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moderne wohnzimmer wanduhren

moderne wohnzimmer wanduhren

scp-2935 "o, death" object class: keter item #: scp-2935 object class: keter special containment procedures: the entranceof scp-2935 has been sealed with concrete, and access to scp-2935 is forbidden. description: scp-2935 is a space-time anomalyexisting within a limestone cave beneath a cemetery near joppa, indiana. the cemetery,whose last interred individual died in 1908, was discovered by foundation personnel afterradio signals were discovered emanating from scp-2935 (see addendum 2935.1 below).

the scp-2935 anomaly is a nearly exact replicatereality of modern earth in the year 2016, with the primary exception being that alllife, including both biological and non-biological, as well as any sentient entities, machines,computers and other "life-like" phenomena, within scp-2935 ended on april 20th, 2016. information gathered by the mobile task forcewho initially entered scp-2935 for reconnaissance purposes points to the conclusion that alllifeforms within scp-2935 suddenly and without warning expired sometime between the hoursof 0300-0400 est. the reason for this is currently uncertain. addendum 2935.1: discovery

on april 28th, 2016 at roughly 0500 est, aradio signal was detected by communications personnel at site-81 near bloomington, indiana.this signal, though distorted and unintelligible, was traced to the unincorporated area of joppa,indiana near us interstate 70. site-81 personnel in indianapolis were dispatched to determinethe source of the signal as per foundation policy, and discovered scp-2935 during theirexamination of the area. upon initial entry into scp-29351, the aforementionedpersonnel were uncertain that they had actually discovered an anomaly, instead believing theirdrone had exited the other side of the cave. this was quickly corrected during observationof the surrounding area, and upon picking up the undistorted radio broadcast they hadbeen searching for. the broadcast, which appeared

to have been repeating on a loop since april20th, was an automated message originating from site-81 within the scp-2935 reality.the full transcription of the message is as follows: this is an automated emergency broadcast fromthe scp foundation and your national government. one or more of our sites is experiencing acommunication breakdown, likely due to a containment breach of unknown magnitude. all citizensare ordered to stay in their homes as containment teams work to secure the breach. this messagewill broadcast from april 20th, 2016 until— (message cuts out suddenly and then repeats) afterwards, the site-81 personnel contactedsite command. mobile task force epsilon-13

"manifest destiny" was immediately assignedto examination and exploration of scp-2935. addendum 2935.2: exploration of scp-2935 exploration of scp-2935 by mtf epsilon-13took place over four separate missions, three manned and one unmanned. during these missions,several artifacts and pieces of information were recovered, and a full list with descriptionsis available in addendum 2935.3. exploratory mission 2935.1, codename: gauntlet mission abstract: to survey and collect informationand samples from the area directly surrounding the scp-2935 insertion point. assigned task force: mobile task force epsilon-13"manifest destiny" (4 members)

additional information: the following is atranscript of audio and video recordings captured by mtf e-13, who were tasked with surveyingscp-2935 immediately after its discovery. the four-man team, led by agent juno, spentjust over one hour during the preliminary assessment of the anomaly. [begin log] juno: mics on. devon: check. kael: check. underwood: check.

juno: command? command: we hear you. confirm that all agentsare at the insertion point. juno: confirmed. command: alright. proceed with insertion.don't take any chances in there, we have no idea what you're going to see. juno: understood, moving in. mtf e-13 team enters scp-2935. travel throughthe cave system takes roughly fifteen minutes, after which the team emerges on the oppositeside of scp-2935. after cameras adjust to sunlight, the surrounding landscape is visible.

underwood: christ. kael: yeah, holy shit. command: confirm what we're seeing here, lead. juno: yeah, uh… looks like a total lackof living vegetation. trees, grasses, everything looks dead. command: temperature readings coming in at24c. sound right? juno: affirmative. it's pretty pleasant. cloudy,but not a lot of wind. command: understood. go ahead and proceed,team. look for any housing. devon: is this the area we just left?

