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moderne wohnzimmermöbel 2017

moderne wohnzimmermöbel 2017

this bank gives a higher rate of interest than the other banks. today is the last day for accepting deposits. so, the bank is crowded with customers. rainy season, mumbai. father, i'm in the bank. today is the last day of this scheme. -please fill up my form. just for the sake of additional 2% interest, look how many greedy... ...people have gathered here. are you here to give charity? -no, brother.

i'm here to deposit money. how much are you going to deposit? 5 lakhs. -for your son's studies? it's neither for my son nor for his studies. it's for my daughter's marriage. what are the total figures? -15 billion. why are you guys clapping? -with your 5 lakhs, our total... ...deposits have amounted to 15 billion. will i get a reward? -no. just a receipt. -just a receipt? sir, the chairman is on the line. please talk to him.

let me give him this good news. -sure. hello mr. wardhraj. sir, i'm srinivas speaking. from kalbadevi to borivli, all branches of our bank have... ...grossed 15 billion in just 40 days. sir, this is a record. -god bless you! bittu, the collection is 15 billion. we can make a mountain out of this money. that reminds me, there's a twisted road on the moutains... ...between rishiconda and delhi.

it's as curvy as a damsel's waist. on that turning, i have a land of 10 acres. whenever i used to sit there, i felt as if delhi is under my feet. as a child, i would find pleasure sitting over there. if i get the cm's post, then mumbai too will be under my feet. but for that, i need immense power. the power supply is back. and to attain power, i need 10 billion. i'll get it.

you want to keep only 10 billion? i didn't expect this from you. we should take the entire risk and you will take all the benefit! look at your brother! he's a dog! your brother will take the risk of stealing the money. but who will save his life? this is travel murthy. he's the best travel agent in india. he'll make your visa and passport. and you will be out of the country within 24 hours.

your 5 billion will be transferred to your swiss bank account in... ...the next 48 hours. rascal! tell him not to act smart. lala, in a car you will find seats, steering wheel, tyres, etc. but the most important thing that you need is petrol. ..without which, a car is nothing but a metal box. i'm the petrol that you will need. -lala... agreed that there's risk in a bank robbery. but risks are a part of life.

we're best at breaking lockers. we will take its price. and he's best at keeping us away from prison. so, when should we do this job? today is friday. the entire cash will be deposited in the... ...reserve bank on monday morning. sunday night will be best. is there any problem if we do it tonight? is that enough time for you? -it takes time to earn money..

...not to steal it. what happened? today is friday. the money will be deposited in the reserve bank on monday. hire 8 men who are unknown to each other. they shouldn't come to know that you're the master mind. we need 8 new boys for this task. but they should be unknown to each other. make sure nobody finds out that this is my plan.

tomorrow when the bank opens, there shouldn't be any note left. got it? i'm sure there will be tight secrurity. nobody can ruin my plan. nowadays your son has become too arrogant. if you know that, why did you touch the beehive? he's not a bee, but a bison. mother, get me a fried bread. sure. -why not! give him more and make him a glutton.

look at his body. it seems as if he's a hero. he flaunts his body in front of my friends to impress them. nonsense! is your friend some heroine? ravi, wear a shirt when you're home. or else some evil eye will... ...cast its spell on you. he's going on the wrong track. he stays awake all night... ...and sleeps till late in the morning. he'll improve only if he wakes up early. even a cock wakes up early. what does he get?

finally people eat it. what do you want from life? -father, i don't want to live a... ...middle class lifestyle. all i need is one chance and my life will be settled. like common man, i won't buy things that are put up on sale. i won't stand in a queue to buy movie tickets. if i watch a movie, i want the entire row to be empty. that's possible only if you become a hooligan. not just the row, but the entire hall will be empty.

do you think it's easy to earn money? earning money is not a tough job for me. who's that? -the film's hero is saying his dialogues. it can only happen in movies. -what wrong did he say? there are people who can't earn 1 lakh in their entire lifetime. i can earn 50 lakhs in 5 years. forget 5 years. just give me 2 hours. i'll earn around... ...1 lakh rupees. 1 lakh in 2 hours? that's my salary for 4 months.

120 days. and you say that you can earn this amount in 2 hours. right? he can do it. -yeah. he's a smart boy. here's rs.10000. i don't get even rs.100 for shopping. keep quiet. he's taking it to earn more money. he's not going to spend it like you. aunts, finished watching the soap opera?

no, son. we don't have a habit of watching reality shows. i'm sure he'll earn 1 lakh. hey! -yes? -why didn't you reach as yet? my bike is not working. you carry on. -okay. bye. 'the story so far, the boy fights with his father and leaves.' excuse me. i've some urgent work. can you give me a lift? please. -hmm. -thank you. 'that stranger was heading in search of the treasure.' 'both the boy and the stranger moved ahead together."

'let's see what happens next.' oh! a cubic puzzle. do you play it? -where do you want to go? sixer pub. -are you going for a party? you need money to party. i'm a poor man, sir. then why are you going? -it's the ipl season. i'm going for betting. is there any betting business in such a small city? what are you saying, sir! the gross turnover of this pub in a... ...single day is more than the annual budget of this state.

is the police inactive? -you can say so, sir. even if there's a bank robbery, the police wouldn't care. unless someone shakes them up. you're always listening to the radio. let it be. i like listening to the radio. that's it, boss. stop the car. second left, third building. take care of your money. beware of robbers. i'll be alert. anyway, i'm safe in this area. a thief never gives a warning before committing a theft.

come on, sir! there's a warning on the cigarette packet. ...that 'smoking kills.' but i'm different. i first kill the other person... ...without giving a warning. it takes me one week to solve this cubic puzzle. but he solved it in no time. what took you so long? -suri didn't turn up. i was waiting for him. so, i got late. what's the position? -kings xi punjab 192. -oh god!

what's chennai's score? -csk 148 for 4. i hope dhoni's not out. -he's on. 45 runs off 20 balls. then there's no tension. what's the betting rate? 12 for 10. -stop this phone of yours. i've challenged father that i'll get 1 lakh rupees. don't take tension. if dhoni hits one six, you will get 1 lakh. and if he doesn't hit, you will lose only rs.12000. but i have only rs.10000. -don't worry. i'll handle it. i'm laying a bet of rs.12000 on dhoni's sixer.

okay? -yeah. who according to you will win today's match? if everything happens according to me, wouldn't i become a... ...billionaire by now? i don't care whoever wins. go and lay a bet. -hey! what's wrong with him? he had laid a bet of 10 lakhs on dhoni's wicket. but dhoni struck a four and he became a statue. yes! -hey you! did you see that? dhoni hit a sixer.

i'm already clean bowled. hey light house, keep 1 lakh ready. oh no! i've incurred a loss. it's a police raid. -come on, hurry up! how many fingers? -sir, do you want to go to the washroom? why did you hit him? i have a license to run this bar. he's my customer. i won't tolerate this. do you have a search warrant? i have got information. just hold this for a moment.

my hands are itching. now it'll get better. sir, where should we come? -it's the second left, third building... ...from the main road. sir, there's sixer club. if we conduct a raid, we'll get money... ...amounting to the state budget. inform the control room and send the entire staff over here. -yes, sir. give them the address of this place. -okay, sir. what makes your laugh? did i crack a joke? this is a laughter zone that you're laughing.

tell me the reason behind your laughter or else... the address you said just now, second left, third building. i had told the same address to a criminal exactly 1 hour ago. i had told him that betting takes place over here. and the turnover of this pub is more than the annual budget. that's why i was laughing, sir. you mean to say that the informer is a criminal. i'm cent percent sure. -he could be an honest man too. if that would be the case, he would surely give his name and number.

sir, it was an anonymous phone call. okay. i get it. the plan could be of any place. do you know where? the entire police force of our area is gathered at the pub. you have called more forces. sir, there can't be a better chance to conduct a robbery... the bank situated near the control room. how can you be so sure that they were robbers? why did that group leave in such heavy downpour?

there are no weddings in this city today. they didn't have any luggage for a tour. they had monkey caps to hide their faces. there were cutters to cut barbed wires. there was a big tool box to open the locker. and above all... ...there was fear in everyone's eyes. nobody was smiling. and this happens when we're heading to do a risky job.

why should i believe you? -forget it, sir! nobody believes in logic. everyone wants magic. that's why wizards are more famous than scientists. prabhu, let's go. what do you want? -do you have a light? how many are we in all? -around 10 men. that means we'll get less money. that's why after you cut the wire, i'll finish you off. who's out there?

