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moderne wohnzimmer vitrine

moderne wohnzimmer vitrine

lost. forgotten. found. in the heart of germany and in the midst of a state bath and spa center ... the most famous lost place of the entire country is located. behind rambling branches and scrub lies a mysterious doctor's villa ... that - within a short period of time - has risen from an insiders' tip to the top venue par excellence. not only in professional circles it is known as ... doctor pain's horror villa

our tour through the villa starts in the basement of the house in the library ... or what's left of it. hundreds of books have been pointlessly torn from the shelves by vandals... and distributed across the entire room. nevertheless, you can still imagine what it must have looked like when hildegard, ... the last resident of the house, was staying in the well-stocked library flipping through the books. but who was this person named hildegard and what do we know about her? she met her future husband, the urologist karl k., at a doctor's visit to her parents' home in 1931, ... when he was looking for a receptionist for his practice in the basement of the villa.

three months later, the employee became his wife. they had a son in 1936, who later worked as a doctor in berlin. there's even talk of a daughter who is supposed to have committed suicide ... but her existence can not be verified. but enough family history for now, let's inspect the urologist's practice a little bit more closely. eye-catcher is the treatment chair ... which is - by now - reminiscent of a prop from a horror movie. this device could also be the infamous laser from the austin powers movies. what was once a fully equipped urological practice ...

is now a mess of tweezers, scissors, syringes, drip trays, bottles, books and folders. in the center of the second treatment room is a patient's bed ... and a medical device that resembles a drip stand. unfortunately, the preserved human organs have disappeared, ... all that remains are memories! in the subsequent filing room the actual condition of the building ... can be experienced in a drastic way! the peeling paint is nothing compared to the half-collapsed ceiling ... and it is just a matter of time until everything collapses entirely!

nothing seems to be straight anymore in the basement of the villa. a letter on the left, a letter on the right and abo becomes laboratory ... and what a splendid example of a laboratory we have here. folders after folders after folders line up nicely, ... sorted alphabetically you can easily find the drugs you need, ... sparkling medical devices are waiting to be used ... and in case of an emergency there are tinctures of every kind imaginable. here's a final quick overview of the medical cabinet and its contents. but let's stop the irony here, what is really impressive are the detailed daily transcripts ...

of patient appointments, treatments and medication use. there's one more room we want to inspect more closely in the basement of the villa: the waiting room. the ceilings are crumbling, the walls damp ... and attacked by black aspergillus also known as black mold. not a single patient wants to sit down in that chair anymore! speaking of chair: on a chair nearby there's an old adler typewriter, model junior 10, ... certainly no letters will be written anymore with this machine. on a chair next to it, the sign of the urologist's practise:dr. med. klaus kraft - no consultation in the afternoon. and finally, on the floor some kind of grave stone as a reminder of the doctor who died in 1988.

cause of death: heart attack or car accident - we do not know exactly. closing of the basement, here's a last glance into the waiting room and beyond ... leaving the basement behind, we're taking the stairs upwards... in contrast to some other stairs in the house, the stairs to the ground floor ... are still very stable and can be used without any danger. once at the top, you look directly at a shoe rack stocked with some particularly beautiful copies. a little shoe polish, some brushing on top - and the shoes are like new. what was modern back in the days, is now yesterday's technology. we move on to the kitchen.

once again, a little cleanup wouldn't hurt here either. cabinets and drawers are open, pans are sorted but not tucked away ... and the waffle maker surely belongs somewhere else as well. the stove is turned off, ... dish liquid for sparkling dishes is ready ... have fun and - above all - success in doing those dishes! we'd better use the rowenta gourmet oven for our cooking today. slowly swinging above the kitchen floor, this kitchen lamp definitiely is from another century. a final look back into the kitchen - it doesn't look too bad after all, does it?

the next room must have been some kind of lounge. although the plaster is crumbling, the wooden doors and beams are rotting away ... you can still recognize the colors that once must have decorated this room. up next is the living room with itssophisticated albeit somewhat battered wooden ceiling. unfortunately, the contents of this beautiful display case have also mostly been torn out ... and spread on the floor in front of the fireplace. we have reached probably the most beautiful room of the villa, ... in which a steinberg grand piano has been placed decoratively. i'm going to leave you alone now for a few moments with the grand piano and the music ...

of course there is also an entrance hall with a coatrack, light summer coats and men's hats. the door in the porch leads into the hallway with a secluded seating area. there are two more staircases leading upwards ... and you can already guess from these images what to expect up there. the further you go up, the more deadbeat the wood is. caution is advised here! the ground has already partially collapsed and is only supported by individual wooden beams. the first room of the upper floor,which we will examine closer, probably was some kind of office once. from there you have direct access to a sunny balcony, by now completely overgrown of course. the stucco work on the ceiling is especially nice in this room ...

and as you can see the colours are more or less preserved. whether an escritoire, a turntable or the last supper, there is much to discover here. unfortunately, the office also shows first dangerous signs ... of the roof collapsing completely at some point. i want to introduce one particularly interesting piece of furniture now: an exercise bike called cyclette by teodoro carnielli. the italian bike manufacturer was supplier of the olympic games in munich in 1972. this is why this cyclette is an important piece in the history of sports. our visit to the urologist's villa ends in the bedroom ...

and it is time to bring the family history to an end. hildegard lived in this house until at least 2006 ... when a serious illness forced the elderly person to move into a nursing home. this move must have happened rather abruptly, many testimonies of her life have been left behind untouched. in 2012 hildegard died in her nursing home. she was 106 years old. peeling paint, crumbling ceilings, ... villa dr. anna l is a lost place. it is uncertain what will happen to the house, supposedly it will not be demolished.

only one thing is certain: the memory ofhildegard kraft hux, as she was called by her full name, ... lives on in her villa ... please do not forget to support my channel ... by simply clicking on subscribe! thanks a lot!!! you can find more "the lost place tapes" stuff on facebook ... and of course on instagram.

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