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moderne wohnzimmer mit offener küche

moderne wohnzimmer mit offener küche

wake up, humanity!(interview with suzanne powell) -hi everyone!i'm jose luis rueda and i'm herewith suzanne powell. we're very grateful for havingher in this event. thank you! i really appreciate it,as everyone watching this. -thanks for the i am, all yours! -for all people watching us herein mexico and in other places, some already know you but othershaven't met you yet. for those who don't know you,could you briefly tell us

about your childhood?how was suzanne born? -i always introduce myselfas an irish town girl. i come from a villagein northern ireland with 20,000 inhabitants...half of them are cows. i am an irish heidi. i was born in a troublesomeplace, due to terrorism issues. i clearly remember-it's always present- the sound of helicopters,firemen sirens, bomb explosions... it was verynatural for me, my daily life.

but i somehow knewthere was another world outside. i had an aspiration to rememberwhat my home was like for real. i didn't feel that villagewas my real home. i remember looking at mysiblings and parents and saying: "those people are notmy true family, they are temporarilyin my life". i felt there was another familybeyond the irish one that i needed to look for,find and feel. during all those yearsi searched for something else.

i remember walking aroundand seeing the town people get married in the cathedral. the older ones wouldget drunk in any of the pubs. people shopping... and ithought that was not for me. there's something else. my health was poorwhen i was a child, i had asthma, trouble to sleep,couldn't lead a normal life because my nervoussystem was very stressed. so my childhood was difficultbut i felt different to others.

always. i lookedat my classmates and thought: "they don't know who i am,that i am different". i also wanted to be likethe other girls in my class. when i became a teenager i feltthis love towards humanity and that made me fallin love with all the boys, all the friends i had. i lived in a cloudof unconditional love. it was not until i went to unithat i realized i could be what i wanted to be in this lifeso i majored in modern languages

as a passportout of the country. if i studied french, italian,portuguese... even latin was thrown in the mix, theni'd have the formula to get out. i needed permission to leave. i wanted to go to spainfor my sabbatical year. the spaniards... beach, sun:my dream come true. then this bomb droppedthat i had terminal cancer. doctors were telling me:"bad luck". i innocently asked, dreamingof what i could be living then,

what would happen ifi didn't follow their protocols, what chances i had to surviverejecting the conventional path. they said i had a 1% chanceand i knew i was that 1%. -how long were they giving you?-didn't say, just wanted me to follow all their protocols:remove my organs, glands, and, what was worse, if i wantedto have sex i would be too dry! what! i had just found out aboutsex, i didn't like that at all. besides, i could have problemsto get pregnant and, if i managed to conceive, theni'd have problems to give birth.

they took away my womanhood,see? as a woman i was thinking that i'd have to becomea nun or ignore the doctors. so i took a decision that workedfor me perhaps because i was innocent, naive, unconscious. i hold on to that 1% saying:"that's me!" i signed a paperat the doctor's office and left. i got home and brokethe news to my parents. i always had a clear mind ofwhat i wanted. they trusted me. (plus my dad had had a fewso was in cloud-cuckoo land)

they were ok with it.-how old were you? -20ish. and i decidedi'd go to spain. however, since i'd been educatedin a strictly traditional roman catholic school, i thoughtthat after all those years of church going and abiding bythe rules, a pause was needed. "excuse me, if therereally is someone up there, after all i'd been told,i promise that if i get a cure i will dedicate my lifeto give hope to other people, to those undersimilar circumstances."

someone took good note! "a miracle for powell,a miracle! right away! comin' right up!she made a promise." i later found out thatpromises are sacred words. if you make one, you'd betterrespect those words and do it. therefore, i told myselfto do it and left for spain. i went there all cocky,feeling i could do anything, that i was strong... sincei had made that request i bumped into this person,who i thought was flirting

because he stared into my blueeyes and came really close, he almost kissed me. he offered me the guidelinesto help with my diet. i started to be more openas i soon felt the changes. my asthma disappeared,also my digestive problems. -all thanks to him?-indeed. he was not bad, not at all... my digestion improved, i wantedto be active, to play sports, i started running, wentto the gym, i ran until i became

some sort of forrest gump!you know him, right? forrest gump, always running.i couldn't grow a beard, though. -was this person an angel sentto help you manifest your cure? -yes. you know how many angelshave showed up in my life? i came here with an unknown planso there were a bunch of people up there guiding metowards my mission. if i stranded... whack! a person would appear and sendme in the right direction. i've always been spoiledby the universe, privileged.

i still needed to find outwho i was then and they've pampered meall along so that i could fulfil my goals here. one of those personsin my way that you call angels, a messenger among many, wassomeone who had a great impact on me one day that i had a talkand was leaving my building. it was pouring rain, on an earlysunday morning and i worried about getting to the hotelunder the rain. i was wearing a nice outfit, abusiness woman in a blue suit

with my briefcase,not knowing what to do. right then, out of the blue,a biker showed up in his shiny black bike,all dressed in black leather. he had a shiny helmetand visor, came out of nowhere, riding the wrong way. he comes up the kerbright in front of me, lifts the visor upand asks me if i need a taxi. and i'm like... if it hadn't been rainingand i wearing a skirt

i would have jumpedand ridden away with him. off he goes, in the wrongdirection, up to the corner of the street until a taxishows up, stops in front of me, rolls the window down and says:"taxi?" i go towards him and see the man in the motorbikesliding his visor up and sending me a kiss."come back!", i was thinking. "don't leave me here!" he left, i was in the taxiand the driver says: "good morning,atlantis princess".

