Jumat, 07 September 2018

moderne wohnzimmer hülsta

moderne wohnzimmer hülsta

how to make a working tv today, i'll show you how to make a tv that you can turn on and off with a remote! spoiler: it won't have changing images on the screen, i'm not harry potter! :] firstly, i'll build the room for the tv. now we're going to make the remote! it's going to be a button that acts like a lever.. we're going to use a bit of redstone logic.. i'm no circuit expert, but i think this is called a t-flip-flop. :] now the button acts like a lever!

this is our signal output, we'll connect this to the tv next! now for the tv! this bottom redstone stuff is just to power the pistons. i'm going to take advantage of the fact that light goes through pistons. now we need to connect the output to the lamps. now we can control the lamps behind the pistons! let's decorate it! i'm going with a very modern and stylish look, but you can do whatever you want! these skulls look like speakers!

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