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wohnwand modern pinterest

wohnwand modern pinterest

raja! - i did it in fun.- is he of your age? nobody's of my age here. sushma! he's being a pest!keep him with you. go now! mr. ram nath!- welcome! - you forgot me, eh?- how can anyone forget you? you don't look a mother of a sixyear old boy. you look sweet 16! you look like a beauty queen!

this is your son, right?my dear darling child... now give a kiss to aunty.come on. he bit me! you stupid, idiot, rascal! haven't you taught himany manners or etiquettes? an absolute brute! what happened?- what happened?! your son here, bit my cheek!he should be thrown out! there is no discipline! no manners!

send him to a reform-school. please! - apologise! - no! what ifsomebody forces you to kiss? hey! he's just a kid.does one hit a kid like this? - shut up! is this your upbringing?- hush! i didn't teach him to be rude. - a kid's conduct is a mother's job.- when have you let me be a mother? two woolens coats. 6 vests. 6 underwears.

3 coloured jerseys. convince the master, will he stay without his parents? didn't you think of this before?we trusted you with him... ...and he got spoilt.we never realised that you... ...that you're a servant here,and not his mother. i may not be his mother,but i was like a mother to him. and if that's the case,excuse me for being blunt... but you didn't even breast-feed him.are you a mother? mrs. braganza!

today i'm really very happy,but very sad too. sad because you've been with me forso many years, and i love you all. but today, my heart isheavy to bid you goodbye. i'm also glad to see you all stepin this world in the real sense. from today your life is your own.i'll remind you once more... ...that you've to find your waysand your goals, yourself. take your decisions, yourself.believe me... ...success is simply impatientto come to you. goodbye. good luck.

what's your programme?staying back for the function? i want to and i've sought myparent's permission. let's see. there's our principal who tellsus to take our own decisions... ...and here's mama's boy, who hasto seek permission to enjoy them? these are our fun days.why seek permission to enjoy them? sushi!- hey! - you're very was the party? - very nice. - are you staying up for me?- no. i had some work to finish. go and sleep.i'll come later.

there are some letters for youon the table. take them. - it's from raja. - what says he?- that his papers have gone well. good. and asks, can i stay back forour farewell function on the 24th? 24th? when is his birthday? - on the 23rd.- 23rd? then how can he stay back? no. i'm going to celebratehis birthday very grandly. it's a good excuse to invitemy clients and business friends. also, he'll come to know the ropesby socialising with people here.

tell him to come home soon. well, mama's boy...all packed and ready to go, eh? yes. my parents wish thati reach home by the 23rd. - it's my birthday. - really?how old will you be? - 18! don't be still have your milk-teeth! would you please get out from here? - i'm doing some work.- must be penning a poem. people go out in the evenings toseek a muse for their poetry. and this guy here...come, i'll show you something.

to hell with you!i've brought a poetry in motion! one look, and you'll penten odes to her! i'll burn that diary of yours!can't you spare me a moment? come on.let me deal with you first. look towards the gate. - there's a limit to...- listen, will you? cool it. you've your whole lifeto pen poetry. but a girl like... aren't you ashamed?what if your parents find out? don't get worked up now.are our parents losing sleep over us?

i tell the truth, that's whypeople get disturbed. tell me. do you love your parents? be honest. i don't lie! shall i tell you? you don't lovethem, because they don't love you! love begets love. they had you,and then dumped you here! who has the time nowadays tohold their kids to their hearts? the world is moving fast, and,we all have to keep up with it. i want to be with the world.

i must find a friend, whowon't ditch me when need arises. mummy! - i'm home. - hello, sir.- where's my mummy? she had a meeting to attend.she asked me to look after you. - and daddy must be in his office.- yes, sir. hello mummy! hello daddy! raja, my son! bless you. how you've grown!a chip of the old block! welcome son!

happy? i was worried that the partyis tomorrow and still no sign of you. - thought we'd have to cancel it.- that would've been a problem. okay son, i'll go now.i've some important work pending. okay sushma. listen, i too left the meetinghalf way. they'll wait for me. - i'm late as it is.- come along then. okay, take a wash and have lunch.see you in the evening. and if you need anything,beckon ramdhin. love begets love. they hadyou and dumped you here!

who has the time nowadays toclasp their kids to their bosoms? hello! - hi sushma! ramdin! hi neema! - hi! - you're all dolled-up. - why?- waiting for someone, eh? hello komal!- hello. - your son's not to be seen.- i was about to say the same. he's a bit shy. there wereno girls in his class, you see. please go upstairs and call him.i've to attend to my guests.

- which room?- the one on your right. one to the right? ok. - what is it? - nothing.- has he bathed? - sure... what's all this? i'll get him. no, i'll call him myself. may i come in? you're knocking my door now?didn't you know it earlier? i knew, but...well, i didn't know that...'d treat your home,like your boarding school.

i mean... pass me that gown, please. definitely! - who are you and what are youdoing here? - i'm neema. i'm a dancer andrun a dancing school. - i'm your mom's bridge partner too.- my mom, and the party's downstairs. i know. your mom has calledyou downstairs immediately. at once? like this?you go ahead. i'll come later. wait here.i'll just come.

good evening, mrs. nath. excuse me for coming uninvited.congratulations for today. i've baked a cake for raja.a sponge cake. his favourite. ramdin! - yes madam. take this from her. come on. blow the candle. come raja. he's mr. ahluwalia. my son raja. - happy birthday, sonny.- congratulations.

he's mr. das. happy birthday, sonny. ms. mackenzie! mr. dutt. - god bless you. excuse us. come on raja, i'll introduce you to my other friends. congratulations...happy birthday. and more especially to you my dear boy. now come along.give a kiss to your aunty.