lost for words, hey? i had a charming conversationwith the driver in that ride. that evening after theconference i called my master, who was in france, and told himwhat had happened to me. he said: "you still have tolearn how the multidimensional assistants work".and i'm like "no, no, if i had known!"-exactly. -two of them there, in andout of their own volition, and they left me with that"atlantis princess" greeting,

and the hunky guy in the bike...they came and went away. i wished i knew in the momentso i could stop and chat to them about their planet. -what's the formula to have themmanifest in front of us? -they manifest, they're veryskilled in manifesting, they materialiseright in front of us. they work in frequencies,vibration. it's frequency. from there theytune their frequency down to manifest here in 3dwhere everything moves

and projects at a differentfrequency, at other speed. what we sense is density,physicality. when they finishtheir mission they just go. we can also learn to do thatby changing our frequency. if we take it higher, then weweight less at a molecular level and we can disappearin front of anyone's eyes. i have many pictures of meteaching the zen courses and when they take themmy legs are not there. or the top of my bodyis all white.

or there are othermultidimensional characters, with face, eyes, all around me.shapes also appear. all is due to frequency changes. if your frequency is higheryour body is lighter. depending on the speed of thelens what works at a 3d level is captured as 3d; it dependson the speed of light. when we workat a multidimensional level we not only vibrate within thelimits of the speed of light but in multidimensionality.

thus, we are here, here, multidimensions. we're not limitingour experience to that of a physicalhuman being in 3d. -they show up. what's the magicbehind a taxi coming up because you need it?-yes. -what's the trickto have them show up? -there's a previousagreement between souls. with their own mission, they'llappear in the moment when you, working on your own mission,are in need of their help.

time does not exist. when you transcend the limitsof light speed here in 3d, it's very easy for them, veryeasy to show up and disappear. some humans here on earth havemanaged to appear and disappear. look at david copperfield;i went to one of his shows. my master was with me andi wished he'd tell me his trick. david copperfield usesmultidimensionality in his show. he masters time and space. it seems he's here and suddenlyhe's back there riding a bike.

when he performs he also usesdead people, some of the people with him are his dead relativesperforming on stage with him. i was lucky to have my masterwith me, an advantage as he could confirm howthat person was doing his job. if he, as a human being,can do that job, we can also do itas human beings. what's our greatest limitation? the mind. the mind that doesn'tbelieve in that possibility. we must tune out of "mind mood",with those limitations

in order to believewho we truly are. if you really want to be who youreally are you must disassociate your mind from your experienceas a multidimensional being. if i believe it, i can trustthat i can fly, levitate, have experiences aboarda multidimensional spaceship, outside my physical believe it, you create it. -it all consists in... creating a state of mindwhere we can achieve that. everything is possible at anygiven moment, it's not important

if a week or a day goes by,but it's a fact for us. -it is a fact. in fact, whatwe teach in the zen courses is awareness, the experience ofgoing beyond the limits of 3d, how to make an illness disappearand create a mental state of peace, harmony, stillness. from that state everythingelse falls into place. we enter into the vibrationof unconditional love, we are surrounded by thisvibration and under that dome of unconditional love vibrating

everything, absolutelyeverything is possible. everything's possible.only when you say it isn't you're building a wallup against your dreams. for children magic is realbecause it's possible for them, until mum or dad say:"that's impossible". since mum and dadare god for their children, if they say it's not possiblethen my experience is limited, i shrink and magic is no longerreal as i used to think. -you communicate with beingsin other dimensional levels.

-that's right. -they're always with you?-always. -some of them materialise amongpeople or in an audience. -yes. -sometimes we see themin pictures. some are from other planets? -that's correct.-is it? -where are they from?-there's a multiverse out there. a multiverse. if i tell youthat i come from andromeda but also from pleiades,from sirius...

we are from all those places.when we leave the 3d limits and move to the fifth dimensionthis is just a platform from which to experienceall multidimensions. when we arrive to what's calledparadise -the equivalent to that fifth dimension-we are everything there. we are one there. we have to be fractalto come over here. we're part of a state ofconsciousness just like christ came in his time to changethis state of consciousness.

same as all thosewho interacted with him. like in j.j. benitez's book,"el caballo de troya". what he says is true. i wastalking to a friend about this just yesterday; when i readthose books and then i listened to this character, peter... he was this big bloke,who snored and loved fishing. i've met so many petersin this life! -a bit grumpy, too.-yes. not only men also women,it's like a gear assembled,

all that information. what did peter do? or john?what did jesus do? the virgin? what did caifas do? or herod?bring a level of consciousness. who were all them?we ourselves. at that time, in other frequency, otherreality that is now repeated. we're improving the speciesby returning and trying to finally make things better. there's not... we're not sayingthat jesus has reincarnated in a being but as a state ofconsciousness, christ's one,

which is very present becausewe're finally remembering who we truly are and tuninginto that frequency. why are there people whoidentify with jesus, or krishna or buda or the virginor kuan yin? because they're partof the cosmic group who came here with that . you vibrate, resonatewith that character. for instance, the virgin mary isjust a volunteer who came here to deliver that consciousnessto humanity.

