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(tapping out drumroll) - hey, guys, this is austin, and this is the brandnew lenovo phab 2 pro in all its red bubble-wrapped glory. so, when lenovo reached outand wanted to a sponsor a video on their brand new phab 2 pro, they sold me with one word. tango, and no, not myamazing dance skills. this is the first googletango enabled-phone.

and it's full of confetti. we need more color on the table. okay, so, a scale of one to 10, how much do i need to move the confetti off the table right now? really? all right, confetti stays. executive decision from ken. so, this is the lenovo phab 2 pro.

this is a very tall box. (laughs) so, project tango is something that google has been working onfor a little while now, and this is the first phone that's actually shipping with it enabled. and what this essentially allows you to do is get a much more realisticaugmented reality experience, which might not sound exciting until you see what thisthing can actually do.

ooh! (laughs) that is... that is a large phone. so this guy is rockinga 6.4-inch qhd display. when you consider thatthis screen's essentially your portal into the augmented world, as goofy as that sounds, having a larger displayactually does make sense.

(rustling) so to put in perspective justhow big the phab 2 pro is, i have a google pixel, and as you can see, this is a big phone. so, might not be the bestchoice for your skinny jeans, but it's packing some serious power. so the phab 2 is rocking acustom snapdragon 652 processor that's specifically made for google tango, with that 6.4-inch 1440p display,

as well as four gigabytes of memory, 64 gigs of storage, and it's running the latestbuild of android marshmallow. what i'm really curiousabout are the cameras. so, on the top, there's a fairly standard-lookingsmartphone camera with a couple sensors below that. however, there is anabsolutely enormous camera in the middle, and i'm really curious

what that actually does. i'm sure it uses some kind of fusion of all these sensors and cameras to build the ar experience, but... that is probably thebiggest smartphone camera i have ever seen. while it's definitely on the beefier side, the phab 2 pro is anice piece of hardware. so it's all (knocks) actual metal.

you get that nice big display. and there's some nice little touches like there are exposedscrews on the bottom. it's on the bigger side. however, when you considerjust how much tech is packed in here, it's sort of adifferent style of smartphone. discover tango. an introduction to the tango experience. walk to explore.

allow for a clear spacearound you during-- okay! so i guess it's using those sensors to actually kind of build a depth map around where the room is. oh, hello. there's literally just a plantgrowing underneath the table. so once you get into the interface, you can use this likeany other android phone.

however, what's cool are alot of the specific tango apps that are made for this. so the first app is actually something that's pretty practical. this is wayfair measure. so the idea is, say you'regonna go buy some furniture, you can actually put thefurniture in your space and see how it looks. that is actually really cool.

you can see the exactdimensions around it. so say that i was gonna buy this chair, i would know that maybe ihave some furniture around it or to the side of it, and i know that it'sactually going to fit. so with a little bitmore room to work with, we're gonna try some of the other demos, such as holo. so i now see ken,

but i can add a hologram. so let's do the holo fun pack. i want the wrestler dude. oh!(wrestler roars) this is something that mostphones can't do, just because... while it's easy enough to add a little bit of an ar element to a game, such as pokemon go, to be able to actually get full tracking

so as you go walk around in full 3d space, you can get close, you can step away, and it doesn't lose trackof where he is, right? so he's standing on that exactspot no matter where i stand. all right, this guy has... he's got the moves. what's cool about thisis that while it seems like a really simple sort of thing, it's surprisingly good, right?

so, it's almost trickingmy brain to the point where i look at thisonscreen, and i'm like, "oh, the guy's standing there." then i move the phone, andhe's obviously not there. like, it's a simple thing, but it's enough toreally kind of trick you. it's... it's better than it should be, honestly. next, we have domino world.

see, this is another casewhere the tracking is solid. on this table, the shadows are here. i can get nice and close. there it goes. oh, all my hard work! (exclaims) did you see that? i reached my hand out to catch the domino. it's weird at how goodit is at tricking you

into thinking it's real. it was just an instinct. i wanted to reach out and catch the domino 'cause i saw it was aboutto fall on the floor. vr essentially replacesyour reality, right? you're entirely in that world. it's all digital, whereas ar allows you to actually walk around in the real world and add digital elements to it.

it sounds like it's a weird distinction, but it is a huge difference. so is this for everybody? no, but when you considerthat this is something that you can actually go buy today, it is a really cool piece of tech. the cool thing is, you'rereally not losing anything. you're getting a rocksolid android smartphone to begin with, and allthe extra tango features

are just icing on the cake. and especially when you giveit another six months to a year for some of these apps andgames to get even better, this is gonna be a killer package. if you guys want to knowmore about the phab 2 pro, the links will be in the description. i'm curious. what do you think aboutthis and google tango? let me know in the comments below,

and i will catch you in the next one.

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