command: we're trying to confirm that. canyou identify anything nearby? kael: if we go up this ridge, there shouldbe a road there, the one we came in on. juno: let's head that way. team moves up nearby ridge. juno: yep. that's the road. command, hardto say for certain yet, but preliminary observation points to this being the same locality asour side of the cave. command: understood. proceed with caution. juno: understood. team moves north on the nearby road. afterroughly two kilometers of travel, team encounters

a farmhouse. two cars sit outside. juno: command, there's a house over here.going to go check it out. command: understood. team lead, have underwoodset up the broadcast relay you've got. we want to try and respond to that signal. underwood: got that, command. i'll set itup now. juno: alright. let's move in. team moves to the front door of the farmhouse.the door is unlocked. front parlor is vacant, and agent kael confirms that power still workswithin the structure. agents move for the kitchen.

devon: jesus christ, what— three adult corpses, two female and one male,are seated at a table within the kitchen. a fourth corpse, a male child, lays nearby. juno: command, you can see this? command: we can. can you confirm life signson any of those individuals? juno: i can… the adult male is dead… andthe female to his right… and to his left… and the child… also dead. this had to bepretty recent, no signs of decomp. kael: this is pretty fucked up. devon: there's a newspaper on the table. april19th, 2016. hendricks county flyer. command,

can you confirm the headline? command: one moment, team. kael: dinner, look. chicken, mashed potatoes,green beans. command: confirming that headline. it's accuratewith that newspaper on that date. devon: what the fuck. kael: it's stale, but there's no— devon: wall clock says the date is april 28th,2016. that's today. same time, too, 0945. same as my time. how long have they been here? kael: boss, look. the food.

juno: what about it? kael: it's covered in dust. they— they aretoo. they've been here for a while. but the food, it's all stale, but it's not rotten.that chicken should've been covered in mold by now, but there's nothing. see? even thepotatoes. juno: yeah, i see it. command: team, we want to get some samples.some of that food, samples from the individuals in the room. hair, skin, fluids, if you canget them. any electronics in the room? devon: there's a laptop on a desk in the nextroom. a smartphone in that woman's pocket, let me… yeah, battery is dead.

command: collect it, see if there's anythingelse of note nearby, and get back outside. we don't want to keep you over there for toolong until we know more about that environment. agent kael collects biological samples fromthe corpses, as well as from the food on the table. agent juno surveys the rest of thehome. agent devon moves to the living room and turns on a television. devon: tv works. just flipping around, there'snot a whole lot other than test signals… fuck me, shit, boss, come here. juno: what've you got? devon: i think it's… the home shopping network.look.

television shows the set of the home shoppingnetwork. two individuals are on screen, one laying near an empty chair and the other facingthe camera directly. neither individual is moving. backdrop has been burned. automaticfire suppression system seems to have been triggered, and red emergency lights flashoffscreen. marquee at the bottom of the screen scrolls as usual. date reads "april 28th,2016". juno: alright. yeah, let's get out of here.kael, come on. we're moving. team leaves the house and rendezvous withagent underwood, who is finishing setting up the broadcast relay. after an additional15 minutes, mtf e-13 returns to scp-2935 insertion point. before returning, agent kael collectssamples of nearby vegetation for study.

devon: you know what i just realized, boss? juno: what's that? devon: it's summer in the mid-west. do youfeel like anything is missing? juno: what do you mean? devon: listen. there's nothing. no birds,no insects, no car noise, nothing. just the wind. it's so goddamn quiet. [end log] note: at the conclusion of this mission, teamreturned to the scp-2935 access point. however, team was then given instructions to stay withinscp-2935 and establish a forward camp, and

await additional members of mtf e-13. exploratory mission 2935.2, codename: overland mission abstract: to gain access to a foundationsite (site-81) and attempt to retrieve information from the foundation server therein, and establisha forward camp there. assigned task force: mobile task force epsilon-13"manifest destiny" (16 members) by mtf e-13. the sixteen-man recovery team,led by agents juno and roy, were given instructions to commandeer functional vehicles within scp-2935and reach site-81. extraneous or non-pertinent dialogue has been removed. for full records,please contact the site-81 administration. extraneous dialogue removed. team locatesseveral vehicles and begins to move south

towards site-81. main roadways are navigabledue to few vehicles being on them at the time of the aforementioned total death of all lifeformswithin scp-2935. several fires are visible from the highway, including three downed jetliners.examination of crash sites show a recurring theme: all inhabitants seemed to lose consciousnessat the same time. as a result of this, there are also few vehicle-on-vehicle collisions,as most of the vehicles stopped simultaneously. upon reaching bloomington, mtf e-13 splitinto two separate teams, one (led by agent roy) which would move directly to site-81,and another (led by agent juno) which would attempt to access the off-site "deep storage"server bank. for the purposes of this log, agent juno's team's logs are omitted. informationgathered from their excursion can be found

in addendum 2935.3. agent roy's team approaches site-81 main accesspoint beneath the lake monroe reservoir dam. access elevator is confirmed as operational,and the team descends to the entry level. olmann: roy. roy: yeah? olmann: i was wondering, i know you guys wereon assignment, but i think i was on-site on the 19th. roy: i was thinking the same thing. i wason-site that day too. olmann: you think we're in here?

