Selasa, 22 Januari 2019

badezimmer ideen katalog

badezimmer ideen katalog

today we're going to show you how to do this cute basket made out of old magazines. you'll need a brush, glue, a shish kebab skewer (or a pen mine), a paper sheet, a cutter and old magazines. first of all cut out the single sheets. afterwards bisect them. of course you can vary the size of the cut-out sheets and so the size of your basket. cut off the corners of your bisectet sheets and roll them up with your skewer or mine. put some glue on the end of the paper rolls. do that 40-50 times

and get them shorten to the same lenth. when you're finished with that lay some of the rolls side by side until you created a square and glue it all together. now you have a bottom and can start to stack one paper roll above the other and put some glue on top of the corners. do that for a while and you'll have cool upcycled basket. have fun!

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