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moderne wohnzimmer mit galerie

moderne wohnzimmer mit galerie

knights templar defended holy land its instruments were the spill of blood and prayer founded in the 12th century this order of monks warriors was a force unbeatable for almost 200 years then they suffered a spectacular fall in disgrace judged by

energy were accused of practicing strange rituals his informers affirmed that they study the cross they worshiped a cut human head and they practiced perverse sexual acts were dissolved and his grand master was burned at the stake since then his name has entailed an air of mystery and romance

today books like 'the da vinci code adorn the myth of the templars persists the assertion that they the most sacred object of christendom the holy grail beyond the legend we will explore the true world of knights templar a built world in stone 800 years ago some of the best fortifications

known is fantastic until today great part of what they built disappears between the landscape now a team of experts returns to their world has been core for 11 months used and centuries using the latest in animation will reveal by first time in many centuries the world lost of the knights templar

worlds lost the knights templars in an eastern corner next is the forgotten world of the current knights templar syrian city of tartus was the russian floor tortosa of the templars dominated by its splendid fortress those who passed by the city in the 13th century spoke of a huge chapel and a large living room

an impregnable and solid shell walls with towers that looked like crowned with precious stones now the only thing that remains intact is the cathedral in times of the templars was an important place of pilgrimage the rest of the city disappeared only fragments of ruins remain

embedded in the modern city today the inhabitants seem to ignore that live in the great city of an hermetic organization international analyst our experts will meet the clues found in tortosa para rebuild the lost world of templars

the order of the temple was formed in the 12th century music its purpose was to protect pilgrims on their way to jerusalem professor paul crowther is following the old road to ancient city was so dangerous that a pilgrim wrote home after

to do the route and telling that there was seen lots of bones scattered at both sides of the road and a friend died you did not stop to bury him because that grave could become yours anyone could appear to kill you and lock in the knights vows of chastity and poverty obedience offered their life to

guard the routes that followed the pilgrims and became monks warriors soon the role of the templars extended to the defense of christian territories on earth saint of the caudillos muslims templars represented a new fusion concept of dedication of a warrior on one side with

the one of religious corozo uniting them appeared the fighter religious this concept of holy war was new and shocking tortosa was delivered to the knights templar in would protect the city and the surrounding land of muslims that they wanted the settlers will abandon the holy land

downtown was the castle ruled by warrior monks he claims he is trying to find the castle walls to understand how they built their defenses this is the inner wall has isaf short between those towering towers and today what looks like a kind of think tank that the individual authors of and

walks between the fortifications warning that there is still a lot of they stand it seems that this small street wall wher you will enjoy the five we can not go any further in that direction the wall made of large blocks of masonry disappears between those houses linking all the remains can be

to unveil the true scale of castle two walls concentric surround on three sides protecting the flank that gives the sea there are two great towers these walls were designed to support the most relentless attacker documents of the time tell us about enemy armies that tried

undermine the defenses to take the castle the first step was to reach the base of the wall are ninth in french medieval the normal system of doing it was what we would call a cat chat the cat was a solid structure of wood that was sliding down to the wall supporting the arrows and stones defenders throwing from above

upi inquiring advanced very slow slowly until you reach the wall then the attackers dug a tunnel under the wall they were propping up until they finished the task they would put flammable material around the madrid as for olive oil in grease anything that burned easily

they would understand it and run away the struts would burn and the wall begin to crumble under his own weight they would have broken the shield the walls of the castle of tortosa were designed to withstand the enemy sappers the distance between the towers seems to be

the one of the reach of a crossbow the spacing of the battlements allowed the archers cover the area between her there was an outer wall relatively low and probably a a little higher interior so the archers could shoot for on the outside but there was a problem to pull from the towers of

tortosa most of the crossbows of the era were designed to shoot horizontally and here the templars they would have to point down that was a problem why it happened this today i read the enemy but not the form that i wanted to develop

an ingenious device that complains reported a clamp that held the arrow but withheld it in his site and as you can see they shot in any angle miss the shot luis sainz but bows and arrows were useless before this the big machine of medieval war a magan he this huge catapult of almost 20 meters

tall is the largest in the world they used six oaks to build it for the templars inside the castle the vision of a machine like this would have been terrifying soon stones of 30 kilos would fall on the fortification with a devastating effect with a range of about 500 meters these catapults had power to

to tear down great walls leigh nicole has gathered all the clues to rebuild the towers and walls designed to withstand the effect of catapults and sappers if the enemy opened a gap in the exterior wall through a tunnel although gave another interior that a thickness of six meters was almost

impregnable tortosa was the door of entrance to a series of fortifications similarly imposing territories through holy ground in the center of the christian kingdom was jerusalem and here the templars they adapted the religious place more important in the world for its in the first crusade of 1,099

christians took jerusalem to the muslims on the temple mount were erected the splendid mosque of aqsa built in the seventh century in the christian jerusalem al aqsa would serve as the headquarters of that meant they were like that united to one of the most of christianity in the united states.