roy: we'll find out soon enough. i spent theentire night in the weapons lab with faust and morocco. it's right inside. daniels: you guys hear that? indigo: hear what? daniels: exactly. shouldn't we be hearinga breach alarm? roy: not necessarily. breach alarms are automated,but only if any of the containment cells trigger it. otherwise, they have to be executed manually. keller: somebody had to have gotten to theoffice, to start the emergency broadcast. roy: it was an automated response. if i hadto wager, it was probably triggered by vital

monitors going flat. indigo: vital monitors can trip the emergencyresponse? roy: not any one by itself. but a lot of themcould. olmann: here we are. team departs elevator. primary access gateof site-81 is visible. all lights continue to function. lockdown status is visually confirmed. roy: keller, get that door open. careful,everyone. agent keller interfaces with access console.lockdown status is rescinded, and the main gate opens. team moves through check-in area.

ali: coast is clear. roy: alright boys. let's check the front officesfirst. head right. team enters site-81 front offices. indigo: we've got bodies over here. roy: yeah, we should expect a lot of that.anybody recognize them? daniels: i mean, they're really dehydrated…but that's desiree clark, and max westminster. john cabin over there… this one is elisawatson. they're all staffed at 81. olmann: and probably working that day, too. roy: anybody know what time they mark offtheir calendars in the office?

straight: not until first shift shows up.8am local? roy: makes sense. last check off is april19th. keller, patch into the system again and try to find out what triggered the emergencybroadcast. olmann, you and indigo go check the break room over there. see if… i don'tknow. ali: boss? roy: sorry. shit. i wasn't expecting this…not like this, anyway. i thought it would be messier. breaches usually are, but thisis… daniels: clean. i mean, they're pretty obviouslycorpses, but they're clean. no blood, slight post-mortem excretions, but it's all driedup at this point. think it was a disease?

roy: let's get some samples. swab surfaces,use indigo's kit to check for microbes. juno's boys found a house without a trace of them,and command wants to know if that's consistent. indigo: be careful not to contaminate anysurfaces you're collecting from. keep your suits on, don't deglove, etcetera. roy: right. let's move, radio in if you findanything. olmann: will do. agents olmann and indigo move to break room.several other corpses are discovered during examination of the area. agent keller interfacesagain with the site-81 control system. agents ali, straight, and daniels leave front officeto collect samples from nearby cafeteria.

keller: got it. roy: what's it say? keller: looks like the system was triggeredat… 0400 hours, during a routine vitals check. apparently there was a malfunction,or rather, the system thought there was a malfunction. all of the vitals transmittershad stopped responding since the last check. roy: that doesn't throw up a breach alarm? keller: no, i don't think so. it would probablyping maintenance first, and then system command, and then… site command? if nobody responded,it would probably trigger a message to 17, and if that went ignored… maybe overwatchcommand. after those all timed out, it dropped

into the automated failsafe, locked down thesite, and began broadcasting for help. then it waited. roy: waited for what? keller: a response from another site. or literallyanybody on staff. i think even level 1s can rescind timeout lockdowns. hypothetical, though,i've never seen it used like that. roy: so nobody came calling. keller: nobody but us, a couple days later. roy: (pauses) what about the aiads? alexandrais patched into this site, isn't she? maybe they're still here.

keller: good point. (pauses while interactingwith terminal) there we go. "alexandra.aic is currently running." that's good. i'll wakeher up. (pauses again) alexandra, can you hear me? (no response) alexandra, this isjames keller. are you awake? roy: try the text interface. keller: (interfaces with terminal again) nothing.it says the program is still running, but no response at all. i'll try… (pauses) huh.nothing from thorn either. they've all gone quiet. roy: that's odd. will us being here wake theother sites up since we rescinded 81's lockdown? keller: assuming they're all in the same lockdownas this one, maybe? no doubt some of them

have protocols that require somebody to beon-site to break a lockdown. i know site-27 does, but they've got a pretty substantialketer wing. of course, we could get to overwatch and unlock them that way, i know they canremotely rescind security measures at all the sites. roy: do you know where overwatch is? keller: no, do you? roy: no. olmann: hey boss, we… we're, uh— roy: where are you, olmann?