she came as a messenger, justlike jesus, krishna or buda. they came like messengersat their time. -what's with the differentapparitions of the virgin in lourdes, fatima...all we have. why are there many? are theydifferent volunteers? -see? the virgin is whitein spain but black in africa. the virgin is yellow in china. they are 3d representationswith human aspect. they stand for that deity,that .

the virgin mary brought a stateof consciousness with her but if the virgin in her blackformat appears in spain nobody will believe in her!they'll say she's not theirs. there are limits here,so she adopts an image that we can associate...-consciousness shapes her? -yes. who creates that shape? we do. we create that imagefrom our perspective. but it's all frequency,for instance, if the virgin mary comes to visit me and says:"hi, i'm virgin mary",

i wouldn't believe it.she doesn't need introduction, i will identify herby her frequency and not by representation of an image. that can be a mocking spiritplaying the virgin's role. he can mislead us. humans arenot conscious of these things within what i callthe "spiritual world", where there's a lotof fantasy and a big desire for unconditional love,so some entities impersonate this fake light,fake vibration of love.

they want to distract usbecause we look out there for what we cannot find inside. if she comes, if virgin maryshows up to bring a message, you know what, she'll not say:"hey, you know? i'm the virgin". oh, wow! let's take a selfie.let's take a picture. no, she comes witha purpose, not for a show. in many places, due to the stateof consciousness created by people that someone has hada vision (which is not real), then everyone goes to a tree andworship a vibration who's fake.

what does the vibration do?enjoy the attention! when it's real... for instance,if the virgin mary appears with a message for humanitywater always springs up. and there will always bea miracle or various miracles. why? because there'sa need in that place. she comes as a messengerto give a message, to lead, because those peoplebelieve in her; there's a need. her purpose is not simplyto show up in order to have a statue made of herin that place.

there is a religiousbelief behind that image. -that's clearly the situationwith which we can identify when an event or an apparitionare real, can be concise and not just to call attentionto a tree or an image. it's a way to identify them. how do you know if someone'stelling you the truth or lying? through their vibration?how else can you know that? -that's what we teachin the zen courses. people become sensitive,they know how to listen,

how to pay attentionto what they really feel. in the same way, if you havean idol (a person or an actress) who you... really admire them. and you go: "look who's there!" just like if richard gerewas here among all women and we all go crazy. where do you put your hand whensomeone impacts you emotionally? what do you do with your hand? -my heart.-not so much the heart but here.

i'm going to faint,look who's there! ohhhh! here. when i ask you who you areand you say "i am", where do you point to?say "i" and point to yourself. -i...-i, i, i... -you say "i"...? -no.-"i? i am stupid", here? -"i"...?i'm talking about you. who are you? me?here. you don't say "me?" you say "i am". why? why do youpoint your finger there? you are here. here's whereyour "i am" is.

your true "i am" is here.what's this? the fourth chakra. it's the seat to your soul,here's your super memory of who you really are. we learn to access this place. nobody can lie to you in there. here, the mind will say:"yeah", but will analyse everything in 3d.there's software here. all our beliefs from the daywe were born are there. whereas here is your truth.

when something moves you hereor you ask for the truth the fourth chakra turnsand your super memory spins at a speed that causesyou a certain emotion, in the same way you say "ahhh,you know what just happened". inspiration. i am in spirit,i'm connected to my self. i am, i's my wisdom. when you open this,no one can lie to you. you cannot be deceivedbecause you know it in here. not here, but here. there'sjudgement here, prejudice.

but you know in here,because you feel it. if someone wants to makea decision they do it from here. forget about here,i feel it here so there i go. if i make a mistakeor people think i'm wrong, you just say you feel itand cannot deny it. there's where when we connectdoubts vanish. -exactly. in yesterday's talkyou mentioned something that is important to meand for many people not present

so that the message reachesother parts of the world. i'd like you to explain whathappened with your daughter. that way, people at the otherend of the screen will know. -i was at home. we were playingthe roles of mum and teenager. joanna was a bit annoyed,her hormones all over the place. i asked her to go to her roomand have some time out. she took longer than expectedand watched a spiritual film. to search the film she typedthe word "god" and she came across differentlatin american films.

she found one she liked. after a while, i was sittingon the couch and watching a documentary on the mayas,quite entertaining. she arrived and said:"mum, i want to talk to you, can you turn the tv off?" she was asking me to talk andturn off the tv so i was curious to find out whatshe wanted to tell me. i was surprised that she saton the floor at my feet, cross-legged, and started askingquestions about my master.

she said: "mum, in ten minutesi will be 15 and you always say that your birthday is the mostdangerous day in the year because what you needto complete within that year you must pay off on that day". that's why many people dieon their birthday. -a cycle ends.-indeed it does. on your birthday,retreat and meditate. or do charity. she sat at my feet and startedasking questions about my master

and what he liked,his favourite animal and food... it was weird,why those questions? it was her strategy to lureme into talking of things she knew i like discussinginstead of talking about the weatherand the boys she likes. typical teenager manipulatingher mother so she could sit on the couch and watch tellywith me, not be grounded. i was utterly trapped in thatconversation when, out of the blue, she said:"time has finished! time up!"

i was perplexed..."time for what? your birthday is in a minute,there's no time". she then transmutesand i recognised her tremendous spiritual skills,her astral trips, connections, premonitions and all that. so i saw she was transformingin front of my eyes. her personality changed,her expression, the tone of her voice. i remembered joanna's otherversion, connected to her self.

