Kamis, 22 November 2018

wohnzimmer modern ausmalen

wohnzimmer modern ausmalen

my name is darko caramello and i am a freelance artist. i am in the field of abstract art with a conceptual foundation. after the graffiti-time, thus 7-8 years and having spent the whole youth with it, i thought, that i ought to do something proper now. so i went and studied graphic design and after that once again came the liberation from business constraints back to art. the beginning was with the canvas, in the two-dimensionality and then evolved to objects. in the third dimension, with depth etc. and the logical consequence of this were, of course, the installations.

i feel that there is something in it, i just do not know exactly what yet. it just relaxes me for now and produces certain feelings, etc. in me. but what exactly they are and how i can deal with them and which parts i want to transfer from it into some concept, that i see after 60 hours of work.... when i then have thought about it forever, so, what happens when i watch this shape and then you just spent forever looking at it, right? and then you can explore that feeling and then with that feeling a topic can be looked for or operated on or expanded. that's when it gets interesting.

normally my work deals with a meta-level of thought-world, which is then interpretable for each individual in his own life-reality. so basically it's just systems, that i demonstrate, that i notice, that i somehow want to hold on to and what topic exactly it deals with, that is something everybody has got so explore for themselves. they're only systems after all, that affect everything in life or in society or what ever, that somehow always are recurring. i let the viewer do with the system, what he wants and let him discover whatever, wherever he wants.

it's actually the thinking about oneself and about ones environment, etc. that i want to present to the beholder, or whatever you want to call it. that they stand there, looking at things and not think about my work but about the rest of the world. it's not about my work, it's just a kick-off. i recently heard a good one, but i can't remember it. but i do remember, that i recently heard a good joke. that's something! i have to think about that now...

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