"after midnight, when darkness prevails..." "...a thief comes out in the open." "there an echo on the dark streets..." "thief! thief!" we won't be able to open this locker. we'll surely open it but with its key. the staff should be there in the store room. they're sure to have the keys. did you kill these people? you killed them, isn't it?

answer me. -lower down your voice. they'll get scared. srinivas, it's us. if you don't open this door, we'll knock your house door. now either you open the door or your wife will. thank you. go and open the locker. you killed everyone. so, this was your plan, right? we were 10 in all. but now only two of us are left. i know only one of us will go out alive.

you will kill me, isn't it? i'll kill the crane driver too. flight one calling. they are in the grey innova car. grey innova car. the number is 185. sir, stop the car. it's useless following that car. they're deliberately running away by putting on the lights of that car. the fact is that they could've escaped in darkness. that crane is still moving.

i'm sure the money has been moved by this crane. its engine is still on. it was used to break the wall. a huge truck has passed this way. and the money is loaded on this truck. lala... brother. -the police is following you. the dumping ground lies ahead. park the trailer over there.

the city dumping ground. nobody will have a doubt that there would be billions in that garbage. prabhu, come in. my car wheel is stuck. take a left turn and come here. hurry up! brother, the police is here. lala, i'll call wardharaj. make sure the money is not visible to anybody. if anyone happens to see it, finish him off right there.

i'm coming. hey! who are you? stop! ravi, help me. handle him for a minute, sir. i'll be back in two minutes. to hit an arrow without a thumb and... press the trigger without a finger... not only difficult but impossible too. lala!

take the body to the hospital right now. sir, the money is sure to be somewhere around. one blow and he'll speak out the truth. sir, it's a big amount. you must find it right away. i think you must leave or else you will be charged for murder. leave. -sir, just a minute. you have committed a murder. it's better if you stay away. prabhu.. -sir? -drop ravi at his place. -okay, sir. four police vans dropped him here.

he's sure to be a big criminal. not everyone, who steps out of the police jeep, is a criminal. he can be a v.i.p too. oh really? you think a v.i.p. of yourself! you look like a murderer. go and look into the mirror. i look into the mirror everyday. my mother says i look like a hero. and my father says that i can become the prime minister. it's me who's drinking but he's getting intoxicated.

who put this dumping ground on fire? i didn't put my life at risk for this fire. oh no! my money is burnt! ravi! i won't spare you! sir, what are you doing here? ravi, bittu has escaped from police custody. he killed prabhu and three constables. you are his next target. to save a witness from a criminal, we change his identity, address.

that's what is called a witness relocation program. you will have to stay away from your family for 4-5 months. once bittu gets arrested, you can come back home. that's what my father wanted. isn't it? all i wished for is that you may lead a good life. may you be safe and happy, wherever you may live. your father is not angry. it's just that... -it's not that, sir. actually the bank that was robbed, he had deposited 5 lakhs in it. i'll show him my face only when i earn 5 lakhs in 5 months.

you can send me wherever you want, australia, america or dubai. i'll manage. we're low on budget. we can send you to ahmedabad. ahmedabad! that's not fair! sir, why do you flaunt big titles like witness relocation plan? a criminal who can escape from prison, it's not a big thing for... ...him to reach ahmedabad. i'm sorry, sir. but this plan won't work. it's better if you shoot me instead of bittu.

sir, if you trust me, i have a better plan. follow it. actually this is the first time my photo will appear in newspapers. i should look good. how can an accident photo look good? there's logic in it, sir. i should give a serious look. how can a dead man's face have expressions? you're right, sir. i'll give a dead look. absolutely dead. my father is a simple man. if bittu would beat him up, he would speak the truth.

so, if i'm proven dead, bittu will relax. and my life will be saved, my batchmate sitaram lives in ahmedabad. he's my best friend. i told him you're coming there in search of a job. you will stay with him. don't tell him about bittu. he's a coward. before i could take my revenge, he died. he was a lucky man. acp sitaram's residence, ahmedabad.

by your grace, in all these years of service, i've forgotten how... use this toy. as you know, i'm damn scared of guns. hey you! -yes? -keep the bell in it's place. how did you find out? -by it's tinkling sound, you fool. it makes a sound if shaken. a priest holds the bell like this and a thief holds it in this way. sir, you should've been the principal of the school of thieves... ...instead of a police inspector.

carry on! you have to go to the station at 8:30 to receive someone. it's okay. the train will arrive at 8:30. there's still time left. until then give me some snacks to eat. i have an urgency. where's the washroom? -that way. thank you. who was this guy? -i don't know. 8:45. hold this. i've to reach the railway station. no use, sir. the train has already arrived.

are you the one? -ravi. sitaram. ips. -i know. i'm raja's friend. -i know that, sir. but address? -i found it. coffee? -can i get some right now? get it later. kalpu, i'll talk to you later. this is ravi. he looks like a loafer. go inside and talk on the phone. don't flirt with him.

dad, my choice isn't that bad. my eldest daughter. -she's hot. don't dare to touch her. you will end up burning yourself. her wedding is fixed. my son in law is a pilot. but you can go with her wherever you want. she's my wife, manisha. -hello. the one who walked inside in anger is tanisha. the one you haven't yet met is jigisha. and what's his name? -jignesh.

oh! what a 'sh' family! and that's... -a thief. are you an astrologer? -i can smell it. he stole a perfume bottle. sorry. he has quit robbing. he has a speciality. whenever he commits a theft, he gets caught. shameless man! how dare you touch me! -i'm sorry, madam. i was going to touch your feet. but i missed it.

hello, baldie. don't look here and there. just remove all your valuable stuff. keep your bag down. come on, quickly. india-china are united! when he couldn't earn a penny, he became my headache. daddy! -now who's this little one? i told you, she's the youngest. -jigisha. -yes. how old is she? -8 years 4 months 3 days.

do you intend to have an entire cricket team? have some shame. there's a lady standing here. what are you doing with a lady in the living room? what? oh! well, the bedroom wasn't vacant. i was just joking, brother in law. -i've told you several times not... get such criminals at my place. i was taking him to the police station but my jeep broke down... ...on the way. so, i brought him here. are you hungry, brother? -yes.

would you like to have coffee, thief? -give him a platter of food too. stop showing hospitality to a thief! now go inside. -it's my duty to give our guest coffee. -what has he done? he stole the commissioner's wife's sari. i thrashed him but still he didn't open his mouth. he seems to be stubborn. -and who's this gentleman? this is valmiki. he's ferocious, interrogation specialist... bye, dad. -bye. he's a terror for criminals.

that's enough, brother in law. don't embarrass me. but with you being around, how didn't he open his mouth? i'm helpless. i used all weapons but he's adamant. i would've stolen the sari but his wife had worn it. it's rightly said, "pen is mightier than sword." i was right. he's a big loafer. i wonder what he's going to do next. who eats flowers! why not! don't we eat cauliflower?