"time's up! you mustlook for a way to convey to humanity the need to love,to wake up to unconditional love before it's too late". i'm like... honey, do i needto write a book? "no. no time!" and she talks aboutthe next 15 years. she was about to turn 15so i thought we were talking about a stretch of timethat she knew as 15 years. the next 15 years? i tried to bepositive and told her how i see

that human beings are waking up,all the changes around us, we even talked about trump.i told her humanity needed to co-create a better version.said: "look, joanna, we have thousands of peoplein the courses now, it means there's a transition,a change, we're on track". she shakes her head: "time up!look for a way, think about it". a video? i film one?"there's no time!" she insisted. ok, i'll think about it. she gets up, looks at mewith an adult face

and asks me to meditateon what she'd told me and find inspiration to finda way to make it real, to transmit the message.and she left. i stayed behind, feeling small,and went to make a cup of tea. i was in the kitchenthinking of all that and realised i had a conferencein mexico pretty soon, and before that a zen course.there are 1,000 people in madrid and we don't film it so it won'thave further repercussion. what was the title i wrotefor the talk i'm giving

in guadalajara, in mexico?so i looked for it. and i read: "time has come". "time has come"! do i need to convey a messageat that conference? in that trip? maybe inthat interview, who knows? "time has come"... this,my heart was racing. my fourth chakra was saying:"yes, yes, yes... your truth, your truth,just do it, do it". ok, stop it. ok!if it has to be, it'll be.

if it has to be,it'll be the moment. at the end of the day,it's not me, this version of the suzanne powell character,but my highest self or the interaction at a collectivelevel that we create together. elizabeth... isabel sent mea whatsapp saying: "suzanne, you won't believe thisbut we will broadcast the event globally and i thought "wow,your message will go further". it all seemed perfect.joanna came to the kitchen and said: "mum, i don't knowwhat happened!

mum, i'm different, as ifmy personality had changed". i look at her wonderingwhat had happened. "mum, i was in my room watchinga film and i come to see you and i feel different".she had transformed, joanna was back but she hadn'ta clue about those 40 minutes of our conversationin the living room. so i asked her: "joanna, don'tyou remember coming to the living room and havingtalked to me for 40 minutes?" she clicked into teenager mood:"shut up, i was in my room

watching a film! what are yousaying? you been meditating? did you fall asleep?you dreamed this?" "no, joanna". so i told hereverything we talked about, shared it with herin five min and she said: "that's true, it's true". she then reminded meof a vision she had one day with her friend in the kitchen;they were the same age and were talking aboutthe universe, the cosmos, they both shared a passionfor the topic.

both were lifting, talking andthinking how much they'd like to pass on information from theuniverse, about what's out there and imagining other speciesand races... they were both enjoyingthis chat about something resonating here in their selves.when her friend left, joanna was standingby the kitchen door and said: "mum, mum, i'm seeingin front of me a large river and beings of lightin that path. to the left, half of the worldis in flames and burning,

and to the rightthe world is freezing. true people are walkingdown that path like a river..." (same as in the biblewhen waters split) "mum, the light is there,we must find balance, we must be in that paththat will lead us home." -is this a state? a balance?-yes, it is. she was describing whatshe saw in front of her. "mum, i see people who arein love there in that path, just in front of me".

angels treading the earth,humans who remember who they are and i shyly asked her:"can you see me? can you?" she couldn't see mebut she could hear me. said i was nearby. am i doing the right thing?you doubt, you sometimes wonder if you're doing it right. suddenly, after conveyingthe message, she asked: "how can we help everyoneremember who they are and thus preventall that suffering

to both sides of the world?"i was wondering how it'd feel to be in the burning side, allin flames, so hot, what a hell! what about the frozen side,so cold, so cold. we can choosewhere we really want to be. since we were talking aboutit in the kitchen she remembered that conversation, and so did i. i also remember our masterconveying that message, saying that we had the chance, throughhis teachings, to learn to be authentic people, true people,who act with unconditional love

so that there's no need for themajor impact that will happen if we don't wake up in time. it's a private decision,like jose luis was just saying, and our quero friend. we choose.we choose, we've already chosen ...but if we get lost hereand have no interest to know who we truly are,we'll end up crying. no one will push us, nobody willmake us do it, be that version of who we really are;it's a choice. you can be in greediness,selfishness...

in total unconsciousness,it's a choice. there're always little angelsshowing up with a mirror to help and guide us; we cando like this or like that. when we're led by ego we'rebig-mouthed, eyes shut and ears close.we can't push anyone. only acting with unconditionallove we open our hearts, we project the vibration to theoutside, it springs from us, so that the hearts and mindsof human beings can open to receive our love.we can't kick love into someone.