indigo: we're in the weapons lab. roy: ah. olmann: we can just collect samples, and lockup after— roy: no, i want to see it. we'll be rightthere. agents roy and keller move to site-81 weaponslab. agents olmann and indigo stand just inside the door. roy: let's have a look. indigo: boss, we— roy: it's not me in there. i'm me. you thinki'm worried about what happens inside of an

anomaly? we've all seen all kinds of crazyshit, places that messed with your head or whatever. seeing my own corpse isn't goingto ruin my day. team enters weapons lab. agents morocco andfaust are laying near a lab bench. the corpse of dr. rodgers is collapsed near the doorto the firing range. room is otherwise empty, though covered in dust. roy: where is it? agent olmann leads team to the door to thefiring range. inside the range is empty, except for a single corpse at the far end of theroom laying on the floor. indigo: we've collected samples, and i gota chance to look at a few under a scope. 100%

cell death in every single one. we'll haveto get these back to bio in order to do a more thorough investigation, but i've neverseen anything like it. roy: yeah we will. agent roy pauses over the corpse of agentroy. he reaches down and turns the corpse over, revealing the firearm that agent royhad been testing. indigo: they're… obviously not rotten, oranything. you can barely even smell them. none of the biological processes that breakdown a body after death seem to have kicked in, because… well, somewhere along the linethere stopped being biological processes. they're just dried out now.

roy: i see that. (pauses) i remember this.i was only testing this for a little while. they'll be able to find it on security footage,nail down what time this all happened. see if it's consistent with… everything else. olmann: right. roy: ok, so. we should probably check on oursenior staff. i think dr. aktus likes to get to bed by nine, so he'll probably be in hisquarters. straight: we're already there. he's gone.the rest of them are, too. dr. hamilton, dr. love, dr. karston. dr. mann was out in thehall, i think he was in town for that seminar on the 19th. they're just like the rest ofthem. totally undisturbed, otherwise.

roy: saves us that trip, i guess. keller,get into that terminal, see if we can access the containment wings. i want to make surethere's nothing in there that… i mean, nothing that can get out, i guess. keller: can do. agent keller moves to a nearby terminal. agentindigo collects samples from the corpse of agent roy. elsewhere, agents straight, aliand daniels examine the corpses of the site-81 senior staff, collecting samples as necessaryand taking artifacts for local observation. ali: you guys get the feeling we're gettingmind-wiped after we get back from this? daniels: why?

ali: this has to be a huge breach of informationalsecurity, right? i mean, hell, i could go look in aktus' sock drawer and tell you whetherhe prefers boxers or briefs. who knows what else we could get into, accidentally or otherwise. roy: senior staff doesn't have as much functionalknowledge of the skips at their site, believe it or not. the important stuff is locked downon the network, and the really important stuff is kept on vinyl somewhere. regardless, youdon't need to go snooping through his journal or anything. (pauses) actually, i take thatback. if you come across a journal, pick it up. wouldn't hurt. ali: amnestics hurt.

straight: you won't know either way. keller: i'm in, boss. looks like… everythingshould be clear, though we'll have to access a handful manually, i can't open them up fromhere. should be pretty straight forward. and… keller: sort of… i'm not sure what i'm lookingat. it's an encrypted security warning, but it wasn't triggered automatically. somebodywould've had to put it here. roy: when was it posted? keller: about three days ago. so definitelyafter our projected date. could very well be a glitch or something, but… roy: but?

keller: it's not likely. these kind of thingsdon't just show up. too many failsafes, the system won't throw up an encrypted messageunless it's absolutely necessary. roy: or somebody put it there. keller: (pauses. video and audio recordingequipment cuts out briefly.) roy: right? keller: right. roy: log it, transmit it back to juno's team.have them relay it local-side. see what they can make of it. keller: sure. (pauses) just received a messagefrom them. looks like they've finished up.