don't eat butter or else you will become fat like her. she called my mother fat! oh my! she's so loving. despite being a step mother, she takes... ...such good care of you. i love you. lifebuoy! until there's a boy in my life, i'll have to do with this soap. child, why are you hiding behind the curtain? come out. i'm standing out, dad. take care. beware of hooligans!

but i never come across any. anyways, nobody would see you either. i want to settle down. -for that you need a girl and a job. alright. once i get a girl, then i'll hunt for a job. how will you impress a girl? -don't worry about that. just get me a girl. i'll handle the rest. if i had a girl, wouldn't i keep her for myself? can you impress a girl? -of course. i'm more experienced than you.

what a figure! is that a figure? -let the wind blow. then you will be able to see. she'll blow away with the wind. did you see her teeth sparkle when she smiled? it must be the lightning. uncle, i want to meet her once. you need not go. call her. she'll come to you. ravi. your name...

m.... madhu. right? just now when you smiled, something sparkled. it must've happened because of this wire. look. come here. why has she worn wires on her teeth? she's looking so cute, isn't she? he's gone crazy. forget it! let's get to work. is there any hotel nearby? -near that signal. thanks. go and have a cup of tea over there. now that's what i call 'legerdemain.'

what does your father do? -he does marriages. and your mother... -she died long back. oh! sorry. your step mother... -she tortures me the whole day. anything else? the whole family seems to be crazy. let's have tea. it's raining heavily. so, i thought tea would be a good idea. i'm sure you will enjoy it.

damned rain! why did it stop now? until the bus arrives, we can have tea. there comes the bus. happy journey! at least tell me your name. now will you tell me your name? -madhu. how does she look? she's beautiful. -is she older to you? she looks like a sweet sixteen. -oh!

so you intend to do a child marriage. i don't want to get married so soon. no respectable girl would fall in love with a loafer like you. that's not fair, sir. you're always so negative. i'm praising her... ...and you're speaking nonsense. you're drunk. don't say anything. didn't i praise her by calling her respectable? no respectable girl talks to strangers on a bus stop, both, father and daughter, have gone crazy. he's gone. you get back to your work.

i always see you here. don't you have any work? what should i do? software doesn't offer a good salary. there are hooligans in real estate business. there's isn't enough salary in construction line. if i take up a stupid job, my parents will get me married off. and after two years, i'll end up looking like him. and post five years, i'll look like him. okay. until the bus arrives...

but you always take bus no. 21 for your office. but today i'm going for shopping. i thought she'll call me back. girls don't call boys. they follow them on their own. why are you upset? if the heroine is throwing tantrums, take a new... ..girl, change her get up and extend the story for another 30 episodes. a makeover in my house! how much did you spend on these clothes? only rs.150!

you spent rs.25000 on shopping. no, sir. -then how did you do so much shopping? do you know i'm acp sitaram's relative. he didn't charge him after hearing my name. then what? -he'll pay this bill. that's cheating. she's your girlfriend. why should i spend? down with varadaraj! we want our money back! down with varadaraj! silence! silence!

how many did you deposit? -10 lakhs. i had deposited 50 lakhs. but will this yelling get us our money back? what are you waiting for? here, take this and beat. not just your 10 lakhs, they stole away 1500 crores. why couldn't they stop this theft from taking place? can't you see? are you blind? what is this? an ordinary shirt. and what's that? a police uniform. come forward and ask him.

come forward. next time they'll tear off your uniform. we're trying our best, sir. go and explain it to them in your language. on the night of robbery, two members of bittu gang had... ...violated the signal. an electronic camera has captured their pictures. we have bittu's photo in all the police stations. we've had a press release of this photo. our intention is very clear.

we are going to nab these criminals. instead of hiding in here, you should've accompanied me. if i would come out in the open, you would've hid yourself. murthy... -yes, sir? -send them abroad. prepare their fake passports as soon as possible. it's not so easy to prepare their fake passports. but i'll try my best. first send me their fake names and addresses. first send your details. who will deliver it? hello. -name sattar. height 6 feet.

how will i figure out his height if he is seated. i knew you would ask me. he has a photo of yours. he will find you. he'll give you an envelope. get is safely to me. sattar is here. get ready. one tea at table no. 5. we need backup. he has entered a school. the school is packed with children. he has taken one child as hostage. send backup quickly.

help! -don't act smart with me. let me go from here. if you act smart with me, i'll kill this girl. our officers will be here at any moment. they will talk to you. tell them your demands. till then give us some time. what's the situation? -he has kept a girl as hostage. he's alive. i don't think anybody's dead. how did you do that, sir?

how did he fall? -you shot him. i shot him. -how did you do that, sir? remove your glairs and show me your expressions. do you know shooting? even kids play with guns. set an aim and press the trigger without any fear. if you press the trigger without any fear, you will land behind bars. to destroy bacteria in a toilet, we pour acid not perfume. if a child's life is in danger, you shouldn't waste time in talking...

...with the criminal. instead you should finish off that threat. sir, would you like to say something about this incident? this is called an instant solution. we use phenyl to destroy bacteria in toilets. it kills bacteria and leaves a fragrant odour. hey! what's going on? valmiki, take the body into custody. yes, brother in law. what's this? why are you crying like a small kid?

if you would be there, you would faint. there was blood spread everywhere. without thinking twice, he shot that man. on my way back home, while taking a nap, i dreamt that i was... ...being rewarded a medal from the president. it's a good thing to get a president medal. as my widow, you were accepting the medal on my behalf. forget in my service years, i never fired a gun... ...even during my training years.

never mind. i'll train you how to fire a gun. i bet you can't instigate me to fire a bullet. i'm a believer of non violence. come, let's have a drink. you were abusing him. and now you want to have a drink with him! despite getting thrashed by girls, men don't refuse to get married. do they? this is a similar case. you did the job and gave all credit to brother in law. forget it! -the man you shot, had papers of this travel agent.

because of you, today for the first time brother in law is... ...trying to interrogate a suspect. -oh really? he's quite tensed. have a look. if you find my letterhead in anyone's pocket, you will summon... to the police station! many people visit my office daily to get a passport made. it's your duty to find out who the criminal is. you've been hired to protect people, not to harass them. are you mad? he's yelling on your brother in law and you're...

...standing quietly? he's frustrated. -if i get frustrated, i'll thrash travel murthy's men. go ahead. i won't say a word. -hold this. oh god! i didn't know there's a weapon kept on my desk. what's this noise? hey! what is he doing? why are you beating them? i don't need a reason to beat them up. he's right. -but they are my men. who said these are you men? tell me.

why is he doing this? -frustration, sir. his bike has been stolen. so, he's frustrated about it. will he get his bike back by beating my men? -no. at least... ...he'll get over his frustration. valmiki, what's going on? frustration, sir. nobody's ready to register his complaint. public frustration. then note down his complaint. -but he's thrashing my men. please look into his problem. -that's what i'm doing, sir.

he'll look into the matter, sir. i understood why he's beating them up. this isn't frustration. this is a reaction to an action. this is called... -realization. -you got it! you better be ready for a bad consequence. what, sir? what consequence? think twice before doing anything. while thrashing these men, you broke the entire police station.

hello. -murthy. -yes, sir? did you arrange for the passports? how can i, sir? my letterhead that was found with sattar has... ...worsen matters. i can't do anything. try some other agent. someone's trying to stop me here. who's that person? if someone has become your headache, a balm won't help you. why is this man's photo kept in your office?

