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hi there,this is nico from roomstyler.com i’ve had some requests from people asking if i could show how to create sloped ceilings for attic rooms. due to this request we actually added a set of new items which we will use in this video. here are some example rooms that you can make in roomstyler. here’s a room with a sloped roof on one side. a room with a notch in the middle, a room with a dormer window,

and here’s another one, a bit more complex. i’ll show how to make these, one by one.we’ll start with the first one. let’s go and try to build this room.i just dragged in a room shape from the side-bar and placed a window, and a chair for illustration.let’s see… suppose we have a room on the attic of 3.5 meter high.let’s first set the wall height. click the wall,and then go to the sidebar and type 3.50, enterand now the ceiling gets higher and now click the furniture iconand type in “ceiling” in the search bar. go to the architecture categorynow select special purpose structures

within this section we have a set of structuralceiling items and these filter out with our searchhere we have these prism looking shapes, and the are all called “sloped ceiling”with a size value these are the building blocks that you needfor most of your ceilings. i actually want a sloped ceiling along thiswall and it has to be 350 cm,so that’s this one. i’ll just drag it in and drop it in thecorner. and now you see it shows up in the preview…there you go. now you can duplicate this item,and place it next to the other one

and again.let’s take a 3d photo… and there you go: we have a room with a slopedceiling on one side. for the second room, this one with the notchin the middle, let’s go forward with the room that we justmade. actually, i just have to move the windowsto the centre and let’s resize the roomso it’s about 7 meters wide. and i’ll duplicate this prism object onceagain, rotate it,and drag it to the other side. and now place them next to each other.you can zoom in a little bit to be more precise,

and get the seams out.now, if you look at the preview, you see we have a notch in the middle,but we actually want the room to start a bit higher,so i’ll click the wall again and i set the ceiling height to 4 meters.and there you go. i’m actually showing this to illustratethat all the sloped ceiling items stick to the ceiling,so if you set the wall height, they will move upwards too.let’s take a 3d photo.. and there you go: that’s our room.now, for the third room: that’s this one with the dormer windowwe can go forward with the room that we made.

i’m going to remove all the prisms.and now i select a wall to set the room height to 3and now let’s go to the ceiling items again, and this time i’m placing a sloped ceilingof two meters high let me drag it inand rotate it and i’ll place it just right into the cornerand also into the other corner. and now you can see that the windows don’treach the ceiling, so i’m adapting that. both the height of the window and the distancefrom the floor. let’s remove this one, and duplicate theother one. like that. all right, let’s take a 3d photo…and there we have our dormer window.

all right, let’s go and make the last room.we’ll just start with the dormer window. actually i want a roof along this wallso i will duplicate this ceiling and rotate itand place it over the other one. let’s place another one on the other sideand i will add a window in this wall and change the height and width and the distance from the ground.in the example, this wall was a bit longer. and we had quite a smaller roof on the otherside of the wall, so let’s go back to the ceiling itemsand let me take a roof of one meter high and place it in this corner.okay, that’s it. let’s take another 3d photo.alright, that’s it. i hope you learned a

lot.see you next time!

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