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moderne wohnzimmer wohnwand

moderne wohnzimmer wohnwand

well, she wanted it in the living room. and he always wanted it in the bedroom. it was far too uncomfortable in the living room. it's just not enough space in the bedroom. i didn't like to stare at our laundry - it's a living room after all. and as our family was about to grow... ...we needed a practical solution fast! with a baby around, you need to wash a lot of clothes.

we just wanted to end all our discussions... ... and we wanted the laundry out of our way. hi, i'm samuel. when we had this problem in our downtown flat here in munich... ... i thought there must be a better solution. i used to live in england. there we had an old-fashioned clothes rack to dry clothes on. it hung from the ceiling and it was on a pulley-system with wheels and ropes. i've put some work on the product and it is now more practical.

now it offers a simple and timeless design for modern interiors. our friends always made comments when they came to our flat. and they said: 'we want one too!' and some friends even said: 'sell it!' so hangbird was born. twit twooo!! hangbird gives you space back. and it dries clothes faster than any other rack. the warm air is always directly below the ceiling.

hangbird can accommodate a lot of laundry, even large items like bedclothes. i've developed a pulley system, so it's easy to pull it up when it's full. and it's safe, especially with children. and of course, it's environmentally friendly. it's much better than the energy-hungry tumble dryer... ... and it saves electricity and money. the wood comes from german forests...

... and it's made in germany. also it was designed so it can be produced... ... by workshops for people with special needs. for them, it's a chance to manufacture a high-quality product. so now hangbird is ready to take off, fully fledged... ... and we are looking for supporters and first customers... ... to help us produce the first series. the frame comes in different sizes... ... and you can choose the colour of the wood...

... and the colour of the ropes. so it becomes an expression of individual style. and our supporters will have a say which colours... ... out of this range we will offer in the future. do yourself a favour!liberate your floor space and give your laundry a treat! please help us to make hangbird fly. thank you very much for your support!

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