do you know him? -i ran away from home after getting him arrested. he's the biggest criminal, who stole 15 billion rupees. and you are his witness? the police of the entire country is trying to arrest you. he shouldn't leave the country at any cost. he wants to stop me. he won't let me escape. why don't you forget this case? sir, it's a matter of my ego. why would he take a risk of holding you back in this country?

it isn't risk. it's a matter of his ego. because of him i've been declared dead. i'll take revenge. i'll get him arrested. nobody can catch hold of me. i'm like sand. the tightier you squeeze me, the faster i'll slip out. even the sand trapped in my fist can't get out of it. call the home minister and make sure nobody harms travel murthy. i want my passport. dgp, don't harass travel murthy.

why are you interrogating travel murthy? let him go. -sir. don't call him for interrogation. -sir. -it's my order. -sir. it was dgp's call. travel murthy seems to be very influential. you can go out of you way to help him. but don't call him at... ...the police station. if we get a proof that murthy is helping bittu, what can dgp do? all i know is that he does yoga in the morning and goes out... ...for an evening walk. i've no idea what he'll do after getting an evidence.

is it an easy job to get an evidence against murthy? it's simple, sir. -how? -madhu works in travel murthy's office. so what? -if we use madhu's card, then along with information... ...regarding bittu's ticket, we can also find out... these ticket will reach bittu. and then we can arrest them. how will you get her card? -for that i need 2 water tanks... bluetooth and 3 days. start the rain.

oh god! run! until we finish our tea, neither will the rain stop nor will the bus come. stop! stop the bus! valmiki... we have stopped the bus. -good. i'll be able to hold it for a maximum of 10 minutes. okay. -why did you stop the bus, sir? it's a police raid. -but why, sir? it's for public safety.

pay attention and follow these steps in such a situation. suppose he's a terrorist. just assume it. -please sit down. if anyone acts smart, i'll explode this bus and escape. everybody throw their mobile phones towards me. i said, throw your phones. shameless people! throw it out, not on him. do you intend to kill the poor terrorist? are we supposed to love thy terrorist?

suppose he's not a terrorist. suppose he's a thief. he'll try to put this bus on fire with a lighter. he'll try to scare everyone with a knife. how will you react in such a situation? brother, what are you doing? first i'll extinguish the fire and then cut his hand off. first put this thing off and then hand it over to the police. let us handle the rest.

the rain will stop. stop the rain! stop the rain! what about my bus? -driver.. -yes, sir? -the commissioner's... ...daughter is standing at the next stop. doesn't she have a car? -it gone for repair. -oh! look, an officer in a red shirt will escort her in the bus. why? doesn't he have a uniform? it's gone to the laundry for washing. as he signals, the bus should move.

brother in law, these people are so ferocious. poor thieves! but still so many thefts take place. i told you, the bus won't come. it's sheer luck. do you believe in luck? i can change your luck. just name it and i'll get it for you. really? -give it a try. okay. -name it. today i don't want to travel by bus.

look, the bus went away. now that is real magic. magic? it was so tough to hold that bus. go on, wish for something else. i want to travel on a bike. bike? it isn't a chocolate that i'll go and buy it in a shop. we have a bike. but tell him not to make any commitment about... ...its color. only rs.10? -i don't have change.

i don't need change either. -what else do you want, priest? give me rs.200. only then i'll give a green signal to your bike. are you a traffic police to give me a green signal? it's not funny. if you don't give my fees, you will land in trouble. trouble's already here. show me your rc book. if you want it back, there's a boy in red shirt standing at the... ...bus stop. give him this bike and come tomorrow. why should i? -there's a bomb planted in this bike. the bike needs to be dismantled.

once we check all the parts, we'll put it in a bag and give it back to him. that's wrong. -why? give him all the parts except the engine. what colored shirt? -red shirt. are you the red shirt boy? auto... let's go to your office. forget rain, let's enjoy a storm. are you happy now? -i hope it rains again. rain? it's not possible.

i've sent the water tanks back. go to her office and search for the water tank. first rain and now storm. what's this? -acid. to melt the grill. and what's that? -welder, to cut the barbed wires. and what's this glass for? -for 3d effect. and what's this for? -to take a tight grip. this is a plastic explosive, isn't it? you're wrong. it's a chewing gum.

now what was that for? -to flaunt style. he's the modern day thief. -absolutely! he's not just a loafer but a thief too. -let's go inside. madhu. did you get any information? -bittu and madhu's tickets are... ...booked for tomorrow's flight to dubai via mumbai. madhu? is she involved in this bank robbery? what nonsense! a girl who can't steal a heart, how will she... ...rob a bank?

that means we should nab travel murthy. we can get the truth out of him. we can't let the fish prey on the poor turtle. come to the point. if we nab travel murthy, we'll lose bittu. correct. let's keep a watch on murthy's office. we'll nab not only bittu, but both of them. -correct. sir, your pizza. -give it to the person who ordered it. bittu! -where's my passport?

just a minute. i've arranged a family for you. your wife is paralyzed. you will get sympathy at the... ...airport security check. 3 o'clock flight to mumbai and from there directly to dubai. here are your tickets. who's my wife? i didn't place any order. madhu, what happened? -what else!

she must be on a strict diet. and that's why she fainted. what are you waiting for? take her to the hospital. what's that? -that's a pizza delivery boy's bike. zoom in. there should be pizza in the box. how come there's a cloth in it? did you get my point? he's bittu, not a delivery boy. where's madhu? -she had fainted. she's being taken to the hospital. who brought his? the pizza delivery boy? -yes.

shit! that was bittu. finally he succeeded in abducting madhu. he's going to board the 3 p.m. flight to mumbai. let's go to the airport. -ravi! ravi! ravi, where are we going? wait. let me sit. stop. why did you stop the car over here? but we have to take the right turn.

after giving the passport, your job is over. now i'll decide where to go. but for dubai... -i can take a flight from bangalore. i'll take a flight from there tonight. what am i supposed to do now? murthy, you should never ask someone else where your destination is. you should be sensible enough. stop! we've to take the right turn. why are you tensed? the police is already keeping a watch on the airport.

i'm sure he won't go to the airport. we have his car number. he can't escape. control room. this is mic three. a black colour mercedes. it's number is 444. trace is quickly. 444 car, heading towards the airport. over and out! he's heading towards the airport. take a u-turn. we'll arrest him. -no, sir. to misguide us, he had sent some of his men in the east... ...direction and some men in the west.

and they robbed the bank easily. i'm sure there's a similar pattern. some will go and the airport, some will move round the chennai... ..highway to misguide us. and he'll escape from the bangalore highway. how can you be so sure? -because i'll meet him right there in... ...a couple of minutes, sir. look, those cars belong to bittu's men. how can you be sure? hey! we're policemen. i just don't understand. despite misguiding them... come the police got so wise? hey ravi! don't break traffic rules. watch ahead! hey! watch ahead, hey! drive properly or else we'll die. why are you hitting that car? this boy had gone mad. hey! silly boy, this is a car, not a plane. oh no! why are you risking our lives?

stop the car for a second. let m get down. i don't want to die so early. ravi! ravi! how dare you try to kill bittu! shoot! come on, shoot! if you have guts, shoot! my brother was alone. you killed him brutally, didn't you? were you under an impression that you and your brother... ...would live for 100 years? bloody thief! your brother died at an age of 25.

you will join him very soon. are you an astrologer to predict my death? today i'll predict your future. you better make your shoulders strong enough to carry the... ...dead bodies of your family members. you can now way reach my family. the girl at your gun point... she's my life. there are 10 bullets in your gun. if you shoot even a single bullet... ...i swear i'll give you a terrible death before you shoot the second.

