair you can sit ?! let's at least a glass of give me water!

well, who else knocking! go, i'm coming! now! only from the chair tear! i'm coming! who is there? well, jokes you silly! generally, you can

it was to call! up there is! (the sound of a door bell) well yes! everything is working! yes! powered up i have! perhaps i'll close the door! because i do not want to someone

rank not come!

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