hold on. you won'tbite my cheek, will you? why are you gaping at him?when you were a kid... you had bitten my cheek.and i had screamed... help! he bit my cheek. he's not a kid any more.just gave his senior cambridge. is that so? then it's okay.come along then. give me a kiss. come on hurry up! naughty boy!'s okay you did it to me. but don't try it on a girl, else,she'll give you a sound beating.

i won't beat you! attention please!ladies and gentlemen! i know a secret about raj... which is not known by anybody.and i'm happy to share with you all. and the secret is that raj doesn'tjust have a beautiful body... - what are you doing?...but a wonderful heart too. and this is proved by the factthat raj is a good poet... ...and pens lovely poems.on all your behalf... i now request him to recitea song, a poem, a couplet...

no... i don't know any poem.i've never penned any couplet... - have you taken over my life?- recite or sing it? if i say i can't sing,you'll get some proof that i can! - you mean you sing too?- yes. he sings and i dance. any objection? very good! lovely! come on everybody, have a seat!please everybody, come on sit down! "i'm no poet" "but my pretty one..."

"ever since i have seen you..." "poetry has just come to me" "i'm no lover either" "but dear lovely one..." "ever since i set eyes on you..." "i've become a lover" "i had heard of love, no doubt" "but i didn't know"what it was "i remained confused"as confusions generally are...

"and remained an enemy"in friends "but i'm no foe..." "but dear pretty one..." "having seen you..." "i have learnt to make friends" "had i really prayed..." "and lifted my hands..."what would i have asked for? "but ever since i've fallen"in love with you... "i've begun to pray"

"but i'm no atheist" "i'm no disbeliever in god" "ever since i have seen you..." "i have come to believe" "but my dear pretty one..." "ever since i have set"my eyes on you... "poetry just came to me" see? all the richie-rich hadcome to celebrate your birthday. see the presents? there's no roomto keep them! where are you going?

- to bed! i'm fagged out.- so am i. you also relax, son. good night son. good night daddy. good night mummy! the same aroma...exactly the same. with blessings from aunt and bobby! i know aunty,but who's this bobby? he has gone out, master raj.what can i do for you?

- do you know where this aunty lives?- which aunty? mrs braganza, who was mygoverness when i was a baby. i came here later. ramdhin mustbe knowing. shall i call him? no, don't bother.i'll find out for myself. all right. - who is it?- it's me. - me? who's me? well? - well, say something.- you, and here?

me? where else will i be?but, you? aunty...aunty lives here, doesn't she? - aunty? - yours or mine?- mine. mrs braganza. - yes, she stays here... so?- well... i just... - what 'just'? hurry up.- my oil's burning. - who is it? god knows.some nephew of an aunty! what do you want?tell me. whom do you want? i won't. you tell me, whydidn't you meet me on my birthday? raja? my darling child?!

such a small bundle of joygrew up to be so big? bend down. i can't see you properly.dear lord... save him from my evil eye. a mother never looks at her kidswith an evil eye, aunty. you call me aunty and mother inone breath? sit down now. - i had left a cake for you. eat it?- that's why i ran here for more. - is there any left? - of mean you came for my cake? but of eat the cake, and... ...and, make friends withyour son, bobby.

my son? he's of your dad's age.his name is jack. and bobby... i am bobby. want to be friends with me? - a bin!- what? - nothing. there's a fat girl in our class.we call her a bin. actually her name is yours is raja. - be polite. call him master raja.- it's all the same, gran. - isn't it? - yes, yes it is.- she's very naughty. she's always asking about you.who? where? how?

and that cake i made for you...she signed her name on that too! - yes, i had seen it.- do you still draw? what? - painting! gran says you had used a man'sblack coat as a black board once. you had drawn a big figure on it. there was a woman...what was her name? mrs. pestonjee? - do you remember biting her?- yes, and she had screamed... no wonder you werepunished so severely!

- punished? - yes. your daddythought you unfit to stay at home. - so he sent you to a boarding.- what nonsense, bobby. - don't listen to her, son.she just blabbers. - is this true? - why you haven't eaten any cake.- don't avoid the issue. was i sent to the boarding schoolas a punishment? yes, son.i tried my best to stop them. but i was a servant after all.nobody listened to me. anyway, today you've becomesuch a smart boy. makes you happy, doesn't it?

listen, won't you have tea? thank you very much. - what for? - you told mesomething i didn't know. - okay then, i'll go now.- how long will you be in london? it's a business trip, so i'll beaway for at least 2-3 weeks. that reminds me, i've decidedto send raja to london too. - what are you punishing me for now?- punishing you? - yes. i've heard that i was sent to theboarding school as a punishment. - who told you?- aunty mrs braganza.

- is it a lie? - so! you've begunto sit with the servants already. she's not a servant, i lookup to her as a mother. you didn't bring me up.she did! heard that? a bin! our books got exchanged. yes. my book has a cover justlike this one, you see. my book, stupid. will you get lost now?only members are allowed here.

then make me a member too. - memberscome here to study, not chat. then where does one go to chat? - outside the library.- then come on outside. - why did you flash a mirror?- you weren't getting up, that's why. - do nice boys do such a thing?- am i a nice boy then? - no, a very dirty bin!- okay, let's do one thing. let's have some tea. i'm told,hot tea, cools one down in summer. no! we'll eat someroasted gram first. won't you sit inside?

gran says good girls don't sitthere when out on a first date. - why don't you say you're scared.- what! you think i'm scared? sure. - look at these... my teeth?how are they? - they're nice; which toothpastedo you use? - dummy! they're sharp. they can cut a raw guavain half, in one bite! - so? - see these nails?they're very pointed. - so? - times have changed dummy!i'm a girl of the 21st century. - but it's still the 20th!- that's history. i'm from the 21st! i know how to defend myself.nobody can touch me!