hey! -everything in this world is destined. likewise one... ...bullet is destined to kill you. and that bullet is in my gun, bittu. i'll destroy you completely. i'll kill her! -don't try to threaten me. if you touch her, i'll send you to hell. go ahead, press the trigger. -are you crazy? he'll kill that girl. please don't interfere, sir. i'm not in a good state of mind. alright. shoot. kill her.

why don't you shoot? i know you can't. i'll kill you. what are you doing! -come on, shoot. he's trying to provoke you. he's very clever. what happened? why are you quiet? don't worry. i'm cleverer than him. if you have guts, kill her. come on, kill her. come on! you're dead! get lost! madhu! we're stuck in the middle of the road. send a car quickly.

my car has burnt into ashes. send the fire brigade too. hurry up! make it fast! those rascals have left me alone on the road. send a car quickly. why did bittu kidnap that girl? -i don't know. are you alright? did you nab bittu? -no, sir. but we've put up check posts in the city. -oh no! are you sure you saw him? you're not safe here anymore, ravi.

we'll have to relocate you again. and that too immediately. where will you send me, sir? gorakhpur or patna? sir, it's a foolish idea to wear a raincoat... protect yourself from tsunami. your ideas too are exaclty the same. use your common sense. when a thief runs, the police follows him. but it's the opposite with me. the thief is after my life. i helped the police and yet i have to run.

the police needs some more time. -how long, sir? i had nabbed him in 15 minutes. but the very next day he ran away from your custody. disgusting! sir, you both are the same. he can kill anybody for the sake of money. and you're saving your job for the sake of salary. ravi! you've no idea how angry i am at this moment.

i'll find him even from hell and shoot all the bullets into his... the very mention of ravindra narayan's name should make his pants wet. if i kill him, you won't get a single part of his body for post mortem. i've decided. now i'll stay here. publish my address in newspapers. that bittu will have to face... how was bittu related to you? there was no relation at all. along with my employee, he kidnapped me too.

then why did you let you go after kidnapping you? i want to talk to my lawyer. you will talk to your lawyer only if you stay alive. what are you doing! -record his statement and take his thumb... ...impression on it after he dies. shall i get him off? -not now. take him off after he dies. he'll die in 3 minutes. -but what if he doesn't die? if he doesn't die, you win the bet. hey! put me down. -it's very easy to get a thumb impression...

...from a corpse. the police did a sting operation to save this girl. oh really? -my husband had installed a hidden camera in her office. camera! -that's how he found out that she was kidnapped. uncle, what are you doing? -this boy is going to die. all for the sake of money. off! on! off! how are you, child? you're happy, aren't you? i would rather say...'re lucky.

it's good that ravi arrived at my office at the right moment. and coincidentally i was present in the office. and you were saved. this is called sheer luck. sir, how's madhu? what happened? is there a problem in your jaw? can i visit madhu? i want the necklace ready by tomorrow. i'll talk to you later. did you meet madhu?

is your jaw paining? can we meet madhu? come. we lost the money as well as lala. i think ravi will finish us off too. with one blow, this screw will throw your fear out of your mind. can you see these numbers? 1. raghu's entire family will die. 2. then he will die. 3. we will leave this country forever.

if you annoy me any further, i'll send you straight to hell. there's no 4 number on my list. because 3 is my lucky number. which number? hey! what's this? you finished the whole plate. nobody ate it. uncle thief stole the snacks along with the bottle. how did you figure out? -the cold bottle made his shirt wet. and the snacks have left oil stains on his clothes. give it to me. -thank you.

if you're so clever, why did you mess with bittu? he's a born goon. and this boy is still under training. so, what's your next plan? very simple, sir. i have three targets. 1. i'll get my parents here for their safety. i didn't mess with him, sir. he messed with me. 2. i've to make up with madhu so that she understands me. 3. i'll finish off bittu. he has become a nuisance for me. but how will you achieve your targets?

generally our generation plans everything. but smart people like me make plans while executing it. so, goal no. 1. mummy! daddy! hello. -have you left? we're going to board the garib rath train in an hour. -good. tell the neighbors to keep an eye on our house. no need. their eyes are always on others homes. father, take a taxi to the station. -it'll be very expensive.

i'll take an auto. -father, stop behaving miserly. take a taxi. -did you keep the ticket? -yes, i've kept it. what if bittu finds out about your plan? now bittu's men will reach my home. they'll knock the door, ask the neighbors. i'm so busy with my household work. i've not time to see what's... ...going on in others homes. by using guns or money, they will get the truth out of them. they're going to board the garib rath train.

one bag, two suitcases and three people. they've left for the station in a taxi. if you put the gun aside, i'll treat you with coffee. father, where have you reached? the station is just a turning away. take a right turn and come straight to ahmedabad. what? ahmedabad? but how? travel in the same taxi. who will pay the taxi fare?

sitaram is a generous man. whom have i to pay now? take us to ahmedabad. just as in a movie's climax, the villian's men hunt for the hero. in the same way, bittu's men will hunt for my family. now this is what is called planning. brother in law, people are scared of knives and daggers. but you are sitting on a bomb. you gave him shelter and you're also treating him with drinks.

hey! now who's next? bittu? no, sir. you forgot the correct series. target no. 2... my dearest madhu! madhu, please! what have i done? why are you angry? madhu! -you were provoking him to kill me. that was just an act put up by me, nothing else. he wouldn't kill you. you trapped me in your fake love. madhu, that's not true. you're mistaken.

i'll beat you up with my sandals. can't you control your tongue? you were ready to sacrifice my life! no.. sir, please have a look. i transformed this old fashioned girl into an item. now everybody flirts with her. hey! i only like you. understood? i want to marry you. i want to have two lovely kids. two naughty boys are fine but if they get a sweet sister...

...our family will be complete. come on! i started wearing jeans for your sake. after marriage my glasses will cause a problem in kissing. so i started wearing lenses. you mean to say you did a favor on me! -why do you always... ...take me wrong? -you always think it's my fault. what do you think, it's my fault? this man will decide who's at fault. tell me, sir. check! check!

while eating, i keep it in my pocket. i think you both were fighting on some issue. i guess. if you don't mind would you please replay your gight? go on fight again. i'll listen carefully. madhu, listen to me. -leave me. -where are you off to? i'll drop you on my bike. alright. but only if the same guy gets the same bike of the same color. but how can i? -go on. get that man here.

do you need my bike to take madam for a round? oh! do you want to go there? the tank is full. if you want, you can take a round of the entire city. excuse me. why did you give your bike to him the other day? that day a policeman threatened me that he'll destroy my bike. so, i handed over the bike out of fear. then why were you smiling? i don't do it purposely. it's just that i have a smiling face. madhu! madhu, please. it wasn't my fault.

madhu! madhu, please listen to me. if it hadn't rained that day, i would neither drink tea with you... ...nor talk to you. the water tanker is here. what are you murmuring? did you cause that fake rain? well... no! not at all! no. how can i... -tell me the truth. oh god! now i understand how that magic happened.

dad! -oh my child! what happened? did anyone tease you? did any boy tease you? -yes, dad. when there were clips on your teeth, did any boy notice you? no. when you used to wear big glasses, did any boy notice you? no. when you would wear dresses made out of curtains, did any... ...boy praise you? no. in fact we should thank him, child. why are you talking to him? who are you?

why are you creating a scene over here? you don't know me well. my husband will tell you how ferocious i am. she attacks with her paws like a cat. but still i love my wife. aunt, can i get some coconut oil? please. -i told him about your paws. so, he asked for some oil. he's scared of you. is it a toy gun? it's real. jerk! don't eat while crying and don't cry while eating. give some to your sister too.

look at her. she's become so thin that a gust of wind will blow her away. you're right. -quiet! aunt! if you sit on the gate that doesn't mean you're safe. wait till i... now why don't you say, i love my wife? come on, say it. -i love my... -shut up! so, who is madhu? -she's my lovely daughter. and you will keep on harassing her, right? no! -no! -treat her as a human being.

if you don't take good care of her, then i will... i'll shoot you. and madhu... i love you. i love you too. sorry. it got fired by mistake. see you later. he escaped. -to nab bittu, we need to release travel murthy. and for that we'll have to send uncle thief behind bars. don't you know who i am? don't you know who you are? if you have a weak memory...