bible and all kinds of stories associated with that area is assumed to jesus walked among his walls doing miracles 23 years were associated with those facts papo the old mosque was adapted to become a center administrative under her in cameras underground

the warrior monks kept their horses ready to enter into combat and defend the holy places of jerusalem the splendid arches of the stables half a meter high and covered an area of ​​6 thousand meters squares and stables could to house more than a thousand horses a western visitor stated that if

fired a crossbow to the beach he would not even reach the other end due to their size and installed the templarios this militarization of the holy places personified the role spiritual and military of the knights defense of the east coast christian life meant many lives in the far end of its network had

a church where new people were recruited men but here the strangers rituals of the templars were wrapped in mystery in the center of the city of london is the english headquarters of the knights templar church was consecrated in 1.185 its structure remembers that of the most important temple

of the christian world the holy sepulcher of jerusalem the holy sepulcher was built in the place where many christians believe that jesus was crucified buried and resurrected from the dead like the holy sepulcher the ship of the templar church is circular inside of these walls took place a

mysterious ritual to invest in new members of the knights will be recruited in large numbers throughout europe replaced dead men in battle defending the kingdom of jerusalem sometimes suffered terrible combat deaths in 1,244 died 312 in a battle were 348 templars the new members entered the

temple by the west gate after the ceremony was locked secret and already at dawn when the sun it was starting to come out as if they were about to enter in a new life the initiates passed to the circular ship between ghostly statues then a solemn ritual began the new members wished

poverty, chastity and obedience could not to leave women even their mothers or sisters as knights these men would suffer for god and they would be servants of the templars to always the secret of the ceremony provoked rumors outside the fraternity that today there are very strange things a gentleman

says he had to kiss the target mangy belly of one of the masters proceeded in the face of the terrible luis however there is no doubt that their initiation rites and were very suspects page secret rituals carried out inside contrasted with the visible presence of the outside

the church was built as a of the cause of the kingdom of jerusalem soon poor and rich they started to get their money and properties to temper these strange statue on the floor of the ship represent the largest donors generous to the cause these people would have been rich

landowners of england nngg represents the best of the cavalry of the time with the delivery of large sums of money to contributors ensured the glory of the eyes of god the knights templar were turned into what today would be a multinational organization and

multimillionaire then the wealth and lands that the templars acquired they became an institution very rich offer and in venues with representatives throughout christendom and men who had confidence in the the crusaders will trust them in the care of their riches

templars operated as a bank the pilgrims could deposit money in europe and withdraw its funds when they reached holy ground this reduced the risk of theft in the templars' path is the first international banking organization tortosa altar city was not only an important templaria headquarters its

coastal location provided a vital link with the west of located next to the wall from the castle the port where they docked the ships of this order men horses practically everything was transported takes communications messengers and reports that returned to the

headquarters of the templars they kept everyone informed of what occurred in this part of the module now we can know how it could be port of tortosa in templar season 800 years ago the sea would have shocked against the walls of the castle allowing men and goods could be downloaded in the city

these walls enclosed an area now full of modern houses they hide what they once were magnificent medieval buildings contemporary sources tell us that the wealthy templars built here a great outlet and would have devised in her plans of battle and tactics while defending the territory

surrounding paul crawford is looking for the remains of the templar building hidden by this series of houses it would be great to see what's behind i can now enter these houses. enter i'm already inside to see if i can climb to the built houses over parts of the great hall

my god it's fantastic until people are living next to walls of the great hall in the vaults there is evidence of the gothic style used by knights templar built the vaulted arches of the large living room with stone shaped cradle the key was kept in the center by

the pressure of neighboring parts key stone is the fundamental element to support the weight in a structure so without it the bow would collapse the weight is directed to strong points of support at the base of the arches if we follow the lines of the vault down we should find the point somewhere