says they're going to roll our way here ina bit. roy: alright. let's head downstairs, then.see what the skips have been up to. team assembles outside of staff dormitories.team moves to lower-level access elevator. team arrives at first containment level. roy: wits about you, boys. olmann: i feel like somebody is watching us. daniels: i feel it too. doesn't feel right. straight: there's something else in here. roy: it's just the seven of us. get your headsstraight. let's move.

team begins to check safe class containmentcells. indigo: scp-2151. that big fleshy thing. roy: get that door open. agents open the door. straight: there. in the corner. olmann: is it moving? it looks like it's moving. roy: it's just the fucking light. look. it'sall dried out. agent indigo examines scp-2151-1a. indigo: yeah, this one is gone. check thatchamber, the rings should be in there.

daniels: they're in here. they're all tarnished,though. this one is rusted through. roy: bag em. let's move on. what's next? keller: that displacement chamber is at theend of the hall, we could check that next. the ghost girl is in there. roy: let's see. straight: wait, this cell is lit up too. doesn'thave a designation tag on it. ali: fuck, can you smell that? is it comingfrom this room? daniels: smells like death. god, that's strong. roy: can you get that door open, keller?

keller: hang on… err, it's acting up. ithink it's jammed. probably a malfunction. daniels: open the window, it's not jammed— ali: (open window) oh fuck, that one's decomposed. straight: christ alive, you're right. whyis it so much different? who is that? ali: they've got on a jacket, hang on… oh,man. keller, that's you. keller: you're sure? ali: agent number 1703, yeah. the name badgeis, uh… covered… but you can see the id number on the other sleeve, see? the fuckhappened to you? keller: i'm… actually not sure. i definitelywasn't on-site on the 19th or 20th.

straight: that's really weird. roy: (pauses) we'll come back to it. let'skeep going. team moves down to scp-2996's containmentcell. straight: isn't this that skip that— daniels: yep. straight: did they ever get that resolved? daniels: no, not as far as i know. agent straight opens the chamber door. indigo: fuck.

roy: is the displacement chamber still functional? keller: looks like it. ali: so what's that all over the inside ofthe chamber? indigo: if i had to guess, i'd say that'sthe ghost girl. daniels: did she explode? indigo: maybe had an adverse reaction to dyingtwice. roy: can we get the chamber open? keller: i'd advise against it. our suits aren'trated for whatever is in there. you should see the monstrosities they have to wear whenthey go in to clean this thing.

roy: fair enough. let's keep looking. team continues to check containment cells,all with similar results. all biological anomalous entities are confirmed to have perished, whilenon-biological artifacts or entities had become inert. this continues for an additional hour. indigo: something just occurred to me, boss. indigo: did you get that memo a few monthsago? about them moving that skip to 19? roy: the lizard? yeah, i was assigned to thatjob. indigo: it passed through 81 on the way there? roy: it did. was only here a few days.

ali: wait, what lizard? indigo: which days? roy: (pauses) downstairs. come on. team moves to lowest containment level. agentkeller rescinds lockdown status on containment wing. most cells are rated for euclid andketer-class entities, but are empty. olmann: they moved the lizard here, and didn'ttell site staff? roy: only essential personnel. staff tendsto get nervous. straight: wonder why. roy: quiet. it'd be just around this corner—there.

team faces a containment cell. green indicatorlight is lit, indicating that the containment cell is active. roy: get the door, keller. ali: hey boss, hang on. if we open that door,and it's still… you know. the way it usually is, then— roy: we're fucked. i know. (motions to keller) agent keller opens security door. team enterscontainment cell. within the cell is a large steel container. a tank of acid sits abovethe tank, as do several other containment-oriented machines.

roy: there's a door over here. straight: roy, we— agent roy opens the door to the container. indigo: i— ali: how? daniels: is— the corpse of scp-682 is visible within thechamber. entity displays no signs of life. straight: that's impossible. that's fuckingimpossible. there's no way. agent indigo approaches the corpse and proceedsto examine it. after a short time, he steps

back. indigo: yeah. it's dead. team remains silent for a moment. agent aliruns his hands across his head. roy: you know, i'm suddenly feeling weirdabout this place too, boys. let's get top-side. indigo: do you want me to collect some samples? roy: it can wait. team returns to the surface. little is discussedon the way. team rendezvous with agent juno's acquisition team. both teams dispatch automateddrones to the scp-2935 access site with collected artifacts and information for local analysis.