...why don't you put an identity card around your neck? why are you arrested? -for making fake passports. what's wrong in that? it's an art. do they arrest artists too? what have you done? -i was just fulfulling a mother's wish. a mother's wish? -yes. a mother was warning her child not to go out or else... ...gabbar will catch him. the child didn't pay heed and stepped out of the house.

if gabbar wouldn't be standing outside, the child would... ...never believe his mother. i waited for the right time and kidnapped the child. but nowadays nobody appreciates good deeds. his mother got me arrested. she said i kidnapped her child. if you rub a plate against the wall, the latter won't break. tomorrow we'll shift you to the prison. you can wash dishes... ...over there. got it?

inspector. -what is it? i need a plain paper and one dozen pens. for what? -i want to write an autobiography. ...while in prison. were they the only educated ones? am i not? i've earned a phd degree in legerdemain. whose? -gandhi and nehru had written their autobiographies... i will write my autobiography. send the materials. constable, give him a pen and paper.

this great thief wants to pen down his autobiography. sir... -what is it? i need a cup of tea, sir. -is this your home? i'm a regular inmate of this lock up. it's my second home. constable.. -yes, sir? -he'll eat my head. let's go for a round up. carry on, sir. we'll join you in some time. the path is clear. let's get away. what is this? -it's a phone. who was that man? -my wellwisher.

why did he give this phone in style? -he's an ardent fan of rajnikant. hold it. give me a call in the evening. my phone number is there in the phone book. are you sure he'll make calls with that phone? he has got it for free. he's sure to make calls with it. if he makes calls with some other phone, it'll be difficult... trace bittu. ravi is alive. i won't sit peacefully until i kill him.

your hands can't reach ravi's collar. he got rid of life. you can't even touch him. i gave you men, a van, a crane and 2 lakhs. i also provided you with a fake family. moreover i spent lakhs on your passport. i gave a compensation to sattar's family to keep this secret. after doing all this, i got rid of this mess. but you couldn't catch a flight at the airport. i've spent 1.5 crore on you.

here you are. this is wastage of money and a bonus for you. go ahead. have it. what's wrong with him? this dumb and deaf girl is good for nothing. if i would give this task to ravi, he would rob the bank in... ...15 minutes and would be sitting over here. a 25 year old boy has become a nuisance for you. rascal! go and fall at his feet. you're sitting here like a shameless man.

if you praise another guy in front of a husband and wife... would the husband feel? you praised ravi in front of her. i felt the same. do you know what i told her? i told her that i'll kill you. she's a handicap. she's deaf. say sorry. i said, apologize. even if i say sorry, how will she hear me? please save me. save me.

my heart broke. what will i gain by saving you? money! yes. 15 billion. i'll give it to you. please save me. are you talking about the stolen money? -yes. the money is safe. but we saw it burning. but that money had got burnt, isn't it?

no. only the truck was burnt. the money was removed from there. where's the money? tell me or else... bittu, he's dead. i've to make a phone call. perhaps he doesn't use mobile phones. so, i put a transmitter on his shirt. sir, this is travel murthy. i didn't get bail so i ran from the prison.

the situation is tight. it's difficult to send bittu abroad. first of all let me tell you whom you're talking to, murthy. bittu! but varadaraj sir... he's gone out of order. hey! i took such a big risk of escaping from prison. you're a convincing liar. no, sir. i'm speaking the truth. the man who got you arrested and who made you do this phone call. i want to talk to him.

hi, ravindra narayan. bittu here. how are you? i'll tell you a small story. listen up. one day my father was trimming lala's nails. lala got hurt by mistake. i felt bad. because lala was crying in pain. dad told me to get the first aid box. i rushed to the room. seeing my brother bleed, i got tears in my eyes. the next day we got news that my father was murdered.

after that lala never cried again. but nobody knows one fact, not even my brother. that i was the murderer. my dad lost his life because lala 's hand bled. so, beware! your life is in danger. let's see how intelligent you are. come on, it's tea time. what kind of a man are you! he has given you a warning. aren't you scared of him?

i don't care about his warning. i'm not scared of anything. so, what next? -we'll have to remove this tumor named bittu. and i will perform this surgery. he's such a ferocious man. aren't you scared of him? i care a damn about him, uncle. just forget it! even i can kill him. he yells but i don't. that's the difference between us. madhu! uncle, that's madhu, isn't it?

hey! she's so slim. i won't be able to see her even if i wear glasses. uncle, that day she insulted me in a fit of rage. today i'll take a revenge on her. hey madhu... let's go. -madhu! madhu, please stop. please. -leave me. don't behave as if you don't know me. yes, i don't know you. i don't know if your love is true or not.

i don't know whether your name is ravi or not. -hey! what are you saying, madhu! i love you. who are you? -you want to know my background, right? my name is ravi. my father's name is narayan shastri. my mother's name is madhubala. and my younger sister's... is raji. where's sitaram's house? we're searching for it since 3 hours. dad... -madhu, he's my father. what a good timing!

did you hide them somewhere? as soon as your dialogue.. ...ended, the car entered. hey! they are my real parents. hey old man, this guy is a liar. at least you should have some sense. -who is this girl? even a blind man won't believe that he's your father. you don't look like him. he looks like me. mother, don't start. -your fake mother looks very beautiful.

hey! who's she? why is she talking nonsense? keep quiet. -you don't have any dialogue. so keep quiet. if you speak a word any further, i'll break your teeth. keep quiet. i'll explain. why are you pleading in front of them? you got your money, isn't it? money? -she'll put me in trouble. money? -you didn't get your payment? madhu, are you crazy? -look child... my son is cheap but not so cheap to change his parents.

you said it very easily that we're not one family. whether you believe it or not, the truth won't change. listen carefully. he's my son and she's my daughter. if you become my daughter in law, beware of her. she doesn't spare anyone. she's beautiful as well as ferocious. where's sitaram's house? -take a right turn and then go straight. we'll go straight but you behave yourself. i'll get a thrashing at home.

was that your real family? -i feel like giving you a tight slap. liars end up falling in trouble. loafer! -madhu! madhu! wait. wait right here. hold this. -what is this for? this will serve as a paper weight to keep you in one place. please listen to me. madhu, i like you a lot. believe me. i want to marry you.

i'll keep you like a queen. one more important thing. i'm going to do a risky thing. so, add on some weight. madhu, i dream about you the whole day. i dream that we're married and after lot of efforts we have such... ...plump babies. okay? don't shout. please smile. take care of these babies. i'll be right back. okay? bye. she's as thin as a bamboo. how did he fall in love with her? she's zero size. it's the present trend.

she's so arrogant. -she's going to become your sister in law. i'm sure he must've done some mischeif. that's why she was angry. why did you go straight to the bedroom? what will they think about you? my parents are coming over to fix our wedding. over here? -they don't know who the boy is. my father knows. but you will have to handle my step mom. am i crazy to mess with her? don't you know how cruel she is.

first of all i can't handle your insolence. so, just leave. this is not the right time. just go away. come on leave. -what? should i leave? -not in this way. well madhu... don't you know what happened yesterday? trust me, madhu. you don't know my father. if he sees you in this dress, he'll strip me. he'll strip me. what happened, darling? why did you become dumbfound?