place and should be here let's to try here is decorated is beautiful you have to imagine and look at it from down to six meters because nothing is fantastic we can now reveal the magnificence of the great hall eight centuries ago of activity while the templars

conspired against the great caudillo muslim saladino 11 on the floor there might be long tables with gentlemen planning their strategies in record in 1188 daughter entered a messenger announcing the arrival of saladino all had jumped out of their seats

to go to their posts warrior monks would take their weapons and would fight to the death to defending tortosa from its enemy but for the templars to pray was so important to combat buried in some place on the walls of the castle must be the remains of a chapel paul crowther hopes to find them

we have up there a month ago in washington and bleu walking around here discover the hidden in a small corner of tartus name not the has used anyone for hundreds of years it is amazing and wonderful the chapel templaria is still used but as house people have built houses in their interior

it is as if they have been adding nests of wasp in a barn abandoned these buildings hide the true size of the chapel centuries of debris have elevated 5 meters ground level as the position of these windows now we can reveal the true magnificence of the templar chapel

it would have been huge 25 meters long 10 wide and 15 high scale and the splendor of the building tells us crucial importance of prayer for knights templar in the core of the castle was the tower of the homage is solid stone tower would have been the nerve center of the fortress dominated the entire

city today the tower of the tribute has remained darkened by more than 800 years of conflicts and changes the military historian of nicole reich which has located its remains but what is inside carries hidden centuries and is about to discover it exists to this is the center

of the old chao tower is very difficult to walk around here is untouched has used in centuries as there is a door davis has stumbled upon the sanctuary inside the tower if the city were outside attacked this would have been the last bastion here may be clues to how survived during the sieges

goes by the sound is full of water gives a little scary house echoes if there are steps leading down to the water is that something cool before sweeting makes a amazing discovery a cistern which is still full of water centuries later exp. depth will have enough i do not think meter mail

before a siege the knights could to have remained in the tower during weeks the tank would be an essential water supply then there is another camera the quality of construction is amazing even in the depths of the tribute tower is very well done

look at that window anyone i would be proud to find that in one of our parishes this was the deposit of arms in the high and a small access hole a secret trapdoor would have provided to the templars swords the cistern and the crossbow weapons depot

homage represented the last line defense of the templars in 1188 his great enemy saladino attacked tortosa the city and its walls callero but make it with its walls of five meters of thickness remained standing. testimony of its construction and design now for the first time the team of historians has rediscovered the

loss of the templar city of tortosa and he has brought it back to life by rediscovering the tortuous templaria with the castle and the chapel so close to each other we understand the dual role of warriors and monk from tortosa was irradiated the power to a network of castles and cities christians throughout the holy land but the support of the network is not a castle but

a fortified church inside this building the templars would have carried out the ritual of veneration of relics parts of body of the saints from the port of use knights radiated their power and wealth for all holy land to almost 50 kilometers of tortosa this chance of

bland on the border of the christian kingdom today all that is left is a solitary stone tower on a hill overlooking the modern city of that date until the plan excels 30 meters above the peak highest in the region but is a special and unique building is a fortified church is the ideal templar made stone christian faith

defended by military power fillã³n join the function of the warrior and religious vocation because it is a religious building is a church but follows sieves instead of windows with stained glass inside the walls of five meters thick church fortified there is a secret staircase lead to the roof old traffor is

exploring the fortification to to determine why blanc precisely here in shifa now i understand why the templars built a network of castles in this place is not a desert is not covered with sand iweb two olive trees orange and lemon trees a lot of wealth vegetable is a very beautiful landscape was not

attractive for sight only so was it for the pocket very economically valuable territory today from here they saw all the fortifications near the impregnable white chastel in the center of a defensive network was the a network of castles that maintained this rich invest land defending it

jazztel blanc has a beautiful design compact with a chapel on the level lower and a bedroom above or below carved in the rock there is a water tank but for the medieval builder raise a fortification on top of this hill was a major challenge here very expensive to build a castle like this

you just have to see the thickness of the walls the size of blocks kilo carefully that were assembler the historian david nicholl has studied how they managed to move these giant thousand kilos of stones to build their castles combed wooden cranes and pulley was a very effective system not they had the same engineering as