- why not?- let him just try it! oh! where did she drop here from? what's the matter? - let go of my hand! - hadn't yousaid something about biting a cheek... remember? - what! i said something aboutbiting a cheek? - softly... hadn't you told me i was punishedfor having bitten a woman's cheek? - that's her out there.- really? i want to see her... have pity on your dummy.if she sees me with you...

...i'll be punished forthe rest of my life too! yes madam! go away! get lost! he distracted me. - lift your legs.- what! - my goodness! shucks! why should i lift my legs up? i'm not scared. i'm leaving! listen...listen to me bobby. you! mr nath's son?

- who was that girl?- which girl? - really? - the one that left just now.- can't recall. - just went up. - towards the beach.- she's... go and enjoy yourself then.go on... bobby. - well, see how i trapped you?- you're great bobby. - i've never seen a girl like you.- how many girls do you know then? me? hundreds of them. really?

well, if not hundreds, i knowat least a dozen very well. actually... i know just one. you, bobby. you, and here? why did you run away while playing?because you saw me? shall i tell you the truth,or make some excuse? - those who lie are bitten by a crow.- then i better tell you the truth! - do you know why i ran awayfrom the badminton court? - why? i got nervous when i saw you.

nervous?- yes. this is on the left side, isn't it? i felt as though it had comein my throat. i got very scared. but why did you get scared? i don't know. think, and tell me. we're being watched. listen!

"i want to say something."- so do i "i want to tell you something."- so do i "you first"- no, you first "you, you, you, you..."- you, you, you you... "look, just like those two men,"who, by saying... "you first, no, you first"had missed the train... "like that, we too may miss"this beautiful season "okay, i'll say it" "like any other girl"in this situation...

"would say to a boy"at the age of 16... "that's what i want"to say to you "like any other boy"in this situation... "would say to a girl"of 16... "that's what i want to"say to you "like any other girl" "like any other boy" "i can't sleep,"nor is my heart at peace... "i wait for you..."i simply wait for you

"nothing seems nice"without you... "it all seems so false..."so untrue "i don't feel at ease at home,"nor out anywhere "i'm sitting at one place,"and lost somewhere else "but not to say anything and"just keep silent... no! no! "it's so difficult now"to keep silent "i've to tell you something."- so do i... "you first" "i've nothing to do"the whole day...

"but to think of you,"or to call out to you "all the colours in this world"seem so dull "only your words sound so sweet" "i live, so i can adore you" "i live only for your consent" "but not to say anything and"just keep quiet... no! no! "it's difficult now"to keep silent "i want to say something..."- so do i "where there are no thorns..."

"let's go and stay there" "where there is no fear"for us to meet "where there's no home for me,"but you, my beloved "is there such a place"on this earth? "let's leave the matter here,"and now... "but not to say anything now,"and keep quiet... no! no! "it's difficult now"to keep silent anymore "like any other girl"in such situation... "say to him..."- that's what i wish to say

"when a girl..."- when a boy... "like any other girl..."- in such a situation look, boss is here. he's a workaholic.else, where's the need to? - i've got first class fish.make good money. - right, boss. boss, my foot! i'm dare forget it! shall i keep this in papa's room? - what are you thinking about?- i feeling very uneasy. - what about? papa won't refuse.- i don't mean jack.

- then? - i meant mr nath.he's a rich man, dear. don't know whether he'll approveof you and raja mixing like this. oh gran! why should he mind?our going to a movie? nonsense. oh mom. how are you mama? my sweetheart! - bobby's going to kashmir, eh?- no, she doesn't want to go. - why not? - she doesn't want to.- okay, but what's all this then? - raja is coming to meet you.- which raja? mr nath's son. he's taking her to amovie. he wants your permission.

that wee thing has become bigenough to date my bobby? - you don't mind, do you?- does he want permission, or you? papa?- yes love! - i've ironed your suit for you.- suit? what for? what's the occasion? funeral? wedding? you know i wear a suit only twice.for weddings and funerals. why now? you'll look very nice, won't you,wearing that in raja's presence! i see.he's a rich man's son, eh?

can't wear this in front of him, eh?these are my working clothes. i work, so i earn and keepthe hearth burning! he'll feel ashamed to see mein these clothes, eh? and you'll go to a moviewith my permission? no! - i told you i won't come.don't worry. - your dad's away. if i go away too, you'll beall alone and get bored here. - come with me. - no, mom.- you go. i'll prepare for college. okay? bye mom! - raja! hi handsome! - hi!

what's the hurry? i was coming to see you,and you're running away? i've some important work. - promise,you'll come and i'll let you go. - what's the occasion? - a'll come, won't you? - yes he will.- oh, mom... anyway, i'll try! bye! bye! aunt! master raja?come in. sit down.

bobby, master raja's here. hi bobby!- hi! jack. - he's here, jack.- i heard. this is master raja. good evening, sir.- good evening. how do you do? fine, thank you.- please sit down. how is your municipality?- jack!

get a glass, mom. want to say something to me? - well... i want to see a movie.- go ahead. - well i... aunty...- talking to her, or me? come to the point! i'm talking to you, sir.if you allow me to... ...i'd like... aunty... i'd liketo take aunty to the movies! you'll take my mom outto the movies? no sir.what i meant was...

i'd like to take bobby out.if you permit me, of course. - no, you may not!- why not papa. because if he takes you out,he'll show you a movie, dine out. spend money. right? yes, sir. that's why i'm against it.understand? if you want to date her,you'll go dutch. 50-50! - that's not necessary, son.- it is, mom.