exploratory mission 2935.3, codename: nineteen mission abstract: to travel to and ascertainthe condition of site-19 within scp-2935. to extend their mission within scp-2935 andtravel to site-19. due to a technical issue with the recordingequipment issued to the mtf e-13 team, all but one recorder failed to transmit to thebroadcast relay. the remaining recorder, belonging to agent keller, continued to intermittentlytransmit audio only during the entire duration of the six day expedition. after the firstday, command was able to relay with agent keller and inform him of the state of thetransmitters. it is believed that agent keller received this message, although not certain,as agent keller made no attempts during the

mission to attempt to repair the transmitters.the following are excerpts of agent keller's audio transmissions. keller: southwest of here. keller: hang on. keller: there we go. keller: there are a lot of system messagesin here. looks like a lot of sites were trying to automatically contact 19 for assistance.i think… some of these sites i haven't even heard of. that one might even be— keller: same as the transmitters at 81.

keller: yeah, but this one doesn't do an hourlycheck. just pings them all every few seconds. keller: 0113 hours, so that would be 0313est. that fits in our projected timetable. keller: power failure. there's nobody downthere to change the fuel cells, so it'll probably just shred them and wait for new ones. nolights until then. keller: not the right kind of engineer, sorry. keller: should be one down the hall. keller: yeah, he's dead. (pauses) i assumesince i'm still standing here, it's not working anymore. all you have to do is touch it. keller: bag it. throw a sticker on it, letthem know the amulet won't do anything to

them. keller: door's up. (pauses) i think that usedto be dr. cimmerian. (overhears agent straight say "that was a bad place to stand") understatementof the year. keller: i'm having trouble getting— ourconnection isn't great down here. keller: broken. just like the mask was earlier. keller: (laughs) no, you can blink. it's fine. keller: (talking to self) hello… scp-079.are you awake? (pauses) nothing. that answers that. keller: what were you expecting?

keller: drone's here. i'm going to go sendit back to the access point. it'll just be a minute. keller: (several minutes of agent keller quicklytyping at a keyboard. unlike previous transmissions, no other individuals can be heard in the background.) keller: just checking to see if there wereany other messages we should know about. (pauses) no, nothing out of the ordinary. we're goodto push on. keller: at least you looked good. mann wasface-down at the bottom of a flight of stairs. keller: they're all dead. every single oneof them. how haven't you figured this out yet? we're not on a goddamn recovery mission.we're not here to rescue anyone. there's nobody

to rescue. our evidence indicates that everyone,(pauses) no, everyone, everyone is dead. everyone and everything. 100% of foundation sites reportingthe same transmitter malfunction. 100% of foundation sites in lockdown. not just here,all over the world. there's no bunker they could've gotten to, no— because it was everybody! keller: but this isn't our reality. it's somebodyelse's. ours is… is fine. nothing happened to ours. keller: that's the power core ejecting thespent fuel rods. lights out. keller: it must have triggered an emergencybreach protocol, i can't— keller: the door is locked, juno. i can'tjust magic it open.

keller: i'm sorry. i'll try to get somethingout. keller: hey command, this is keller. the,uh… the on-site nuke at 19 got tripped. we're locked in down here, and… kael wantsyou to tell anita that he loves her, and daniels has family in florida, just let them knowhe's alright. that you're going to be alright. roy has kids, he says… you get it. keller: no. just means the loudspeaker lostpower. keller: we're done. keller: i'm— (transmission cuts out suddenly) exploratory mission 2935.4, codename: emptiness

mission abstract: to utilize an automateddrone to assess the situation of the scp-2935 reality at large, as well as recon with themtf e-13 team at site-19 assigned task force: n/a (1 automated drone) additional information: the following is atranscription of the audio and video recorded by an automated foundation drone (skf-1951)launched by site-81 personnel at the scp-2935 access point. the planned mission was to usethe drone to gather information about scp-2935, as well as contact mtf e-13 and retrieve artifactsand data collected by the team. drone moves from access point onto nearbyroad, which it uses as a runway for takeoff. drone ascends to an altitude of 3km. fromthis height, the surrounding area is clearly