shouting "wake up, you'reasleep! you're unconscious!" what will they do?what will their reaction be? they'll be on the defensive. "i'm right. who are youto tell me what to do?" when someone is in egothey can't listen, can't let you tell themwhat to do, no matter how well you know them, if they're yourpartner, parents, siblings... they can't hear you. only from your example,being loving and your true self,

you allow them their spaceto rectify and learn from you or be inspiredor open their hearts. even if they're your worstenemy, if they ask for help and hold out their hand,you give them your hand. you do it unconditionally. we're here to giveand ask for nothing in return. -so it's a state,a mental state... to see the middle pathas a path of light. what does, metaphorically,represent the side

with extreme cold and whatthe side with extreme heat? what's its meaning? if it hasany physical representation. -we will each live thisaccording to our greatest fears. what do you fear the most? to die of extreme coldor of extreme heat? it's simply a representationin 3d of what we can get and feel throughour five senses. if our frequencyor consciousness was higher we could be in the poleand not feel cold.

if you are in unconditional love ...look at the lamaswhen they climb a mountain, they test themselves in the snowwith just a towel, and they do exercisesto change their frequency and spiritual contests to seewho can wet the towel with the sweat from the heatgenerated by the polar cold. you can be in the midstof tremendous heat but not sweat, not feel it. this training we teachin the zen courses,

how to use the nervous systemto adapt to any circumstance or condition we can be inso that we don't need to suffer. a training to increaseour frequency. we abandon the limitationswe live here in 3d. if the time comesthe true people, while the earth transforms,which is very necessary, in the same way we lived itin atlantis when we lived there (most of us), we won't haveto suffer that transformation as a process of physical pain,a physical suffering.

we will embraceunconditional love. love raises our frequency,therefore if the cold is extreme but we're our true selveswe won't suffer. the earth needs to undergothat cold and heat process. however, we inhabitantsof this planet, don't need to live the experienceas a catastrophe. if you're not a personin that level of consciousness, then the earth will swallow youor burn you or freeze you. thus the need for human beingsto realise that time's up!

it's time to wake up,time to realise who we are. time to unleash that incrediblepower inside us beyond the limited experiencethrough our mind. heat, cold... never mind! years ago i had this dream where i was walking in a placethat looked like the north pole or south pole; just remembera vast extension of ice. i was wearing a t-shirt. i adore penguins, must have beenthe south pole...

i was there,shocked that i wasn't cold and wonderingwhat i was doing there. i checked this with my masterand he said: "the future". the future? it'll be cold! how could that happen? how couldwe live a second frozen age? it could happen. the sunis about to give birth to a new planet:it's the way planets originate. where do they originate?from the sun. so the sun is pregnant and it'llcome a day when it gives birth.

it will bear a new planet andwhen it does, what will happen? when the sun gives birthto the new planet, it will be placed in the firstorbit where the planet closer to the sun is now,so that planet will jump to the next orbit and allother planets subsequently. therefore, the earthwill move away from the sun. by moving away it will freeze. what will happento its inhabitants? they won't survive. so whatif they don't? what will happen?

they'll need to leave. where to?planetary evacuation. how will that take place?our siblings, always present, will come to pick us up,will look for us, each will find their ownrelatives, as cosmic families, and we will be driven to the newearth, to a new place in the universe that has beengetting ready for a while. a new planet with two suns,a new paradise where we'll meet with all the peoplein that frequency, vibration of unconditional love.

we will meet again there. people who are notin that frequency, where will they go? to wherever their karmasends them. where they still needto pay their debts. and they'll keep evolving. on earth we're living in a placewe call "true paradise", and we're here on a holidayas part of our evolution. in order to be human beingshere and now, we must have lived

800 millions of yearsto qualify to be here and now. we're privileged to have cometo live the experience of the rising of humanity,who have completed their cycle. whether you remember or not whoyou are, what you're doing here, remember you're living yourparadise and are on holidays in such a beautiful and niceplanet. seen from the outside is the most wonderful thing!planet earth is like a dream. humanity, ever sincethe accident in atlantis and the collision of a meteoragainst the planet,

which made the planet stop:the earth came to a halt and was not rotatingso gravity disappeared and waters and land liftedcausing like a cloud around the planet (the bible calls itthe great flood). our cosmic siblings werein their spaceships out there -being from atlantiswe had hi-tech and spacecrafts- just flying around. those on earth drowned in thewaters and the ones below ground -in the tunnels of atlantisdug with high technology

to communicate insidethe space underground- when the impact occurredthey hit their heads and had a long hypnotic dream.the blow caused them amnesia and then the waters recededand the earth rotated again but, instead of followingthe same rotation it started to turn in the other direction. that's why the bible saysthat when they woke up the sun was rising from the eastand not from the west. when our relatives undergroundresurfaced and their siblings

landed their spacecraftsthey couldn't remember who they were. their siblings were disembarkingand they called them gods! gods are falling from the sky. what happened?they really liked that. so they came downwith arrogance, ego, lust for power...all because their siblings could not rememberwho they were. there's where our amnesia began:ambition, power, ego.