look mom, you workedin his house. fine. but i didn't. if he's rich, fine.i've my place too. i've collected enough moneyfor my daughter's happiness. - why discuss all this?- no need. give us a kiss, dear. here's the money. you'll both share the cost.accounts must be clear. see that he doesn't cheat you.understand? come on man! get up! go! get lost!

enjoy yourself! have a damn good time! adios. - thank you uncle! bye aunt! houseful! - i can read. - so?- so, we go back home. i've taken your dada's we go back without enjoying? - what do you mean?- sit. we'll go to a party. - i'm finding this all weird.- aren't you a 21st century girl? scared of the 20th century even?this is common in a party.

hi raja! where were you? - come, let's dance. - no...- we'll meet again then. raja! hi! - didn't recognise me? - no.- i'm chanda. your b-day party... yes. bye! - hi! mr. raj nath! you're looking all lost.looking for neema? - yes, can't see her.- must be around here.

hi handsome! hi! where were you all this time?i was waiting so eagerly for you. come. - where did you pick up sucha lovely girl? - she's bobby. - who asked her name?- i told you myself. - anyway... i can't bear to see youwith somebody else tonight. hi baby! standing all alone atthis beautiful moment? come on, let's have fun!

what charming annoyance, sweetie! - one coke... - why not champagne?- shut up! be decent. decent, eh? it's indecency if onedoesn't tease a beautiful girl. but i'm not indecent either. - looking out for raja?- do you know him? - very well. we were together in the scotch, please. i used to lure many girls...and him! old scrooge! miser! but how much has he given you?i can offer you much more. will you come with me tonight?you dare do this?

let go! i'm not of that sort.- if not, then why are you here? - didn't he tell you before?- he didn't know it himself! he knows everything. one comes herewith one, and leaves with another. - see how he entered her bedroom?- he's not like that. - come and see. i'm up to my gills in love.and... and i don't want to come out.i want to sink deeper in it. i'm telling you the truth.i want to marry. why bring marriage into this?it's all nonsense. and i'm much older than can you marry me?

but yes, we could be lovers. you're mistaken, i meant bobby.i love her very much. i want to marry her. leave me! bobby! let me go! shyam! i said stop it! shyam! i said stop it!

stop it, i said. how dare you behave so cheaplywith an innocent girl like that? what i do is cheap and when youtake him to your room is morality! shut up!- bobby! - you're back, my dear?- yes, gran. so soon? it was well, wasn't it? yes, was just fine. greetings aunt! didn't you go to leave bobbyat the station?

- to leave bobby?- yes, she's gone to kashmir. kashmir? - but she had said she won'tbe going. - i don't know. last night she said she wantedto go. the train leaves at noon. - how will you reach the station?- i'll reach. be careful, may fall. don't be angry with wasn't my fault. please... bobby, please! listen to me.

tell me, what's the matter?at least tell me what i've done! you've played with my're rich... for you love may be a game,but i wasn't from your lot. why did you do this?why? don't touch me! let go of my hand! let go of my hand, i say! - what happened, dear?- nothing... he has teased her!she was yelling let me go!

eve-teaser, eh?shameless being! you manhandle a guest?rascal! cad! tease a girl? you cur! how did you come here? shameless rascal! cur!don't ever come here. get lost! "break down temples and mosques,"if you wish "so says the sufi saint buleshah" "but do not break a heart"full of love... "for it is the heart"in which the beloved lives

"the scales in which you"have weighed love... "the scales in which you have"weighed your love... "never weigh your"wealth in it "god forbid..."i shall not talk about it "i shall never..." "there's fire within"both concerned "but fire can be doused"with water "but when tears flowed"down the beloved's cheeks... "it fanned the fires even more"

"i'd rather sit in front"of you and cry... "i sat and cried in front of you."but didn't express my sorrow "no, i won't open my mouth!"not say a word "god forbid..."i won't say a word "i won't say a word" "i too won't say anything" "no, not a word" - madam, this horse is frisky.- then i won't ride it! - this horse is very temperamental.if you're a good... - i know!

madam!- bobby! bobby!stop, bobby. stop! bobby! bobby! bobby! - i want to die.- open your eyes... you're okay? i don't want to live.i don't wish to come in your way. you are my way, and,my destination too! - liar! if i hadn't seen with my own eyes,i'd have still fell for this line. i'd have believed you've neverexpressed your love to anybody else.

- but don't you want to marry neema?- enough! i respect her. i was talkingto her about marrying you! but not anymore. you believedwhat you saw, but not your heart? did you think what would'vehappened to me, had you died? i'd have just committed suicide,what else? raju! forgive me, raju. - what's this, raju?- say that again. nobody has called me' raju' before.

i'll call you ' raju'always... raju! raju! raju! nothing serious. justknocked out. please help me. - she's lucky to be saved.- it was a 1,000 feet drop! nothing to worry about. just superficial abrasions. how is she? - she's all right. - she's still out cold however!- lucky that he was there, else... he's valiant, no doubt.what a man!

damn it! my pony refused to bolt! else,wouldn't he have saved me too? had he saved me,i'd have... just died! - what are you talking about?- you! you've really obliged us. not at was my duty. - where am i? - don't're in your bed. hale and hearty. - who are you?- he only saved your life. endangering his own. how can i ever thank you, mr...

raj name, raju. - let me see you out.- why do you bother? - no bother. - trying to be a hero to them, eh?- you're unnecessarily... - what am i worth? - worthless!i'll show you tomorrow. - what time? - it's 12 o' clock. - what?- didn't you just ask the time? yes, well... okay bye! good bye! bye girls! - bye-bye! bye, bye.

i want to buy a shawl! do you want to buy anything? hey! that girl over there in in the centre. with long hair.go give her this chit. i'd be grateful! bobby, see what i bought. take this. go on! - your letter, miss.- what?

oh my god! listen everyone, come here.see what this says. meeting like this is futile. dumpthese girls and come to the club. - this is the same boy who savedyou yesterday. - no, can't be him. it's written right here.yours, and only yours, raju. he was a gentleman yesterday,and being romeo today, eh? - such guys should be thrashed.- come, let's give him a hiding! - forget it! why bother?- what do you mean? - come alone, eh? sure i will!- let's beat him up. you too bobby.

