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wohnzimmer modern und antik

wohnzimmer modern und antik

hard day at work? life slipping through your fingers? in short, have you lost your appetite for life? do you long to return to a time when the world was simpler? then we have the solution for you! presenting the kc:d-1403! a revolutionary time machine! your wildest dreams right at your fingertips, safely and in the comfort of your own home! now, i know you're saying to yourself "surely that's not even possible!"well, let's see what our expert has to

say about it! welcome, professor. thank you, humphrey. we've been developing this time machine in our underground laboratory for the past 47 years. now, the first functional prototype could only move forward through time and only for a period precisely equivalent to theamount of time that you were sitting in it. but now, with the new kc:d-1403, we can finally travel to the past! now, professor, i'm sure some of our viewers are thinking "when i use myordinary time machine, i always have to

deal with a range of unpleasantside-effects." it's true, but time-travel with the kc:d-1403 isentirely risk-free and without noticeable side effects! it can be usedby people of any age, and three out of ten scientists vouch for its total safety. thank you, professor! now, let's see for ourselves how the kc:d-1403 works. please give a warm welcome to our first volunteer, john, who's about to embark onthe trip of a lifetime, into the past!

don't worry, just relax! thanks to our ingenioustechnology, all you have to do is put on the heads-on display and you're readyto go! are you alright in there, john? good. now all you need to do is select yourdestination and your adventure will begin. medieval europe! excellent choice!it looks like john wants to be a knight! and off we go! and here we are at our destination! medieval bohemia, a land of untold opportunities. here, youcan admire the magnificent architecture of huge unconquerable castles...and conquer them!

watch the exciting lives of the peasants! and the glorious deeds of knights inshining armour! or if it's tranquillity you're after, trypeaceful contemplation as a monk in an ancient monastery! discover the secretsof medieval cuisine! all the food is of course made from 100% biologicalingredients... which you can gather yourself. if you prefer, you can enjoy a wide range of physical activities! naturally, we have something for fans of collectiveentertainment too! dancing, aerobics, spectator sports!experience local culture and folk customs! learn foreign languages.

like shopping? we've got all your shopaholic needs covered right here! try your luckwith a little friendly wager. and when you've had enough adventure, you can take a peaceful stroll through the woods to unwind! and if it's a different kind ofrelaxation you're after, we've got that too. most importantly, you'll forge newfriendships that will last you a lifetime. order now and experience therevolution of time travel! my husband was never satisfied with mycooking, but then i travelled to the past with the kc:d-1403 and learned to cookpoison. my problems with him are over! i've always had trouble with hair loss,but kc:d-1403 has put an end to my worries.

i discovered i don't need hair at all!all i need is a coif! i could never decide who to vote for, butthanks to kc:d-1403, it's all clear to me now! i vote for the restoration of the monarchy! call now and get a free gift! without kc:d-1403 i’d never have found out i'm a direct descendant of the queen of sheba! kc:d-1403 - the past, right here and now! it will blow your mind!

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