those who still rememberwho they were want to rule this world and to keeptheir siblings asleep so they don't realise whothey truly are. -are they the ones in power?or people in invisible levels who manipulate them?-exactly. those in power or who think arein power are being manipulated from other fourth dimensionso that humanity remains asleep. there's a plan. but we, humanbeings, are waking up in love. together in that frequency we'lltear the whole scheme apart.

what's going on? everythingthey've used to manipulate us up to now is coming apart. with the frequency changethe truth is emerging. -what's going on? i'm not sureif this has to do with control or generating fear or everythinghappening in the world now. all that is going on with trumpin the us, for instance. why don't people in power reachan agreement among themselves? supposedly they want to rule theworld, are any out of control? -when they're out of controlis because they are uneasy,

disoriented, impacted bythe people starting to mobilise. people no longer admitor accept... this story about vaccineswhen it was revealed... they don't believe anything. what's the system doing now?they're faking spirituality, they see humanity iscraving for love and they have introducedtheir own speakers to the spiritual worldin order to seduce, through an artificial vibrationof love, a false light.

they're being manipulatedfrom another fourth dimension to's time to discern! time to wake up and knowwhat's real here, as we said before. it's not a question of beingtold what you want to hear, "you're the reincarnationof such and such entity"... oh, really? i feel so important then. you're praised, applauded,you easily fell for it.

we're really hungry for is time to empower ourselves by waking up from our own truthand finding out who you are. the power to discernwill set us free. hence the need, the urgency,to say: "cosmic family, look us inthe eye; let's listen for real, don't let ourselves be misled." what the system will dois to spread fear. when a true person comes outand tells their truth that's what the system, theestablishment, fears the most.

a person who is in unconditionallove, an awakened person, is feared by the system.and what will they do? they'll spread fear:"careful with that person, might be the head of a sect,might trap you, manipulate you". they'll spread fear,try to discredit you. when someone is really awakenedthey won't care what people say about them,if they get insulted or tagged with the aim to discredit them. a person who's already in thevibration of love fears nothing.

they're willing to surrendertheir lives to help humanity. when someone awakenstheir greatest content is to see how through their work,their service of love, other people wake up or findthemselves through you. there's a problem,it's contagious! - yes! -when you begin to movegroups of people and they move other groups and that puzzle,all those pieces turned upside down on a table,you gather them together first individually and thenin batches, groups of pieces

that assemble...what happens to that puzzle? it all speeds up becausethe larger groups of pieces assemble with other piecesand the puzzle is completed in front of your eyesvery quickly. when you start, it's hardto find pieces that fit among thousands of pieces. but when you'veassembled 600 it's much easier and that's what's happening now.pieces assemble very quickly. humans are integratingin that vibration, that emotion,

throwing passionon their passion coming outand telling their truth. with all ensuing consequences. when you go outand tell your truth and no one understands a thing,they say you're mad, that you're talking nonsense... "why are they listening?let's see. something resonates". sometimes people ask meif i am afraid... of what! afraid of what?i'm such a big mouth.

i'm like a horse thathas bolted, i run amok! why? becauseit's a first-hand experience. i have heightened awareness,i've seen the puzzle completed! i've seen myself completingthe puzzle of my life. i've seen it. i've been giventhe gift of a heightened state of awareness and leftmy body, when i was taken out to see this board game a chess set. i could see all the pieces andmyself in different situations. people who come closeand people who betray me.

people who love meand people who hate me. people who walk awayand people who try to hurt me. as i move forward i seethis wall rising in front of me and i'm told to jump overwith all ensuing consequences. i agree and i jump:it didn't hurt. no big thing! not at all.and i keep going forward and i see the end of the story,i see the game over. great! but i'm told to go backand teach that to the world. i ask howand i'm told not to worry,

not to get stuck in the howbut to just do it. just do it, go forward,don't look back, we're with you. we're backing you up,cheering you up, don't fail. i sometimes get tired,frustrated, angry.. i sometimes cry out:"come pick me up! they don't get me!i can't do it anymore!" then an angel shows upto tell me i'm doing fine and to persevere.they send a small present, a caress, a little something;it's not easy.

cancel. it's easy.piece of cake! the power of words. you keepgoing in spite of the storms. everything passesand there's a time for it. you must push yourself to yourlimits at times and just do it. -how do you see the near future? how do you see the futurein the next 10 to 15 years? or 20 years.-ask my daughter. the future is not written,we are co-creating it today. tomorrow is another today andwe will co-create the future.

that's how it works. timedoes not exist in a linear way but in vertical...-so it will all be as you were saying,there will be changes, planetary transformations.-for sure. -great transformations.-it's necessary. -changes, earthquakes,eruptions... we must see thosefrom a new point of view and begin to vibrate with love.-yes. -begin to awaken so that thosechanges are not dramatic

or make us suffer. -we approach here the topicof parallel realities. i can be in an earthquakeand live it from a state of consciousness that helps meunderstand what's going on. in the same way a mothergives birth in suffering, an internal earthquake,but knows the purpose is to let the baby out of her body.she does that with an effort and with the understandingthat it is necessary for her child to be born.

