Sabtu, 17 November 2018

wohnwand modern ideen

wohnwand modern ideen

hello folks! i'm right here at the hall in our house and there is one think i really like to change. when you are sitting here and put the shoes on, the jackets are here at the back or better said over the head. that's always a bit disturbing because of this, i like to build a new bench this one will stand in front and behind there sone more space. this can be achieved via a flap from the top

if you like, you can watch me here and i wish you much fun! now i like to start with the surface treatment. before i sand all pieces with grain size of 240 first, i'll apply a primer and then paint two times with white paint so, the first paint is sanded with 320 and i like to paint second time. the bench is finished now and i hope you liked my video to. if so, then i would appreciate a thumbs up

and it would make me happy, when you're there next time! i say thank's for watching and see you soon!

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