visible. the entire region is completely devoidof all forms of biological life. many trees have collapsed, likely due to high winds,and large drifts of sand and dirt are beginning to form along roadways and houses. to thewest, a storm system is forming, moving east. the drone turns east towards indianapolis. as previously confirmed by mtf e-13, us hw70 is mostly empty of vehicle traffic, save for the occasional semi trailer. several largefires have broken out across the dried vegetation and buildings in nearby towns. in the distance,the indianapolis international airport is visible, with several other large fires nearby,likely due to downed planes. a large pillar of smoke obscures the camera briefly, andafter passing it is confirmed to have originated

from a downed southwest airlines 737 jetliner. on approach to indianapolis, the city appearsrelatively unscathed. several small fires appear to have broken out, but have eitherburned out or been put out by rain. one apartment building on the near west-side appears tohave collapsed, but most other structures remain intact. drone turns north towards site-19. passingover the central-north of indiana reveals much of the same; dead vegetation, dirt andsand drifts, and the corpses of animals and livestock at area farms. occasionally a humancorpse is visible, though many likely remain within their homes.

camera cuts out. command is unable to reestablishlink with drone, although this is not unexpected. drone continues to fly autonomously towardssite-19, with the communications likely disrupted by the storm. video link reestablished. drone now in themiddle of thunderstorm. off heading slightly. lightning strikes nearby, and camera cutsout again. after half an hour, video link is reestablished.drone begins to descend. gps determines that drone is nearing site-19, roughly 35km nwof lansing, mi. to the far northwest, a large fire is visible. below, another jetliner isvisible, having crashed into spartan stadium at michigan state university. a fire burnson the red cedar river, just north of the

university. drone begins final descent, closing in onthe site-19 compound. after clearing credentials with site-19, the drone lands on the ne airstrip,near the staff dormitory access building. the drone then transmits its coordinates tothe mtf e-13 team, deploys solar panels, and powers down. five hours pass. drone is activated by agentkeller, who proceeds to load a parcel of collected artifacts into the underside of the drone.agent keller's radio is heard receiving communications from his team, although the messages are unintelligible.lastly, agent keller loads the drone with a large amount of recovered data from a recoveryteam hard drive.

agent keller then crouches in front of primaryobservation camera. the agent reaches forward to clean the camera off with the back of aglove, and then stares into the camera. keller: i don't have any answers. i don'tthink there are any. i'll do this one thing, and hope that fixes it. (pauses) seal it shut.you've got to lock it in here with us. i'm sorry. agent steps away from drone and returns toaccess building. ten minutes later, drone departs for scp-2935 access point. roughly two hours into flight, drone detectsa large explosion in the direction of site-19. mushroom cloud indicative of an on-site nucleardevice being detonated is visible on the horizon.

return trip otherwise uneventful. drone recoveredon local side of scp-2935 without further incident. artifacts and data moved to site-81for investigation. addendum 2935.3: recovered data and artifactsfrom mtf e-13 missions note: the following is a list of artifactsrecovered by the mtf e-13 team on its three separate missions into scp-2935. some artifactsomitted, see site-81 research department for a full list of recovered items. for informationabout data recovered from scp-2935, please see the additional section at the end of thisaddendum. artifact acquisitions: artifact recovery site description additionalinformation

sample of various vegetation scp-2935 accesspoint all specimens were severely dried out and confirmed as having no remaining livingcells. n/a several various insect carcasses near scp-2935access point all specimens were dried out a copy of the hendricks county flyer, datedapril 19th, 2016 "gauntlet" house covered in dust, no signs of microbes or other livingbiological material. n/a hair and skin samples from an adult male "gauntlet"house total cell death. n/a hair and skin samples from an adult female"gauntlet" house total cell death. n/a hair and skin samples from a male child "gauntlet"house total cell death. n/a cell phone collected off adult female corpse"gauntlet" house samsung note 5 smartphone

in white last communication sent from phoneon april 19th, 2016, at 2041 hours est. message reads: "are you guys still planning on playingcards tonight? i have steven but he'll probably be asleep soon."various foodstuffs "gauntlet" house dried out and covered in dust, but no evident signsof decay. analysis shows no signs of microbial life throughout any of the recovered fooditems. n/a desk calendar site-81 the desktop calendarsitting at the front office at site-81. last marked-off day is april 19th, 2016. coveredin a fine layer of dust. n/a skin samples collected from various site-81front office staff members site-81 all samples confirmed as experiencing total cell death,no microbial life remaining. n/a