if you live in drama,in conflict, in fear, you'll bring the experiencethat you fear. if you live thatfrom an understanding you'll know you're protected,that you'll survive, that there is a purpose behind:the awakening of humanity, to love, hold hands, save lives,to explore your divinity thanks to those circumstances. how can you know who you areif you don't go full steam? if there's no greater purposethat forces you to find out

how powerful you are? if you see a great danger likea person trapped under a car who will dieif you don't pull them out, and that person happens to beyour child you are able as a mum to actually lift the car withyour own hands to rescue them. then you'll wonder how you didit, where was all that strength? hadn't you been in thatsituation, you wouldn't know who you are or what strengthyou hide inside. like that couple who told meof their experience on the road

with an enormous truckthat lost control and drove across their way at greatspeed in the motorway. they saw they were goingto crash against it and they both shouted "no",being in consciousness. they went through and foundthemselves to the other side. literally a jump in timeand space. that happened! we can do it in our dreams.a monster wants to eat your head and you say "no"and it disappears. or when i dream of richard gerekissing me...

and i'm his, body and soul! you can see how you can handleyour dreams, and reality in your dreams is real. you're conscious of havingthat power when you dream. likewise, you have the powerhere, in daily life. you have that power beyondwhat your mind can imagine. what if this was a dreamand our dreams were reality? we flip it. let's learn to approachreality in full consciousness

and live it as powerful do good, not to manipulate or be ambitious or recognitionor to grow in ego because that's anti evolution. we're powerful: dependingon what we think, what we say, and how we acta reality is created. humans must be awareof the power of words, of their thoughtsand imagination. if you can imagine it,you can create it. it's as hard to believeand create in a positive way

as it is in a negative one. as a rule of thumb,let's do it in a positive way. we've done already enough ina negative way, autosabotaging. all these years, all our past,all the previous eras. it's time to turn the tables. use those opportunitiesthat render more profit. any circumstance we consider aconflict, a difficult situation (for example donald trump,who's hot news now) just turn it round!

circumstances don't matter,but what we are in them. donald trump offers usthe chance to become an improved versionof ourselves. the situation he's createdis almost a joke. that's why many non-spiritualleaders in the world are turning donald trumpinto a laughingstock, almost a parody; it's a parodyand therefore we must laugh. see that? that's the last straw,that really does it! we laugh, but who arewe laughing at?

at ourselves.-he's our mirror. -we allowed that to was the same with hitler, who murdered all those jewsbecause we let him do it. why didn't we tell him to stop? "we have already learnedthe lesson, leave it there". if we collectively givepermission to world leaders, to those who rule, to do as theyplease, right? then we're being cooperative with whateverthey do. who vote? the people. one day we'll say "no morevotes, no way, we're not going

to your meetings,we won't support you". why not?because we don't feel like it. as a collective,we have the upper hand to benefit humanity. we cannot be a sleeping flockthat go everywhere together. why? because we depend on them?that's what they want, that we are no, no way! -what's your message to thepeople who are watching this? something to help them

...connect, something practicalthat can help them awake from themselves and that can becomprehended by all. -quite often, we haveso many programmes in our brain, such complicated software;we must remove it. we must believe in ourselves. therefore, in the zencourses that we teach for free around the world we sharea tool to empower humans. that tool is an activationof our ability, which we already had in atlantis,before everything happened.

it's the abilityto remember who we are. when the soul awakensby means of that activation, you begin to remember.the mind is soothed, the spirit is comforted,the physical body is calmed, pain vanishes, illness have a tool to own your life and you use your abilityvibrating in unconditional love to access your fourth chakra,the seat of your soul, of your supermemory, where infoabout you and humanity is kept. and you rememberas part of humanity.

if there were problems in yourcountry or city, in the world, you'd use the great abilityof your power from atlantis in order to help peoplewho are suffering or who need to awaken. people who have chosento suffer, to burn or freeze, faint in front of you to giveyou the chance to be yourself. you'll find out who you are. poor people who have chosento starve so that you can get closer and feed them,so that you can become

a superior version of yourself. their gift to usis the chance to do that. whatever happensis not a coincidence, you've chosen to be there. they're waiting for us, waitingfor us to live that moment of glory without any fear. this reminds me of a meditationa student had in barcelona years ago; she left that statewith her eyes wide open, approached me and asked:"what's this teaching

have to do with water?"i asked her why and she told me that during her meditation thefounder of the teaching and i took her out of her bodyand we went to a balcony in the universe and from thereshe could see barcelona and a tall wave hitting the cityand leaving it under water. only the towers of thesagrada familia could be seen. she saw lights coming outof the water so she asked us what they were and we said thosewere the zen students who had learned the teachings,coming out to do their job.

