Senin, 24 September 2018

möbel für dachgeschoss

möbel für dachgeschoss

something fell? this step! why am i then i put ?! i wanted it was beautiful. now place lacks.

and in the night! (yawns ...) i wanted to build steps, yes. and some steps, to my mind, here do not fit! that's all

should be cleaned. all have clean up, and then put back. all blocks, yes. it's boring, but i have to i do it all. because another

no exit! i even i do not know that else to say. i just there are no words! i'm thought of everything! why, then i have nothing

did not work out! i thought of everything! i do not understand - how come! i thought out all the details! why is then i do not happened?

yes, it did not work, what can you do! flight fly mouse. something does not go ... like this, and then like this. and then

like ready! not no ready. need more do only i forgot that we should

do ... it should be left to ladder do. dark... generally dark! in my opinion, almost all built. by the way,

maybe some more something construct. but, i still have the attic we must build. steps. another rung me need to do. now we have to

do attic. must first build a roof. and first of all, should be put light bulbs. a floor forgot to do. lamp's here it is necessary to

put. here. here and here. and here. and yet here. by the way, then must make furniture.

in the meantime, sit rest. yes, rest.

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