- no, i can't bear to seethrashings. you all go. - coward! - come girls, let's go- yes, come on. there he is! wait, you scoundrel!i'll show you yet. - you!- if you want to live, let's run! run! - must be here somewhere.- yes. he has lured bobby at last. where will he go? he'll forgethis madness once we catch him. - there's nobody here. - she'sinnocent. we must protect her.

yes, let's go find them. - what's the matter, girls?- a cad has kidnapped a girl. - here? no...- he came here. - i saw with my own eyes.- nonsense! i'm a watchman here. now go along. don't pester me.i've to lock up now. what are you peering in for?i've to go to the market. it takes me 3 hours, to and'll be late when i return. go... raju. the watchman said it'll take3 hours to come and go.

hmm.- what hmm. oh god! i think i'll die. - what will i tell my teacher?- your friends will tell her that! don't tease me.think how to get out of here. all the doors andwindows are locked! what are you laughing about?think of something. - that's what i'm doing.- what? "nobody can come in..."from the outside "nobody can go out..."from the inside

"think what would happen"in such a situation "you and i..." "both locked in a room" "and the key gets lost" "you and i..."both locked in a room... "and the key gets lost" "then i too will get lost"in the charm of your eyes "it's pitch dark ahead..."- i'm very scared "with a robber behind you!"- why are you scaring me?

"darkness ahead" "and a robber behind you" "you can't climb up..." "nor can you climb down" "think what would happen"in this really happened "are going somewhere" "and we lose our way" "you and i... are going somewhere" "in your loving arms, my love"

"i'll swing to and fro" "you and i..."locked up in a room "far away from the madding crowd,"behind the mountains "lost in each other"under thick trees... "a place unseen and"unknown to anyone "just you and i, and"the breeze for company "think what it'll be like"if this happens "are passing through a forest" "and encounter a tiger"

"i'll ask it to spare you..." "and devour me instead" "why are you so lost?" "why pretend to be asleep,"when awake? "who knows what will"happen tomorrow "that's worrying me a bit" "think, what if something happens" "we're frolicking around" "and suddenly our eyes"are filled with tears

"i swear on your head..." "i'll just drop ahead" "then i too will lose myself"in the charm of your eyes "both locked up in a room" "and the key..."- gets lost - has raja returned?- i was going to ask you that. had he told me before going,to inform me of his arrival? you talk as though i asked himto go with that girl! of course not. you're not at were busy with your social life.

- how will you know what yourson is up to? - ask yourself that! he's been here for quite sometime. have you ever sat with him? why him? have you had the time tosit with your wife for 20 minutes? what do you mean? do i neglectmy business and follow you around? no. neglect your familyand make money. whom do i earn it for?you and raja... don't take his name! have you evergiven him love? - as if you have! thanks to you! you sent him away.when he came back he was grown up! yes! he didn't miss anythingby not being hugged by you!

neither he missed it,nor did you lose anything. only i felt childless. daddy! brought flowers from kashmir, eh? yes, the season was lovely.spring! full of flowers. but we're ablaze here!- it's hot, but i see no fire... - you don't, but i'm feelingthe heat. - i don't understand. i'm ashamed to say doesn't know when my son... and that slut-of a-daughterof a servant...

i'm sorry sir. but bobby's not a doubt. aunty was my governess. but everybody has a lean they're well settled in life. who all will i tell this to?everyone knows she was our servant. was! today they have braganza has some status today. what does he do for a living?- he has a fishing business. and dad, bobby is a good anda decent girl. if you meet her... can you call them over? why not? of course!

invite them for dinner tomorrow.i don't want to delay this issue. right sir! thank you very much! will you have dinner with us?my father wants to meet you. - why? - to see bobby.- what for? i'll come. for my daughter's sake,i can bow at anyone's door... but i won't kneel!know why? - why? "i don't want any gold or silver;"i seek not diamonds and pearls "of what use are"they for me? "i won't ask for a bungalow, nor"a carriage driven by horses

"they're all just"for name sake "instead, give me your heartin exchange for mine" "so take's all yours, sir" "there's no bargainingin love" "i don't know about maulvi or kazior even mecca or varanasi..." "i'm just thirsting for love" "dear queen of my'll be thunder-struck to know" "that i'm just mad about you" "so will you swap heartswith me?"

"go on, give me your heartin exchange for mine" "take it,'s all yours" "no bargaining with love" "if you lie, a crow will peck beware!" "i'll go to my mother'swhile you stand and watch" "you're lying!so a black crow will peck you" "beware now...i'll go to my mother's..." "right under your nose!i'll go to my mother's..." "while you just stand and gape"

"if you go to your mother's,i'll pick up a stick" "i'll come with a stick" "if you come with a stick,i'll jump in the well" "i'll pull you up with a rope" "then i'll climb up a tree" "i'll cut it downwith a saw" "will he love me, or use a saw?better beware of such a lover..." "i'll go to my mother's!just you watch!" "you lie and be pecked by a crow.but beware!"