"do you understand now whyyou are learning this?" she cried, and so did i. more than her even as i thenunderstood the importance of having a majority of peoplein the world coming to meet us and do the zen course towake up and regain their power. when those events occurthe impact will be less hard for everyone. thus the callingto wake up, come find us. my master said that in thefuture we would be teaching to groups of 10,000 people.he said "ten thousands" because

up there they don't countbeyond 10,000, they simply say "ten thousands". you'll teach in footballstadiums, enormous places. we were sceptical,15 years ago, you know? no way! if you're around, you'll do it. but he passed away 12 years ago,at the end of a 12-year cycle. when a cycle ends a new onebegins and i wondered what was ahead of us. his 12-year cycle endedon january 29th and from then on

joanna was already giving outinformation. same as that womanwhen joanna had her connection; she was in my officethe next day and gave me exactly the same message.time's up, there's no time. hurry up to where we need to go. probably, in this interviewinformation that needs to spread has generated and will reachthe hearts of... like my master used to say:"are you ready? what if this happens tomorrow?are you ready?"

we must always createa vibration of readiness. what does this mean?not only on a spiritual level but on a pragmatic one.if there was an earthquake, a tsunami, a hurricane,a catastrophe, are you and your house ready?equipped with supplies for a short period of timeto survive? you have a survival kit?enough water? food? warm clothes?can you help others? can you heal someone hurt?

be on that level of readiness. when we vibrate in readinesswe somehow ward off chances. why? when your house,your pantry, are ready, you are unperturbed. somethinghappens, you are ready. if you're not ready,what do you feel? fear. if you're afraid,what will you attract? precisely what you get ready. something happens and wherewill you go? up a mountain. lots of water flooding,you climb up a mountain.

look at animals, they knowbeforehand, they're sensitive. follow them, get ready. we don't say thisfrom a place of fear. what needs to happenwill happen anyway, so at least be ready.if you have the ability to help, you do. give the zentouch to people who faint. a student of mine survivedthe tsunami in sri lanka in 2004 and he told us his experience,how he stayed alive and helped thousands of people who weredrowning, fainting, bruised

under those circumstances.he managed to survive, he lived to tell it;his story is moving. what if this happens tomorrow? have your pantry, house,suitcase, backpack, ready for survival. if you're azen student you won't need much. you won't be cold or hot,you'll use your atomic generators or chakras to produceheat or cold as per needed. if you're a zen studentyou won't need to eat or drink but have some so you can helpthose with no ability

to survive without foodor water. you'll be ready. when someone vibratesin unconditional love, when you help others and amoment comes when you need help then you'll have it. a biker with his helmetwill show up! that person, that angelwho will eventually appear in front of you,or behind a door... just like that, flesh and bone. they'll hold your hand,walk with you, embrace you,

or will take you aboard a shipthat you won't recognise as such and will fly you to whereyou need to go, to a safe place. that will happen. there's another crucialmessage to communicate. in the same way there're beingsof light who come to help, there're others who don't wantyou to have any help. from other dimension,other levels, some will come to deceive you, take youon their ship to be a slave. how will you know? for instance,ascended masters, angels...

if your brother jesuswants to pay a visit he'll sit by your bed and say:"long time no see! we need to take a trip,let's go!" and you go, don't you?you recognise him. but if jesus sits on your bedand says: "hi, i'm jesus". and you're like "really!same one as in the bible?" that's not him. your brotherneeds no introduction. same as with your blood brother,if he was in your room he wouldn't need to remind youhe's your brother.

"are you stupid? i know!" when the moment arrives,your cosmic relatives won't need to say who they are.they'll come and you'll know. you'll know who they are.but if they come and say: "i'm your cosmic sibling" show them the door! don't go aboard that shipwith that person. others will come and recogniseyou and you'll recognise them. however they look.they might take a bus with you and you won't suspectit's a ship.

you think humanity is readyfor a spaceship to land? no. that's why there'll bea transition, a process. there'll be an approach, whichis probably why this message needs to be disseminated. perhaps that's why joannatold me to convey the message. it's time and it's betterto know beforehand. if it happens you'll be like:"see the powell? she was right!" she warned us about where to goand where not to. -how can you be contacted?-in facebook?

-how can people who are watchingthis contact you later? -i am on facebook, on instagram. if you take interesting picturesyou can send them on instagram. if you type my name,suzanne powell, even with typos, you'll find me.i have a blog in my facebook, suzannepowell.blogspot.comwhere i publish all activities and talks, everything i do.i do all for free. thanks to the universei make a living out of the sales of my books, so that i livein 3d and pay my bills,

pay my taxes and have freedomto do everything else i can do. you'll find mein social networks. i also have an and another right now i have like13,000 messages in my inbox. if you can come to the zencourses it's all in the blog. i'll be in mexico, guadalajara,from october 5th onwards and will publicise this online. you can subscribe to my pageand receive updates.

we might need space for 10,000people instead of 1,000. we're also planning a coursein leon guanajuato, which is great news,in april or may. too early to enrol,we're polishing off details. two dates in mexico, then. i'm publishing all coursesaround the globe in the blog. how can you do a coursein your country? write to and we'll forward the protocolto organise a course.

that's it. you know whatidea is in my mind? maybe after the conferencewe can do a collective reset, we all come outside,make a big circle, that's the way i do groupresets, what do you think? -fantastic.-perfect. -thank you very much, i trulyappreciate having talked to you, infinite thanks for thisfrom the heart. -thank you for this chanceto say what i needed to say, i hope it travels far.

-we were here with suzanne,i'm jose luis rueda, see you soon!

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