Kamis, 06 Desember 2018

wohnzimmertische modern holz

wohnzimmertische modern holz

the creek hollow half log sawing log with stone breaking off untidy end bipod of sticks and loya cane water flows down spout damming water rudimentary water wheel after rain

a fallen dead tree making fire scraping char away log burned in half burning other end tidying end chiseling trough cutting handle for adze chisel will form adze head

tying head on with bark fiber cordage (made in previous videos) hot coals to burn trough deeper chopping char away clay stops wood burning away where it is wanted hollow stem blowpipe carving a pivot point lining up holes burning hole circular breathing (avoids hyperventilation)

burn from other side broke through this took 4 and a half hours pivot point carving mortice for hammer head inserting hammer head inserting axle tripod of sticks and loya cane putting hammer on axle

lashing axle with loya cane hammer works when water fills trough out weighing the hammer end. the hammer lifts up and the water tips out causing the hammer to fall onto the anvil. hammer makes 5 strikes a minute, or 7200 strikes a day without human effort a small stone (possibly sandstone) carving a bowl into the anvil old pottery shards charcoal water powered hammer (monjolo)

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