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wohnwand modern design

wohnwand modern design

jsc vildika is a furniture production company based in lithuania. the company was found in 1996 year. over 20 years of experience in office and other kind of furniture industry. who we are and what we do? experienced engineering team transforms your conceptual design ideas into tangible pieces of art. the company offers great variety of bespoke and standard office furniture solutions. in addition to that, vildika offers a wide selection of electric adjustable desks and acoustic solutions, chairs and metal furniture. professional project management – one source for your project course from the first enquiry to the assembly of furniture. with 20 years of the production experience, we became a professional in furniture industry. all production employees are skilled and motivated, it helps to produce quality standard products and implement bespoke solutions.

professional technical drawings, preparing with a newest cad program. modern homag group equipment and certified materials assure product durability and quality. production process improvement following lean discipline. the company uses only certified materials and parts for it’s furniture production. over 20 reliable time-tested material purchase partners in europe. looking at the increase of the company during the past period, we decided to expand our production capacity approximately 3 times in 2017-2018 years. investing to the new building and automatized production lines lets us to double production quantity. vildika thinks global, vildika thinks green. we use environment-friendly materials and select partners accurately supporting our “green principles”. quality is an integral part of vildika’s products and services - you save time and increase efficiency working together with us.

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