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moderne wohnzimmertische aus holz

moderne wohnzimmertische aus holz

hi and welcome. in this video i'll show you how to build an electric sit stand desk by yourself it will look great and will have some drawers. of course you will also be able to build the desk without the hight adjustability or without the drawers. enjoy the video! first i painted the mdf tabletop. you'll find the exact measurements in the video description. next i made the five connecting pieces between the two plates. if you like drawers underneath your tabletop you need to attach the slides right now. the connecting pieces are fixed on the tabletop by angles and on the lower plate directly by screews. turn around the tabletop and attach them.

now it's time for the lower plate. it has a gap for better appeareance and better comfort while using the desk. predrill the plate and attach it to the connecting pieces. the drawers are glued and screewed. then i sanded it and attached the drawer bottom using screews (if you got the right tools mill a groove for the bottom). now i attached the sliders and the front panel. after installing the drawer and a backpanel you can finish right now if you don't need the height adjustability cause i wanted that i got a frame made out of some square tubes. the desk is carried by a rectangle on which the legs are welded on. those table legs fit in the feet made out of the next bigger square tube.

the frame is now attached to the tabletop. next to the leegs the frame got to little brackets where if've mounted linear accelerators to move the desk up and down. you can find some cheap motors on ebay. take care that the compressive force and the travel are sufficient for your table. my accealerators got a force of 2000n each what is about 200 kg. also you need a power supply with the right voltage and power output. ahead of the power supply i installed a switch that will carry mains voltage so let a competent person take a look at your circuit. the blue and the brown wires need now to be connected to your switch. better use cable shoes for this step. on the other side connect a new cable and solder toghether the green ground wire. the cable is now connected to your power supply.

the output is hooked up to a rocker switch with another cable. the polarity doesn't matter at this point. the two outputs of the rocker switch are now connected with two different cables. for one of them you need to change the colours. also solder some cables to the linear accelerators. the polarity doesn't matter for another time but connect the some colours for both motors. so we have to cables coming from the accelerators and two cables from the rocker switch. now connect all blue and all brown wires with a connecting clamp. for direct current motors you change the direction by reversing the polarity. that’s what we've done while connecting the wires to the rocker switch. so the accelerators should now move up and down while pressing the rocker switch. it might be the case that your desk is moving in the opposite directing. if so you'll just need to change the polarity of both cables coming from the rocker switch. installing the back panel. that’s it! thanks a lot for wathing and subscribe so you don't miss any new diy project.

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