various firearms collected from site-81 firingrange site-81 traces of oils from human hands, but no residual microbial lifeforms n/aflesh sample from scp-2151-1a site-81 flesh sample unresponsive. total cell death confirmedafter further analysis. n/a leatherbound journal belonging to directoraktus site-81 matches director aktus' personal journal to that date. no inconsistent entriesnoted. moved to storage. scp-2151-a and -b site-81 both items are severelycorroded. after further testing, both instances are confirmed to no longer be anomalous. bothinstances moved to storage. skin and hair samples from site-19 staff site-19samples consistent with other previous samples. n/ascp-963 site-19 artifact is inert. instance

of dr. jack bright that the artifact was recoveredfrom was consistent with other corpses found within scp-2935.a smashed wristwatch belonging to dr. darius hemsworth site-19 wristwatch no longer operational.apparently ceased operations at 0313 hours est, after falling to the ground with itsowner. various pieces of concrete and rebar coveredin green and red paint site-19 artifact is inert. the origin of this artifact is uncertain. data acquisitions: data source: an automated emergency responsesignal originating from site-81. led to the discovery of scp-2935.

(message cuts off suddenly) data source: a log of distress pings originatingfrom site-81. 0313 - massive transmitter error, requestingmaintenance 0314 - massive transmitter error, requestingmaintenance 0315 - massive transmitter error, possiblebreach of containment, requesting maintenance 0316 - (to site-81 command) massive transmittererror, please advise 0321 - (to site-81 command) massive transmittererror, please advise 0326 - (to site-81 command) massive transmittererror, beginning lockdown procedures. site will lockdown in 10 minutes

0331 - site will lockdown in 5 minutes 0335 - site will lockdown in 1 minute 0336 - site lockdown complete. please advise. 0400 - (to site-17 command) site experiencingmassive transmitter error. lockdown procedures initiated. please advise. 0500 - (to overwatch command) multiple sitesunresponsive, experiencing massive transmitter error. lockdown procedures initiated. pleaseadvise. data source: site-19 interior and exteriorsecurity camera footage footage shows the exact moment during whichthe scp-2935 event took place. at exactly

0313 hours est, footage shows all membersof site staff on camera, as well as all surrounding flora and fauna outside of site-19, suddenlydying. no other phenomena are evident on this footage. data source: encrypted security warning recoveredfrom site-81. decryption of source revealed a hidden audio log file. transcript of thatfile is below. alright, here we are. my name is… you know,(laughs) it doesn't really matter. i'm on… was… on staff at 81. if you're hearing this,then you've probably got some idea what the deal is here, so i don't need to explain thefoundation to you. but this, everything else… i mean, it's pretty self-evident, isn't it?fuck me… as of my recording this, it is…

2136 hours, est… on april 26th. i've managedto get back into 81, even with this lockdown bullshit that got triggered, and… i guessthis is it. i wish i had an explanation. i… if i didn'tstill bleed, i would think i was dreaming. i've had dreams that i was dreaming, but iwake up and i'm still here. still here… alone… and everyone is gone. they sent me to check this signal they hadpicked up near joppa, just off of 70. quick little exploratory mission, i was the closest.i pop in there and find this… cave… and on the other side is the world i just left,but— but it's this one. this is the world i endedup in. the grass, the birds, things dropping

out of the skies and dark things floatingin the water. people everywhere, lying where they stood. and the silence, god the silence.not even… not even birds, or— or bugs… just wind, and nothing else. i came back to report on what i had seen,and… i don't have any answers. i don't think thereare any. i don't even have the right words to say. this world is different from the onei saw in the cave. people are moved around, the date is different, things are different…because it's my world! this is the one i left! this is— my family is here, and my friends,but now… it's all gone. everything is dead. there'sno evil magic, there's no supernatural stars,

there's no futuristic ray gun or false vacuumdevice or… nothing. none of those things mattered. nothing we did mattered. it's allgone. something… something must have been in thatcave… something must have followed me out of there. needed me to go in there. neededme to bring it out. let it loose. let it do to my world what it did to… to that… maybe it's me. maybe i was the reason. maybei… am death. if it was in there and i brought it back, then i am death. i've got myself… in a containment cell.jammed the goddamned door shut. i'm going to put a bullet between my eyes. everyoneelse is dead. what's one more?

you know, it occurs to me… if you're listeningto this… you're death, too.

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