we with the difference that then everything was wood and rope and not there was but no such material and instead of electricity or fuel diesel attraction provided names or animals a person was placed inside the wheel and walked like the hamsters wide on the wheel of his daughter lara psoe

was transformed into a power that threw of the energy ropes the engineering used is awesome but its quality is not less each stone is carved to the perfection what this part asks for bottom of the window is inclined to peer in case some enemy could come

shoot arrows and hit the target thanks to the slope there was no dead angle for the templars the guide on the battlefield arrived of god inside his fortified chapel warrior monks would have participated in religious rituals worshiping relics of saints in christian history has always

existed or xeon in the melody approximation did not exalt venerating or even playing his relic arzo to it was often a fragment of bone or a piece of clothing of a saint sometimes of something more tremebundo like a head cut the relics will be so important for the templars that the the fight to get the

due guidance but the relics most wanted were those of the own jesus christ we do not have relics of our lord because he ascended to the heavens we have clung to the things closer to him reds for many the last dinner drink has a great meaning although many believe for that cup the

holy grail has been for centuries object of mythology it is said that the templars in their search for relics unearthed holy grail on the temple mount became his most sacred possession that they defended with their own life but there is little evidence that this legend be true

i subscribe to a writer's invention 12th century french called cristian the templars could never have obtained the holy grail that was goes back to the times of christ in facts and the average age there were people which today we would call writers of science fiction to those who are related to the idea of ​​the saint

grail with that of the templars link to the mysterious templars with the great icon of christianity was the supreme medieval fantasy the problem is that it took on a life of its own continued to grow and now people believe but everything is fantasy erasing modern settlements we can see jazztel blanc as the templars

they had met at the top of this route hill protected by two walls concentric fortified church was extraordinarily protected this central element of the network cd tortosa with the rest of the defenses but 40 kilometers away is the best of castles chevalier built to support the

most brutal of attacks arabia's lawrence rated crack chevalier as the best castle in world with outer walls of 30 meters thickness and seven towers of nine meters of diameter of this castle was practically impregnable the fortress was built by the gentlemen

hospital companions and rivals the templars their location is crucial defends the trade route more important in the region there is a great valley with the road it is now and was in the 3- middle ages joining the coast with the cities of that during the period of the

crusades were the centers of power of san luis acosta was the center of the power of the crusaders ceip hospitallers and templars joined forces to defend this important territory was a huge operation military and deivid nicole intends discover how knights operated horses were essential for the

but this flight will be an arduous task the first of two stables this is the smallest and is very large these magnificent vaulted buildings they could hold more than a thousand horses from here they could go to combat in in a matter of minutes, the impatience and would be so eager as their riders to leave and

get into action horses were also essential to carry food and men for the castle the designers of clark de chevalier they had to find a way to allow the animals to will travel through the pronounced fort earrings solved

the problem building the passages with wide steps of low height in ramps instead passes from leixã³es almost flat steps the inclination was reduced and facilitated the work of animals there was moisture that could slip and with so many animals it is normal that there were many

faeces (applause] the movement of men by the castle was also important especially under an attack were we are in the depths i do that and solid piece of masonry this is known as a gallery wall a secret passageway within the broad

fortification that allowed the gentlemen move around of the castle in moments of attack airs he liked to be as few as outside possible of the enemy in full people run from one place to another providing arrows to shooters carrying water or helping the wounded

there was a lot of activity during a site the knights were firing from the piã±eras and also from an ingenious medieval engineering piece called matal the matacã¡n stood out from the walls of the castle was an astute measure anti sappers edition being on them he could cast stones or any water boring material

boiling or boiling oil the oil not because it was very expensive but could warn the government about the head of the sappers was a method very effective the scale in bilbao but the best example of engineering military crack is worth it is the great sloping wall surrounding the tower of the tribute called talud prevented the

enemy will undercut the towers and hp the idea is that if they could penetrate there they would come over despite the network of fortifications in 1187 things were turning against the templars his great enemy saladino swept holy ground occupying one after another the cities christian

eventually captured jerusalem within a few months his army came to the gates of tortosa the military base of the templars the city fell but the knights were able to take refuge in the castle had to be regrouped and decided to rebuild their fortifications claimed looking for clues how they achieved

to strengthen tortosa this is the diagonal line is a good stone and now we can say with certain foundation that marks the slope line that surrounded the base of this east tower indicates that tortosa would resist the attack of an enemy who will try to undermine its walls within the bid another discovery is clear that the