"i'll go to my mother's...right under your nose" "i'll go to my mom,just you wait!" "if you go to your mom's..." "i'll get married againto some other woman" "you'll marry another girl?get a rival for me?" "then i won't go to my mother's..." "i really won't leave youand go to my mom" "i'll stick to you...i won't go to my mother's" "i'll keep all my promises,but i won't leave you..."

"honestly, i won't goto my mother's now" "remember, you lie and theblack crow will peck you" "beware!i'll get you a rival" "and you can't do anything!i'll marry again, just you wait" "liar! and may the crow peck beware!" "i won't go to my mother's...just you wait!" welcome, sir.come in, aunty. how about some whisky? i don't drink whisky.i prefer rum.

and i've a permit for it too;shall i show you? serve him rum. come, sir. have a how's your fishing business? first class.there's lot of money in fish, sir. and there's lot of fishin the sea too, ma'am. - where do you export your fish?- what export? what she means is whichcountries does your fish go to? what are you saying, sir?i sweat all day and catch fish. i can't supply this city,how can i export it?

shall i tell you something?if we sell a fish for rs. 1... when it comes on your table, itcosts rs.8. middlemen make profit. but don't worry, i'll give you abasket full, of fresh fish, daily. raja, won't you showyour room to bobby? they make such a lovely happy the kids look! yes, they're kids....your rum. water, or soda? i'm a fisherman; i take it neat.dilution weakens it. fill it up. till i take my full quota,i can't think properly.

my father can't talk with style.i hope your father understands. i understand only too well,what you're after. i'm a god-fearing man, sir.i really tell you. i only want my daughter's happiness.god has given me everything. - she's my only daughter.- raja's my only son too. there's nothing more valuablethan his happiness, for me too. he's naive. doesn't realise thatwhat seems joy is in fact danger! actually you dreamt a lofty dream. i'm sorry, that it won'tcome true however.

you see where you live,and the way you live. just think where you are,and where we stand. how did you think that yourdaughter will come here as... what did you say? - i planned all this? me?- isn't it possible... that your mother could've thoughtof this when she worked here? that one day raja will growup and so will your daughter. yes! he's my heir to allmy wealth. but still a kid. a stupid bird sees the grain,but not the trap!

and with the kind ofbeautiful trap you've laid... hold on. cherish this.i'll think that my love is safe. we'll not stay here a minutelonger. come, mother. - i'll never forget this meeting.- i'll leave them to the taxi-stand. your daddy's rum is not strongenough to make me lose my way. i had told you, for the sakeof bobby's happiness... i'll bow at anybody's door,but i'll not kneel! how come a richie-rich botheredto come to my humble hut?

last night you got angry andreturned home. later i realised... my way of saying things was wrong.- let alone ways, sir. what you said was wrong. i owe you yesterday's rum. i don't drink in the mornings. and i drink 24 hours, big-wigs keep a schedule. if you have anything worthwhileto say, carry on. indeed! it is worthwhile for you. i've come to ask you,how much money do you want?

how much money do i want?what did you say? - i didn't hear you properly.- you heard me alright. you are an excellent angler!you net good fish! and this time,my son has been caught in it. i don't wish youto undergo any loss! tell me, what's yourprice to set my son free? rs.20,000, rs.50,000. you brought a cheque-book?!you wait. hold on, man.i'll show you.

comes with a cheque-book!dangles money at me! money! money! money! you think only you have money?even i have it. look! you rich have just money,cars, bungalows... you've just wealth,but not hearts. and we poor, have honour,hearts, and happiness. and we don't sell thesethings, understand? you don't sell, but makebusiness out of it! people with honour don't turntheir daughters into bales of hay...

and offer them to sonsof millionaires. get me? had mr. nath come?go inside, dear. why are you just standing?tell me. why was he here? why?to tell me that... you're a whore's aunty.and that i'm a bastard... that i force my daughterto sell herself. do you know why that friend istrampling our prestige like this? because you fed his son! - raju had given me this. - i'lldrown you if you take his name!

i'll pack off both of you.go to goa at once. - why? - if you speak,i'll have your tongue! you'll not live here. i don't want that boy tocome here and meet my baby. out you go! - how dare you come here!- i've come for bobby. i don't want to hear her nameon your lips, do you hear? she's dead to you! get lost, i say!

i beg of you...before i do something to you... please go from here. you've made life one big hellfor my daughter. she'll never laugh again. you'vemade a living corpse out of her. "my heart broke..." "into a thousand pieces..." "in my heart" "let me hug you and die" "what's the point in living"

"let our eyes see"each other, at least "let our eyes see..." "each other, at least" "so that even from afar..." "we can quench our"thirst for each other "let us be close enough"to see each other "so that even from a distance"our thirst can be quenched "so let our eyes at least"see each other where had you been?

i said where had you been. - you know where i had been.- why? - answer me! why?- you know why. - that's no answer.- okay. i had gone to meet bobby. i can't live without her.i... i love her. love, my foot!you're not old enough for love. do you know what love is,and who is worthy of it? first you brought scum here andnow i'll just stand and watch? hear me good, son. the prestigeof this house is no toy.

this is my house. one who doesn'tobey me has no right to stay here. - where are you going? - sir, i hadwrongly thought this was my home too. what childishness is this?where will you go? can't i be a shoe-shine boy,or work as a labourer? let him go, dear.he'll be back in two days. he doesn't know about those boyswho become old men straight away. - who don't know what's youth!- if that's my destiny, so be it. even if i've to starve. at leasti'll be with the one i love. so you're seeing that mirage, eh?

