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moderne wohnzimmer stehlampe

moderne wohnzimmer stehlampe

good day to all. my name is julia sheveleva. i'm an interior designer. in this video, i tell you about four ways how to transform your living room. fashionable colors. the first is working with color. today? the most actual gamma for the interior of the living room are light colors and bedclothes. as the main color you can use: cream, salmon, white, greyish-pistachio shades and their combinations. as accent colors, bright spots can be used.

in 2017, yellow, ocher, red, green and blue are very popular. you can decorate the living room, for example in light colors, combining different shades of pastel colors. for example, gently pink, pale lilac with some olive and terracotta tones. you can add some bright spots to these flowers. it can be a chair or some kind of decor, or a carpet, or decorate with textiles. the color can be decorated with walls, as for painting (this is the most commonly used technique), or use some interesting wallpaper. also, especially relevant in this season of the panel. they can be made from either leather or velor. and will be an active color spot in your interior.

work with light. the next step, with which you can transform the living room - is to work with the light. suppose you have a ready interior and you want to change it a little. the most correct direction will be to take a floor lamp or some large table lamps. this season is very relevant lamps that resemble art objects. it is not necessary that the main function is lighting. the main thing that it looked bright, unusual and was large enough. bright prints. another trend is the use of prints with wild nature and elements of ethnic style.

this tendency, not the first year, keeps its positions. therefore, some decor elements, or wallpaper with elements of wildlife and tropical vegetation, can be used in the interior. or it may be some decorative items brought from travel. a few such items will make the interior more trendy, more interesting. and they will add an interesting note. combinations of different materials. another method is a combination of different materials and a combination of different materials. in one interior it is fashionable to combine different design techniques. leather sofa and textile cushions.

the glass surface of the bedside table and wooden table. now the trend is that in one interior different materials are combined, which are combined in color, style and common solutions. the trend now is that more and more different materials are being used in one product. for example, in one chest of drawers a faã§ade of metal, stone and plastic can be combined. the general trend in interior design goes to the fact that modern style and its varieties are more popular. this is eco design, a direction associated with the scandinavian style. accordingly, all decisions related to the design of the interior, more aimed precisely at this. if we talk about this style and scandinavian design - it's natural colors and natural materials. and as a trend, there are already some additional colors that change every season.

in january of this year we have the same color scale, and in autumn will be given a different color scheme in the interior. of course, you can follow all these trends in design, but remain in their own style and individual solution. so, here are four basic tricks how to transform the living room. create beautiful interiors yourself, or together with us. subscribe to our channel. all bye-bye. until new reviews. content for video - isalone 2017

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