actually... please say something. please put on your clothes. i'm choking. what are you doing here? -i'm not here to meet you. i'm here for your daughter. aunt, you're here to fix her marriage, isn't it? i'll give you a good one! -this is a policeman's house. just leave. oh really? who's the groom? is he the one? who? this guy? -he's handsome.

ravi, i've fallen for that lady in a sari. there's a big red signal. she's my future mother in law. call her your step mother in law. -what nonsense! it might create an obstacle in your wedding. after your wedding, i'll elope with her. i want to speak to the groom in private. i like you. i'm so glad to hear this from you. carry on. -did you like me?

you look like a fairy. what's your profession? i'm a thief. -that's why you stole my heart. oh god! i'm in love with her! look at me. look into my eyes and express your feelings. yes. i don't care whether the world accepts our relationship or not... ...but i'll make you mine at this very moment. you jerk! -leave my hand.

are you crazy? you're here to fix your daughter's wedding. but you seem to be busy in flirting with this servant. who servant? he's our future son in law. i look like his son. he's just a servant. that's our future son in law. i don't approve of this marriage. -why? i got married to an old man. so, even she'll get married to an old man. what have you done! you should kiss these rosy cheeks. and you slapped her!

ravi is crazy in madhu's love. if he gets more crazy, he'll go to a mental asylum. although to slap me, at least she touched me. this is my first touch of love. don't park the car. i'm coming in a moment. okay. hi ravi. -welcome, raja. when did you come to ahmedabad? i've just arrived. -i won't let you go so soon. come. no. i'm in a hurry. -have something. i'm getting late for my flight.

what's the matter? it seems to be a family get together. ravi's getting engaged today. okay. congrats ravi. -thank you. i'll take your leave now. as soon as i reach, i'll give you a call. okay, raja. -sir, wait. i'll see him off. sir, what's the status of our case? -this case is getting more... ...complicated day by day. i also had a discussion with the minister. bittu is not an amateur criminal.

be alert, ravi. we need you. okay? okay. sir, where are you going? -i left my phone inside. wait, sir. i know where it must be. i'll get it for you. -okay. uncle, out with the phone. sir... hey ravi! how did this happen? which is ravi's family? come on, move. -where are you taking us?

where are you taking us? leave us. -come on, move. if you tell anybody, i'll kill you. -leave me! let's go. help! brother! come on, hurry up! get in the car. brother! ravi! -brother! -ravi! brother! -ravi! ravi!

dad! i won't spare you! what has happened to him? oh god! ravi! ravi! -you shot my dad! -no. please let me go. leave him. let's take your dad to the hospital. he's alive. take him to the hospital. hurry up! call an ambulance. sir, my dad! -don't worry. he'll be fine. come here. look ravi... -come to the police station.

what! -let me talk to him. ravi, the trigger to the bomb planted in acp's car was in this phone. it's just a formality. they're taking you for interrogation. let's go. -but my dad needs me... i'm there to take care of him. you go. where's ravi? ravi, let's go to the hospital. what happened, sir? -oh he's fine. how's my dad? -i told you, he's fine.

please tell me the truth. -ravi, come. i'll tell you on the way. is he your son in law that you're taking him away? he's a convict. -i'll get him back in an hour's time. this is against the rules. -to hell with the rules! this is my police station. only my orders will be followed. then tell me what to write in the register. write down that i'm taking my son away on my guarantee. is that okay? let's go, son.

raji! your father wants to see you. his blood pressure levels are fluctuating. don't tell him about your arrest. this shock will worsen his condition. had you not taken rs.10000 that night, then today i would... giving tuitions to my students peacefully. your mother would be preparing snacks in the kitchen. your sister would be watching t.v.

that was my true earning, son. it was far better than that 1 lakh rupees of yours. i hope you know the fact that a train running at a speed of... ...60 kmph doesn't halt at any station. then why did you come up with the logic of turning... into rs100000 in 2 hours? no bank can give you such high returns. if that would be the case, then your father wouldn't... in the hospital at an age of 50.

the speed with which money comes in, it goes back with the same speed. whenever i think, i don't find any difference between you and bittu. you wanted 1 lakh rupees and he wanted millions. although there's a difference in numbers, but you both... ...shared the same motive. no, father. -did you feel bad? okay, tell me. you had made a mistake, didn't you? now the same situation is in front of you. what will you do? would you repeat the same mistake?

or would you learn a lesson and choose the right path? what do you expect from me, dad? -once dharamraj had gambled. it had resulted into the famous kurukshetra war. your gamble of rs.10000 has put your life in danger. go and win this war. not for the sake of my 5 lakh rupees... but for every ordinary middle class man who invested his hard... ...earned savings for his daughter's marriage, son's education... ...or to lead a peaceful life after retirement.

that money was meant to fulfill their dreams. go and fight for their right and get 15 billion back. then you can say that your motive is different from that of bittu's. i'll get the money back. the former m.l.a and chairman of co-operative bank varadaraj... ...has been murdered at his farm house. don't worry about this case. i'll get you acquitted from the acp's murder charge. that won't happen. -but why?

because he's not dead. -he isn't dead? you remember what the acp said while entering your house? don't park the car. i'm coming. that means the driver was there in the car. if you say that the acp is dead, then there should've been... ...two dead bodies in the car. how many? -two. how many did you find in the car? -just one. which means the one who died was... -the driver. you know what he told me while walking out of the house?

i spoke to the minister. -varadarajan died yesterday itself. then how did he speak to him? how do you know that varadarajan died? i saw it on the t.v. while leaving the hospital. the former m.l.a and chairman of co-operative bank varadarajan... ... was murdered at his farm house. but how's the acp connected to all this? when we reached the dump yard, i think the acp must've got... ...a hint about the money.

if my doubt is right then i'm sure the acp went to the dumping... ...yard that night itself in search of money. and he must've found the money for sure. when bittu gets released from prison, we all will... ...share the money equally. i assure you bittu won't leave the prison alive. this money will be ours. but he never thought that bittu would escape. bittu must've found out about varadarajan and raja's plan.

so, he killed varadarajan. then why did he spare the acp? i'm sure the acp knows about the money. he's the only person who knows where the money is hidden. that's why bittu has played this game with us. due to this bomb blast, you found out who the villian is. but how did bittu find out that the acp and varadarajan are partners? bittu and i think alike. but right now his thought process is 24 hours ahead than mine.

otherwise my dad wouldn't be in the hospital today. raji wouldn't get kidnapped. and i wouldn't be in the lock up. sir, i won't spare that rascal. i'll chop him into pieces. -but how? "run here! run there! this life is a race." "someone's leading, someone's lagging behind in this race of life." "someone's running after money." "someone's running after love."

"run! run!" oh my! 15 billion! bittu, when will you give my share? right away. he wanted the money but couldn't carry its load. well, this tells us one thing. stealing money is tough but carrying it is tougher. is he dead? call up bittu.

why is he calling at this hour? he's not doing it on his own, but on someone's insistence. get 3 containers and load the entire money in one of it. and... before he can guess which container contains the money... ...load it in the ship and leave the country. what about you? -there's a tutukorian airport in india. it's a strange name, isn't it? sri lanka is just 10 minutes away... ...from that airpot. you take the money by ship and i'll reach there by air.

what about this girl? devyani will take care of her. according to the call trace, his location is near some godown... ...of an industrial area. if he answers the call, we can trace the exact location. we must get there as soon as possible. soon? if we leave now, we'll reach there around midnight. yes. -by the time we get there, he must've left the country. we'll take a helicopter. -helicopter?

who will pay for it? -if bank robbers can use flights and ships... ...can't the police hire a helicopter? who will allow us to enter the airport? there's one man who can do it. -who's that? your son in law. he's a pilot, isn't it? her marriage is already fixed. my son in law is a pilot. but what if he refuses? i'll talk to him. -will you thrash him too? i'll beg of him. if required i'll fall at his feet.

how dare you hit me! i won't spare you! "international airport. ahmedabad." it was not my plan. if you come home, my daughter will... ...give you first aid. neither do i know you, nor your daughter. are you happy now? i had found the best son in law. but you broke her marriage. -oh come on! what does he think of himself? does he own the helicopter? he's just a driver. -that's enough! now shut your mouth!