even the law doesn't permityou to do this. because you're still a minor.if you marry, you'll land in jail. your father's right, son.become 21 years old... and then do what you like. - he has begun to talk back!- you also scold him like a kid. - why don't you convince him?- what do today's kids think we are? do today's parents understandtheir kids? - meaning? - just that modernkids know to see, with open eyes. it's not necessary that their viewshould match their parents view.

a 19 year old boyisn't a kid, mr. nath. it's just 2 years. i'll be 21,and you'll be 19 years old. then no power on earth can stop us.the law, or our parents. never mind. i've found a way.i'll get raja married. - without asking him?- will he agree if i ask him? thanks to ms. pestonji we've gota decent proposal from mr. sharma. welcome, sir.we were just talking about you. yes bobby, we'll have asweet home after we marry. i promise i'll give youthe house of your dreams.

since our children will wed soon,this house is mine and vice versa. sure. now that you both are related,how about sealing it with a hug? i'm having a new year partyand you're all invited. we'll have a drink together, andthe boy and the girl can meet too. we'll surely come. we'll never keep our kids awayfrom us. we'll love them a lot. without love, kids becomevery insecure, bobby. - there's a difference in dreamsand reality, son. - what?

of what use is such innocence? that you can't even hearyour dream being shattered? this is not thehouse of your dreams. run away, away from them all! - anything special? - no, theusual. music, dance, drinks etc. but for us it'll certainly be special.we'll start the year on a new note. looks as though he has invitedthe whole who's who! come! greetings. look, they've come.

- my darling...- how he has grown! - yes?- introduce raja to my daughter. look after your special guest.this is raja. you took so long to come.made me wait so much... i didn't recognise you. no?you didn't recognise me? i'm alka... alka sharma! so, you're mr. sharma's daughter.

yes, i'm the one. this house is mine. nice, eh? my daddy built this housejust for me. only me. i'm his only child, so i'll beinheriting all this one day. that's why everybodyloves me so very much. everybody calls me by my pet name,nicky. you also call me nicky. i prefer alka. i'll tell everybody nowto call me alka, okay? - your doll's very nice.- yes, isn't she?

i've a room full of dolls.come, i'll show you. i know i've grown upand become tall too. but mentally, i'm still a kid. so what? the doctor saidwhen i get married... everything will be fine. - you will marry me, won't you?- me? marry you? you will, won't you? you're not like the will marry me? - who told you this?- my dad. your dad.

my dad said he'd give your dada whole lot of business. and they'll send us abroadfor our honeymoon. my dad's wealth is all mine andthen yours after marriage. you will marry me?my dream will come true? i will become a bride, won't i? i will be a bride... what's this? you asked me to waittill i was 21. why am i cheated? i didn't do anything. this proposalwas good so your father decided. this is my life. who are youto take decisions about it?

your father! the decision is's for your own good and progress. you've sold me for money,by making this deal. learn to be polite, use arguing about it now. mr. sharma is going to make itofficial tomorrow. "trapped" "he who has left home,"has no roof over his head... "and made a home"in someone else's heart "he's now trapped!" "this one year between"boyhood and manhood...

"is very traumatic."this one year... "of youth, of innocence,"and madness "this one year between boyhood"and manhood is bad "the good name of the lover"is tarred "and the world laughed" "he's trapped" "one who has no home"or a roof over his head... "and instead made a home"in someone else's heart... "is totally trapped"

"better that today itself"with a cage and all... "the bird flies away."it might save his life "through some opening..."by seeking a proper chance "even by deceit..."better today... "that the bird flies off"with the cage and all... "life has become unbearable" "because somebody has bitten"through and through... "see... he's trapped!" "he who has left home"has no roof over his head...

"and made a home in"someone's heart "is trapped" you're responsible for this.i told you to take his consent. i did say he can't be forced.he ran away! my son has gone. look, if i find my sonwith your daughter... i won't spare you.i'll finish you! don't threaten me, man. if you have the guts, do it. go find your son. must be playingaround with some innocent girl.

else, must be lying in a gutter! - who do you want?- does aunty live here? - who? she's inside. master raja?you and here? i've left everythingbehind, aunty. forever and ever. you've come withoutmr. nath's permission? whose permission would i have taken?a mom who never had time for me. who doesn't and never will.that father, who never loved me? i've left that home.

you've come.i always knew you'd come. stop right there, girl.i won't let you meet him. - but why? - because you ran awayfrom home. you've done wrong. what's right and what isn't, aunty?was my father right? he was selling me. selling! he was getting me married to amentally handicapped girl for money. must've thought of a good future. i've also thought about my life.who's he to finalise my marriage? - the law has given him the right.- what law?

it's my life and someone else decidesabout it? - don't stop us, gran. he has left his home far behind.hasn't he come for me? - i order you. go upstairs!- no, gran, no! i've listened to you before,but i'll not obey you now. - take her up and lock her!- what are you doing, gran? the right thing. when the timewill prove that you were wrong... you both will say,why didn't you stop us... - when there was still time?- no! who are you to stop me? what do you want?haven't we suffered enough?

do you know how your fatherhas insulted my son? if he comes to know you'rehere, he'll... - take her up and lock her.- i'll die, gran. i can't stay without him. please gran...i'll die without him. release bobby.don't be so cruel to her. you know how much we love each other.we're not committing any sin. - we want to get married.- you can't! you're under age. do you know what can happen.jack can be jailed.

i can be jailed and,bobby will become homeless. - her life can be ruined.- no, no... not when i'm alive. i've come with great hopes. i've looked to you as a mother.and thought you'd give me shelter. only you love me, aunty. because i love you, i'm stoppingyou from committing a mistake. - till i come back, sit over there.- where are you going? to wire your fatherto take you home! - no!

