Sabtu, 19 Januari 2019

badezimmer ideen holzoptik

badezimmer ideen holzoptik

assembly instruction for nappy wallchanger remove all cardboard parts from the inside open the wallchanger remove all parts inside close the wallchanger and place it on one side remove metal rail note the assembly instruction for carrying out the assembly recommended working height 95 cm (floor/open changing flap) drill holes using the correct dowel for your wall hang the wallchanger into the metal rail

drill holes for the security screws take the wallchanger from the metal rail and insert dowels into the holes fasten security screws. use a cordless screwdriver or a socket wrench insert metal pieces, use a hammer if necessary put in the acrylic shelves put a metal piece left and right to secure the shelf stick the velcro points onto the mat turn the mat fasten the velcro points onto the flap the wallchanger is now completely assembled

in addition you can stick the sticker on note the assembly instruction on the sticker use glass cleaner for attachment have fun with your timkid product

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