inner part of the tribute tower which has a weapons deposit and a cistern is surrounded by a fortification late what you what made the templars was to add materials abroad grew and enlarged sea ​​at 68 is nothing the structure was very strong

ferris d the discovery of dave reveals how the reinforcements of the homage tower of this second wall created a passage in the one that could cover the arq to defend the fortifications with the added slope the tower of homage within the castle of tortosa was impregnable

but in spite of the fortifications the templars were unable to resist the tide of muslim forces that they wanted to expel them from holy ground to late 13th century had fallen all its castles this motor 2 to 0 without its fortresses the knights were convicted, realizing that everything

was lost they retired to a small island one kilometer from tortosa his secret riches and brutality was about to turn against them in 1291 the templars had failed in their mission to defend christian territories of holy land had apparently fallen impregnable fortresses the templars

they were pushed to the shore until tortosa is the only castle that they remained but without their network he too would be doomed to fall they had only the option of flight tortosa was no longer useless could defend the taste of 1,291 templars took their boats and plugged far to the island of cyprus

was a safe base where to regroup and launch an attack to recover tortosa and its network of fortifications prepare a fleet of ships designed to transport the knights to the coast horses would be essential for this new assault and the ships could load up to 30 animals each but

the sea trip from cyprus to tortosa is over 150 kilometers transporting horses at this distance it would be a challenge the horses got dizzy just like the human beings but unlike people the horses do not know how to vomit and that's a problem or launching an attack with sick horses would be disastrous

the templars needed to make a to retrieve their animals from the one kilometer from the coast of tortosa is the island of rãºa rock city which could disembark the horses and rest then reload in the boat and take us to the coast well they would be in good condition for the attack on 1,300 the templars

they left for the island with a garrison of 120 knights and 500 archers ready to act they came back with the idea of ​​using the island like beach head to recover for thing and then the rest the only territory of holy land in still power of the templarios era rãºa an island less than a kilometer from

length had lost everything the coastline we've seen before the city of tortosa anglo cathedral and the hoya those big and radio the craig cells of bland all large fortifications of the interior had fallen and their possessions had reduced to an island only one little bigger than the city of

tortosa sauce but in 302 things worsened for the templars a muslim force discovered the presence of a garrison in uat that threatened their territories and launch an attack amphibious established contact and points of the island attacked the templars and their infantry compelled the knights to

retreat to a fortress or simply is at one end of the island and separated from the infantry in the struggle door to door by narrow alleys of the island realizing that there was nothing that the templars did surrender their last bastion had fallen into the hands of his enemy

the era of the templars as defenders of holy land had come to an end now they had to account for their vocation was to defend the holy places had failed him brevis curules people took centuries financing it because they were going to safeguarding christian places is

but fail a putt the reputation of the great templars had remained shattered the 13 of october of 1307 the king of france ordered their arrest and the accused of denying kristopik will discover the cross of urinating on the cross and accused of homosexual practices and talk and headache

gates they bothered their mysterious rituals in particularly the secret ceremony of reception in which the new gentlemen healed his entrance into the order people wondered what could to pass behind those closed doors if something good comes as the

if it was something sacred and in this because no one could come to see him should something horrible and obscene that i wanted to store things there is no smoke without fire the templars were interrogated under brutal conditions torture to a templar priest put their feet on the fire and burned the plants until they were

bones fell or others out templars were hung from the roof of dungeons with weights tied to the feet was even to his touch and disciples go out those broken men confessed from idol worship to the sodomy we know that you can make a man to the point of making him

confess anything that makes historians suspicious that the charges against the templars and were not true in march 314 the templars were found guilty in their entirety the great master was burned at the stake and dissolved the order when a organization as large and powerful as

it is inevitable that there will be conspiracy theories the most enduring myth has been the holy grail and his quest by the templars has captivated the western imagination more than any another legend in the trial and the interrogations and this was not mentioned done if the templars had

in his possession would have come to the light but is not mentioned in any moment the destruction of their documents in the 16th century by turkish invaders has generated a halo of mystery around knights the templars' obsession with the secret their interest in relics and rituals know that they were

their worst enemy that happened of heroes of christendom to guilty criminals today we all know the templars for the mystique that surrounds them but their constructions defended holy ground for almost 200 years now slowly disappearing in the environment and it seems that the status myth of the templars will survive

his lost world a

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