"ahmedabad highway." "here's the number 1 radio station. radio mirchi at 98.3 f.m. where will we find them in the entire city? industrial areas are few. how will we identify them? only a container can carry such a big amount. but there are three containers on the road. which of these three contains the money? it's very simple, sir. the weight of the money is too much.

it's sure to exert more pressure on the tyres. i think the orange container contains the money. keep an eye on their direction. once we get down, i'll tell you where the money is. but your sister is in their custody. sir, until the money reaches the port, they won't touch my sister. pilot, down. look! a helicopter landed on the road. sir, can you hear me? -yes, ravi. go ahead.

follow the orange container. alright, -which direction is it going? it's going towards east. who's the driver? -dhanush koti. the money ought to be in that container. don't lose its track. how will you stop him from going to the port? leave that to me. hello. -where are you? -in the middle of the road. tell me your exact location.

my bike broke down. i'm standing near st. alphonso school. do me a favor. go and ring the final bell of st. alphonso school. but why? -just do as i say. can you see an orange color container? -yes. the kids are crossing the road. the road is blocked. the truck has stopped. now what is he upto? -he's taking a reverse turn. is he taking a left or right turn? -right turn. that means he's going towards m.g. road.

does any of our friends live in that area? pintu will be there. he's getting his car repaired. i had met him some time ago at mohammed's garage. hello. -listen. who's there in front of you? macho mohammed is standing in front of me. what are you doing? -i'm drinking tea. throw the tea on his face. -are you out of your mind? i said, throw the tea on mohammed's face. how dare you throw tea on my face!

hey! -sir, people are spilling tea on each other. there's a crowd come up. i can't handle it alone. send extra force immediately. is that truck taking a left or right turn? -it's taking a right turn. are you sure? -yes. the next song is dedicated to feroz from nilofer. he's moving in speed. he'll reach the flyover in 10 minutes. and from there he'll go directly to the port. now what?

i'll try to stop him. you're always tuned to radio mirchi. let it be. i like listening to radio mirchi. yes! where are you? -at the studio. give a traffic update that there's a traffic jam on the port flyover. but that road is not blocked. -don't you ever speak lies? here's a traffic update for mirchi listeners. there's heavy traffic on the flyover heading towards the port.

if you take that route, you can be late to reach your destination. now it's time for our next song only on 98.3 f.m. radio mirchi. he's taking a right turn. where are you taking him? i'm taking him to his final destination. the steering is in his hand but it's me who's actually controlling it. take a right. again a right turn. have we reached the port?

he reached the same place where he had stolen the money from. they are the thieves. beat them up! don't spare them. there he is! catch hold of him. beat him up! don't spare him! bittu, the 15 billion you stole, you can't take a single penny along. wait. wait, i'm coming. ravi, where are you going? bittu will be there at the port.

i'll finish him off right there. ravi... ravi, i... take to the port. this isn't an auto. i can't turn it around anywhere. come on, move it. bittu, your man didn't turn up. dhanush koti! i'm coming. how did he reach up there? like this.

i'm coming. -throw it. hey you! have patience. concentrate. great! don't you dare get him down. i'm his fan. he will always be on top. throw it. slow! slow! come on! you can do it! cool! good! very good! very good! give me your hand.

come closer... closer. come on, hurry up! i won't leave your hand. come on, get up. hit me! come on, hit me. you're at loss of breath, right? okay. oh! he's suffering from asthma. do you want to kill me? life is a precious thing. people like us don't fight but talk it out. let's come to the point. we will sit and talk. hey! kill this rascal.

i'm sorry. pardon me. do whatever you like. i'm going. it hurts! if you wanted to talk to me, why did you shoot me? does it hurt badly? -look, let's forget about all this. what? -please let me go. i'll tell you where your sister is. don't tell me. i don't need your information. i'm warning you, don't make me angry. i'm losing my temper.

as the first light of this city will be swtiched on... ...your sister will be killed. alright. get her killed. -are you out of your mind? i'm not lying. -you think you can kill her? go ahead. go ahead. kill her. -hey! that's not fair. i've lost my brother. don't i have the right to show anger? she's your sister. -i don't care. is she your step sister? -no. but i'm a bit eccentric. if i lose my temper, i don't spare my enemy.

you nabbed him. officer, please save me from this man. don't worry. i'm here. save me, officer. this man will kill me. please arrest me. oh no! i forgot to get the handcuffs. the elastic of your underpants will also do. i won't try to escape. what's the use of keeping this garbage in prison, sir? give him clothes, omelette on monday, chicken on wednesday...

he'll enjoy at the expense of the government. -i'm pure vegetarian, sir. don't shoot or else you will land in trouble. i'll land in trouble only if they get his body. the fishes will eat his body. who else will come to know besides us? i don't speak lies. one bullet and two men! that's really unfair. don't worry, sir. i'll find a better groom for your daughter. he's a merciless dog. -whom did you call a dog? nobody can save you from me. -stop, ravi.

you won't get any medal for killing this criminal. leave him. -i don't care. i won't spare him. you're like my son. do as i say. leave him. drop your gun. there are no rules for such criminals. but honest people like... are tied up by rules. calm down, ravi. ravi, bend down. yes! bittu!

now you will get a medal, sir. i don't care whether i get a medal or not but if i wouldn't... ...kill him, he would kill you. that wasn't possible, sir. his gun didn't have a single bullet. that means his gun was... -empty. so you threw an empty gun and put up an act? of course. would i land behind bars by killing him? how can you even think of that? now where are you off to? -to save my sister.

i hope she doesn't harm your sister after hearing the noise... ...of this helicopter. don't worry, sir. she's deaf and dumb. hold this. you might need it. what! raji, it's me. hey! why did you hold my hand instead of that girl? can't you make out any difference between the hand of a... ...young beautiful girl and that of an old man?

why did you slap me? -that's not fair, brother. why did you do this? -come on, i saved your life. why did you come so late? ravi! ravi! don't shoot me. i'm a small and sweet child. but ravi is an idiot. ravi! -did you eat the peanuts or is it still in your hands? fool! is this the time to eat peanuts? throw the peanuts on her face. -okay. hold her hand. -she's very strong.

give her a punch. now what are you waiting for? -tell me something. are you an astrologer? how did you find out that your sister would be here? bittu himself told me. as soon as the first light of this city will be switched on... the first light that lits up this city in the evening is... ...the lighthouse. how do you manage to think amidst so much tension?

every person answers questions put up in an examination. but the real hero is the one who answers questions put up by life. ravi, are you going for an interview? what's the pay scale? -i think it's rs.25000. how long will you take to earn rs.100000? four months. and what will happen if you earn rs.100000 in 2 hours? i'll land in problem, dad. -good homework! now leave. thanks for rs.5000. i promise i'll get rs.50000 in one hour.

did you get rs.5000? -yes. have a look. this isn't money, but a huge snake. return it. or else it'll bite you. what? -take my advice and return this money. just take rs.100 and go for a movie. enjoy. and the hero of our film lappu jhanda distributed the money... ...among everyone and came back home. and once again he was standing in the bus queue. to know the story ahead, wait for our next segment.

until then, goodbye.

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