that's betrayal! don't do this.why are you doing this? wait! don't do this.don't go, wait! listen to me. don't go.don't do this. wait! don't lie! you sent raja to goaand now show an empty house. you! you're back again? got the police with youto scare me, eh? i told you to go and seekyour son in some gutter! no need to do that. he's lying in a dirty gutterat your place in goa.

your mother has sent this wire.raja is at your home. you told me your daughter's in didn't tell me...'ve sent raja with herto flirt around. - mind your tongue. this is a clever move from costs just rs.21-. it can be sent from anywhere. hadn't i told you that if i findmy son with your daughter... then i'll chop her to pieces!i'll chop her up and throw her! else, i'll send you to the jail.inspector, you wait here. you come with me to goa now.

you insult us poor, mr. nath.i swear by jesus. if i find your sonwith my daughter... then i'll mince her.else, i'll send you to jail. come to goa with me.inspector, i'll be right back. - yes, gran? - it's very late.go to sleep now. - okay, gran. why did you risk your life?what if you had slipped? better i die than live without you.if you can't stay without me... - neither can i.- i know. but what can we do? tomorrowyour dad will take you away.

- and, we'll be separated...- never! no way! but we can't affordto give in either. look at me.and answer me. will you be with me always? in joy and sorrow,good times and bad? in death?will you be there with me? - always?- always raju. forever. mom!

this is my for that boy. - you and here, son?- thanks to this richie-rich! ask mr. nath. he's accusing usof a new crime now. says i've hidden his son here.look at this false telegram. says you sent it!tell him it's a hoax. i sent the telegram, son. come, sir. thank god you came.raja is in this room. i didn't let those two meet.i sat out here the whole night. raja's still a kid.and kids do err. forgive him.

sorry, but nobody here. stop playing blind man's buff,and tell us where raja is! isn't he inside? he was there.i've been out here all night. don't ham, madam. i didn'tbring the police for nothing. i can get you arrestedright this minute. they've changed their spots now.can't demand money in your presence. i've locked bobby upstairs. - master raja, could be...- give me the key. nath! come and see this!

go and see let me tell you something. your son has kidnappedmy 16-year old minor daughter. inspector, arrest him at once... and ask where my daughter is!- don't blabber! - i'm not blabbering. just warning you that bobbydidn't go to your house. your son came here!let me tell you another thing. if anything happens to my girlyour son... will be personally chopped upand fed to the dogs! no, jack! no!

"love is not as easy as it seems." "people in love,die for it but are never scared." "people have become vagabonds.once they were bitten by the love bug." "bitten!" stop! stop! get that paper with the messagethat a boy has kidnapped a girl... and check the motor-cycle number.are you mr. raj nath? no, it's vishnu rastogi. - and are you bobby braganza?- no. her name is... - vimla.

- mrs. vimla rastogi.- correct. - where's the paper?- under that drawer. did you see a yellowmotor-cycle carrying my bobby... i mean a girl and a boy go this way? - yes, how did you know?- got the news from the police h.q. brave girl!don't worry. all will be well. thirsty? hungry?come on. this is done by your son to stop usfrom chasing him further. look over there.your photograph.

why your photograph in the papers? boss, saw this photograph? dad has given an ad. that whoeverfinds us will get rs.25,000! - 25,000/-.- let's go, bobby. i'm prem.prem chopra! very glad to have met you.your paper, sir. come bobby. - will you drop us at the next stop?- okay, get in. aren't you getting late?roll the truck. come on! this is your snap, isn't it?see? it's him.

- the girl's not bad either.- the boy's worth rs.25,000-! you're bullying these two?lock horns with me. where do you want to go?i'll take you in my vehicle. - much obliged. - it's my obligations. come. it's not a sedan, but a small tempo.but you can try it out. come. see this photograph. they've come again... don't worry.we'll reach you safely. prem... prem chopra is my name.

no! stop it!how has he harmed you? - leave him alone!- shall i? if i leave him, he'll run.and with him that reward too! so why not break his legs? then where will he run! leave him. let me go! papa! break his leg, eh? bastard!i'll beat you to pulp! fatso! you've come to sharethe reward eh? catch him.

talk of money! you rascal.don't you know they're my kids? whoever you are, fatso,you seem to be their friend. but remember,if you act too smart... this knife will go through him!- no! you can skin me alive.but don't harm him. let him go. catch him, and skin him alive. help! help! beat me as much as you like. but don't do anythingto that boy.

don't harm him... - catch the hooligans!- stop! don't come any further. come on. take them away! come bobby, let's run.daddy's here to separate us. he won't let us live together.but nobody can separate us now. nobody!hadn't you said... you'll be with me in joy,sorrow, life and even death? - yes.- come with me. raja! bobby!stop!

raja, don't go further,please, son. - don't go further. there's danger.- there's danger ahead and behind too. - why be scared of it? - if youtake one more step, you'll die. - if we return, will you let us be?- how childish? this is not's love. but unfortunately you didn't realiseyour son has his life, his own sense. they know what's good and bad. come back, son. - to their parents,kids always remain kids, son. who's denying it? but i'm nota piece of your property.

your society and law think thatour lives belong to you. okay, our lives may be...but not our death! do i convince you now? come back, both of you. we weren't meant to live together. but we can die together,can't we? your son is alive. thank god! my daughter's alive daughter!

- papa!- yes, my dear. my dear, when we nearlylost you both today... i realised how invaluablekids are to their parents. thank you god! "don't want gold or silver.i seek not diamonds and pearls." "of what use are they for me?" "neither bungalow nor a horse carriage." "they're all just for namesake" "instead, give me love for love."

"so take it, it's all yours, sir." "there's no bargaining in love."

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